Sunday, September 29, 2013


I AM standing within the New Paradigm landscape of Project XIII as Lantern of the Watch and seek connection with fellow travelers who have recently crossed this threshold and instruction as to how to navigate the terrain...

Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster

I am I

I had a message that I wanted to pass on today.  I sat at the keyboard several times and it just didn't.... flow.  I've learned that when it doesn't flow, there is always a reason and to just put it away.  32 minutes ago Lucas sent me the link to his latest article and I then knew that the flow was waiting for his article.

My message is quite short tonight and comes from several conversations I've had with some of the most amazing people that I have the privilege to call my "family".

I AM ..... I





..... ONE

I am I.

I is ONE.

ONE IS Eternal Essence.

Each perception IS ONE

Each Inbodyment IS ONE

Each ONE is Eternal Essence

Each Eternal Essence is I

I am I

Eternal Essence Inbody

Inbodyment of ONE

One body of I

I am I

Call Out One- Sept. 29th, 2013

Calling out the  darkness in the night. Everybody is asleep and nobody listens.

Calling out the darkness in the light.  Everybody is awake and nobody listens.

Calling out the light in broad daylight. Everybody is awake and still nobody listens.

Calling out the light in the deep dark night. Everybody is asleep and still nobody listens.

Calling out…!

Do they listen?

If the One is found without old darkness and old light polarities interfering in the balance of all, all will listen and see.

No dark nor light will be important anymore as just all IS and therefore it does not matter in the space of One who is on what side as there are no more sides.

Call out One and see One in all.  Now they will listen.

If you still perceive the old as being One in separation ask yourself if One in You can be split without hurting yourself. Call the One within and see and listen.  One will talk about harmony and balance instead of  division and hypocritical thinking and acting with deceit and lies. One does no talk about ego or being more or better. One is all and all is One.

Call out your name it is One with all. One is the Oneness and unity that is real. It is felt in your heart and  it is heard with your ears, it is seen with your eyes and it received with all your senses.  One interacts with all sides as it is One with all. One calls out the one in you to be but consciously.

No rights or wrongs are necessary as One is always there where ever you wandered off.  Learning and experiencing. One  is NOW. One stands strong in its power of Being.

Love and Light,

Friday, September 27, 2013


I stand High upon the Bridge between two Paradigms, illuminating the Keystone at Crossover from the Old into the New. Awaken and Watch... Dawn breaks over the Horizon as Humanity moves from 3rd into 5th density NOW!


Friday, September 13, 2013

D. Interviews Caleb Skinner about Project XIII for the PC and Mac Desktop "Alpha" Release

I just did an interview with Caleb Skinner for the launch of Project XIII- the Desktop app!! We kept the chatting to a bare minimum and managed to keep to the bare basic essentials and the interview is about 15 minutes long it total. With the wonderful help of American Kabuki to upload the audio into video format and onto YouTube... it's a team effort... D

... Just the facts mam

The PXIII desktop app will be released most likely in the next few days- I will definitely let you all know the moment it's ready to go.

The first launch will be an alpha version- which is fully explained in the interview. For the First while Caleb will not be answering a lot of technical questions, as he's highly focused on the next sections that will be added to PXIII for the beta version.

Please watch and share the video!!! I'll meet you over there very soon!

Project XIII Alpha Desktop app is Available

Three nights ago- in the wee hours of the morning over here- Caleb released the first Alpha version of the Project XIII desktop app.  I didn't post about it until I had had a chance to download it myself and play with it for a while.

The desktop app can be downloaded from  click on "News" in the upper right hand, and there is a link to start the down load.

I made my first attempt to set up Project XIII on my computer two nights ago and didn't have very much luck.  When I spoke with everyone in the RTS skype room, many there were having the same problem that they were getting a notice saying that they were not connected to the internet.  Yesterday, Caleb walked me through the entire process.  Last night, He released the next Alpha Version of the Desktop app and everyone seems to be having a much easier time to get it going.  One thing to be aware of is that you have to Unzip the file that you download!!  (yea, we all know I'm not very techie, so this step seemed to miss my consciousness, lol).  Regardless, I'm now in Project XIII and having fun playing and learning the ropes.

The one piece that is very cool is the Images part of the app.  You can drag any picture from your computer into the Images folder, then click and you can edit them on the spot IN ProjectXIII and do all sorts of things with them.  You can also change your background to show a slide show of your photos on PXIII instead of the "chalkboard" background (go to dashboard, click on admin panel and click "use personal background")  There will be more options in this area coming soon- such as editing your colours for the folders, and the fonts etc.... 

So the second Alpha version is now available.  Please remember: it's an "alpha" version, it's not even in beta yet, so please play and have fun, but expect that there will be glitches here and there.... it's a work in progress!!  But Caleb and his team of devs are working at lightening speed to crank out new sections- like "groups", and to polish the existing PXIII systems.

Please take a moment to watch the interview I did with Caleb last week where he  fully explains what "alpha" is, and what to expect from PXIII at this point.  You can view the interview HERE

See you over there!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A new Skype room called “Bankers Working with Eternal Essence” has been created. It already has people from all over the world participating. Because the Skype room only holds 300, people asked to have information put on the blog so more people from around Gaia can participate in the co-creation/role-play practice calls and also partake in what is going on via comments etc. Then take part in the global virtually simultaneous conversations and opening of new accounts when we all go in to do that where ever we are on our part of Gaia.

Draft of letter compiled by consensus in the “Bankers Working with Eternal Essence” Skype room: 

September 10, 2013

John Stumpf
Chairman, President, CEO
Wells Fargo & Company
420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA 94104

Dear Mr. Stumpf,

This letter is an invitation from an international group of One People who are individually accessing our value to deposit into new personal and business bank accounts, possibly with Wells Fargo.

This action is based upon the July, 2012, UCC filing by The One People’s Public Trust that foreclosed on governments and banks. (We have enclosed a copy of this filing.) As such, we know banks are now repurposing products and portfolios to adapt to a new business paradigm of transparency. We’re offering Wells Fargo an opportunity to be on the leading edge of this new business paradigm.

Each of us is accessing our value from a pool of funds underwritten by this UCC filing. With each of our respective initial funding deposits of $500M, we’ll provide Wells Fargo with a 10% discount fee as part of this new retail environment.

I’ll follow up with you by phone September 12, to discuss which appropriate Wells Fargo private banker(s) in your organization we can work with, who will meet our needs in opening numerous new accounts. We have a number of community projects in development so we’re looking for both personal and business accounts. We expect these accounts to be active by Friday, the 13th of September, reflecting our credit. Each account will have an available balance of $500M minus the 10% discount fee to Wells Fargo.

We’re speaking with one energetic signature to access our value, operating from an energetic accounting of self-responsibility and personal liability. As such, I’m writing this letter not as a representative but as one of many looking to open new individual accounts.

I look forward to speaking with you on Thursday.


BZ Riger
Seattle, WA
Phone: 360. 547 9518

Cc: Board of Directors, Wells Fargo & Company
John D. Baker, II
Elaine L. Chao
John S. Chen
Lloyd H. Dean
Susan E. Engel
Enrique Hernandez, Jr.
Donald M. James
Cynthia H. Milligan
Federico F. Pena
Howard V. Richardson
Judith M. Runstad
Stephen W. Sanger
Susan G. Swenson

Docs included in the packet sent: