Saturday, June 29, 2013


Fasten your seat belts everyone, because the ride is about to get really REALLY fun!

It's time to move forward and take the bull by the horns, put him in a head lock and give him a really funky hair cut.

.... the "Bull" being the financial system and the banks.

This is your official heads up, get your gear on, pull together the clans and organize your plan of action.   Stoke up the fires in your hearts, and get caffeinated because it's full steam ahead as of this moment.

Today Heather is writing up a written representation of the transference tool for people to be able to access their personal value.  This tool can then be used as a template for anyone to gain access to the their value and have the ability to exchange value for value with any other Being or Entity- Everything IS either Eternal Essence, or a representation of that.  Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yuan, Gold, Silver or any other coin, bill, or physical commodity is ONLY a REPRESENTATION of the value of ETERNAL ESSENCE. This IS all that it IS. 

Simplification:  YOU are the Value, YOU are the Bank,  YOU are the Business.
This is the grand lie that all financial institutions, banks and governments have lied to you about since the beginning of history.  THEY know that YOU are the value. Your BODY is the TRANSMITTING UTILITY OR VEHICLE of VALUE.  Value is ENERGY- which only comes from each and every BEing- your body is the VEHICLE that energy moves through in every operation and DOing. The VALUE IS that ENERGY.

We will launch this Value Template on Monday.  Heather, Lisa and I will pre-record an interview to fully explain all aspects of the template, the I UV INchange and how we are moving forward, and this recording will be published at the same time as the template.  

We are keeping the Template completely private until it's launch- nothing going over hard-lines and I will publish it directly from Heather's computer .... so the alphabet soup guys will not get any heads up in advance of what the template will look like (sucks to be them, eh?).

We are in the time of FULL TRANSPARENCY & ABSOLUTE DATA.  This is the time of truth and revealing all that has been and all that IS.  You have been lied to.  Now all the DATA is coming out.

.... side note: to all our "Anonymous" readers, if you feel like having some real fun, Heather gives permission with her full authority, responsibility and liability for anyone to access her email address.  This is the primary email account which she used for all bank, trade and finance and investigation activities and it holds ALL the emails, ALL the files, ALL the data..... Heather has been locked out of this account since the OPPT Trustees foreclosed on the BIS, Banks and all the perceived current systems.  The only condition attached to this FUN is that you MUST make every piece of data, information and communication  and attached files PUBLIC- in full transparency for every BEing to access.

Heather will be releasing many relevant files herself that she has stored on hard drives- in Full Transparency- in order to explain and make obvious the absolute truth of how the most recent financial system is actually a part of the Value System and when separated from the Value System it creates the allusion/illusion of only debts, limited resources, and damages.....when operating within the whole of the Value System it actually is the INforcement and accountability mechanism of abundant value absent limit.
(that was Heather typing the above paragraph.... full transparency, right? lol)

It's TIME.

The TIME for DOing is NOW NOW NOW!!!

It's TIME to move forward- every BEing.

Below is the Paradigm Report that Heather wrote on March 6th, 2011.  AK made this public back in December 2012, but I know that there are many many people reading this now that haven't read the original report when we launched it back then.  Please take the time to read and understand what it is that the current perceived (foreclosed) financial system has been doing.  Some of the information that Heather will be releasing is data that she couldn't include in the Paradigm Report when it was originally written.
see the original document at the link below:

Thursday, June 13, 2013


***** Update *****

The Official Project 13 Website:

There will be an official website for Project 13. There will be an official spokesperson for the Project 13 Company once the software is released. This page is NOT that official website, release or spokesperson platform.

This page is here to provide access to information as it is understood and offered to the I UV web creative team.

This page Should NOT be confused as the official page for Project 13. That website is Not live yet. When it goes live and we learn of it we will publish the link here.

Project 13 is Totally Separate from the I UV Ixchange.

The P13 software application is a specific tool designed to let people share data back and forth in a secure, non “harvesting” environment. It is designed as a tool to give subscribers a safe secure platform to share their data and to interact with the people they choose to interact with, like they might on Facebook, or other social networking platforms. It is designed to allow people the space to do that without their data or energy being harvested by the PTW.

When the “mechanism” of the tool known as the I UV Ixchange is released, it will be one of many tools that subscribers of Project 13 can access. By “mechanism” we mean the component that gives people access to their value in a way that is “spendable” and can be used to buy a loaf of bread or purchase a product or pay for a service or an experience.

Project 13 software is a valuable tool to do exactly what it is designed to do. People will want to subscribe to Project 13 because they want to make use of the unique functions it provides.

The I UV Ixchange is totally separate from Project 13, although when it’s rolled out, Project 13 will be an access point for it.

The following information is being updated as the web team becomes apprised.

Dates, devices, etc. may change moment-by-moment. Please stay tuned.

The following platforms will be compatible at project launch:

1) Windows Mobile App

2) Silverlight program for Windows PC, and Mac OS (computers, not the mobile phones)- Possibly Delayed ?

3) iPhone/iPad App ( available for download in the iTunes App Store soon ) – Heather announced 5.28.13 that iPhone takes 30% of every transaction that you’ll do on your Ixchange using the iPhone app.

Once you have the device, you’ll need to download the Project 13 software from your device application store.

The Project 13 app will be free.

The next step is to go to the Project 13 web site to set up an account and become a subscriber, in order to use the Project 13 software.

The cost to subscribe will be 1 unit of money per month: US$1, 1 Euro, 1 Yen, etc. Initially it will be US$1 per month until currencies are added.

Once you have a subscriber account, you’ll be provided a code or a ‘key’ necessary to activate the Project 13 software on your device.

You will be able to use your Project 13 user account on multiple devices that run the Project 13 platform.
For those who want to know, there will be a link on the Project 13 site to learn about the security protocol behind the software called VEXS or Virtual Extension of Self Protocol.


Because the I-UV web team has not seen an advanced copy of the Project 13 software, we’re presently unable to develop the user guidelines, which we had hoped to publish for you at the moment of launch.

When the software does launch, we’ll learn the program as fast as we can and produce the tutorials as fast as we can. These tutorials will offer step-by-step instructions on getting started.


87% of world population has a mobile phone according to stats last update in 2011. The stats probably do not take into account some people with no phones and some with more that one phone… some who have phone but can not afford to have it currently active.

It is probably a good bet that most of those are simple phones, not the smart phones needed to run Project 13 or the I UV Ixcahnge. Still its a good percentage and when spreading the word about the I UV Ixchange will make it a wee bit easier as the % of people with no cell phones is not huge.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Refraction Experiment (Humanity Separated from Source)

The Refraction Experiment is designed to teach each individualized Aspect of Source how to understand the underlying Unity of all life forms through the process of immersion in a holographic projection of three dimensional experience and eventually choose to transcend this illusion of separation and finite existence for a return to Source.

The Key to Life and Death: What is it?

This Key parallels The Tree of Life and every choice given by its illusory reflection, The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The Key is turned to Life when we are Present and experience Being. The Key is turned to Death when we pass Judgment against others and experience Separation.

There is only One Life in the Universe. Unity of every Aspect in Source is Reality and Separation, as defined by Form, is Illusion.

Meditation is the Way we use this Key to access the Truth that We are All Aspects of One Life in Refraction through the Prism of material existence.

This One Life is Multi-Directional and Multi-Dimensional in scope with all events happening simultaneously in the Present Moment everywhere.

When viewing sunlight through a Prism, it is Refracted into Seven Hues of visible spectral light: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

Beyond the parameters of this spectrum, Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red exist as invisible light at the extremes.

When an Individual Aspect emanates from the Universal Source, incarnating in Three Dimensional Form, everything visible is viewed through Perception limited by Location.
Duality is a by-product of this separated state. Spiritual Amnesia obscures the original Unity of Aspect and Source so this connection is soon forgotten.

God becomes a Concept, subject to interpretation, and is completely separated from the world in this type of mindset. Unity is Localized in tribes and families through genetics and social conditioning.

Control is exercised by some people over others because Original Equality has been Lost through spiritual amnesia and also the Perishable nature of Material Existence: Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Birth is Entry and Death is Exit.

Fundamentalist forms of Religious Belief are readily available in cultures all over the Earth enforcing ideas of Human Separation from Each Other and from God, whereas mystical equivalents are Hidden and must be Sought Individually by aspirants: Prayer in Judaism and Christianity, Contemplation in Buddhism, Meditation in Hinduism, etc.

Such practices Center an Individual Aspect in Human Form on the Creation Process connecting directly to Source at the Heart Center: the Atman, or Seat of the Soul.

The Key to Life and Death is an alchemical riddle for the spiritual seeker to understand: Unity or Separation, Reality or Illusion.

In the Refracted state, a basic Duality of Choice exists for every incarnated Aspect of Source. The choice is: Unity or Separation.

Either the the Mind accepts the Truth that All Life is Interconnected at the Source Level, or every life form is Separate as it appears in the Refraction.

Positive Choice Attracts Unity... Negative Choice repels Unity...

Individual human beings are Born into Separation. The collective goal for All Life Forms is an ultimate Return to Original Unity.


(Trustees of OPPT ended this experiment legally via UCC filing on December 10, 2012)