Thursday, June 15, 2017


Unfuckit Discussion on RTS.Earth: June 14th, 2017
Dani Arnold McKenny

Good morning darlins :D

Last nights UnFuckIt Discussion was a really good one! great conversations about the energetic/emotional/mental upheavals that have been playing out, and a whole lot of information on detoxing!!!

Something I wanted to address in the discussion. There is a very definite "Divide and Conquer" theme that is currently playing out. Not just in politics/economics and in the main stream/alternative media, but within our very core group here, in UnFuckers Unite and in LMH Members. I touched a bit on this last night. Everything is becoming very transparent, and those with agendas of any kind are being very clearly seen. The play out of the Divide aspect in this group has been multipronged- from the extreme breakdowns that we've seen over the past few weeks/months, to the very subtle maneuvers to gather up people and distract them and lead them away.

We all know that this group was infiltrated by trolls and spies, right from the get-go when I created it back in October 2015. and we know that there has been a continuous stream of people who've come into the group with their own personal agendas. As I said, it's become very transparent to anyone who's really observing. But it seems that the "Divide & Conquer" theme has really ramped up in the past few weeks.

For me, I continuously have to look at myself and my own reactions to what's going on. I have to look at my own ego and question if my gut reaction is coming from "ego"- ie: "Hey this is MY group and no one is allowed to tamper with it!!", or am I picking up on the deeper agendas of those trying to dismantle or assimilate the UU group. And it's a tricky path to navigate. But deep down I have seen this play out before and I feel I have to call it as I see it.

One of the main reasons I created the RTS Earth community was to get the UnFuckers group off of Facebook. I've been very clear about this and very clear about WHY it's important to get off of Facebook- beyond the usual bullshit of facebook- but also to have the ability to weed out the trolls etc... It's been over two months since we got up and running. We now have switched over to beta version of the platform which is really running smoothly now. There is an RTS "Wall", and groups that work just like facebook, plus the ability to use the forums for specific topics and discussions. I discussed some of the technical aspects of last night in the UnFuckIt discussion, and John Anderson is around for technical assistance if needed (the box on the right side of the home page : Tech issues support").

Now that we have RTS Earth running smoothly, I will be archiving this group. This means that as of Monday, June 19th, the UnFuckers Unite Facebook group will no longer be open. You will still be able to see it, to read old posts or gather up any photos or links etc.. that you want. BUT no one will be able to post in the group any more. At that point, everyone can make a decision, either to move over to RTS Earth and join UnFuckers Unite, or not. The choice is up to each and everyone to make for themselves.

I've said over and over again, that what makes community are those IN the community, participating and using it. If everyone is there, enjoying, chatting, having the same fun and conversations that we have here, then all it means is having a new URL at the top of the page, nothing more.

I love you darlins. See you on RTS Earth. :D

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