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I AM Lamplighter, One of Many.

My given name at birth of this physical vehicle (biosuit) on March 19, 1950 is Joseph David Bryan. This is the name printed on my birth certificate and therefore the one monetized by the corporate state for harvesting by the "powers that think they be" and remained my legal name until it was changed in a court of law by my natural mother, with my consent and presence, to Henry Ware Royster. Because I was raised by my mother and my step-father, not knowing the truth that my biological father was another person, I never received a straight answer about where the "Joseph" and "David" originated so I accepted the first and middle name of my maternal uncle because my looks resembled him. Then, at age 13 my mother's best friend revealed the truth that Joseph Blackshear Bryan, my mother's first husband was my natural father and Robert Hart Royster, the man who raised me as his own son (whom I knew as Dad) was Mary Isham Royster's second husband and natural father to Howard Isham Royster and Laura Ware Mohr (whom I know as my brother and sister). By the time I was of legal age to be drafted into military service, 18, I accepted the surrogate identity which I used since the age of 8 as my legal name to put on my Selective Service identification card. The fact of this being an outright lie with regard to my genetic heritage was "swept under the rug," so to speak, until at age 26 (when my fundamentalist born-again Christian perspective on Source was shattered by an understanding of all belief systems pointing toward the same primal first cause or God, following a business collapse and subsequent divorce from my first wife Janet). I confronted an identity crisis for the first time since my initial shock of hearing the truth and "the band-aid was ripped off" leading me first to restore my birth name in a court of law in 1977 and later when confusion regarding my business identity as "Henry the Artist" in Nantucket, Massachusetts (where I built my business that fell apart with my marriage) resulted I decided to combine the two names in the hybrid legal identity by court order that I use presently: Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster.

My formal education in the field of Applied Metaphysics commenced in 1992 via correspondence courses with the University of Metaphysics, Los Angeles and was completed upon receipt of both my doctoral degree in Metaphysical Science (1994) and a Ph.D. in Metaphysics (1997). By then I lived in Gloucester, Massachusetts with my second wife, Susan Carol Bryan-Royster, who is the mother of my two children, Mary Jesse Bryan, and David Blackshear Bryan (who is now known as Damian Blackshear). As of November 1, 2013 our home is at 286 Carroll Street New Bedford, Massachusetts.

I AM Lamplighter (Source)
 Refracted into One (Avatar) of Many Reflections
(Mirrored as Other Avatars)

Applied Metaphysics as taught by Dr. Paul Leon Masters, both President and Dean of The University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona in Sedona, Arizona postulates that there is only ONE LIFE in the Universe and the SOURCE of this One Life views everything through the eyes of EVERY incarnated BEING on all levels of Existence. WE ARE ALL ONE!

Before my Mentor, John Lawrence Grey, recommended me to Dr. Masters as a doctoral candidate in his non-secular educational curriculum, I had understood the underlying order of the known Universe beneath existing chaos of observed manifestation to be "The Cosmic Dream" and the Journey of Life was designed to bring us all across the Threshold of Time and Space (Piercing the Veil) into Awakening from the Nightmare of Separation from Source and one's multidimensional Self. This refraction of the ONE BEING into many reflections of consciousness represented by different Avatars creates the illusion that we are separate from each other and must compete with one another for survival... The chosen Teacher for my Avatar is Jesus (Yeshua bin Joseph) of Nazareth who began my internal instruction at age 17 when I "received Christ (the Relayer) as my personal Lord and Savior" through Evangelical Christian tradition and my choice was "sealed" by the person who witnessed to me about the Lordship of Jesus Christ dying within 6 months of bringing me into "the sheepfold." Symbol of the Lighted Lantern representing the indwelling Christ came to me at age 22 when I saw the Tarot Hermit (#9 in the Major Arcana) carrying this sign of internal illumination to the mountaintop to shine where all may see its light. Taking this a step further, the Lantern is the person walking through  this world with his/her Soul being the candle and the Spirit of Life being the flame that ignites its wick... In 1976 while visiting Woodstock, New York I read two key books leading to expansion of my awareness to encompass ALL Spiritual Paths: BE HERE NOW by Baba Ram Dass and TOWARD THE ONE by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan.

When the Mayan Calendar long count cycle came to an end on December 21st, 2012 I wrote the initial post on this blog which first appeared on my Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D. website that began... "I AM Lamplighter, One of Many." On March 19th, 2013 I re-posted it here to begin my conversation as "Lantern of the Hermit." On December 25th, 2012 the One People's Public Trust released landmark legal documents which revealed to the world that all corporations and perceived governments have been put into foreclosure UNREBUTTED at the Uniform Commercial Code (Maritime Law) level. This news swept across alternative media circles and the concept of ONE PEOPLE ABSENT LIMITS was born. Beginning with an OPAL Festival weekend in Australia this idea manifested as an RV Caravan Tour starting in Tehachapi, California and traveling overland to Lake Norman, North Carolina with plans to continue in Australia before heading to the northeastern United States... The OPAL Tour had an online map where people interested in participating could place there "pin" to show interest in the idea. Tess von Maluski of Tiverton, Rhode Island contacted me and others who met on January 26th, 2014 at Bentley Pub in Auburn, Massachusetts to form the OPAL North East Interface (original purpose for formation was a link-up with the Tour as it passed through Pennsylvania and New York into the New England states). We planned a summer Gathering in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire at Strawberry Hill Farm for the rendezvous, but the "energetic trail" had shifted course and the OPAL Tour participants never reached Australia but re-directed their travel to northern Morocco where Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, one of the former OPPT Trustees, was based. Instead, the One People Community of Aouchtam was formed and HopeGirl of Fix the World brought James Robitaille (her step-father) and a team of electrical engineers to do a Quantum Energy Generator build there and seek resonance, over unity, and finally self-running. The first two milestones were reached but the third was elusive so the project was suspended and moved to the UK, Pennsylvania, and now Orlando, Florida where self-running has yet to be achieved. After the momentum of the QEG project subsided the community project in Aouchtam, Morocco splintered and some of the participants have re-grouped with HopeGirl at Fix the World House in Restinge up the coast from Aouchtam. The "energetic trail" continues to shift as of this writing...

I leave everyone with this recent episode of Beyond the Veil hosted by Sierra Neblina... Namaste'

Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster

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