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Absent Limits - A Constitution of Man for mankind's future.

Life - Liberty - Justice

When government becomes corporate there is no government and no freedom!

When in the course of human affairs it becomes necessary for citizens to break the political chains that bind them, thereby to reclaim individual sovereignty which is the 'right' of their being man, qua man, it is for man to declare the cause and nature which impels self-liberation and to act accordingly.

Freedom-loving citizens around the globe are choosing so to do and will succeed.

Now is the time for change - Absent Limits

Begin with the Declaration of Individual Rights
Introduction to Individual Rights

Here is a document offering a radical alternative to government. It is premised on Individual Rights according to the nature of man.

Self ownership and self rule is the founding tenet, exactly as Thomas Jefferson described in the 1776 Declaration of Independence for America.  That document is still hailed by many as the foundation of the greatest liberty mankind has ever experienced in all known history, and rightly so.

How then, it might be asked, has liberty become so eroded that today greater tyranny exists, even in the so called 'free world' than existed in 1776, for which that momentous document was written?

The "Constitution of Man" is divided into two parts presently but will later be combined into one document.

The two parts are…

The Declaration of Individual Rights - being articles 1 & 2
The Constitution of Man - being the balance - (presently near completion)

A third part, (presently being drafted), concerns the protection of Individual Rights, known as The Rights Commission

These 3 parts [will] coexist in a manner that renders all forms of past and present governments redundant; all democratic and slavery systems inclusive.

Individual rights are your freedom and your future

1. You now have a ‘Declaration of Individual Rights’ and it sets you free from any who decree that you are a chattel for their collective entitlement however they describe it, or conceal it.

2. You now have a ‘Constitution of Man’ written not for a country, or a state, or an empire, but for you, dear reader. Your race, creed, colour, religious persuasion, language, sexual orientation or culture matters not. The Constitution of Man truly is ‘of’ man. It is of your nature, your body, your faculties, your free will, your consciousness, mind, body and soul, your unalienable rights, and it belongs to you equally as to every human individual living today in any place, and those not yet born.
3. You now have a ‘Rights Commission’ (nearing release) It has one purpose: to protect you from physical abuse, (battery, rape, murder) or contractual harm such as fraud, thereby preserving your unalienable rights and those of your children in perpetuity. It’s task is your protection, so to protect itself from abuse is the most vital protection of all.  
The Declaration of Individual Rights is the starting point. Its premise is Life, Liberty and justice - absent limits

Do not fear such a radical solution to societies woes. Imagine being able to indulge whatever fancy you wish, that so long as it does not abrogate another's right to choose likewise your freedom will not be taxed, plundered or stolen  from you.

Are you willing to consider a life of liberty and justice? Are you willing to stand proud before your children and announce your sovereign being?  Millions are seeking to do just that but they see no way to escape government without putting another in its place. So they are stopped in their tracks.

That never stopped Jefferson and the Founding Fathers did it? They recognised the truths of man as self evident. We can build from that foundation once more - and this time we will close all the loopholes. We will free humankind from bondage, tyranny and slavery and institute a protective mechanism so that never again will man’s freedom be violated.

Declaration of Individual Rights


Whereas history has proven morality and justice derive from Unalienable Rights and peaceful coexistence is possible to man, Sovereign Individuals of planet earth now find it necessary to preserve in perpetuity mans freedom to search for and sustain life, and to pursue happiness, and recognizing the likeness we share, so do now ordain and establish this ‘Constitution of Man’ to ensure true freedom, justice and law bound by Individual Rights derived from the right to life in the nature of man, qua, man, and the protections thereof guaranteed by these words taken directly from the hearts of the One Sovereign People, inseparable in perpetuity.

That the value that is life itself derives from the volitional action of living, and whereas mans’ value has been harvested and plundered for centuries by pirates, monarchies, military rulers, despots, oppressors, dictators, lawmakers, mercenaries, fascist, socialist and communist regimes, republican and democratic rule, tyrants and corrupt corporations, none have fully allowed that the sustaining of life according to free-will choice is the in-bodied nature of man, qua man, the fundamental right bestowed by Creator source equally upon every individual; absent limits.

This Constitution of Man shall ensure the right of all individuals to fulfill their purpose, by choice, necessarily forbidding the initiation of force, fraud or coercion by any individual or group against any other individual or group, and to morally and practically ensure that force only be used (for purpose of arresting its continuance) against those who initiate it.

To establish liberty, equality and justice in perpetuity, We, the One People of Planet Earth do now ordain and establish the Constitution of Man equally of and for all [wo]men in posterity and.perpetuity.

Article 1

Declaration of Individual Rights

1.1 Right to Life
1.1.1 Man’s right to his own life is self evident truth. 
1.1.2 Man’s right to his own life is of nature and by nature; natural rights are self evident truth.
1.1.3 Natural rights are Unalienable Rights belonging to every individual equally.
1.1.4 Unalienable Individual Rights are innate (belonging to one); indivisible further.
1.1.5 Unalienable Individual Rights are endowed by the Creator, immutable, inviolable; neither given, taken or transferable.
1.1.6 Natural and Unalienable rights are both of the Creator, inseparable.
1.2 Right of Equality and Sovereignty
1.2.1 All individual men are created equal by their Creator, which according to the nature of being man, qua man, is unequivocally the Unalienable Right to Life permitting no trespass. 
1.2.2 By the Unalienable Right to Life endowed by the Creator, all men are sovereign equally according to the equal nature of being man, qua man. 
1.2.3  No form of eminent domain shall henceforth exist, period.
1.2.4 Beliefs of one individual or an aggregate of individuals shall not annul, invalidate or usurp the unalienable rights of another. No religious claim of right may negate or usurp the unalienable individual rights of others.
1.2.5 No individual man, or group of men, shall be legally or otherwise deemed, classified or treated as Animal.
1.2.6 Individual rights of man preside over all other life forms. 
1.3 Right to Liberty
1.3.1 Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness are the Unalienable Right of every individual. 
1.3.2 Free-will choice of thought and action by any and all individuals are guaranteed inclusive of the responsibility, liability and accountability naturally and inherently flowing therefrom.
1.3.3 No individual severally, or individuals collectively may initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individuals self or property;
1.4 Right to Value and Property
1.4.1 Unalienable rights that constitute the natural essence of man are; they cannot form or be the object of a transaction or contractual agreement, whether voluntary or involuntary. 
1.4.2 Property rights derive from every individual’s natural right of self-ownership and Unalienable Right to action. 
1.4.3 Individual property rights derive from every individual’s Unalienable Right to action; from which action, material property is cultivated, made or earned.
1.4.4 An individuals rightful action that removes from the state of nature, or that blends an individuals labor with matter, over a res nullius, creates that individuals inalienable right to the material property thereby cultivated, made or earned. 
1.4.5 Property exchange transfers rights over things, but it does not create the right.
1.4.6 Unalienable Rights are fully preserved in any process to contract for acquisition, or to exchange property. 
1.4.7 Each Individual has the right to own personal property free and clear; no right to alienate property rights over things entails the right to alienate the right itself, property rights thus preserved.
1.4.8 Value resulting from each and every individuals thought, speech and action to cultivate, make, earn or exchange property, is guaranteed 'Property' of said individual, regardless of thought, deed or value manifestation; including each individual’s free will choice to gift, trade or dispose of said Value or Property;
1.4.9 No redistribution of wealth by means of legislative assemblies or any such like institution shall ever exist unless by the reparation of crimes committed against another.
1.4.10 Property, being that which can be bought or sold is alienable, but the right to procure such property is unequivocally forbidden by Inalienable or Unalienable Right. 
1.5 Right of abdication
1.5.1 By the nature of man, qua man, whomsoever chooses to violate, deny or abrogate the rights of another, abdicates his free-will right so to choose by any action so to do;
1.5.2 Save to protect the life of another, initiation of force against another constitutes willful surrender of self rights for that duration, for which no mitigating circumstance may prevail.
1.5.3 Every individual has the Unalienable Right to dispose fully and freely of one’s own body (life), of one’s own faculties, of the fruits of one’s labors in non violation of the rights of others.
1.6 Right of Protection
1.6.1 Individuals shall be deemed to have attained the "age of Independence" at age 16 years, whereupon fully accountable for their actions as adults; notwithstanding intentional malicious actions by individuals younger than 16 shall be considered violation of another's individual rights.
1.6.2 Retaliatory force may lawfully and morally be used by an individual separately, or individuals collectively, only in defense against those who violate Clauses 1, 2  3 or 4 herein;
1.6.3 Physical retaliatory force is lawfully limited to that necessary to arrest or cause the initiated force against any individuals self or property to cease. (Refer to Article 4)
1.7 Rights in Perpetuity
1.7.1 By the right to life inbodied by all individuals including value derived therefrom, no individual separately, or individuals collectively, shall abrogate, subjugate, subordinate, fraudulently acquire, usurp, invade, violate, commandeer, steal, arrest, confiscate or detain the duly secured value of life or property by principle of law of any individuals domicil without prejudice by creation on earth;
1.8 Exceptions
1.8.1 No exception shall ever exist or amendment be made to Clauses 1 through 7 herein, inclusive.

Article 2

Group Rights

2.1 No rights are ascribed or conferred to collective bodies; aggregate numbers of individuals regardless of howsoever claimed.
2.2 The rights of the whole can be no more than the sum of the rights of individuals.
2.3 Human rights, indigenous rights, fundamental rights, workers rights or other such claimed ‘collective rights’ are obsolete; redundant.

Constitution of Man

The Constitution of Man  includes Article 1 & 2 of The Declaration of Individual Rights

Article 3

The Constitution of Man will provide that … for any state or country that adopts it, it supersedes, overrides and makes null and void all current laws, regulations, directives, statutes, executive orders that, now or in the past, conflict with this Constitution of Man. This implies passing through a transition phase where the old regimes are phased out.  This is the subject of present attention.

Article 4 & 5

The Constitution of Man will include provision for an elected body to be 'provisionally known as the “Universal Rights Commission”. Although it may loosely be seen as the replacement body for government, it will never be government. It's whole purpose and strictly contained function will be to uphold and protect the sovereign, unalienable, Individual Rights of all members of society equally, for orderly, universal, peaceful, harmonious co-existence of human life. The Rights Commission will be forbidden from passing any statute laws of any kind. Provision will be made that should any one, or any group, attempt to subvert or divert the "Rights Commission" from its task of protection, the 'Rights Commission' will self cancel and the "One People' will have opportunity to re-build their protections.

If one were to paraphrase from the Declaration of Independence  the Universal Rights commission might be introduced like this…

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, (as exists today) it is the Right of the One People  to abolish it, and to institute protections for the preservation of unalienable individual rights, laying its foundation on the nature of man, and organizing its powers in such form, as shall without amendment or challenge ensure opportunity to effect their Safety and Happiness in perpetuity
Article 6

The Constitution of Man will include provisions for amendment to its clauses but will expressly forbid any alteration of the "Nature of Man" principles and unalienable individual rights on which it is founded.

Please note that using the term “of” man implies, as distinct from "for" man, that it is an unalienable part “of” man and therefore can not be denied or rejected or separated from man.

Thus, the “Constitution of Man” (not “men”) refers to that which is already an unalienable and un-separable inherent aspect of every “man” himself, qua man, or the part of “man” he was always destined to bring out from within. In other words, something that has always been an internal part “of” man from the very beginning but that he may have been unaware of or did not know how to bring about or manifest in a physical way so that all men who were “created equal” could find that truth inside.

No such constitution has ever been written before - always for a country, or body of people, in concert.
In other words this Constitution of Man does not present man with something “for” him to relate to and live by but that which is already “of” every Unique Living Being from their moment of first breath so that inherently they will sense it within the moment they hear of or read it and say, “Yes, this is what I have been waiting for” and know it within their heart in that very moment.

Rights Commission

The "Rights Commission" consist of an elected body tasked with the protection of Unalienable individual Rights in perpetuity.

The Rights Commission document is “work in Progress” presently.

Matters discussed on this part of the website are not idle discussion offered as theory or thoughts for interesting discussion. They are not about money, power or fame either. This discussion is of far greater importance and inestimable relevance. These pages are about humanity and whether or not our existence on this jewel-like water planet is able to go forward into the so-called “Golden Age” of Peace on Earth.

Provision will be made in the Rights Commission (Charter) for …

Universal acceptance in all countries regardless of language or cultural differences.

Regional divisions to operate at a local level.

Policing divisions whose sole purpose and function is to protect the One People from criminal activity including molestation, theft, assault, rape and battery.

Police will be authorised to use retaliatory force against those who initiate the use of force, sufficient only to arrest that initiated force.  Provisions will be made to facilitate Police action, but also including to prevent police from abusive actions.

Judiciary divisions to determine whether a crime has been committed and within Objective law to ensure repatriation or remediation.

Facility for the Judiciary to structure and publish 'Objective law' so that the One People will know in advance of any action that violates another's "Rights" what retribution or punishment might result, mitigating circumstances accepted.

Inter-divisional operation to ensure  continuity of protections across borders and including for Island countries.

Provisions for the equivalent of 'Citizens Initiated Referenda" (CIR), not for the making of laws since Laws are forbidden, rather for amendments to "objective laws" administered by Judiciary which may prove too lenient or punitive.

All the above provisions rest on the foundation of self rule and its protection. The One People, singularly, are masters of their own destiny, beings of a self made soul, and nothing may deprive each individual from the unalienable Right to their own life, endowed by their creator. 

When the Creator gave man dominion over all the earth and all that is in it, man was also endowed with the necessary faculties that would enable man to live and preserve his life. Mans body, his organs, his free-will, volition, emotions, consciousness, mind, heart and soul belong to each man and woman individually. Nothing may be permitted to usurp or violate mans Unalienable individual rights; nothing!

The Rights Commission will exist to protect your Unalienable individual Rights and nothing more, ever!


Thereby, government as we've known it is abolished, yet the protections of our rights that the Founding Fathers offered in the American Declaration of Independence are by this "Rights Commission" ordained for the One People, equally and universally, across the globe - absent limits.

Do not ever lament loss of the nanny state; it too was a control mechanism. Instead, celebrate the freedom of your mind and body, celebrate your "Life" by living it. Celebrate with your children, loved ones, with your friends. Celebrate your achievements and theirs. Celebrate your freedom to trade and to travel, to give, to share, to participate and speak freely, and to know will full rectitude that a glorious future is yours. And to quote Thomas Jefferson, know with full understanding that "Rightful Liberty is drawn around you by the equal rights of others."

Succeeding pages for the Rights Commission is "work in progress" presently.

Note: INforcement, not ENforcement, is the key to implementation of these principles. Any collective "power over" structure is hierarchy and it is up to the individual to self-govern and understand that all  power comes from within each and every sovereign human being.  Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster

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O.P.A.L. Gathering 2014: Possible Event Schedule...

Festival Dates: August 15-17 2014

Site: Strawberry Hill Farm in Wolfeboro, NH or Roger's Campground in Lancaster, NH

Day 1 (Friday, August 15th)

Booths open @ 10.00 am

OPPT/I AM Sovereignty - Contact Switchboard/Value Exchange - QEG/CICU Free Energy  - Hydroponics/Herbology - Astrology/Tarot/Numerology - Crystals/Jewelry

Healing modalities and Meditation in 2 Tipis

QEG Workshop/discussion: Open Source/CICU (Cottage Industry Community Unit) sign-up

O.P.A.L. Community Feed/Pot Luck Supper 5:00 pm

Speakers/Musicians on stage (all-day)

Day 2 (Saturday, August 16th)

Booths open 10:00 am

Speakers/ Musicians on stage (all-day)

O.P.A.L. Camp Fire ignited at dusk. (Song, dance, drumming, chanting, and storytelling)

Day 3 (Sunday, August 17th)

Booths open @ 10:00 am

Speakers/Musicians (world spiritual traditions) on stage until noon

I AM Trans/Spiritual Meditation with Synchronized sounding of the universal OM chord  at 12:00 noon

O.P.A.L. Community Clean-up @ 1:00 pm until done.

Our location will be based on the capacity that can be handled. If we are anticipating a small crowd ( less than a hundred) we can keep the Strawberry Hill Farm venue as planned. If it is more than 100 attendees we may have to consider moving the venue to Roger's Campground in Lancaster, due to water supply capability.

We will have a better idea during or immediately after the Porcupine Freedom Festival at Roger's Campground on how many will be interested in attending the OPAL gathering and we will be able to check the campground for an alternative venue for hosting a larger crowd gathering.

GoFundMe link to support OPAL (North East Region) Gathering 2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

OPAL (Northeast Region) Gathering 2014

Festival dates: August 15-17 2014 - Friday through Sunday

Venue options: Strawberry Hill Farm in Wolfeboro or Rogers Campground in Lancaster, New Hampshire

Our location will be based on the capacity that can be handled. If we are anticipating a small crowd ( less than a hundred) we can keep the Strawberry Hill Farm venue as planned. If it is more than 100 attendees we may have to consider moving the venue to Roger's Campground in Lancaster, due to water supply capability.

We will have a better idea during or immediately after the Porcupine Freedom Festival at Roger's Campground on how many will be interested in attending the OPAL gathering and we will be able to check the campground for an alternative venue for hosting a larger crowd gathering.

GoFundMe link to support OPAL (North East Region) Gathering 2014

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Free-Energy Trolls and Debunkers; A New Paradigm Guide

History is Repeating Itself. We are witnessing the suppression of Tesla Technology. The question is: Humanity, what will YOU choose this time around?

This has all happened before and it is now happening again.  The powers that have controlled this planet and enslaved humanity were hoping that we would all forget what happened to Tesla so that we would allow them to do it again and maintain their control over our lives. This post is to remind us all of the suppression around Tesla’s technology and to expose the same tactics the controllers are now trying to use with the QEG.   It is humanity’s choice to decide which path we will follow.  The breakthrough we are witnessing now with the QEG should have happened 130 years ago. It didn’t, and humanity has been financially enslaved by the energy companies ever since. Is 130 years of suffering enough for humanity to wake up and do something different this time around? In his time, Tesla said “The present is theirs, the future for which I really worked, is mine.” And we know that future is NOW.

“We are on the quest to bring people freedom. Freedom to thrive because they have everything they need. No one should go hungry, especially not a child. No one should be homeless. If we can, and we will, take back some of our power to run our own lives and get free from this hellhole of bondage, we are going to do whatever it takes. We will tolerate the Tesla-killers to a point. Then we will expose them. Our freedom from tyranny will not escape us if it’s FTW that’s on the Job. And we are STILL on the Job. “

-FTW Council Member

To begin this, we will start at the ending to remind us all of the final results of Tesla’s achievements and how his success affects all aspects of our daily lives. Then we will recount his journey and struggles and compare them to those of the QEG. The parallels are uncanny. Let us all remember and choose the right path.


Though he died in poverty, Tesla was one of the most useful and successful men who ever lived. If we were to eliminate from our world the results of Tesla’s work, the wheels of industry would cease to turn and our electrical systems would stop. Our towns would be dark, our mills and factories dead. But Tesla is not dead. The real and important part of Tesla lives in his achievements, which is a great and integral part of our civilization, of our daily lives.

Tesla changed the world with electricity. Tesla captured the power of Niagara Falls with his alternating current system and made it possible to transmit electricity to all of America and the world. It was Tesla who patented wireless communications that are still used in all radio and television broadcasting. He had over 700 patents and his legacy can be seen in everything from remote control, to neon and fluorescent lighting, and x-rays.


Many have told us that they see the QEG, which is a modern day Tesla invention, as a game changer that will start a chain reaction which can shift the present paradigm to end the old power structures of financial control. Given the magnitude of what has occurred since opensourcing the QEG plans, this is indeed a real possibility.  With the exposure of the QEG comes the exposure of the lies about energy. These lies go deep. The truth about the corruption, which was orchestrated by design to harvest energy and money from human beings, is a betrayal that many may not be able to accept. With this exposure of “the good, the bad and the ugly” comes an opportunity for all of us to finally heal. We can do this by investing our energy in creating a new way, which will in turn make the old way obsolete. This is where the REAL work needs to be done, and there are many that are doing it.

Although we have no way of really knowing, we have been informed by some of our contacts that have access to top levels of internet monitoring information, that it is estimated between 80-90 MILLION PEOPLE know about the QEG. The more we research, the more the evidence points towards the possibility that these numbers are indeed valid.

With this increased awareness comes the resistance of the controlling powers that see the threat the QEG may have on their crumbling empire. This post is a study and breakdown of behaviors of the resistance of free energy in an attempt to highlight the patterns of these behaviors and present some suggestions for how to deal with them.


“All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combatted, suppressed, only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.” -Nikola Tesla


A “Troll” is defined as: one who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

Trolls are everywhere, they run rampant on social media, create entire websites just to highlight their trolling activities, spend countless man hours writing emails, and commenting on blogs and youtube videos.

There are two levels of trolls;

1)  Those that get paid to be an internet troll as was fully exposed by documents leaked by Edward Snowden here.

2)  Entities in the form of energy that manipulate human behavior to fulfill a negative end-goal agenda. These same entities are the source of the mind control program for paid trolls.

Most people who are paid trolls feel that they have no other option and don’t actually enjoy doing what they do and wish they could find a way out.  For those who are not paid but exhibit troll behavior, they usually have some form of human suffering such as addictions, mental instability, or physical illnesses that leave them open and susceptible for negative entities to control their behavior.  All of these behaviors are the result of the unspeakable suffering that humanity has endured for hundreds of years. For all of these beings we feel compassion and wish to do our part to end the suffering that has caused these behaviors on planet earth, which is the ultimate mission of FTW.

The key to spotting a troll is to observe the behavior.  Those that are silent, gentle, loving, supportive, understanding, and ask reasonable questions are not exhibiting trolling behavior. Those that are argumentative, forceful, afraid or instigating fear, undermining, aggressively competitive, greedy, create doubt, desperate, flippant, angry, egotistical, and hurtful are either paid trolls or people who are being manipulated by entities to exhibit trolling behavior to carry out a negative end-goal agenda.  In the case of free energy, the end goal agenda is to keep us all enslaved to the energy industry that is run by a handful of elite who are all controlled by entities.   Humanity, if you want to be free, take your future into your own hands and do things a different way, starve the trolls and help them see that they have an option to change in the new paradigm.


“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” –Mahatma Gandhi

As mentioned above, those who exhibit troll behavior usually have some form of human suffering such as addictions, mental instability, or physical illnesses that leave them open and susceptible for negative entities to control their behavior. For the members of FTW and the QEG family, we always strive to see the vulnerable human being in their highest potential and as their highest self. We also view the negative energy that a person is afflicted by as something to be observed separate from the being, who is not able to operate from their higher self because of their affliction.  When this perspective of separating the higher being from the afflicting energy is taken, you can then analyze the behavior and discern the source from which the behavior comes. Then we know where the wound is, and we can move towards healing. 

Below are real examples that have occurred in the last few months of the QEG project. We know these people quite well and can identify the source of their pain and the reasons behind their behavior. Those of us at FTW are human beings with hearts and feelings and we have indeed been saddened by some of the behaviors exhibited by these individuals. But it is through our understanding and compassion for their afflictions that we endeavor towards healing for all of us.  To protect their higher beings, we have purposefully omitted their names.

There are engineers who post arguments against the QEG. Some of these engineers have had everything they ever owned stolen from them, including their inventions.  This has cost them their marriages, their families and their quality of life. They live in abject poverty and suffer from bitterness and jealously because they were financially destroyed and never recognized for their work.
There are reporters who write sensationalist articles on the QEG, twisting every word we ever said and publishing it as truth, or publishing unprofessional commentary (opinion, conjecture) as evidence against us.  Two of these reporters suffer from severe physical illnesses, and one of them is a victim of psychological torture by the illuminati who never fully recovered.
There are forums that are run by self-proclaimed free energy experts. One of these individuals attended a QEG build and offered to help the project. They arrived at the build, slept most of the time, showed erratic behavior, provoked arguments and stole public QEG money from the project. This person publically claims to be on the FTW QEG team and is now running a forum that is trying to discredit the QEG. On one given  day we will get communications from them stating that they will “make the QEG family’s lives a living hell”, and then on the next day we get love notes from them.  It has been discovered that this individual suffers from a severe form of mental illness.


Psychological projection is the act or technique of defending oneself against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in oneself, while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude.

What to look for: strong or bold direct and negative accusations of another person’s character that often seem to come from out of nowhere and are not grounded in facts. This pattern is easy to spot if you know what to look for, yet it is also easy to miss as projection can often “hide in plain sight” behind our emotions of feeling defensive or offended.

Displacement involves taking out our frustrations, feelings, and impulses on people or objects that are less threatening. Displaced aggression is a common example of this defense mechanism. Rather than express our anger in ways that could lead to negative consequences (like arguing with our boss), we instead express our anger towards a person or object that poses no threat (such as our spouse, children, or pets).

The bold and direct negative accusations that are aimed at FTW and the QEG are not based in any factual reality and usually come from people who’s behavior exemplifies the very characteristics of which they are accusing us of. Also, perhaps it is the gentle and compassionate humanitarian manner in which FTW operates that would allow some to use us as an outlet for their displaced aggression.


James Robitaille is an electronics engineer whose mechanical skill and inspiration is very similar to that of Nikola Tesla. James just “see’s things” in his mind, like Tesla did. He has an intuition, a gut feeling, and an almost psychic understanding and connection with electrical power and machinery. (An interesting similarity many may not know is that James’ ancestors come from Croatia, the same country Tesla came from!) Many engineers have been learning directly from James in person at the QEG builds. Some have said it’s almost like watching Tesla work.

There were moments at the QEG builds where it was only James who was sure if the next phase of the QEG would work. Similarly, when Tesla created the power plant at Niagara Falls that lit up the city, he had many engineers working with him. In the end, it was only Tesla who knew for sure if it would work when they flipped the switch. There are many who have approached the QEG with their theories, equations and arguments, all of which are based on a belief system or a more conventional education system. This is nothing new. The same was done to Tesla in his day to which he replied:

“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.” -Nikola Tesla


Today the trolls call the QEG a scam.  When Tesla was studying at university he remarked to his professor that the design of generators and motors could be greatly improved by using currents that alternated. His professor embarrassed him greatly in front of his classmates saying “Mr. Tesla will never accomplish this. It is a perpetual motion scam.” We use Tesla’s alternating current system for all of our electrical needs today.

Today we have elaborate comments being made on websites trying to claim that the QEG is somehow dangerous. There are also websites, forums and articles written specifically to discredit the QEG.  During the late 1880’s Edison began a negative media campaign to discredit the alternating current system of Tesla. It became known as “The War of the Currents”. The trolls of Tesla’s day would stoop to the lowest levels of despicable behavior to protect the financial interests of their controllers and keep humanity enslaved.  Edison employees demonstrated the “dangers of alternating currents” by electrocuting animals in public demonstrations. They also used Tesla’s alternating current as a means of executing criminals. A test took place in a New York prison in 1890. Several gruesome attempts were required to kill the victim. Disgusted witnesses claimed his spinal cord burst into flame.

“My personal desire would be to prohibit entirely the use of alternating currents. They are as unnecessary as they are dangerous!” -Edison

“Just as certain as death, alternating current will kill a customer within 6 months after he puts in a system of any size. None of his plans worry me in the least” –Edison

Likewise, one of the original QEG prototype designers is engaging in similar behavior towards FTW. It is like a War of the Currents all over again, only this time it’s on the Internet.

The truth is, alternating current is a lot safer and more efficient than Edison’s direct current system, which is why we use it today. The War of the Currents occurred during a time when electricity was very new and many people did not fully understand it. There were many fires, and horses would get shocks in their shoes from the direct current system and run away. We are in a similar situation today. The QEG and free energy is very new to most people and many don’t understand it. (including conventionally trained engineers!)  However, it is the energy of our future, and the time to step into our future is upon us.

FTW has had some offers of large sums of money for the QEG. Most of these offers were never really serious and usually involved an investor wanting to own the technology. Before the War of the Currents, Edison had hired Tesla to improve the performance of his DC generators, and promised to pay Tesla $50,000 if he was successful. Tesla completed the task in one night and went to Edison for payment. Edison laughed in Tesla’s face and said “You just don’t understand our American sense of humor Mr. Tesla.” A very angry Tesla walked out of Edison’s office and then spent the next year in bitter tears and hard labor, digging ditches for Edison’s underground DC cables. It is important to mention that Edison was financed and controlled by JP Morgan, one of the banking elite. It is the same banking elite that control the energy industry today.

FTW did not want to follow the same path, and we also did not want to let any single financier control or suppress the technology. This is why we crowdfunded the QEG with 970 supporters, and when we reached resonance, freely open sourced it to everyone in the world. Our intention is and always will be to get free energy directly into the hands of the people. Later in his life Tesla learned from his initial run in with Edison and did something similar; When Tesla established his AC motor, he was awarded 22 US patents for AC motors, generators and transmission lines. These were the most valuable patents in existence since the invention of the telephone. Westinghouse, a supportive entrepreneur and engineer, purchased all of Tesla’s patents for $1 million dollars with a royalty of $2.50 for each horsepower generated by a Tesla invention. Years later when Tesla’s inventions where suddenly producing what would be worth trillions today at Niagara Falls, Westinghouse was broke (which is suspected to be a result of banking elite control)and could not fulfill his contract to Tesla. Tesla then tore up the contract, forgot about the money and moved on to create his next great invention for humanity.


Tesla knew what he did. He knew that he helped humanity and changed the world in a way that could not be undone. You can see this in smile on his face in some of his pictures later on in life. FTW feels the same way.  We know what we’ve done and we know it cannot be stopped now that it’s been opensourced. We also knew that we would face the same resistance that Tesla faced. He was focused on doing the work of his inventions.  Tesla’ attitude towards the trolls of his day was the following:

“I refuse to accord to some small mighted and jealous individuals the satisfaction of having thwarted my efforts. These men are nothing more to me than microbes of a nasty disease.” –Nikola Tesla

Unfortunately he was also notorious for his lack of interest in business. Even though some of the behavior patterns are the same, we are living in a very different time than back in Tesla’s day. Humanity has come a long way. Tesla’s genius and spirit is resurfacing in people like James Robitaille and many other brilliant engineers around the world. FTW operates according to our New Paradigm Business model. We believe that with combination of this model and Tesla’s genius spirit, all of humanity can finally breakthrough into our golden age of abundance.


The tactics of trolls are all part of a program of an oppressive regime. Confronting this program with similar energy (arguments, defenses, etc) provokes a reaction that feeds the program and makes it stronger.  The energies of love, compassion transparency and creativity are not part of the coding of the program, it simply does not know how to respond to these energies. This will undermine the program completely causing it to malfunction and break down.

In the new paradigm, it is We The People who are creating a new positive constructive program. Nothing works better to dis-establish an unwanted regime than by building a wanted one. Building constructive programs is a strategic approach that involves focus on doing the work that needs to be done in your community to create tangible change. It requires that you make progress without provoking hostility from your opponents. It requires that you consistently demonstrate your underlying commitment to the well-being of all and leave the least possible legacy of bitterness. Doing this is a form of confrontational nonviolence. When people are faced with a sense of helplessness against an oppressive regime, this can be remedied through confrontational nonviolence in the form of proactive, sustained, concrete projects.


1)  Find something positive and constructive to do, and then do it.

In the last two months since open sourcing, FTW and the QEG team were busy doing intensive project work (with little to no internet access during this time) to create real change that can help humanity. Doing the work is our focus, we have no time to respond to trolls. We were silent for most of this time and the trolls had themselves a party on the internet while mom and dad were away. We came back with results of our work that can help further humanity towards freedom. The party is over and the trolls have a hangover.

2)  Keep your space clean.

Any comment or email that exudes the energy or behavior of a troll (as expressed in this post) is immediately deleted. In fact, we hit the delete button as soon as the energy is detected in the first couple of sentences and never even read the message in its entirety. Trolls are to comment threads as roaches are to garbage bins. All comment threads on any FTW released Youtube videos are disabled. The purpose of putting up Youtube videos is to make information freely available to the public, NOT to create an “anything goes” opinion parlor.

3)  Whatever you do, do not feed the trolls!

What is the sound of one hand clapping? We do not respond at all to any trolling behavior. We do not even respond to “prove our point”, or “justify” or “explain ourselves” or “fight back”.  What FTW does is put out legitimate, well thought out, and well researched information as quickly as we can in a transparent manner. We attempt to answer the hundreds of questions we get daily in documents we produce, public interviews, and skype forums that are posted on the be-do.com website.

4)  Make a really big deal out of the positive people. They are the majority
Our current FTW/QEG/HopeGirl correspondence volume is comprised of 9 email addresses, 7 or 8 skype groups and many private skype chats, Facebook private messages and public comments, Youtube comments and blog comments. We receive hundreds and sometimes thousands of correspondences a day. 95% of these come from loving supportive and beautiful people. We also take into consideration the thousands of people who follow and support our work and never leave a comment or send an email. This gives us a clear picture that the majority of people are positive, therefore we allocate appropriately and spend the majority of our time acknowledging these positive comments.

We hope this article was helpful to all planet changers who deal with trolls. May we all keep our spaces clear and our missions in tact to co-create our new paradigm together!  Tesla would be proud!