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2nd Anniversary of Important Document Release: The One People's Public Trust (December 25, 2012)

UILO Doc. UCC No.’s

Caleb Paul Skinner
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
Hollis Randall Hillner

Guarding, preserving, protecting and implementing
the opportunity for Truth to BE by the knowledge from within

WITH DUE STANDING, AUTHORITY, and AUTHORIZATION, without prejudice, public policy, UCC 1-308, The Public Trust, through its duly bonded Trustees of record, UCC 1- 201(31) and (33), knowingly, willingly, and intentionally duly issues this OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT of DISCLOSURE regarding “POINT ZERO” pursuant to mandate, this December 25th, in the year of our creator, Two Thousand and Twelve as the creator lives, the following is true and correct and we are competent to say so:

Yes. The Commercial Registry. The Uniform Commercial Code. Commerce. Whether “Domestic” and “International”…matters not. Over many moments of present, it was quietly and covertly made the supreme law of all lands on earth, the secretly prized pinnacle of human capital and natural wealth registration and management of what have been formerly referred to as the “powers that be.” With feverish focus and commitment, it has been made uniform right before your very eyes…albeit, “eyes wide shut” for the most part. What is not widely known, is that this “supreme law” has been duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE and duly gifted to the people equally and jointly as their full indefeasible title, ownership, and rights as SECURED PARTY, a matter of record, unrebuttable and unrebutted.

In line with the most skilled magicians known and unknown, the existence of another sort of “magician” began to emerge. A sort with the unrivaled charisma, acting skills, and “backing” of the most decorated talent. A sort with a fanatically deep-rooted and cultured focus and commitment that was perceived by them as “un-rootable”, “undiscoverable.” This sort, deceptively tantalized the people with the distraction of CONSTITUTION and DEMOCRACY created by the slight of knowingly arrogant hand on one side, while the other hand covertly REGISTERED the Truth in COMMERCE by the “slight of the pen” with the other.

Swearing absolute solidarity amongst their own kind, this sort agreed to secrecy…never to reveal the Truth, for fear and absolute knowing that this sort’s world, nay their very existence, would end if the Truth were ever known to “their audience”, “their capital”, the people. At the very best, if the Truth be known, the people would no longer believe and pay tribute again, leaving this sort of magician to disintegrate in the sole vampiric company of their own kind. At the very worst….well, this sort never got this far. Their ego was so great they could not fathom someone outside of their inducted kind competent enough to discover the Truth, let alone someone being of capacity, willing and intent to effectively use and enforce it…

In order to insure this sort’s Agenda, they routinely and tirelessly trained their apprentices to practice this sort’s “magic”. At any and all costs, the Agenda was deviously preserved, protected, and, for the most part, quietly and covertly implemented by REGISTRATION in COMMERCE. When doubt crept in amongst their own kind, this sort would resort to the darkest methods imaginable and unimaginable to keep their kind “in line”, focused and “committed”. This sort did arm their unwitting and witting apprentices alike with the motto that “intelligence rules the world, and Ignorance bears the burden!”, and they reinforced the allusion of guaranty of the “truth” of this motto by using the same tricks of shock and awe, deception, fear, coercion and force that they used to keep the people “on the edge of their seats”, nevertheless, “in their seats”…like good “capital” should be. However, ego was to be this sort’s fatal flaw…resulting in their lack of contingency plan for the scenario of their failure to succeed by REGISTRATION of Agenda.

Not only did those with a fierce competency emerge throughout the many, many, many moments of present, but they knowingly, willingly, and intentionally did and do use and enforce it without conflict and without prejudice in a ever quiet manner, with a superior focus and commitment to Truth, and the highest good of all people, that baffles and disorients this sort of “magician.” Every action made is duly bonded and REGISTRED in COMMERCE and NOTICED. This sort of “magician” desperately tried to adapt at each of these moments of present, ever fearful, causing this sort to make fatal mistakes of transparency, albeit not known by the people in full context…yet. In the end, this sort’s overwhelming complacency, lack of competency, and lack of capacity by their own choice of action rendered this sort’s unfathomable end duly REGISTERED as absolute unrebuttable and unrebutted Truth in COMMERCE.

Those of competency regarding this sort’s existence and “magic” knew that the most effective way to guard, preserve, and protect the people, all the people equally, was to ever quietly implement the opportunity for Truth to BE by the knowledge from within by action of REGISTRATION of “Zero Point” or “Prime” in COMMERCE, unrebuttable and unrebutted…knowing that the affects of the action taken to lawfully, legally and duly secure the people and their wealth domicil therein under perpetuity, the Truth, could be subsequently known in context from within the people. This Truth that this sort of “magician” knowingly, willingly, and intentionally attempted to “hide” from the people, “their audience”, “their capital”, by extreme deceptive acts, practices, systems and other heinous actions to keep the people “on the edge of their seats”, nevertheless, “in their seats”, like good “capital” should be. However, this sort’s actions and systems, a matter of record, have become their shackles that no amount of “magic” will free them from.

This sort’s actions and systems, whether under the deceptive guise of “government”, “office”, “treaty”, “act”, “constitution”, or “entity”, inclusive of the private systems formerly known as, “NATION”, “UNITED NATIONS”, and its special agencies of “IMF”, “THE HAGUE”, “WORLD BANK”, and “BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS”….from each family of this sort of “magician”, from land to land, sea to sea to “The Holy Sea”, all have been lawfully, legally and duly verified as REGISTERED in COMMERCE as duly FORECLOSED…duly verified DEBTORS to the people, all the people equally on earth, on October 24, 2012, as a matter of law, matter of fact, and as a matter of public policy…unrebuttable and unrebutted. Over many moments of present, the lawful and legal standing, authority, value, rights, and principle of law aligned with common law of the people, all the people equally, have been lawfully, legally and duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE as it was created by Prime, by Zero Point, by creation, as a matter of record, unrebuttable and unrebutted.

This sort, DEBTORS, are duly verified and REGISTERED as bankrupt. The states of body of the people, all the people equally, and the wealth domicil therein, have been duly “unhidden” from where it has always resided…where this sort of magician has always focused and committed its attention…on management of the people.

The people, all people equally on earth, have an individual duly verified sum certain of FIVE BILLION (5,000,000,000.00) in lawful money of the united states of America, GOLD and SILVER… over THREE QUINTILLION, FIVE HUNDRED QUADRILLION (3,500,000,000,000,000,000.00) just in duly verified EQUITY DEBT against the DEBTORS. There is an additional duly verified sum certain of FIVE BILLION (5,000,000,000.00) in lawful money of the united states of America, GOLD and SILVER, for each of those people damaged by the actions and systems of the DEBTORS…over THREE QUINTILLION, FIVE HUNDRED QUADRILLION (3,500,000,000,000,000,000.00) lawful money of the united states of America, GOLD and SILVER, in duly verified DEBT OF DAMAGES against the DEBTORS. This DEBT does not include the repossession of tangibles unlawfully and illegally obtained by the DEBTORS over the many, many, many moments of present…those, too, shall be duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE as the lawful and legal full title, ownership, and rights of the people, equally, and placed in a digital exchange, that shall also be owned by the people equally, for lawful, legal and transparent commerce and trade of such tangibles. Any and all titles, ownership and rights to land and sea have been lawfully, legally and duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE as unlawful, illegal, null, void, or otherwise canceled for cause and are being lawfully and legally “reset” in accordance with Universal Law. Any and all currencies, privately owned and issued paper, also formerly known as “current funds”, have been lawfully, legally and duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE as unlawful, illegal, null, void, or otherwise canceled for cause. You, the people, each one individually, shall make a choice of how to invest your GOLD and SILVER, inclusive of any possible REPRESENTATIONS of that GOLD and SILVER…you shall make a choice on what final systems and governance, if any, you chose to implement for your benefit, absent abrogation, usurpation, subjugation, violation, usurpation, and invasion to any other….

While the veil of allusion is systematically and finally revealed and DISCLOSED by Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth by various sources for you to consider and use to make informed choices, the people, the earth, and all value domicil therein, thereon, and therefrom shall continue to be guarded, preserved, and protected by the continued implementation of the opportunity for Truth to BE by the knowledge from within each of the people equally and duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE for all the universe and the people to rely upon. All underwriting duly REGISTERED and NOTICED, otherwise known as UCC’s, are further posted at for equal and unfettered access by the people domicil on earth by creation, without prejudice and exception.

Happy Holidays

DULY VERIFIED as ISSUED, with due standing, authority and authorization, December 25, 2012, knowingly, willingly and intentionally made, given, and noticed, with unlimited personal liability, sworn under the penalties of perjury in accordance with lawful Universal Contract, under governing law, International Law Ordinance UCC Doc No. 2012113593 and WA UCC Doc. No. 2012-296-1209-2, preserved and protected under perpetuity 2000043135, guaranteed, protected and secured, public policy, UCC 1-103, common law remedy thereunder guaranteed, public policy, UCC 1-305; Duly witnessed, secured, entered and noticed; Without prejudice as promised, preserved, and protected, public policy, UCC 1-308, NUNC PRO TUNC, PRAETEREA PRETEREA: /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as Trustee, , phone +12535094597, ; /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as Trustee, , phone +15037810925, ; /s/ Hollis Randall Hillner, as Trustee, , phone +18088211567, ; /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as bondservant; /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as bondservant; /s/ Hollis Randall Hillner, as bondservant; /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as state of body; /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as state of body; /s/ Hollis Randall Hillner, as state of body.

Anti-Corruption Society disclaimer:

Public Notice: Whatever actions the Trustees of the One People’s Public Trust have taken, does not represent me nor my family. We had no awareness of this effort and gave no approval nor authorization for these people to represent us.
Editor, AntiCorruption Society

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Post by: JOSEPH DAVID HENRY WARE BRYAN-ROYSTER (Part 2 - Follow the Energetic Trail wherever it leads...?)

I AM is Sovereign. The I AM in You is the same I AM in Me... Namaste'

The image shown above is of my Avatar, JOSEPH DAVID BRYAN, born March 19, 1950 in Pasadena, California USA and is registered for trade via issuance of birth certificate for same.

Name legally changed via court order in Santa Ana, California to HENRY WARE ROYSTER (1968), then was changed back to JOSEPH DAVID BRYAN in New York, New York (1977), before being combined into the hybrid name of JOSEPH DAVID HENRY WARE BRYAN-ROYSTER in Nantucket, Massachusetts (1983).

I AM, from any particular reference point in density (Eternal Essence INbody) is refracted into multiple aspects as Avatars representative of "other" beings participating in a play of contrast some call the Game of Life for the sole purpose of experiencing Separation.

In The Refraction Experiment (through my Avatar) I postulated that two polarities exist in third density "reality" and these are Unity and Separation. Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf said the same thing and elaborated on this by saying  if you are not speaking Unity of everything then you are speaking Separation. Either we are all One or we are all separated... Herein lies the difference between reality and illusion. When we incarnate and choose Avatars for each individual life experience we are given opportunities to understand this difference.

I AM (Source) is a multidimensional Being: the sum total of every possibility/probability in the Multiverse and is omnidirectional in scope, refracting through density, as spectral light does through a prism, into "mirrors" of I AM represented by different Avatars. Herein lies the mystery of "I AM another Yourself" in the greeting: Namaste'.

The "Event" is communicating internally (Heart) and externally (Mind) with all Avatars in one's field of refraction (mirrors of oneself) whereas face-to-face relay eventually increases exponentially reaching "critical mass" that triggers complete transformation of the hologram (World) perceived by I AM as an aspect clothed as an Avatar. Time and Space are illusory in the holographic projection through any given Avatar in the Game of Life. This projection is generated by viewing through a two eyes (Duality). Here is the key to what Jesus of Nazareth meant when he said: "If thine eye be single." Witness everything with your Third Eye.

Through my Avatar in this life, I encountered Source (Heart) first via a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in southern California (1967), then experienced Source via meditation as multidirectional and encompassing all spiritual paths in Woodstock, New York (1976), and "the energetic trail" has been twisting and turning along an ever-winding road, bringing me to a basic understanding of the Cosmic Dream (as shared with my mentor, Jay Grey) and to a formal post-graduate level of education in Applied Metaphysics (as taught by Dr Paul Leon Masters), through horizontal democracy expressed in the Occupy movement, and then to the landmark Uniform Commercial Code filings by the former One People's Public Trust, led by the financial/legal investigations initiated by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.

From this spark along the energetic trail an internet talk show, The Collective Imagination and another show, OPPT-IN (later changed to The One People) along with the OPPT-IN website (changed to I-UV) generated energy toward formation of the OPAL (One People Absent Limits) Tour which traveled from Tehachapi, California to Lake Norman, North Carolina with plans to continue over the winter of 2013-14 in Australia and then resume in the northeastern United States in the Spring... but Heather diverted it to northern Morocco for starting an intentional community project among the indigenous Berber population in the village of Aouchtam (where Internet service is sparse at best). There was no Australian leg of the OPAL Tour and it never returned to the USA during the Spring of 2014!

Meanwhile, during the late 2013 cross-country OPAL Tour, a map was posted on the Tour's website where interested participants could place their "pin" for connecting with it. I put my information on the map and Tess von Maluski gathered several of us together for a meet-up in Auburn, Massachusetts at the Bentley Pub where the OPAL North East Region Interface was formed on January 26, 2014 with a set intention to connect with the OPAL Tour when it resumed in the New York/New England area of the USA which it never did, because the path of said tour changed with a pattern interruption by Heather (i.e. "come to Morocco"). Plans were formed for holding an OPAL Gathering at Strawberry Hill Farm in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire where we of the Northeast Region Interface would intersect with the Tour in July or August. The wind was knocked out of our sails, so to speak, when momentum on the project was diffused by a split on venue choice (some of us wanted the Gathering held in Lancaster, NH at Roger's Campground where the annual Porcupine Freedom Festival is held by the Free State Project) so, by the time we reached consensus on sticking with Wolfeboro as the site PR efforts were wasted on Porcfest and OPAL Gathering 2014 ended up having only 15 participants for the 3-day event at Strawberry Hill Farm. Was it the "energetic trail" shifting or was it a pattern interruption? There are but two paths upon which we may choose to travel: Unity or Separation.

The implosion of One People Community Aouchtam, explained in Mel Ve's interview of Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly, Dani Arnold-McKenny, and Mel B. on the One Network, and the split between public and private "faces" of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf revealed in this interview, shows why OPC Aouchtam collapsed and only the indigenous Berber tribes-people are left...

At the height of its brief growth period as an international magnet for global change, the One People Community drew people from at least 24 countries, including inventors who came for the Quantum Energy Generator build project with HopeGirl of Fix the World and James Robitaille (her step-father, who is the engineering artist of the QEG based on Tesla's design of an electric dynamo). Once resonance and over-unity were demonstrated, self-running of the device proved to be elusive and was never reached in Aouchtam (for expressed purpose of powering a water pump for the village). James and the design team went to the UK, then the USA (rural Pennsylvania before moving their efforts to Tesla Energy Solutions, LLC in Orlando, FL) to continue development of the QEG. When the focus of OPC Aouchtam went back to formation of a sustainable intentional community in the village after the free energy quest moved elsewhere, people dispersed in different directions. Some went back home to their country of origin, others went elsewhere in northern Morocco. HopeGirl returned to Restinga along the Mediterranean coast, after her trip to the UK and a brief stay on the family farm in PA before it was lost to creditors, and established Fix the World House (home for her project generating organization to help improve living conditions on the planet for everyone).

Further exploration of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and her "agenda" is shared by Lisa (now back home in Sydney, Australia), Dani, and Brian (in Restinga, Morocco) in the re-launch of The One People show on The One Network and clearly displays in stark contrast the "divide and conquer" tactics inherent in Heather's Jesuit-inspired upbringing, especially when the OPPT filings at the UCC spared the Vatican from inclusion in global foreclosures. The Cabal, Freemasons infiltrated by the Bavarian Illuminati led by Mayer (Bauer) Rothschild) created the fractional reserve banking system responsible for periodic boom and bust cycles in the global economy and the German state of Bavaria is mainly Roman Catholic. Heather was in the inner circles of bank, trade, and finance and became a lawyer before she dismantled the corporate system through a series of filings with the UCC that overlooked the Holy See!

During the course of learning about the OPPT, the Trustees reconciled it to prime just as someone was about to access their $5,000,000,000 in value through the Trust... Heather said "You are the Value" and the amount indicated on the paperwork was only a portion of infinite value... Kiri Campbell went to jail in New Zealand for attempting to access a portion of her value... Many people all over the planet sent Courtesy Notices, developed in Australia, some being successful in having debts cancelled... Heather said just BE and DO... it is all done! Is this the "energetic trail" or we all just chasing our tails on an endless treadmill of false hope?

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf KNOWS the same principle of Applied Metaphysics that Dr. Paul Leon Masters taught me at the University of Metaphysics: There is only ONE LIFE in the Universe. This One Being is multi-dimensional and everyone is Source from their point of view (via chosen Avatar) and is mirrored as "others" for participation in the Game of Life until this play comes to an end at The Event. Are you ready to Thread the Needle?

Carmelle Miglore, a participant in the OPAL North East Region Interface, said to me at the Bentley Pub in Auburn, Massachusetts during a meet-up leading to OPAL Gathering 2014 at Strawberry Hill Farm in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire: YOU ARE THE EVENT!

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By Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D.

(Presented at the 2004 Convention of the International Metaphysical Ministry University System on June 15, 2004 at the Inn of Sedona in Sedona, Arizona. Introduction was given by Dr. Dick Caldwell, master of ceremonies.)

Joseph H. Bryan-Royster received his Doctoral degree in Metaphysical Science and also a Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysics. His specialization is archetypal research, which examines symbolic imagery emanating from higher planes of existence and how it can affect the physical manifestation of events.

At the 2000 University of Metaphysics and International Metaphysical Ministry Convention in Las Vegas, Dr. Bryan-Royster presented Synchronicity and the Science of Parallels as his contribution to the pool of knowledge in the field. This time he sheds light on the primary importance of meditation as the access vehicle to unlimited spiritual power in his 2004 Convention presentation which is entitled The Lantern Principle: Internal Illumination by the Source.

THE LANTERN PRINCIPLE: INTERNAL ILLUMINATION BY THE SOURCE (Complete Text of this Presentation at the 2004 Convention)

I would like to thank Dr. Paul Leon Masters, Dr. Dick Caldwell, and the staff of the University System and welcome all graduates and students and guests here to this wonderful place... Sedona. Those red rocks are so inspiring. I just took a Vortex tour this morning and it was just - beyond what I could imagine. The energy is just... Whoosh!

Now, I am going to be presenting The Lantern Principle: Internal Illumination by the Source... and I am going to open with a parallel, which some people call a parable, of the Old Blind Fool lost in the Improvidence Zone.

("Dream On", by Aerosmith, is performed a capella)

Oh my God, I can't see. What's wrong? Oh, no - my lantern is out! Oh, I'm in trouble. I can't find the road. I don't know where I've been. I don't know where I'm going. There are ghosts behind me... Oh - and there's the top of the hill. Well, if I can't light the lantern I'll just keep walking. I'll just kind of grope my way. Ah, I finally found it - the City of Gold! Yes... What? The road keeps going! It goes down a precipice and I've got to climb down those rocks and I can't even see the river at the bottom, but I can hear it roaring. There isn't a bridge. What am I to do?

This is the Lantern Bearer: The perspective of carrying a lighted lantern through time and space in search of the future as defined by the past. The Fool wanders in innocence and ignorance, having no regard for consequences of his actions,. Living in the Past will propel him over the precipice he fails to see and into the abyss of chaos... oh my! Focus upon the Future through the glass of his own personal Past is a prescription for disaster. The Sage, with his experience of walking through the world, has withdrawn to the heights of a mountaintop where he meditates and shines his lantern of acquired wisdom for all true seekers. He has learned that one must live in the Present moment, as both the Past and Future are illusions of linear time and physical space. There is only Now...

Now I am going to read you a proverb of The Hermit. Cast a Fool through the fires of transformation, leaving him there until he has learned from his mistakes, and surely he shall emerge with the wisdom of a Sage. However, should the Sage looks back, seeking the future through the past, his lantern goes dark, and we just witnessed that, and he becomes the Old Blind Fool, who will have lost sight of the present moment - the Eternal Now.

So, in speaking of this, we are looking at two perspectives. This is the Lantern Bearer, and it shows carrying a lighted lantern through time and space in search of the future as defined by the past and failure to recognize that the goal is not the destination but rather the journey itself. Now, let's take a look at the Lantern Bearer again. You are walking the pathway of temporal life lost in the illusion of physical space and linear time. Upon your recognition of the possibility that spiritual life does exist, you find yourself carrying a candle lantern in your right hand which illuminates a portion of the path ahead of your feet. This is at the beginning of people's spiritual path. As long as you pursue this journey, with your eyes set upon seeking the future yet mind steeped in remembrance of the past, you will fail to understand that you are unable to reach your destination because you have forgotten what it is. What you are seeking is the present moment. It is time to enter the Now.

Now, we're going to change the perspective to being the Candle-Lantern itself, rather than the Lantern Bearer. We must understand that the ego must let go of attachment to the temporal concept of space and time, and recognize that the Source is accessed within ourselves through meditation. Now, I'm going to describe the Candle-Lantern. Imagine your physical body as that candle lantern which you thought that you had been carrying. Your eyes are the panes of the glass witnessing the external world. Your soul is the candle within the lantern. Your mind is the wick of the candle. The Universal Spirit is the flame that ignites the wick once your mind recognizes the primal Source dwelling within us all. When your lantern is lighted, the reflected images projected by the external world dissolve into this internal illumination. Physical and emotional attachments vanish into oneness. Your ego-mind no longer attempts to exercise its control over personal actions, thinking that they belong to a separate body lost in the darkness of a competitive world. Your mind steps aside to allow the Universal Spirit to reveal the truth that each created life form is a manifested aspect of the Source. We are all One Life. This is what Dr. Masters has been teaching us in the Ministerial lessons. Shine your lantern and spread the light of co-operation by sharing knowledge that the Source is accessed internally. Meditation is the key to kindling the flame on the wick of your candle. When you seek the Source, the Universal Spirit responds, and your lantern is lit.

(A brass candle-lantern is lighted with a match at the podium)

Voila! The Lord said there was Light, and lo and behold there was Light. I can see now! The path isn't so dark anymore.

The Candle-Lantern as a life metaphor... Imagine your body, soul, and spirit as this Candle-Lantern. Your temporal body is is the metal and glass frame of the lantern and your soul the candle, as I was saying, and mental concepts are based on external input. Now, we get to the meat of this whole thing. How do we light this candle within the lantern? Not with a match, just how I showed you, but the candle that's in here. (Pointing toward the fourth chakra; the heart center)

Your aspect of spirit remains dark until kindled by the Universal Source. At birth, your candle is dark. When individual human beings are born into the world, the lantern and its candle within it remain dark, unilluminated. It is not until awakening of the human spirit to the oneness of the Universal Spirit, emanating from the primal Source, that the flame is kindled and wisdom of higher consciousness is revealed.

We are all One Light at the Source Level. The distracting currents of business enterprise for personal gain draw humanity away from its prime directive. The true purpose of Life is to share and expand the unity of consciousness because all humankind is one at the Source level. We are all aspects of the One Light. There is no separation at the center of our individuated being, for it is one and the same as the center of all consciousness: The one and only Source. And the speaker before me showed a large circle and this point at the center, and all the points that are in this circle, which is all of everything, point to that center point which is within each of those points - the Source. Now, how do we get this?

Meditation is the Key to Internal Illumination. Meditation is the inward journey necessary for discovery of the spark which has the power to light your candle and enable your presence to shine as a Lighted Lantern.

The Light of the Fire lies within your Soul. The great religious teachings and traditions, in their mystic form, point to the light of the fire within the soul, which requires recognition in order for it to be kindled. Narrow interpretations of these teachings create division and discord. Instead of co-operative interchange of ideas there is competition and contention for temporal power. The lesson to be learned here is that the Source, no matter how we may perceive the primal first cause of existence, is One Light. There may be many names for this originator of Life, yet the many interpretations point to an initiatory creative energy manifesting the space-time continuum as we know it.

Now, I am going to speak to you a little bit about the difference between a mirror and a light. Mirrors relay secondhand light that is not experienced directly. So, the soul viewing these glass panes of the lantern, seeing and reacting to things going on outside and the mind interprets and questions and analyzes... That's what that means. Dependence upon the relayer, the person who delivered whatever message externally, if it doesn't plug into the Source it gets lost if the relayer is removed, like the person suddenly disappears and then the "lost sheep" is floundering and there is just no way to set up a conduit to the Source. Firsthand light, however, is experienced directly from the Source. Direct light is accessed internally through the practice of meditation. Reliance upon the Source strengthens the magnitude of this direct light. The key to sustained illumination internally is staying connected with the Source by the regular practice of meditation, which we all do here. And we teach that because that is the key.

Now, I'm going to give you a quote from The Inner Source: A Guide to Meditative Therapy by Michael L. Emmons:

"The Inner Source is our God-part, our direct link to God. Where else, but within our own person, does our divine nature commune with us? This position is not a new one. Our higher nature, whether called the Universal mind, the Bohdi, the Over-self, the Oversoul, the God-within, has been spoken of for centuries."

Now I am going to speak about the role of the Lamplighter. Shine your Light upon other Lanterns that are Dark. Once Illuminated, the lighted Lantern shines upon those lanterns that are still dark, and witnesses proof that the dormant wicks are able to be kindled so the Light of the Source, relayed via the Universal Spirit, may spread this illumination over the face of the Earth person-to-person. Internal illumination by the Source is a free gift available to all who are ready and willing to accept it. Share this Light! Once one’s candle has been kindled, and their being shines as a Lighted Lantern: a bright beacon piercing the veil of darkness, this light travels to where it needs to illuminate and is meant to be shared. Pass it on... Be a Lamplighter!

Now, I am going to close with a guided meditation exercise: the Candle-Lantern principle. Nancy is going to give me a little background music. So, would everybody please relax and remember the instant form of meditation so we can get there. Close your eyes and visualize a candle flame. And mentally repeat a word or a mantra as your focal point or just enter to the center. Go deep, go all the way. And as you go down to the center I am going to be presenting this guided imagery of the Candle-Lantern as a catalyst. Your physical body is the frame of this Candle-Lantern. Your eyes are the panes of glass which had been witnessing the external world, but now they are closed and they are now looking inward so - instead of looking through the panes of glass to the outside you are looking inward to the soul where the candle is located. And at the top of this candle is the wick, and you will notice that the wick, though it is covered with wax and is white at the bottom is blackened at the top - meaning that this wick has been illuminated before! This is nothing new, It just needs to be remembered. And as you focus on the end of that wick and go all the way to the center and enter into the Holy of Holies of our one true Source, there is a blinding flash of warmth and light and that flame comes to life and the rays go right through the panes of glass, outward into the room where there are many other lighted lanterns presently shining with it, and it goes beyond - out to the hotel, and into Sedona... and beyond, where there are some lighted lanterns and there are dark lanterns that need to be illuminated. And they will go toward the light and - curiosity. If they are open, the light will then kindle those flames and we will all as a web - a Network of Light - pass over the face of the Earth and transform this planet, like its never been transformed before. As above, so below... As is, so be it... And so it is!

Let us come out, back to the surface, and open our eyes... Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.

Link to Archetypal Research Metaphysics at Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D. website:

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Presentation for the 2013 International Metaphysical Ministry Convention
at the Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona, Arizona

by Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D., Msc.D.
Date: Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 
Time: 11:10 a.m.

In 2005 I started to develop the concept of Unified Decentralism, which is an eventual synthesis of human co-operative evolution as reflected in localized economic and political systems founded upon the One Life principle of Metaphysics. Personal interest the idea of Intentional Community started in 1970 with a Social Ecology course at the University of California, Irvine followed by my discovery of the “back to the land” movement in The Mother Earth News that same year. In 1972 began visualizing creation of a rural intentional community in northern New England, eventually designated as The Commonwealth of Lanternshire and later purchased 20 acres of land in Stetson, Maine as the site for a teaching center and community house. The “schoolhouse” as I called it was partially constructed in 1978 until funding was exhausted and the project abandoned. I visited The Farm Community in Summertown, Tennessee in December, 1980 and attempted to “soak” and integrate as a new member, but my ego obstructed me at the time.

Then in October, 2011 my visit to Occupy Boston proved to be a catalyst for recognizing a common bond of consensus democracy in general assemblies of the protest movement and the decision-making process used in many intentional communities. I eventually brought this concept of fusing the two movements together into one dynamic entity with me to the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia. I spoke about transforming unequal hierarchal systems of governance into a network of localized intentional communities with horizontal consensus democracy as a tool for allowing everyone to have a voice in making decisions.

This is collective individual sovereignty. All humanity is considered as equal, having horizontal relationships between one another and eliminating the need for hierarchy. Now is the time for us to awaken into Collective Individual Sovereignty on a mass scale here on planet Earth through Cooperative Decentralism; the synthesis of Economic Interdependence and Direct Consensus Democracy based upon the One Life Principle of Applied Metaphysics! Economic and political power are both vested within every sovereign individual as one aligns with the sovereign rights granted equally to all others with whom they relate. Power is not wielded through a vertical or pyramid structure as found in hierarchal systems of corporations and government. Leadership positions rotate and are shared equally by participants in community organizations at the local level. To facilitate this,community switchboards are established to serve as decentralized hubs for communication, pooling resource information, and connecting people with each other.

Individual Autonomy is a key structural component within Collective Individual Sovereignty. This reflects the One Life principle of Applied Metaphysics that postulates all of humanity is joined at the heart being aspects of Source manifesting individually in multiple locations and allowing for expression of autonomy by every human being, respecting the rights of all others. Hierarchy, on the other hand, elevates the rights of some human beings over others through creating an artificial dependence upon them to provide material needs necessary for survival. Mutual interdependence and co-operative decentralism manifests within an environment of collective sovereignty, allowing individual autonomy to transcend human dependence upon hierarchy and thereby dissolve the financial control pyramid of a select few over the masses.

Intentional Communities mutually share Labor and Resources through interactive Networking. Popular Assemblies and Worker Cooperatives synthesize Collective Decisions by Consensus. Localized Decision-Making is made by Consensus on a Human Scale eliminating the need for hierarchy anywhere! When interacting with other people in any relationship involving exchange of goods and services the structure of such needs to be decentralized in order to be fair to everyone. Hierarchies or pyramid management models (corporate organizations) create inequality, giving advantage for some people over others who work for them. Learning models (apprenticeships) are for teaching purposes only and should be temporary and never permanent. When the student has reached a satisfactory level of understanding in a particular field of knowledge he/she and the teacher are equals. Co-operative business models should mirror this with rotating management in production where supervision is a role that everyone within the model shares equally upon receiving full knowledge of how said business operates.

Political decentralization at its base level in human interactions is full sovereignty of the individual as long as this does not interfere with the sovereignty of another human being. In the event of conflict between two or more individuals, compromise is negotiated face-to-face.  Agreement is reached by consensus with mutual acceptance by those involved as the ultimate result. Local decision-making in an intentional community or co-housing organization usually transpires at meetings of its membership with open discussion of issues and agreement by group consensus. A rotating chair in group discussions via use of a baton, wand, staff, etc. determines who currently has the floor and may speak while others in the group listen.This tool is passed around to everyone so all participants have equal opportunity to share his/her views on the particular subject of discussion by the group.

The time has come for Humanity to collectively create a Universal Community Switchboard. An alternative resource repository of connective information for building a localized and interactive global community is required to shift Humanity from dependence upon inter-corporate monopoly to Earth-based sharing of goods and services, upholding the concept that all people are individually sovereign in collective balance with each other. This Switchboard is designed as a teaching tool for unplugging human consciousness from mass media programming through commercial advertising, and thus fostering a collective switch to local resources in the cities, towns, and villages where people live and that environmentally compatible with the planet. This process is intended reveal options for building an alternative economy which is horizontal instead of hierarchal, as demonstrated by traditional corporate structure.

This switch is conscious choice made on an individual level, and is not intended to be an organized boycott of any particular or groups thereof. Instead, it is collective withdrawal from hierarchal commercial enterprises that only share profits at the shareholders level and pays minimal salaries and wages to employees. Co-operatives are encouraged where all workers in said enterprise share equally in duties and surplus (profit) because the structure is horizontal.

Pooling of resources and inter-community work/share projects are fostered via the Switchboard. Linking of existing intentional communities, general assemblies in the Occupy movement, and seekers of an alternative paradigm to that of dependence upon inter-corporate provision of goods and services is the underlying purpose for collective human creation of the Universal Community Switchboard. Here is access to the necessary tools for building a new world of co-operative decentralization.

A call is sent forth for initiation of discussion on how to best compile information from diverse sources and then categorize it, so working groups may be formed for further expansion within each category. Establish multiple conference calls for local Switchboard development, plugging into the category working groups as they are formed and expand. Alternative means of energy production and distribution via the collective commons for the purpose of creating a caravan-style transport network independent of the inter-corporate state is crucial for jump-starting transformation of the economy.

Integrated with the Universal Community Switchboard project is localized teaching of Economic Democracy through co-operative decentralization at the community level. Disconnecting from the overwhelming influence of consumer oriented mass media is crucial to opening our eyes to home grown alternatives and sharing options with neighbors as we make conscious choice to exchange goods and services in our local communities, using local currency and/or barter. Teach investment and participation in local co-operatives to provide quality goods, services, and create collective employment opportunities everywhere. Teach non-partisan political and economic independence and explain that natural sovereignty exists at the individual human level in co-operative harmony with everyone else living here on Earth. Everyone is considered equal, with a sovereign right to share resources and live in peace while protecting and preserving the planet for future generations.

Within the Universal Community Switchboard are collective resource and labor pools, organized by geographic location. People who have skills to offer are invited to post, and also people who need to have work performed are invited to post. Then the work/share concept based on units of time (hours) is used as alternative currency for labor and resource exchange via these pools.

Local Switchboards each have a virtual bulletin board for facilitating material swaps; mainly used manufactured products for re-distribution. Lists of items available and lists of items wanted should be tabulated at each Switchboard for potential exchange within each local community.  Also a "free" area for giving surplus items away with no expected return should also be included on these virtual bulletin boards. An online interface connecting all local Switchboards within the Universal Community Switchboard network, via the connective power of the Internet, is the ultimate goal of this project. We are all interconnected with each other and with the Earth our planetary home!

Work/Share exchange units are based upon hours, whether or not the specific task has been already performed, or is “in commitment” (I e. pledged to be done). Mutually agreed production time limits are set by individuals involved. Hand-made goods, prepared foods (on site), or craft items/artwork (provided by artisan) set value of Work/Share exchange by amount of time (hours) required to create said product. Local community Switchboard locations hold fairs offering these products for exchange via Work/Share. Donated (i.e. second-hand mass market items manufactured by corporations) are given away free to anyone who needs them, as such have no known Work/Share value that may be traced. Products made by local manufacturing co-operatives (i. e. cottage industries), are given Work/Share time value in hours per each and all individual participants in said co-operative share equally in exchange value per total products manufactured. These co-operatives offer products at Switchboard locations for Work/Share exchange with other co-operatives using an hours-based share system. These systems should be interchangeable whenever possible.

The foundation of this Switchboard is intended to be multi-directional whereas the networking hub is decentralized in multiple locations and then continues to generate more locations, via shared information. The transfer vehicle for spreading this information is the Internet, with amateur radio and citizens band as back-up systems for augmenting this. Decentralization is the key to its survival. This model for a Universal Community Switchboard reflects my original concept of Unified Decentralism, which is the eventual synthesis of human co-operative evolution as reflected in localized economic and political systems founded upon the One Life principle of Applied Metaphysics.

There is only One Life in the Universe, originating from the primal First Cause. Our Source refracted into multi-dimensional Aspects to experience himself/herself in a variety of ways through individuated soul vehicles. By choosing descent into material forms our Source created the ultimate game of hide and seek, and soon became lost in the illusion. More souls refracted and entered the material plane, some for the purpose of extracting those first ones from entrapment due to ignorance. They too, were lost in it. This game of life came to be a substitute for the true reality. Those who played soon forgot their origin as Aspects of the One Life who chose to refract into the many. Separation had eclipsed Unity. Throughout the aeons of time in three-dimensional space, messengers chose to illuminate the path of return for all who are willing to ascend and reclaim their cosmic birthright. We are all One Life, unified at the heart center with Source. Silence the mind and experience true peace and joy through the practice of mystical meditation regularly. This is the key... I AM in you is the same I AM in me... Namaste. 

On this Tenth Day of May in the Year Two Thousand and Thirteen of the Common Era I, Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster, hereby submit my Declaration of Absolute Freedom and DO establish The Universal Community Switchboard Project with my Oath and Bond as Servant to the One People.


I leave you with an entry from Darius Wright's Blog... Namaste'

Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster

Friday, December 12, 2014

THE REFRACTION EXPERIMENT: Re-post from June 5, 2013

The Refraction Experiment is designed to teach each individualized Aspect of Source how to understand the underlying Unity of all life forms through the process of immersion in a holographic projection of three dimensional experience and eventually choose to transcend this illusion of separation and finite existence for a return to Source.

The Key to Life and Death: What is it?

This Key parallels The Tree of Life and every choice given by its illusory reflection, The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The Key is turned to Life when we are Present and experience Being. The Key is turned to Death when we pass Judgment against others and experience Separation.

There is only One Life in the Universe. Unity of every Aspect in Source is Reality and Separation, as defined by Form, is Illusion.

Meditation is the Way we use this Key to access the Truth that We are All Aspects of One Life in Refraction through the Prism of material existence.

This One Life is Multi-Directional and Multi-Dimensional in scope with all events happening simultaneously in the Present Moment everywhere.

When viewing sunlight through a Prism, it is Refracted into Seven Hues of visible spectral light: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

Beyond the parameters of this spectrum, Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red exist as invisible light at the extremes.

When an Individual Aspect emanates from the Universal Source, incarnating in Three Dimensional Form, everything visible is viewed through Perception limited by Location.

Duality is a by-product of this separated state. Spiritual Amnesia obscures the original Unity of Aspect and Source so this connection is soon forgotten.

God becomes a Concept, subject to interpretation, and is completely separated from the world in this type of mindset. Unity is Localized in tribes and families through genetics and social conditioning.

Control is exercised by some people over others because Original Equality has been Lost through spiritual amnesia and also the Perishable nature of Material Existence: Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Birth is Entry and Death is Exit.

Fundamentalist forms of Religious Belief are readily available in cultures all over the Earth enforcing ideas of Human Separation from Each Other and from God, whereas mystical equivalents are Hidden and must be Sought Individually by aspirants: Prayer in Judaism and Christianity, Contemplation in Buddhism, Meditation in Hinduism, etc.

Such practices Center an Individual Aspect in Human Form on the Creation Process connecting directly to Source at the Heart Center: the Atman, or Seat of the Soul.

The Key to Life and Death is an alchemical riddle for the spiritual seeker to understand: Unity or Separation, Reality or Illusion.

In the Refracted state, a basic Duality of Choice exists for every incarnated Aspect of Source. The choice is: Unity or Separation.

Either the the Mind accepts the Truth that All Life is Interconnected at the Source Level, or every life form is Separate as it appears in the Refraction.

Positive Choice Attracts Unity... Negative Choice repels Unity...

Individual human beings are Born into Separation. The collective goal for All Life Forms is an ultimate Return to Original Unity.

(Trustees of OPPT ended this experiment legally via UCC filing on December 25, 2012)

I leave you with GalacticU Network Discusses Our New Direction... Namaste'

Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I AM Lamplighter, One of Many.

My given name at birth of this physical vehicle (biosuit) on March 19, 1950 is Joseph David Bryan. This is the name printed on my birth certificate and therefore the one monetized by the corporate state for harvesting by the "powers that think they be" and remained my legal name until it was changed in a court of law by my natural mother, with my consent and presence, to Henry Ware Royster. Because I was raised by my mother and my step-father, not knowing the truth that my biological father was another person, I never received a straight answer about where the "Joseph" and "David" originated so I accepted the first and middle name of my maternal uncle because my looks resembled him. Then, at age 13 my mother's best friend revealed the truth that Joseph Blackshear Bryan, my mother's first husband was my natural father and Robert Hart Royster, the man who raised me as his own son (whom I knew as Dad) was Mary Isham Royster's second husband and natural father to Howard Isham Royster and Laura Ware Mohr (whom I know as my brother and sister). By the time I was of legal age to be drafted into military service, 18, I accepted the surrogate identity which I used since the age of 8 as my legal name to put on my Selective Service identification card. The fact of this being an outright lie with regard to my genetic heritage was "swept under the rug," so to speak, until at age 26 (when my fundamentalist born-again Christian perspective on Source was shattered by an understanding of all belief systems pointing toward the same primal first cause or God, following a business collapse and subsequent divorce from my first wife Janet). I confronted an identity crisis for the first time since my initial shock of hearing the truth and "the band-aid was ripped off" leading me first to restore my birth name in a court of law in 1977 and later when confusion regarding my business identity as "Henry the Artist" in Nantucket, Massachusetts (where I built my business that fell apart with my marriage) resulted I decided to combine the two names in the hybrid legal identity by court order that I use presently: Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster.

My formal education in the field of Applied Metaphysics commenced in 1992 via correspondence courses with the University of Metaphysics, Los Angeles and was completed upon receipt of both my doctoral degree in Metaphysical Science (1994) and a Ph.D. in Metaphysics (1997). By then I lived in Gloucester, Massachusetts with my second wife, Susan Carol Bryan-Royster, who is the mother of my two children, Mary Jesse Bryan, and David Blackshear Bryan (who is now known as Damian Blackshear). As of November 1, 2013 our home is at 286 Carroll Street New Bedford, Massachusetts.

I AM Lamplighter (Source)
 Refracted into One (Avatar) of Many Reflections
(Mirrored as Other Avatars)

Applied Metaphysics as taught by Dr. Paul Leon Masters, both President and Dean of The University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona in Sedona, Arizona postulates that there is only ONE LIFE in the Universe and the SOURCE of this One Life views everything through the eyes of EVERY incarnated BEING on all levels of Existence. WE ARE ALL ONE!

Before my Mentor, John Lawrence Grey, recommended me to Dr. Masters as a doctoral candidate in his non-secular educational curriculum, I had understood the underlying order of the known Universe beneath existing chaos of observed manifestation to be "The Cosmic Dream" and the Journey of Life was designed to bring us all across the Threshold of Time and Space (Piercing the Veil) into Awakening from the Nightmare of Separation from Source and one's multidimensional Self. This refraction of the ONE BEING into many reflections of consciousness represented by different Avatars creates the illusion that we are separate from each other and must compete with one another for survival... The chosen Teacher for my Avatar is Jesus (Yeshua bin Joseph) of Nazareth who began my internal instruction at age 17 when I "received Christ (the Relayer) as my personal Lord and Savior" through Evangelical Christian tradition and my choice was "sealed" by the person who witnessed to me about the Lordship of Jesus Christ dying within 6 months of bringing me into "the sheepfold." Symbol of the Lighted Lantern representing the indwelling Christ came to me at age 22 when I saw the Tarot Hermit (#9 in the Major Arcana) carrying this sign of internal illumination to the mountaintop to shine where all may see its light. Taking this a step further, the Lantern is the person walking through  this world with his/her Soul being the candle and the Spirit of Life being the flame that ignites its wick... In 1976 while visiting Woodstock, New York I read two key books leading to expansion of my awareness to encompass ALL Spiritual Paths: BE HERE NOW by Baba Ram Dass and TOWARD THE ONE by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan.

When the Mayan Calendar long count cycle came to an end on December 21st, 2012 I wrote the initial post on this blog which first appeared on my Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D. website that began... "I AM Lamplighter, One of Many." On March 19th, 2013 I re-posted it here to begin my conversation as "Lantern of the Hermit." On December 25th, 2012 the One People's Public Trust released landmark legal documents which revealed to the world that all corporations and perceived governments have been put into foreclosure UNREBUTTED at the Uniform Commercial Code (Maritime Law) level. This news swept across alternative media circles and the concept of ONE PEOPLE ABSENT LIMITS was born. Beginning with an OPAL Festival weekend in Australia this idea manifested as an RV Caravan Tour starting in Tehachapi, California and traveling overland to Lake Norman, North Carolina with plans to continue in Australia before heading to the northeastern United States... The OPAL Tour had an online map where people interested in participating could place there "pin" to show interest in the idea. Tess von Maluski of Tiverton, Rhode Island contacted me and others who met on January 26th, 2014 at Bentley Pub in Auburn, Massachusetts to form the OPAL North East Interface (original purpose for formation was a link-up with the Tour as it passed through Pennsylvania and New York into the New England states). We planned a summer Gathering in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire at Strawberry Hill Farm for the rendezvous, but the "energetic trail" had shifted course and the OPAL Tour participants never reached Australia but re-directed their travel to northern Morocco where Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, one of the former OPPT Trustees, was based. Instead, the One People Community of Aouchtam was formed and HopeGirl of Fix the World brought James Robitaille (her step-father) and a team of electrical engineers to do a Quantum Energy Generator build there and seek resonance, over unity, and finally self-running. The first two milestones were reached but the third was elusive so the project was suspended and moved to the UK, Pennsylvania, and now Orlando, Florida where self-running has yet to be achieved. After the momentum of the QEG project subsided the community project in Aouchtam, Morocco splintered and some of the participants have re-grouped with HopeGirl at Fix the World House in Restinge up the coast from Aouchtam. The "energetic trail" continues to shift as of this writing...

I leave everyone with this recent episode of Beyond the Veil hosted by Sierra Neblina... Namaste'

Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The ONE Network with Mel Ve: Transcription

The ONE Network with Mel Ve of Freedom Central
November, 28, 2014
Present: Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly, D of Removing the Shackles, Mel B, Mel Ve

Note: The beginning of the recording is opening music with mostly small talk among everyone to probably complete sound checks, until Mel Ve started hosting the program proper.

Mel Ve: Before I'm going to get this officially started, I guess I'm hosting this one. I'll be posting this one as well. I'm really grateful that you guys have taken the time out to come together and talk to me about some of the things which I guess need to be aired in the public realm. Because there's a lot of questions and there's a lot of things that have been left hanging. I'm really grateful for the time you've come together to discuss this. I think it's pretty difficult to know how to go at this in a linear fashion. I'm going to go over to Lisa and let you get started on the beginnings of the story.

Lisa: Oh, thanks. (laughter) The beginnings of the story. Actually for those who follow my personal blog, lisamharrison blog, they would know that I posted three stories. Three parts to a story, which is kind of going back and trying to tell the story of this last ear or so. But I needed to go way back (laughs). I got to the point where myself and Brian and D, Heather, American Kabuki, and a bunch of us went off into the desert last year. We all came together in Morocco at Heather's invitation to actually meet up in person and we did that. We all spent a month, roughly a month or some few weeks, in Morocco, in Tangier, with her and her family. That culminated in a trip out to the desert, which was pretty amazing for all of us. Then Bob and Brian and I went home. D stayed in Morocco. Bob, Brian, and I kind of got on with things, went back to our shows and doing what we do. D was staying in Morocco; her plan when she originally went there was to stay there for 12 months, as far as I know.

Bob, Brian, and I found ourselves in a situation where we started off with the radio audience that very quickly evolved into a community, which then evolved into a real online family. As we were encouraging them to meet up with each other and come out from behind their keyboards and start having real relationships with one another, because that's what we found made a profound difference for us personally. Because, actually, we spent all our time behind keyboards. Everything's virtual; these relationships are virtual. For so many in the audience too it was...those radio was their time to feel connected and not feel alone. Then they would have that two hours where they could just feel like they weren't crazy and people understood them and people spoke the same language. Then they'd go back to their lives where they'd pretend they were who they were. So we were encouraging that to happen.

Sort of around August, September, there was this amazing group in North Carolina in the United States who came together and did this. It was incredible; they pulled out a lot of people. They had a connection with each other and created these relationships that were just amazing. We sort of thought this is it. This is what people are looking for and longing for. They really want to make these connections. From that the OPAL Tour was born, which involved myself, Brian, and Bob predominantly and then this whole support crew, who (garbled) ... radio show hosts or had something that we felt was important to bring to the table, to go on tour across the United States. We pulled that off in record fashion. We announced it and we were on the road in like six weeks or something-it was amazing. As we got to the end of that tour, I think it was our second last stop in Florida, there was a call from Heather Tucci Jarraf from Morocco. There was an invitation, "How's Moroccan sound for dinner?" There was some information in terms of-that she had information essentially on what the OPAL tour was really all about, what did it achieve, who was really behind it, who really financed it. All these sorts of things. Now as far as Brian and Bob and I were concerned... (audio cut off for a short time)

D: Dinner in Morocco; that's kind of where you left off.

Lisa: So we got a cryptic sort of invitation from Heather Tucci in Morocco, saying that "how does Moroccan sound for dinner?" and that she had data, or intel, essentially on what the OPAL Tour achieved, who was behind it, who backed it financially. This was information that we essentially would like to know, in order to assist us in making decisions for ourselves on what was next. As far as we were concerned, we were behind the OPAL Tour and the public funded it. But of course when you're getting public donations and there's PayPal donations from Joe blog, so you don't know ultimately. So for myself personally, I was supposed to fly back to Australia on the 19th of December at the end of the tour. Thanks to...which I think they're getting again this year...incredible snowstorms on the East were cancelled, flights delayed, airports were closed and I was on stand-by flights, so I couldn't get home. It was clear that I wasn't going to get home until at least the 4th of January, because that's when they opened up again, the buddy(?) fares. So in the meantime, I stayed with Bob in Pennsylvania, spent Christmas there away from my kids and family and spent it with Bob and his.

In that time, we sort of weighed up what to do next, because there was a lot, a lot of requests and in some cases, a lot of pressure to continue the OPAL Tour in various countries. Australia really wanted us to come there next; the northern states of the US; there were parts of Europe; there was just a lot of, "come here, come here, come here". We were exhausted; we really were. It's not easy to sort of herd...I called it herding stray cats. In fact, stray, feral, rabid cats half the time. (laughter) This huge community across the country; it wasn't an easy feat. But, because there was so many options about what to do next and because we really did want answers, we just started to go to Morocco. The initial thought was that I would go to Morocco for two weeks and Bob and Brian would go for four and then would follow me to Australia and we'd do the Australian tour. That was the tentative plan.

When we got to Morocco, it took about a week and a half, maybe even two weeks, to actually have a sit-down conversation with HTJ and hear some of this intel, which boiled down to, in some ways not a lot, like it did what it was supposed to do in terms of the tour. It brought people out, made them transparent and there were bankers behind the people who made the donations and they were setting you up to fail, but you didn't fail, you succeeded. You don't need to continue with the tour if you don't want to. Then she said that her plan was that she was going to start a community in Morocco and she was going to bring out all of her DARPA boys. By that I mean literally DARPA, all the technicians and the scientists who work in DARPA, who apparently are frustrated. She was going to create this sort of space; a community space essentially to bring out people who have been wanting to come out for a long time, out from under the cabal or out from under the black ops and all of their restrictions, to bring out the suppressed technologies and to bring out all of this stuff. That certainly got everybody excited.

So I guess the focus shifted from the OPAL Tour to creating a space for all of this to happen. We're talking about-based on what she said, this is people from all over the world who were dealing with all of the suppressed technologies, who were gonna be able to come out safely. We talked about people who were the good guys in the military. She had the support and the backing of the royal family in Morocco-that this was a place where it could happen because it wasn't one of the corporated countries. It was a true monarchy. There was all of these reasons why it was gonna be there and the kind of people who were gonna come. They were just waiting for her signal that the place was created and safe for them to do so. So you can imagine that's a pretty exciting proposition. So a lot of our energy went into that.For me personally, there was stuff going on in the background that meant that I couldn't get home. The flights that I thought I had weren't there, so I kind of got stuck with no flights and no money. But when the talk of the community happened, Brian and I spoke to D. We rang D, because D actually hadn't been in contact with us very much at all since our time in Morocco and hadn't been in contact with Heather at all for quite a while. She was living in Malta at the time. We said this is gonna happen here. D had her own plans for starting a community in Malta. We really wanted D to be a part of this. So on that, D packed up her family again and came back to Morocco-on me and Brian giving her a call.

This is where it gets into the realm of speculation-into the realm of speculation because it's really only in hindsight, when you look back on all of the events that have taken place over the past year, that you start putting the pieces together and start looking at potential agendas and motives. By no means did I think this at the time is what I'm about to say, but I do think it now. What I think now is that Brian and Bob and I were lured-you could say-to Morocco in order to take down the media platform, the 5D Media Network. I think it was a deliberate agenda. You could call it a job, but I think that's what it was. Everything that took place after that made absolutely no sense. What we found was all of the talk, the initial talk around what was going to get created there, just repeatedly, time and time and time again, nothing ever happened. I think it kind of got out of control, essentially, because from the moment there was talk of this community, we put the word out and people came. I don't think that was part of the plan. (laughs) In really, really quick succession, within a couple of weeks, within two weeks, we had half a dozen people there.

Brian: We interviewed Ralph Ring.

D: Yeah, we had the Ralph Ring interview that went viral. Brian and Nick and I talked to Ralph Ring.

Lisa: That's right. We had people coming. We had (garbled) the equipment be a part of it. I think actually that things got off track to be perfectly honest. Very quickly a location was found, which according to people who were already in Morocco with Heather prior in like November/December of 2013, this location had already been found. However, end of January when we were looking for a location, it was like, "Oh wow, look at this! Never noticed this before.", which we didn't find out until recently. This place obviously, middle of nowhere, I called it the "one-donkey town". It had no internet; sounds like a great place to locate a media network. Which we didn't know until we got there, of course. What we experienced, everything snowballed, essentially. We relocated to this town within a couple of weeks. We'd already announced in the collaboration with Hope that we would host a QEG workshop. Then one of the other women there, Whitney, and I found a house, which was a (garbled)-an amazing space, culminate a lot of uses for the community. We were there like two weeks before the QEG thing started. So, bang bang bang, you've got 70 odd people from all around the world-so many different countries-coming for this QEG build.

Right on the tail end of that, which I reference with time right now is really nuts...end of March, early April I think it was, as people were starting to leave. We got back down to the core group that was staying there long term. That's when things really shifted. Once a lot of the eyes were off, people had left, that's when the energy had really, really shifted there. You could say reinforcement were brought in, in order to change the energy of what was going on there. Because what was going on there up until that point was really, really positive. Once the QEG build was over, our attention turned to, "Okay, what's next? We've got all these things we need to do. Where's our DARPA boys? Where's the Army? Where's these garbage burners?" The list goes on; all these things that were going to happen and weren't happening. Every time we wanted to try and initiate something, nothing would take hold. We just could not make anything work there. It's difficult probably know too...when you're living in a country where you don't speak the language and it's very cliquey, you need translators. You need go-betweens. You need people who have connections to do the work, talk the talk, and do that stuff for you. Well, a lot of that boiled down to Heather and her husband. Unfortunately, that meant that things just didn't go past him. Whenever we did make connections...Brian was great at making connections. He meets people and they love him and everyone wants to help him. He got burned, more than once.

It just became really, really difficult. We all saw things that didn't add up, in terms of the person that is portrayed publicly and the one that you live with on a day-to-day basis-not the same. In July/August, I was finally able to get out of there in July. I came home and I spent a month here at home. My internal knowing was that I had to go back and I had to take my daughter back, my little one. I didn't know why, but thankfully I had the support of her father and he let me do that. I now know why. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Phoenix, she's a special kid. She does things to people, the way people react to her and what she brings out i people, because she's so incredibly pure and she's got the most big, beautiful, amazingly clear blue eyes and this kid looks straight through you and it's like she just knows you. She loves everyone; she just loves everyone. I can sum the whole thing up in one demonstration actually, by saying that we lived in a three-story house. Phoenix and I were on the top floor. D's family were on the ground floor. Heather and her family on the middle floor. Every morning, there were like 11 kids in this house, 12 kids at one point. Every morning when the kids got up, they would all congregate on the ground floor in front of D's place and hang out. That's where they all met up. Every morning when Phe had breakfast, she'd go downstairs. She'd see D and say, "Good morning, D" and give her a big hug. "Good morning, Mel" and give her a big hug. "Hi, Heather" (Lisa scrunching her shoulders and looking down) This kid was scared of her and she's not scared of no-one. Through my daughter, I was able to see things that I wasn't able to see before. So my inner knowing about taking here there was spot on. Because I didn't have a kid there, I wasn't privy to a lot of the family intricacies that D was and that Mel was. My current position...

Mel B: D was just mentioning that obviously there's parts of this that I don't know from the beginning, right? You were just mentioning then the invite from Heather and she was just basically singing about the fact that the DARPA boys were going to come in, with all these technologies. When she asked me to move to (garbled) with her, I'd explained that a guy I know from England that is unwilling to go public, I've never seen any evidence from my own eyes... (garbled) machines. She wanted me to fly to England to get the blueprints off this guy, who's really insignificant, who's technologies I've never seen with my own eyes...completely contradicting all these people that she knows with all these technologies. She wanted me to fly to England.

Mel Ve: Okay, this is good.

Lisa: She's connected to all these DARPA boys, yeah.

Mel Ve: So she claims connection to all the DARPA people? Does she actually have them?

Brian: She has since the very beginning.

D: Yeah, that's been one of her sayings.

Mel Ve: Well she's connected, she must be somebody.

D: The one thing that she said over and over, before we even got to Morocco, was so many times she talked about these DARPA boy connections. They're going to be coming out. They're going to bring out all this technology. We're all going to work with them. We're going to do this and we're going to do that. It was just one of those things that, again, it just never materialized. Not just didn't materialize, but in looking back, there was no backup to it. There was never any shred of proof that these people were coming or that she knew them or that there was anything more to this other than her just saying it was going to happen.

Brian: The significance of that is it wasn't a singular event; it was a series; it was a pattern of a lot of events and a lot of talk and no follow-through. But why don't we have Lisa pick up where she left off, because she was on a roll.

Mel Ve: Thanks, Lisa.

Lisa: (laughs) You've left me in a position, what would I have been saying?

Brian: You were saying that you were feeling betrayed and you knew why you needed to come back with Phoenix, because to help bring Heather out, basically.

Mel B: You started to say that maybe there was a little bit of a good side to Heather and you think that we were affecting her.

Lisa: I know that it was my own internal guidance that wanted me to go back in August and take Phoenix back with me, because she helped me see so much through her eyes. Because of the effect she has on people and because of what she brings out in people. There's a side note to that; remind me to come back. Since leaving...I mean I was always going to come back at this time, I left again at the end of October. I was only ever going to go back for three months. By the time I'd left, so much became transparent. The whole situation had blown up basically. What I was saying earlier and what Brian eluded to in the break, there was this pattern of behavior-lots of big claims, lots Australia we call them "gonnas". Heather's a "gonna". I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do that and nothing happens. There was a lot of that. It was just this repeated pattern for months and months. Even though I do believe, where I sit right now, that bringing us there was a job-maybe one that she got paid for, compensated for in some way...maybe. I don't know; that's speculation, pure speculation. I do think that we had an effect on her. Living in that environment with all these beautiful, beautiful people...and they all are...and the people that it attracted...amazing, amazing people...had an effect on her. I think she got off script. If she was on a job, she got off script on a number of occasions. She did get close to us. So when she pulled away, when she got back on script, it was really, really evident.

We've all gone through a lot of emotions around this. Because when any friend, any friend or someone who you think is a friend, turns out not to be your friend or any friend who leaves you feeling betrayed, there's (garbled) involved. I've gone through it. Many others have gone through it. One of the reasons we're talking to you is because transparency has been our catch-cry for two years now or longer. Being as transparent as we can about what we've seen, what we've experienced, what we've felt is...we have to walk our own talk in this. Obviously, perspective can change based on data that comes available and that changes all the time. We're always learning something new. I would not be having this conversation three months ago. Towards the end there it got really, really ugly.

What I said about coming back to, I'll give you an example. When we re-launched the network as The ONE Network, which to clarify once and for all, is about oneness. It's about unity consciousness. That's all it is. As you know, we did a re-launch with Sacha and Heather. I watched for three days-really, really closely-as she prepared herself to be that person that you saw in that interview. It took a lot of work. It took a lot of time. It took a lot of hours. A very intentional meditation and whatever the hell she was doing, locking herself away in her room, preparing herself-right up until we sat down. Literally within moments before we sat down to press record. If you look at that show, at that interview, I barely said a word. In one of my closing statements, it was kind of like, "It's been fabulous watching you two"...I think I used the word "play together", because that's what it felt like I was doing. This is not addressed at Sacha at all. But it was so calculated, so premeditated and that almost diving being tjat you see sitting there through that interview was "(deep breath), oh good, that was done". You only saw it when it took some prep, when there was an audience. That's not the woman you woke up with. It's not the woman you've lived with. It's not the woman you had dinner with. It's not the woman you did the dishes with. It's not the woman who you saw with her children. It's not the woman you saw with your children. That was purely for public consumption. Honestly, that was a huge disappointment.

Mel Ve: Really?

Lisa: One of the things that I could not ignore, because i knew how preplanned it was. I knew how predetermined it was and calculated it was, was in the follow-up show that we did. This was clarification for me, because the energy in the house...there was like 20 odd people living in these three floors of this big place...the energy of the place had become so separate, so divisive. It was really yuck. It was absolute clarification for me as to where it was coming from, which was her. It was when we were doing the follow-up show with Sacha and it was just myself, Brian, and D, and Heather sitting on the couch. There had apparently been an incident with my daughter and Heather's daughter the day before, which nobody had witnessed. Phoenix was too scared to tell me about it; she didn't want to talk about it. She was terrified of Heather. I was sitting next to Heather and there was a question that Brian asked and she used this as an answer. It was so irrelevant to the question, firstly. As I'm sitting next to her, I could feel her not looking at me and I could feel the energy coming off her. I knew it that moment that she had plans, long before we started doing this, to bring this story up.

It was a story about apparently my daughter biting her daughter. Now that is just something that she's never done before in her life; never been in trouble before in her life. Apparently the circumstances were that Phoenix wanted to give her daughter a hug and her daughter didn't want her to, so Phoenix bit her. Heather goes on to explain that the way she handled the situation was to tell my daughter that if she ver wants a hug, if she ever needs a hug, that she can go to Heather and Heather will absolutely, gladly love her and give her hugs and all that sort of stuff. Now this was the lamest answer to the question and completely irrelevant, but it was a personal dig at me. It implied that my daughter was starved of affection and love from me and actually needed to go around biting people to get attention or to get a hug. Now if anybody's seen me with my daughter knows that ain't the case. She couldn't look at me when she was talking, but it was the energy I felt off of her at the time. It was on those funny little moments where one thing that doesn't seem relevant suddenly goes "bllluuhhhh" and connects all of these dots. My eyes just went "bang!" in terms of everything I had continued to give her the benefit of the doubt over. It was like, "No more. I know what you just did."

So, where do I sit right now? I sit with thinking that and feeling that she's absolutely not who or what she portends to be. I think there is a side to her or a motivation to want to do the right thing, to be that person. but I also think she's potentially either handled, in the way I mean the word handled, or delusional. i have absolutely no doubts that taking down the 5D Media Network was the intent, that it was a job, and I'm very proud of Brian, D, Mel for the fact that we all came out of this sticking together and determined to move forward with it and not them win, not let them take us down if that was the intent. I'm actually incredibly grateful for everything I've gone through this past year. It's been hard. I'm still paying for it in some ways. I don't know what the right term is for it. I don't want to use the term sacrifice, because that's not right. I've learned so much; I've learned a lot. It's been painful. It's been amazingly joyful. It's been everything in between. I've met the most incredible people. I've made connections that I hope will last forever. I feel that I'm building back up again, personally and professionally. I'll be stronger and better as a result. It's one day at a time.

My concern right now is to be transparent with everybody who took stock in anything we said based on anything she said, because we saw first of the things when the filings and Heather first came on the scene, one of the things that struck me back then, was that no-one from this woman's life came out. No-one from high school. No-one from law school. No-one who worked with her in law. No-one. Not even the freaking cleaning lady...and believe me, she'd need came out to talk about her. If nothing else, we are the first group of people who can say, in current time that's relative right now, not when she was eight, but now, got up close and personal to see what this was (garbled). That's what we found.

D: I'd like to kind of further elaborate on. Lisa talked about the distraction, if you will, the bringing down the media team so to speak. I'm gonna fast forward a bit to give people a little bit of an understanding. I think for pretty much all of us here, as we had doubts, as we these niggling thoughts in the back of our minds, like something is just not right and as everyone around you is smiling and happy, you kind of go, oaky, I'm just going to lock this away and not deal with it. Until we had a moment that was so "in your face", that we all opened up and actually started really freely speaking from what we had been feeling. In that moment we had 12, 14 of us. We all started sitting down. First off, it started with Lisa and I talking and we spent like hours just sitting and talking. Then Mel and I talking and then Brian and Lisa. Then all of a sudden when these pieces started coming together, we were like, "whoa, wait a sec".

Brian: Pattern.

D: Yeah, like a serious pattern. So we kind of gathered everyone together in a neutral place. We left Auochtam and we came to where we are actually right now, in Restinga Beach. We sat down and everyone started just pouring out pieces and bits of what we'd seen. It was one of those things where we'd have pieces come forward that like for example, this came out when we were taking a break. Lisa was talking about the whole beginnings of it, with Heather telling them when they first got to Morocco, "oh, I've got the DARPA boys and we're going to build this community and all the DARPA boys are going to come out" and while we're in the pause, Mel says, "You know what, here's what I was told" and this was just recently, so there's another piece that's come forward. It's another piece of the puzzle. Anyways, there was a really big sharing of all of us kind of baring our souls of what our gut had been talking to us and saying. Not only that, also letting each other know the things that we'd been saying to each other quietly and privately in multiple and multiple conversations over months and months that Heather had had with each of us individually, that was always said under the guise of "I trust you and I'm going to tell you this". That was the overall feeling, so it was very secretive. So then all of a sudden when all of us came together and started talking about these conversations, it was like "are you shitting me? seriously, that's what she said?" There was a lot of hurt. Lisa and Brian and Mel, there was times for a good month where there was a hurt that was so bad that you almost felt like you were drowning from it. You'd come to the (garbled) and we kept supporting each other working our way through things, but it was very hard to hear from other people some of the things that were said.

But getting back to where I wanted to start in with this, in hindsight, you can go back and look at incidences that have happened, especially over the course of this last year, and all of a sudden there's a much bigger understanding. When we all got pulled back to Morocco and like I said, me and my family had decided we weren't coming back to Morocco. It was kind of like at some point in time, either NIck or I would go back to pick up the last remaining bit of our belongings in Morocco, but we weren't planning on coming back, because of situations that had come up over the course of December and January, early January. We had made the decision we weren't coming back. When all of this started and Lisa and Brian and I started talking with this whole community, because I'd already gone public with my plans to create a community, because I was sick and tired of waiting around for someone to create this community. It's time for a (garbled). So fine, I'll do it myself. It was so exciting. It was like, Nick and I said "Fine, let's go back to Morocco then. Let's do it. Let's go back. Let's build this community." Because if there's a bunch of people who I know are able to pull this off, it's us as a group...Lisa and Brian and me and all the people who are coming out. Then things carried through and we ended up in a one-horse or one-donkey town. It was actually about four donkeys, but a one-donkey town that had no internet. I mean, it was bad. People know. I just stopped blogging, because there was no internet. But there was a subtlety behind it all in the fact of being told continuously, "It's all done. You don't need to do anything." Brian stopped writing. I stopped writing for the most part and some of that was definitely internet issues, but a lot of it was also when you're continuously day by day, "well, it's all done, we need to focus here."

Brian: We were even told specifically to go dark.

D: That was exactly it. Heather came out with this big plan, right after the QEG finished, that everyone would go dark. No-one would report anything. We listened to her explanation of why she thought we should do this and we all went, "well, okay, we'll go dark" and we went dark. We literally stopped talking, pretty much on Skype, on Facebook, no blog posts went out, nothing.

Brian: No radio shows.

D: No radio shows. We stopped everything. Now we look back in hindsight and go, "well, that really played out well, didn't it?"

Brian: The crazy part is it made sense at the time.

D: It did, because she spun this tale of the reason why we need to do this to draw out all the...if we go dark, then they got no intel. Because they have no intel, they will have to come in to find out what's going on. All the way through everything that we've experienced, one of the things Lisa said, was the fact that the public persona didn't match up with what you felt face to face. One of the biggest things for us was...I think I speak for everyone on this...was that while she continuously talked about oneness, in the background there was a continuous separation being pushed. When I was in Tangier, when Brian and Bob and Lisa and all the rest of the gang had left and gone back to their homes after the first time we'd gone to Morocco, there was a very overt push to separate me from the OPAL Tour. The nuance behind that, "You don't want to be involved. You really don't want to be involved in all this." for me, it was kind of like, "well, okay?" Lisa invited me and was like, "Come on, do the OPAL Tour. Just do a few weeks with us." I was like, "yeah, no, you know...". but even since then, in coming back together, there has been a continuous separation and push. Various people have been separated out from the group and whatever the story needed to be to place that separation...the biggest one was, of course, as we all heard, "they're an agent". If anyone did not fall into the plan of the moment,

Brian: They were an agent.

D: They were an agent. We were told over and over again that Bill, American Kabuki, was an agent, because at that moment in time Heather was really angry at him. Regardless of the personal there, because I'm not going to speak to that, we were over and over, each of us individually and as a group, told that he was an agent. Caleb is an agent. Any single person within the group...I got told that Mel was an agent. I got told that Brian was an agent. Seriously, Brian an agent, like that's (shakes her head).

Brian: I AM an agent. (laughter)

D: This was played out to the point of it became so in your face that by the time it got to like August, it was so...yeah, in your face. She would come up and Heather would say something like "duh tuh duh tuh duh tuh da, well, you know they're an agent". It's like now really hard to swallow. It was one thing, but now you're basically saying Mel's an agent and her dad is an agent.

Lisa: You know how some people see (garbled/overtalk). You know how some people see reptiles under every rock? Well, she sees an agent behind every ...

D: Every...yeah. Every turn. All the way through this there was this continuous separation, even in the fact like I said, the things that were said to us privately and individually, were very much based on separation. It's a kind of...things that she said to me about all the other individual people over in Auochtam were very obviously, in my opinion, to drive a wedge and to create the separation and it went on and on. It wasn't until we had this big...when everything became so hugely visible, radically visible in such a massive way that we all sat down and we kind of shook our heads and went, "whoa, what the fuck just happened?" and then you talk.

Lisa: I would say there definitely were agents that turned up. The question is, who were they agents for? We never got a chance to investigate that, because the implication was they were always "agencies" and to stay clear and stay away. But I'm more inclined right now to feel that perhaps they were people who could potentially expose her and that's why they were summarily ejected. There was some that didn't add up. There was something fishy about quite a few people that turned up, especially during QEG time. (laughter)

D: I'm sure there was a few agents that showed up during that time; that we know.

Lisa: That we know. I have to say that she did (garbled) back state, to more than one person, that Brian and I were brought to Morocco to fail. Now, why would a friend take nothing else knowingly want to put you in a situation like that?

Brian: Can I add a couple things real quick?

Lisa: No, you can't. Brian, you are to be on mute the entire time. (laughter)

Brian: First of all, I didn't agree to come and do this interview to bash or throw mud or even accuse Heather or speculate as to what Heather's agenda was at all. I refuse to do that. I wasn't really looking forward to this, because I'm ready to move on with my life. I already have. The only reason that I agreed to do this and to share this is because I feel an obligation to everyone out there that I very could have, possibly, inadvertently misled with things that I was sharing on the radio and the blogs. We ultimately became, unofficially, Heather's spokespeople. We spoke on her behalf. She wouldn't say that, but she would tell us stuff and we would share it. That's really what it was. During those two years, a lot of the time people had a lot of really great questions. On many occasions, and Mel you can attest to his, because you interviewed her yourself. you'd ask her a direct question and you'd get a very indirect, a very elusive answer. We pawned it off as "Heather-speak". We justified it by saying, "Heather doesn't operate in this dimension. She speaks fifth-dimensional speak." Almost shut people down when they had really good questions and defended her in a lot of ways.

Looking back on it now, I feel really bad about that. I want to clear the air and I want to personally apologize. I sent out a few messages last night to people on Facebook, just apologizing, because I was so in it that I didn't have the ability to see through the fog of what was really going on. I still don't know what was really going on, but it will become visible. Everything will become transparent. That's the way the universe works.

That started to become really clear, when we were in Aouchtam, when we were all living together. When all of a sudden, in a lot of ways, it became very visible in that all of the questions that we had were also being dodged and sidestepped. There was a point when after that interview with Sacha, where Heather became very elusive with all of us. It was like...and we haven't talked about this yet; we've talked about it a lot as a group...where we couldn't even pin her down to have a conversation. We'd start to talk about something and ask very direct questions and she would literally walk the other way or put her head in her computer or whatever. It was as if she knew that she was being seen by us for the first time. Her whole energy really started to shift dramatically. I think that this is where we all kind of within ourselves started to ask questions. Things really weren't adding up. I keep telling people I made a business out of painting red flags white.

There was so many things throughout two years that I just put on the shelf that really became visible. Even just over the course of the last few days, it's hard for those that haven't been here, present, first-hand experience, everything that we have witnessed with our own eyes, heard with our own ears, and have been privy to in density, it's hard for people to understand. That's why I've agreed to come on here and do this, because at the end of the day, this...what you're going to hear me say and I'll just say it now, I don't need to wait till the that I'm grateful in a lot of ways for what Heather has done, because I now have the privilege of working with Lisa as a result and Dani and Mel and you, Mel Ve. As a result of everything that Heather came to us and brought out, we've built this amazing team that really has the ability to do great things in the world. I'll always be grateful for Heather for that. That's what anchors me into where I'm at now and why I'm not really upset; why I've kind of been drug through the mud in a lot of ways, yes, but just like Lisa said, I'm a stronger person as a result of it.

I also feel a responsibility to be that voice of transparency and just put it all out on the table with no secrets and no lies, because I really, truly feel like that's the energy that we're in right now. This is the best way to really inspire feeling within ourselves and anybody else out there who may have felt misled and also to give them an opportunity to have that same kind of experience and have that same opportunity for healing. That's just something that I really needed to make sure that got out there.

D: That's one of the things that I've spoken to from the beginning of all this starting to become transparent. I'm not gonna, I refuse to stay in a place of anger and hurt and judgment. I was there; I make no bones about it. Jeff and Ellie spent quite a bit of time in that place. I take from it some incredible experiences that I would never have had. I met Brian and Lisa and Mel and so many incredible people. We'd come together in what I'd like to think of as a driving force for change and transparency. None of that would have happened had we not all been drawn to Morocco. I am not going to dwell on that and like Brian said...I literally yesterday...we were supposed to film this last night, our time, and I came really close to saying to Lisa I can't do this. I'm just not into doing this; I'm so done with paying energy into this aspect of it. But like Brian said, this is the transparency. After this point, I've put this away now and I'm not going to sit and I'm not going to talk about this. In my Skype room that I have, my One Skype room, a lot of this has been fully discussed over the last 72 hours and a lot of energy paid to it. I'm not willing to do that anymore. I've already paid months and months and months of energy to it and I will only take from it the positive and the amazing things that I've learned and the experience I've gained and all the rest, I'm just putting it behind me and just moving forward with what we now have, which is such an incredibly strong bond with all of us. Yep, be the change that changes the world. That's what it is. Just move forward.

Mel Ve: Guys, you know what? It's so lovely to hear you speaking. In so many ways and though I didn't go on the Heather Morocco journey like you guys have, I myself have been on my own journey with the work projects that I've been involved with. I'm listening to you talk and I'm going, "this is exactly what's happening to me". I concur with that you say, that sometimes we need to go through these hard things to really bring together the people that have the wherewithal to stand this. The only way to work that out is by going through a lot. How do you know who has the wherewithal unless you go through the fire with them? Yeah? With that being said, it's all to solve together. It's brought a lovely team of people together and created an amazing awareness. I had this conversation with Sacha Stone a little while ago and I said to him that irrespective of OPPT and Heather...and it's very much the same like the work that I did with Keven Annett, I mean he's a complete con, but the issues he stood for are very real, completely real-the children getting killed and the Indian Reservation schools-that's a real issue...I would never have known about these things if it wasn't for him. This is what I recognize as part of the cosmic gauntlet that we all have to run to get to a point of convergence that we're all at now.

D: I agree. I agree. I had this conversation with Mel just this morning...or was it last night? Time is irrelevant anyway...that we can point fingers and we can say, "Well, this person associates with that person, so can we trust them?" Or you can point fingers at various whistleblowers and movies like Thrive, or you can look at it, instead of taking it apart and picking apart the irrelevance, you can look at the impact that that piece that was brought forward had on humanity and humanity's awareness. I've said it for ages that there are people out there my circles dealing with intel, where people like Drake and even Keenan, know what? It's all...I won't even go there. But they brought forward very relevant pieces and while they, themselves, are questionable, it doesn't change the fact that the pieces they brought forward-information, even just the opening up of people's minds to a certain, specific situation-had a massive impact. So I'm not going to throw these people to the wayside. I refuse to. Even if you read an article, even if all you've read was just one sentence in that article, maybe that's just the only one sentence that you needed to read. So you don't throw the whole thing away just because you don't like the wording or for me, we all know I hate the word "archons" or "reptilians" and I kind of go "kkhhaahh". It doesn't change the relevance of the information that's coming out. If you keep your mind open to the fact of what you have learned from any piece, it's an advancement forward. It's a piece that you didn't know before.

Brian: What I keep looking at is...I mean, one thing that we have in common, is we all want to know what's truth. We're all truth-seekers. It's like a cliche to say it, but that's really what we are. We want to know what's going on, who are we, how's the universe work, what's my place in it? All the questions; all the burning questions that everybody inherently wants to know that brings us all together. I received a doctorate level education in banking, in corporate governments and all these things that really I didn't have a whole lot of awareness around. It's like one of the questions that people are going to have-because we've had them amongst ourselves-when they watch this, they're going to say, "Well, what did those documents mean? What did they do? Are they legitimate? What was their agenda?" Those are very relevant questions. But what I look at and what I'm looking at right now, trying to stay out of the realm of speculation, even though it's really hard to, is that look at what a tsunami of an effect that those documents had-no matter the agenda-of people all around the world getting to this new place of understanding of how things are working and understanding that it's really not about the documents. What happened is the result of all this is that there was this wave, this tidal wave, of empowerment. I am free. I don't answer to anybody but myself and my creator. That's a whole other topic of conversation, but I'm free.

I have the ability to now stand up for myself and not allow myself to be trampled on by this alleged, perceived authority or what have you outside of my soul. Courtesy notices, people standing up for themselves in court, people standing up for themselves in exchanges with police officers, I mean this is empowering shit! Those are the things I'm looking at right now. It created this global network of new levels of awareness that are so invaluable and that have created so many amazing connections, relationships. How many people do we know that have gotten together and got married and formed relationships out of the result of coming together from all this information. Just as many splitting up and breaking apart, that's a whole other conversation. The amount of good that it has done-no matter the agenda-for me has just been absolutely profound and that is where I'm focusing my energy personally. For everybody that's watching this, I highly recommend that's where you focus your energy too, because the level of empowerment doesn't go away as a result of this. If anything, be more empowered. The way my perspective is at the end of the day is this, things always get shooken up the most when you're on the verge of a major transformation and that's where we are. We've been on the verge of a major transformation and this to me is a huge indicator that we've come a long frickin' way and we're doing a great frickin' job.

D: It's about continuing moving forward. This is it. We have gained a huge, new knowledge base that cannot be denied, by me certainly. Now I have this extra chunks of knowledge, i"m moving forward and using that knowledge to bring forward more searches to find the relevance of my prime focus, which is of course the financial industry and government corruption. I have a better arsenal at my disposal now, because of what I've been through. I am fully going to use everything I've learned to keep moving forward and ot keep bringing out the truth as I find it. Now I will be a little more careful in how I word things, as to not absolutes. I apologize for some of the things-like I said, I actually said this in my Skype room-that I stand in responsibility that the fact that there's a lot of things that I talked of and spoke in terms of-in tones of absolute-that this is what it is, when in fact, you know what, it could very well not be. Because I was just kind of repeating what I was told. I'm much more aware of that now.

Lisa: I just want to reiterate what Brian was saying in terms of not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, because what we've all gained is huge, huge. Don't underestimate it. That those filings...Heather said it herself many, many times on air, publicly...that were not for the people. They were for the (garbled). If that's true, if we were never meant to hear about them, maybe it's because they were so empowering. The thought of if they were to notify the system, because it's the system taking down the system, my thought right now is that if we weren't meant to know about them it's because they are that empowering. That's the effect that they had. they empowered a lot of people. They triggered a lot of us. They spoke to many of us. I think as a global community who followed this whole story, we've all grown so much. With or without an agenda, with or without her being able to walk her public persona, the talk, I wouldn't start regretting anything you've done. If you've walked the path of empowerment as a result, those filings as a result of what you've heard from her, don't start regretting that. Don't start second-guessing that. Hold onto that. Worst case scenario.

Whenever any disinfo agent comes on the scene, and I'm not saying she is, but I'm saying as an example, you know they've got to throw at least 90-95% of truth at you. So worst case scenario, because what we're looking at, we're looking at 90-95% truth or it wouldn't have had the impact that it did. She wouldn't have had the impact that she had. The people around the world, even when English wasn't their first language, they got what she was saying. they felt it. Whether she was talking about banking and finance or whether she was talking about the energetics, you felt it. So don't throw the baby out with the bathwater is all I'm saying.

D: Well I of the things Nick and I have said in conversation on this and one of the most pointed things he said was whether she walks her talk, in some ways that's kind of irrelevant, the talk about responsibility and standing in full responsibility and about oneness and about working together, you can't doubt that. That just is. So I take that forward and that's brought me to a new level of understanding about that too. Yes, we are responsible for our actions and yes, we are all one and that we need to move forward this way.

Lisa: That's why we're doing this, so that we can say that we are trying walk our talk.

Brian: I think one of the realizations that we've had that we haven't spoke to yet is we heard ...and we've talked about this a lot as a group...we've heard the line so many times over the course of the last two years, "It is done. It's all done." What that implies is there's no more need to do anything because it's finished.

D: Sit back on your ass and stare at your navel.

Brian: So, what happened as a result of that was...and I think that the reason why we were even open to the whole concept of going dark as a media team...was because it was all done. So the result was an extreme amount of complacency that we're now all kind of coming out of and realizing...

D: Shaking it off.

Brian: Yeah, we're shaking it out. That's where we realized that okay, yeah, energetically we have the 2012 and all that stuff and yeah, a lot of is done. But it's not all done. There's still a lot of work to do. If nobody does anything, what kind of progress are we gonna make as a human species? 50% of the planet still lives below the poverty line and there's a lot of human suffering going on everywhere in the world. I actually, my greatest level of empowerment is that realization, because I'm now more motivated and more charged and more driven to put my energy to where I can make an impact and where I can make a difference than I ever have been in my entire life. That is a gift. that is a gift I truly hope to share with more people as the days and the weeks and the months continue. That will be a large part of my message. Be the change you want to see in the world. How can we inspire that in people? To where it's not just a beautiful quote from Gandhi, but it's a way that we walk, it's a way that we do, join forces and collaborate on awesome things that we could do to make a true, effective, lasting, tangible difference on this planet. I'm grateful for that. I really hope that that message to people that watch this inspires people, because we are so freaking powerful, especially when we join forces and we collaborate in unity. That's, as far as I'm concerned, the message moving forward.

D: I agree.

Mel Ve: All right, now, I think let's move on to you. It was a lovely chat with Brian and D in the last session. I really got some good information out of that; it's good to know where you guys are sitting. I think it creates a lot of perspective for people to understand where you're going next and the place where it's coming from. You've all come in with such different stories and there's so many different experiences. I think I'd like to hear what Mel and some of what you've experienced and put together through all of this.

Mel B: Okay, well, when this journey started with these guys meeting up in Morocco, etc, I was actually in England. I graduated from law school seven years ago. I was completely indoctrinated. In April 2013, I went to a conference on Lauren House(??): it was my first one. That was the day that I went down the rabbit hole. That same day, I was passed the foreclosure flyer. Energetically, when I was given that foreclosure flyer, it was like a light inside me switched on. It was, "oh my god, this is it". I didn't even know what "it" was at the time. So I then went down the rabbit hole at rapid pace. Alongside stood in all the realm of lawful, legal movements and filings. I ended up taking my Dad's house on, using those filings. I ended up taking a arrest warrant on for fake crime, with those filings. I organized...there was basically two visits from the bailiffs and the police...both times I organized 50-100 people to come to stand up to the bailiffs and the police with the filings. We managed to get rid of the bailiffs and the police both times. The third time, 20 police and bailiffs turned up at 6 am to my Dad's house unexpected, threatening to throw my Dad down the stairs, kicked my little boy and my Dad out of the house. I then got arrested. Not long after, both me and my Dad decided it was time to move to Morocco.

Do I regret it? Absolutely not. The filings for me not only gave me kind of like a leap frog, instead of studying the statutes in the UK and how to get around them and everything else, I was suddenly fully aware of the law on an international level and how it is all connected and how it all basically has already been the New World Order. They also gave me a leap frog in the spiritual sense, the energetics that I've learned due to those filings, the empowerment and freedom that I feel inside of me due to those filings. That's invaluable. Everything that Lisa, D, and Brian has said I completely agree with wholeheartedly. Obviously, I am a little bit concerned in relation to the agenda. We all are. We will just keep paying attention to the data that comes in.

D: (Garbled) our research.

Mel B: Yep, continue our research. But since we moved from Auochtam, we all realized and all voiced our concerns and all shared what was going on, the creativity, the love, the togetherness, the connection that we now have as a group brings tears to my eyes. It's basically feels like a phoenix rising; that's how it feels. I'm grateful beyond belief. Truly.

Brian: Ditto.

Mel Ve: I got a little tear there, Mel. (laughs) This is the way I look at this whole thing really. In our previous conversations, Lisa, I said something which people perhaps don't recognize what those pioneers who pick up a story and they go for it. It's not just, "Okay, let me broadcast a story and it doesn't really matter whether it's true or not. I'm just going to put it out there and whatever, whatever. " You've got this thing inside of you that wants to follow through. It's not just a story in the traditional, newsy, journalistic sense, this is something you feel within you, right?, that you want to get into. It's a purpose; it's more than just a job. Often you've got to do and make some very risky decisions. It involves some people that perhaps don't turn out to be who you thought they were when you started promoting their cause. I've had this happen to me again and again and again. The sad thing is, the viewing public will turn on and look at you and blame you for that. D, I'll use you as an example. Heather used you as a mouthpiece a lot to play her little games. I know. I was a victim of one of those publications that was taken out of context. Really, I'm afraid to me it was the incident that showed Heather up for who she was. Talking about transparency, not being transparent, promising me that the conversation would be confidential and then getting you to publish it through your blog, all of that sort of thing for me was things that started to add up.

I had a conversation with Brian last year about some of my concerns and what we decided from that is okay we're not going to focus on the negative, we're going to focus on the positive and that is we're all going to focus on unity. That was the beginning of the OPAL Tour and very happen to have gone down that route with you guys, because it was never a case of I will ever want to fall out with anybody through my recognition of things not being right with Heather. Rather, I took a back seat and just let it unfold, because I tell you I have absolutely 100% faith in Lisa Harrison as a person, as a spirit, as an eternal body of love and wisdom and light and she is one of the best in what she does. I knew in my heart that when the exposure, the evidence, was there that she wouldn't just stand there and just go with the flow. She would say something about it and the same with you Brian. I waited for you guys to actually go okay, look, it's not all what it seems and we're not prepared to go on. I recognize that and I've recognized it for a while, so all right, let's talk about it. I'm very glad that you've come forward and that you've spoken about it and you've gotten it out there.

Back to the point that I was making, is that it takes a lot of courage to go in and to follow a story and get into things the way you guys have. Get up and move to another country, a high level of courage, and people will look at you guys and blame you for the fact that the OPPT didn't deliver what it was supposed to deliver. All you guys did was follow that dream and push that ambition. It takes a lot of courage and you've got to get your hands in there and get dirty and people will judge you for having that dirt on your hands, as opposed to thanking you for doing the job that they didn't have to do. For getting your hands dirty, when they didn't have to do it. As a journalist, I completely get that, because I've been in that situation so many times, which is why I have the greatest of respect for you guys for your journey, for everything you've done, for everything you've achieved through OPAL, through One People to the ONE Network. Your entire journey is just something that's so inspiring. I think what we see now is only the beginning of much greater things to come. You've grown strong through it all. You've learned who your allies are. You've learned who to trust through trial and error, through much of, as I've already said, a cosmic gauntlet. I guess this is the convergence, really.

Brian: One thing I want to say real quick...first of all, thank you for that...we admire your work as well. That goes without saying.

D: Which is why we're doing this interview. You're the perfect person.

Brian: Yeah, when we said we'll do this, we all said "Mel Ve". If it were anybody else, I might've given it second thoughts. One of the things that Heather instilled upon us that I do very much resonate with is that everybody has a role to play in this big, cosmic game called life. Everybody's playing their parts perfectly. That goes for Heather too and for everybody. I truly believe there's no one job or role that's more important or less important or more valid or less valid than any other. To that extent, this is all by design on some level, right? We either believe everything happens for a reason or you don't. If you believe that everything happens for a reason, how can you not be absolutely grateful for everything that happens-no matter how it shakes out. Because it brings about more self-realization and it inspires more self-discovery and it inspires on so many new levels. So to that extent, everybody is doing such a phenomenal job. But the most important thing for me is that the job isn't done. It's not done yet. If anything, it's just freaking beginning. I can't stress it enough; that's what I'm excited about.

D: That is the prime excitement right now. If you could be here with us right now, over the last month especially, the excitement level within all of us has built exponentially, daily, as each of us comes forward with plans of how we're going to move forward and what we're going to do. The new network, all's like daily there's like, "oh my, I'm gonna do this. Okay, I've got this story and I need to go public. Here's a piece and I'm going to bring in this person and this person and this really important and we need to really get this out" and it is a snowball effect. It is just this doesn' never dissipates, it just seems to grow. The more excitement we have, the more creative we are and the faster we're moving forward, taking with us all the experiences that we've gathered along the path.

Mel Ve: Yeah, that is absolutely it. I don't think you could just one day decide to start a media platform. Some kind of mileage, history, knowledge and spiritual growth and personal experience from which you express yourself. As much as we're all born into eternal essence, beautiful creative beings, there comes a lot of going through everything that you're going through. Look at you as an example. All the things you've gone through, all of those experiences, being arrested and all of that, brings you to a point where you are now where you're doing amazing things because of it. Out of the darkness comes the light. Everything has it's purpose. Everything. We have to accept that there is a purpose for everything. Nothing is by accident, it's by design. With that in mind, I guess really try to maintain the beautiful attitude that I've seen exhibited by you guys, which is that no matter what comes of this, we embrace it and try to take from it the things that will bring us solutions to create a fast, sustainable world.

Brian: Hallelujah. (laughter)

Lisa: There's no many things, that I kept saying, "Oh, I want to address that". But then it kept going and I kind of lost track. (laughter)

(garbled overtalk)

Lisa: Well, first, thanks to Mel Ve for her...thank you for your beautiful words. Yours and my relationship goes back quite a ways. For as long as we've known each other, there's been a kind of kindred spirit vibe going on there. Love and respect is absolutely mutual. Mel B has been an absolute gift and a blessing, because I don't think we as a group would've come out of what we've come out of as cohesively as we have if not for her. She was an integral part of that. In fact, she wasn't an integral part of that, she was like THE single, driving force of that. Because of things that she was privy to with Heather, she saw things before we did, basically I'll say that. She was able to preempt and preplan and create a space for us to come together and get the hell out.

(garbled overtalk)

Lisa: She's a blessing on many levels and she's an integral part of the network now, in terms of helping, driving, running...I mean this is not a five minute job as you know. Try and run something like this. I've been doing this for five years now, six years, something like that, seven days a week. Eight, ten, 12-hour days, you know that. It's exhausting, so having someone as on the ball as she is in a lot of ways...she's legally on the ball, she's energetically on the ball, she's emotionally on the ball, she's mentally on the ball...she's someone I can completely trust. She's earned it and she earned it really, really quickly. I can't say how proud I am to move forward with those three. yeah, I know it's a love fest.

(garbled overtalk)

Lisa: I'm gonna cry.

(unidentified female): Me too.

(garbled laughter and overtalk)

Mel Ve: Oh, that's beautiful Lisa. I think we're probably heading towards the end. Before we do that, I just really want to get a summary of anything anybody wishes to offer. Anything that we've left out of importance for people trying to understand with regards to the whole experience that you guys have had?

Lisa: Well, do you have any questions?

(garbled overtalk)

Mel Ve: Yeah, okay. Questions. Obviously, people are going to ask, the filings. Are they legitimate? Are they not? Do you believe they have any value for us going forward?

D: That is an ongoing search.

(garbled overtalk)

D: We've devoted tons and tons of time to it all already and it is something that we are very much actively researching.

Lisa: For me personally, because I had this experience, I had a very tangible experience that keeps getting referred to, by me usually, as my beast version. I put stock in those filings because of that, not purely because of that, but they played a big part. I do feel that that experience was genuine. I also feel that everything I've done in the last couple of years has been fueled by that experience. I think the power of those documents is more...and I think this is what I've said all along, more in it's empowerment energetically to us than it may be in the legal system. Legally, if you need a piece of paper to tell you that you're a human being with rights and freedoms, it's really no piece of paper that's going to give you that in the way that will completely convince you. I think the power of those documents were in the energetics. But again, I'm going to restate, that's where I sit right now and that's subject to change, given data. Do I think that they are harmful? No, not at this point. I think that everything that came after them;;;the Courtesy Notices, as Brian mentioned earlier, they weren't created by Heather...they make reference to them. But they were created by others, here in Australia actually. They were the things, the piece of paper that people used. People didn't go walking around with UCC filings. They walked around with Courtesy Notices. They walked around with Foreclosure Flyers. Filed and handed our other pieces of paper that the people made up. They were the ones who were equally as empowering. The more you handed a bank manager or a cop or court official a Courtesy Notice, they took notice. The impact they had on the system may well have been more than the original filings had on the system. I don't know at this point, because it was the people, en masse, handing those things on behalf of themselves, as opposed to one person doing on behalf of everyone. Knowing every country was doing it, that's huge.

Brian: Another thing that I can add here is that as a result of the Courtesy Notices and the massive amounts of distribution they've gotten globally, all it takes is one court or system or credit card company or whatever it might be to back down from either pursuing fault or legally, lawfully or trying to impose some fictitious credit card debt or whatever to say that they have some kind of legitimacy there. i blogged about a lot of those cases. People getting mortgages cleared. People getting credit cards cleared. Student loans cleared. People clearing their names in court. All this stuff. If there's no legitimacy to those filings, then that most likely wouldn't have happened. For me personally, it's like...I had this conversation many times on Facebook and on the radio's an empowerment tool. It doesn't take documents. It takes people standing in their power.

Paperwork is irrelevant, really. You get 100,00 people in one place to peaceful resist having their right s taken away from them, that's a million times energetically and otherwise more powerful than any documents could ever be. It's ultimately people that band together and know that something's not right, this isn't working anymore, I'm going to stand up for myself, I'm going to stand in my power, that's the change. That's where change comes. That's exactly what has happened. If the filings, the paperwork, if people need that tool that they can hold in their hands and take around and say it's because of this, then fine. I'd do the same thing with a banana. It doesn't matter. It's a matter of empowerment. From that level, they did exactly what they were supposed to do, from my vantage point. It's only natural that people are gonna want to know is there an agenda behind them? They're going to start picking apart the words that were used, like Creator and bondservant and start to look at it from a different perspective, through a different set of lens. That maybe there's something else going on there, but that doesn't take away the empowerment that has come as result. I think that's one of the major messages that I've been trying get across, even before all this went down.

D: Yeah, I've said it multiple, multiple times that the Courtesy Notices were a tool of incredible power. They have made incredible amounts of changes, even so much as just rattling the cage and giving notice to those in charge of..."yeah, no, we're not buying this anymore". I've said it for a year and a half now, all the people who sent Courtesy Notices to me are heroes. Because each and every one of those that went out all over the world and we know that there were literally millions of Courtesy Notices sent out globally, which was never part of the plan, that was something that was picked up by the Bartles and by Chris Hales and they put it together and it was moved forward by them being inspired by the documents. But maybe they would have found inspiration through something else anyway. They were the inspiration behind it. Something that has made a radical change. (garbled overtalk)

Lisa: Scott had already created that anyway as a result of his (garbled). Pretty much all he did was change the references in it to refer to the filings.

D: So this global tool that went out, people will still look at t and will go, "Well, I still lost my case. I still lost my house. I didn't get my loans wiped out.", etc. For a lot of people that is true, but they had an exceptional effect for the banking and legal industry. (garbled overtalk) In the individual case or the bailiffs, etc, they still had a very direct effect and the effect was people standing up all at once all united, saying "No more."

Mel B: I actually wrote to the court with the filings, asking for X, Y, and zed and I got a letter back from the judge, "No comment."

D: Yeah, that was funny. I forgot about that.

Mel B: No comment.

D: Yep, no comment was their comment. (laughter)

Brian: That's a pretty big comment.

Lisa: We said multiple times on the radio shows throughout 2013, that if you need a piece of paper to know that you're free, then no piece of paper is going to do it. The documents are either...I can't even remember the words we used...but basically, they're kind of irrelevant in terms of the empowerment to your own personal freedom. You either know that inherently or you don't. If reading those documents helps you embody that and helps you really embrace that, then great. Read them out loud. Read them over and over again. The documents are free. They were always free. It's just whether or not you knew it and embraced it and lived it and acted on it. A lot of us found the empowerment, the guts to do that, through the wording of those documents. They were timed beautifully, right at the end of 2012.

Mel Ve: I want to ask one more quick question. I'm not asking for speculation here, but as a journalist, once you throw everything else out or whatever is left must be truth, with that in mind, you guys are all very intelligent, incredibly intelligent people at the cutting edge of cutting edge information, so you must have put some pieces together. Without speculating too much, I'd really just like to get an idea of who or what you think Heather Tucci Jarraf is and what her agenda was. If you wanted to talk about that a little before we finish.

(big pause)

Lisa: Well, I don't know if there's any way we can talk about it without speculation, because we don't have any facts. We really don't and I wish we did, because all we walked away from our lives with more questions than answers and there's no way of getting answers.

Mel B: We do know that she is highly, highly connected, in the banking world, in the legal world. I mean, if she hadn't such stories on such connections, none of those would (garbled). She lived the life. It was like she was born for this job. She was.

D: But what she is, is still a question.

Mel B: Yeah.

Brian: That's why unfortunately I can't respond to that. It would be purely speculation, based on my own opinion. Really, I haven't drawn those conclusions. That data will come when it's time. It could be anything. She could be completely pure in her intent. Those documents could be completely legitimate. She just has an issue with consistency in walking the walk and maybe issues with not being truthful and not being transparent; those human issues. That's a possibility. Maybe some other major agenda that hasn't felt clear yet. That's just not where I'm focused, for me personally right now, because I know that information when it needs to come out will come out in its own way in its own time. I try to avoid pushing timing over hypothecating to try and force answers when enough data to speculate just isn't quite there yet. That's just personally where I'm at with that particular question.

D: The things that I said in my Skype room have already been discussed very openly. We know we can only give our perspective, based on our experiences. But it is only our perspective and it is based on experiences that are viewed through our own perspective. That does not make our perspective accurate. In some ways, it does not mean that I can come out and say, "Well, this is this, this, this, and this and therefore, I draw this conclusion.", because it's still based on my perspective. I completely agree that my perspective is at this point, and has been, colored by anger and hurt. I'm not willing to draw a conclusion while that set of glasses is still on. All I can say is (garbled)...

Brian: I think I just accidentally just made up a word. I said hypothecate and I don't think that's word. I meant hypothesize. You just called me intelligent a minute ago and I know a lot of people are going to call me on that, (laughter) so I got to clear the air real quick on that.

(general laughter)

Lisa: Hypothecate, I do believe, is a word.

Mel Ve: Yeah, you had me fooled. I thought that was a real word. (general laughter)

D: Let's get a dictionary.

Mel Ve: See, you just exposed yourself there Brian, not before. (general laughter) Okay guys, I think that that's pretty much it. You've given a beautifully cosmic perspective and very emotionally mature echo to the whole thing considering how much all of you have sacrificed in the journey that you've been on. What I would say, it's given me a lot of inspiration as to the collective, creative power that the ONE Network is gonna bring. I certainly look forward to what's coming up from you guys next.

(closing music)