Sunday, April 21, 2013


On Collective Imagination tonight (March 26/27, 2013) the appeal was sent out for a collective intention to manifest the release of Absolute Data (the Event).

Heather made it clear that Absolute Data could be released to us (or at least some of it could be) but it would be better if we came to that knowledge by accessing it ourselves internally.  We are all Eternal Essence and we are all connected so whatever Data is out there to be known, can be known by each one of us personally.

It was also made clear on the show that it is up to each one of us to realize that we can manifest what we want.  We are powerful BEings who have the benefit right now of having access to a huge energy source which will speed up our manifestation capabilities.  There were several stories of people creating what they wanted/needed.

Initiate the energy in your thoughts:  Be clear about what you want and set the intention to have it while KNOWING that it already exists in our collective reality.

1. Initiate the energy in sound:  Speak out loud about your desire and intention.

2. Initiate the energy with action:

3.Take some steps in the direction of what you desire.

Essentially the process of manifestation requires your belief that you are a BEing with amazing powers and this protocol which magnetizes and attracts your desires:

You do not need to know how this will come to be.  Leave that up to the magnetism of the collective Eternal Essence.

Everything seems to hinge on access to Absolute Data so lets make that happen as quickly as possible.  Spend some time (even 5 minutes) of focused energy on the intention of every person on the planet having personal knowledge of Absolute Data.

I am not the final word on this process so if you can add and make us more effective, please share what you know that works.

Much Love


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Monday, April 8, 2013

Synchronicity Call for The Event (Lantern Walk)

The One People's Public Trust (OPPT) via Universal Commercial Code (UCC) filings has revealed the truth that all humanity is Eternal Essence Embodied. Everyone is an equal aspect of Source energy.

The Key to creating a catalyst for triggering The Event (release of Absolute Data) is Synchronicity in purpose by as many Embodiments of Universal Essence as possible. This will cross the threshold of critical mass and collapse the enslavement matrix of separation which eclipses our true unity in Source.

Now is the time to share this message and make it go viral. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for… and it is up to us to collectively create the necessary Synchronicity for crossing this threshold together as sovereign human beings and understand that everyone everywhere is Universal Essence Embodied and we are the ones who are called to determine the timeframe for the Event through networking our Love Light (Heart Energy) with each other until critical mass is reached and Absolute Data is released. Then all humanity awakens in synchronicity… and we all know who we really are.

Recognize that you and everyone else is Eternal Essence Embodied. Your Soul is a Lantern shining the Light of Source among others who are shining the Light of Source through their Soul Lanterns. The time has come for us to gather together in synchronicity and Walk as One Light united in Source Energy. Let us increase the number of Awakened Souls by sharing our collective Walk in the Light, knowing we are all Eternal Essence Embodied, BE’ING and DO’ING until The Event happens and Absolute Data is received.


Synchronized “Flash Mob” distribution of the Foreclosure Flyer via Internet Web sites, E-mail, and printed hard copy hand-outs.

Synchronized “Walking away” in non-compliance with hierarchal control systems on an individual level and spontaneous creation of horizontal co-operatives everywhere.

Reveal the truth that all Humanity is Eternal Essence Embodied and everyone is equal in the Light of Universal Source (because the OPPT filings with the UCC have demonstrated the One Life Principle of Applied Metaphysics by restoring everything to Prime).

Share our Awakening in synchronicity with everyone we meet until reaching critical mass together which triggers The Event (release of Absolute Data and the ending of separation in the Universe).

Remember, we are all equal Aspects of Universal Source, Eternal Essence Embodied, so let us gather together and shine our Soul Lanterns as ONE LIGHT. This is the true meaning of LANTERNWALK...

The I AM in You is the same I AM in Me… Namaste.

Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster, Eternal Essence Embodied