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NEW WORLD ORDER ENDGAME? Part 2: Illuminati Event...

Luciferian, Illuminati Event Warning On Mysterious Website!

Is It Connected To The Underground Base Preparations Happening Now?

By Susan Duclos - January 3, 2015

Yesterday ANP  co-owner Live Free or Die discussed one mysterious apect of a new website that included a countdown leading to the end of January 2015 and the connection discovered to Russia and the US Department of Defense.

The website has other aspects, including a puzzle where clues are given, passwords needed to be found to open other portions of the site, but the BIGGEST mystery I have found is the Illuminati, Satanic symbolism which seems to offer a warning about an "event" apparently being planned by Luciferians and the question of whether this "event" is why we are hearing warnings about massive preparations being made, including 500-50 truck long caravans per day/week rushing to stock up underground bases all over the US.

Was the countdown, since removed from the Distant-Perception website, a warning to the elite as to when some world changing event was to take place, specifying an end of January 2015 date?

The owl in the image above is one of the more tame images from the website and there are multiple others that will be shown below the video, with a warning that some are graphically offensive, but it is clear from seeing them that the nature of those that created the site are, indeed, evil.

The GLP thread spoken about in the video where they decode much of the site is HERE, the commect section of my original video on this website is HERE, with a huge thank you to all my subscribers for their incredible updates. 

A thank you to Christopher Cox who pointed out "the cypher contains several coordinates to National Security Centers, " ShantiUniverse, who brought specific pages to our attention in the comment section of the first video, my dog violet who offered one of the passwords, Andrew Neilsen who pointed out other asepcts to the site.



Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster


Documents Showing Foreign Troops to Run FEMA Camps 

 Complete with Cemeteries and Crematoriums

It is laughable that some in the independent media are still in denial about the existence and true nature of concentration camps in America,commonly known as FEMA camps. The evidence is overwhelming and from certain documents we can ascertain how “detainees” will be captured and transported to these infamous FEMA camps.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate, that from the government’s own documents, it is child’s play to demonstrate the nature of FEMA camps in terms of who is going to be running these camps.

An Irrelevant Question

 We often hear the question: “Will American soldiers fire upon American citizens upon a martial law roundup of millions of Americans”? The answer to that question is a moot point. It is clear from analyzing data from Army concentration camp materials, that American soldiers will be used  to round up detainees. However, the camps in which people will be deported to will ultimately be staffed and run by foreign troops. This document will make this point abundantly clear.

FEMA Camps Are Slave Labor Camps

As was the case with the NAZIS, slave labor will be a part of the landscape as evidenced by the following Army document.

Appendix J
J-20 FM 3-39.40 12 February 2010
Commanders must organize and manage detainees in such a manner as to permit the proper and ready employment of each detainee. Establish and maintain a current occupational skill record for each detainee. Include new skills as they are acquired.
Assigning individual detainees to a work detail or job on a regular or permanent basis.
Establishing vocational training projects and encouraging detainees to study and develop needed skills to the maximum extent possible.
Detainee labor may be used to perform the following:
Camp administration and installation maintenance.
Agricultural work.
Public works, public utilities, and building operations that have no military character or purpose.
Transportation and handling of stores that are not military in nature or purpose.
Domestic service
Unanswered Questions

From the perspective of history, concentration camps are notoriously known for being institutions of murder. Based on this notion, I scoured the Army concentration camp manual entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF), and found only scant reference to the subject of deaths in the concentration camps. Now wait a minute, this document painstakingly describes interrogation processes, food preparation, the transport and care of detainees, but they barely mention how they are going to deal with dead bodies?

In a facility filled with a divergent population with regard to age, health status and physical conditioning, should the authorities be concerned with what happens when an inmate dies from an unexpected heart attack or stroke? What would they do with the dead bodies?

If proper preparations are not taken for the proper care and disposal of dead bodies, wouldn’t that imperil the health of fellow inmates, not to mention the guards and other military personnel? This should be a primary concern for any facility. However, this is the one area where the FEMA camp Army manual is relatively silent.

The following passages speaks to how the Army deals with the subject of death as it is related to the concentration camps:

5-69. When a detainee in U.S. custody dies, the attending medical officer will immediately furnish the detention facility commander or hospital commander (or the commander of the unit that exercised custody over the detainee if the death did not occur in a facility) with the—
   -Detainee’s full name.
   -Detainee’s ISN/capture tag (mandatory).
   -Date, place, and circumstances of the detainee’s death.
   -Initial assessment as to whether the detainee’s death was, or was not, the result of the deceased’s own misconduct.
   -The initial assessment as to the cause of death.

What is interesting about 5-69 is the cause of death is not categorized in any meaningful manner except to say that there is a conscious effort to determine if the death of the inmate was due to “their own actions”.

5-72. …the Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner is responsible for completing a final DD Form 2064 that will include a statement that “death was (or was not) the result of the deceased’s own misconduct” in the block labeled “Circumstances Surrounding Death Due to External Causes.”
Notice in the above (5-72) that only meaningful categories of inmate death are (1) the detainee’s own misconduct and (2) death due to external causes.

5-73. The NRDC will notify the ICRC of all detainee deaths. The NDRC will maintain detainee DD Forms 2064 for the period of hostilities or occupation, for the duration of any other military operation, or as otherwise directed. When authorized, the NDRC will archive detainee DD Forms 2064.
There is a key phrase that barely goes unnoticed. the phrase is “The NDRC will maintain detainee DD Forms 2064 for the period of the hostilities or occupation…”  In other words, there will be no Nuremberg trials for genocide because the records will be not be permanently maintained (i.e. destroyed).

It’s What They Are Not Saying That Is Worrisome, It Is What They Are Not Saying

For a manual which spells out, in detail, every possible consideration of how detainees will be handled, they omit the disposal of dead bodies. Will there be a military regulation that nobody can drop dead in the camp of a heart attack? Or, is this because except for the occasional spontaneous death, the Army seems very unconcerned about disposing of dead bodies at a facility of mass detention? I can only come to one conclusion, most of the deaths associated with the detainees, will not occur at the facility itself and this explains why the Army is seemingly unconcerned with this issue. 

This opens a whole host of possibilities. Are the unhealthy going to be transported to a tertiary facility to be humanely treated while their medical conditions will be treated? I think it is fairly easy to see where I am going with this. Can we really expect the “authorities” who have committed an inhumane act by incarcerating people for no legitimate reason to suddenly discover their conscience and treat the infirm with compassion and dignity?

Mass Extermination Facilities?

At this point, we are all thinking the same thing, so it may as well be said. Are there going to be mass extermination facilities, off-site, to dispose of those who cannot work, or will not work? And the reason that the Army is unconcerned about what is going to happen with regard to the death of these inmates is because this will not be their problem.

I have been receiving emails on a FEMA camp facility in Stockton, CA. for the past 18 months. Here is an excerpt for one of these emails as well as the content, within the context presented in this article, makes this email very disturbing.

“I’m writing because there is a new Amtrak maintenance facility a few blocks from the home I’ve lived in for the past 30 years and something seems strange about it and I was wondering if you have heard from other listeners in my area regarding the facility. I would like to keep this short so I won’t list all the strange things about it here- but I will ask if you can think of any reason an Amtrak maintenance facility would need to annex an entire cemetery, including a crematorium, that is adjacent to it? This is the only cemetery in Stockton and has been there for over a hundred years. All my family members are buried there. If you enter the address of the Amtrak building on Google Earth (1020 E. Alpine Ave., Stockton, CA) you can see the Stockton Rural cemetery and the Catholic cemetery just west of it-both have been annexed to Amtrak… I have further information I can send you.  After it was completed about a year ago there was no activity there. The last few weeks I’ve noticed a lot of unmarked white,,,cars, trucks and vans in and out day and night. Thank you for taking the time to read this…”

I have been able to verify the existence of the disturbing acquisition of a cemetery and a crematorium adjacent to the AMTRAK facility in Stockton. Here a couple of pictures.

The Stockton AMTRAK FEMA Camp facility in the early stages of cosntruction.
The Stockton AMTRAK FEMA Camp facility in the early stages of construction.

The Stockton facility after construction has commenced. 
The Stockton facility after construction has commenced.

The above photo is reminiscent of this photo that was leaked nearly three years ago. 
The above photo is reminiscent of this photo that was leaked nearly three years ago.

One can see the headstones from the cemetery/crematorium property acquired by the facility.
One can see the headstones from the cemetery/crematorium property acquired by the facility.

There is clear evidence that the foreign soldiers are going to be trained to take over the FEMA Camps and the question as to whether American forces would fire upon American citizens is a moot point.

Training Foreigners To Take Over the Camps

“This appendix addresses aspects of developing confinement officers in other countries. For the purposes of this appendix, the terms foreign and HN confinement officers are synonymous”.

For 18 months, I have interviewed numerous eyewitnesses on my talk show about the presence of foreign troops (mostly Russian) training on American soil. Sherrie Wilcox has presented videotape and still photo evidence. Others have provided their firsthand accounts of these events. I have detailed the existence of a FEMA bilateral agreement with the Russians to bring in 15,000 soldiers for “disaster training”.  And despite all the evidence, there are people who have roundly criticized The Common Sense Show for accurately claiming there are foreign troops on American soil. Those who have refused to look at the evidence owe my people an apology. Second, the “bury their head in the sand crowd” ,will never know what will hit them when all hell breaks loose.

Stop! The following may contain images and messages which are troublesome to those who suffer from cognitive dissonance and corporate media group think. 
What lies below is more proof that it will be foreign troops killing American citizens, not American soldiers who cannot be counted on to violate their oath to the Constitution.

Appendix N
Foreign Confinement Officer Training Program

Training U.S. Trainers
N-43. Soldiers and Marines who are assigned training missions receive a course of preparation to deal with the specific requirements of developing the target HN confinement officers (i.e. foreign detention officers). The course should emphasize the cultural background of the HN, introduce its language (to include specific confinement-related terms and phrases) and provide insights into cultural tips for developing a good rapport with HN personnel.
The beginning of this section attempts to create the illusion that foreign troops will be under the complete control of Army personnel. However, I believe it is likely that the mass exterminations of the detainees will take place when the American military is withdrawn from the facilities. If there was any doubt as to the fact that our soon-to-be jailers will be foreign and will have no hesitation to carry out mass genocide, the following regulation from the document should remove all doubt.

Training Methods
N-48. Training programs are designed to prepare HN personnel to eventually train themselves. Indigenous trainers are the best trainers and should be used to the maximum extent possible.
The day that the detainees hear the engines start up and the American military vacates the concentration camps, is the day that they all better “get right with God”.


No legitimate process to deal with dead bodies, the training of foreign assets to assume control over the camps and the eventual training of foreign assets to train their own, can only mean one thing. American soldiers will be removed from the killing of American citizens.

When you combine those political practices with what is described here, we are looking at an unimaginable horror of epic proportions.

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"And now behold Jonah taken up as an anchor and dropped into the sea; when instantly an oily calmness floats out from the east, and the sea is as Jonah carries down the gale with him, leaving smooth water behind. He goes down in the whirling heart of such a masterless commotion that he scarce heeds the moment when he drops seething into the yawning jaws awaiting him; and the whale shoots-to all his ivory teeth, like so many white bolts, upon his prison. Then Jonah prayed unto the Lord out of the fish's belly. But observe his prayer, and learn a weighty lesson. For sinful as he is, Jonah does not weep and wail for direct deliverance. He feels that his dreadful punishment is just. He leaves all his deliverance to God, contenting himself with this, that spite of all his pains and pangs, he will still look towards His holy temple. And here, shipmates, is true and faithful repentance; not clamorous for pardon, but grateful for punishment. And how pleasing to God was this conduct in Jonah, is shown in the eventual deliverance of him from the sea and the whale. Shipmates, I do not place Jonah before you to be copied for his sin but I do place him before you as a model for repentance. Sin not; but if you do, take heed to repent of it like Jonah."

- From Chapter 9 of Herman Melville's Moby Dick or The Whale

On October 9, 2013 Susan and I sold our home in Gloucester, MA where we had lived for over 20 years on Wheeler Street beneath Pole's Hill and bought a home on a corner lot near Buttonwood Park in New Bedford, the Whaling City. I met my wife in Nantucket, the Whaling Town, in 1985 at the community theatre there and after the birth of our first child, Mary Jesse, we relocated to the port of Gloucester where our son David (Damian) was born. On the island which once was known as the largest whaling port in the world I worked for the first three years as a street artist and also a sign maker living in a rented room and showing my portfolio to tourists walking on Main Street. All inquiries for commissioned work were done elsewhere (i.e. in the customers' home) to bypass the need for a town vendor's license, which would never be issued as it would cut into the profits of local merchants with shops downtown. Eventually, I took a job as a dishwasher at a local resort hotel because commissions dwindled and I could no longer make a living to last year-round from the Summer seasonal tourist trade as a commercial artist, sign maker, or illustrator.

When off-island I lived in New York City and later central Maine, working as a wage earner for base pay at a costume jewelry factory in lower Manhattan, and later in the shipping warehouse at the Penobscot Shoe Company in Old Town, Maine - raising funds for starting an intentional community on a small parcel of land in Stetson, near Bangor. I succeeded in erecting an 18' by 24' camp on the property which was to be "The Schoolhouse" and the first of several initial buildings there. When I left my job in Old Town, I was unable to find work in a nearby town at the local woolen mill. So, my project was suspended so I could return to Nantucket and work at the hotel. The next summer, my week's vacation time allowed me to put siding on the camp but it went no further. Opposition and thievery from the locals eventually stripped the structure bare for firewood and it collapsed due to my inability to occupy and maintain it. By 2003, when the land was sold as a woodlot, my dream of building the Commonwealth of Lanternshire in Stetson was ended.

In Gloucester, I entered the healthcare field initially as a floor refinisher in Environmental Services at Addison Gilbert Hospital.  Susan was a registered nurse and took a job on the cardiac floor there and had been in the maternity unit at Nantucket Cottage Hospital when we met. After about a year and a half, I became a part-time central service technician at Addison Gilbert and took the Purdue University correspondence course to become IAHCSMM Certified in the field. When managed care at healthcare institutions came into the picture Addison Gilbert merged with Beverly Hospital and I was borrowed by the Central Service department in Bevery to help with the larger volume of cases in the operating suite there. Then, I made an unwise decision to transfer from Addison Gilbert and work full-time at Beverly in 2005 because I literally "went from the frying pan to the fire." There is a huge difference between being a borrowed technician to that of being owned by them, and when I failed to use corrective lenses to see bioburden in the decontamination room because chose to be in denial I ended up being put under diciplinary action and employment terminated in May of 2007.

For seven months I was on unemployment and just before it was about to expire, I landed a Central Services Technician job at North Shore Medical Center in Salem (across the Beverly River), keeping it over six years. When the house in Gloucester was sold I rented a room in West Gloucester until January, 2014 when I could no longer cope with the driving to and from New Bedford every week in an old 1997 Toyota Corolla. I took a "leap of faith" and gave two weeks notice to NSMC and put applications for retail positions in several big box stores in the Southcoast area out of desperation. Walmart was opening another store in Raynham in March, 2014 so I applied for a job and after my interview was hired as a deli associate, beginning employment as of January 30th. Starting in the deli, I moved to produce but then an old rotator cuff injury to my right shoulder made it impossible for me to continue working after my 11-hour shift Black Friday and a regular 8-hour shift on Saturday, so I applied for a medical leave of absence. My old Toyota finally "kicked the bucket" so I had no choice but to submit my voluntary resignation to the human resources department at Walmart on January 23, 2015. I now look at the distinct possibility of open shoulder surgery before I have the ability to seek employment anywhere...

Like unto Jonah in the Old Testament Biblical account, I have moved beyond the "belly of the whale" and no longer struggle within my own mind to deal with being part of such a giant corporate entity as Walmart Stores, Inc. is today. However, my brief experience in big box retail has broadened my employment experience and I must remember the way Sam Walton began in retail business the same year that I was born, in 1950, with Walton's 5 & 10!

A visit to Walton’s 5&10 is like stepping back in time. Visitors can experience a piece of Sam Walton’s history in a real, functional storefront setting. The store boasts original floor tiles and an original tin ceiling, as well as toys, candy and books straight out of an earlier era. 

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Published on Jan 8, 2015

Catastrophe occurs when too many people refuse to accept that around us always are two universes at work. There is the cold, hard reality that underlies everything. And on the surface is a veil of deceit and compromise. The more humanity compromises vital truths in order to enjoy the comfort of illusions, the more mind-shattering it will be when those illusions fall away. These two worlds can coexist only for short periods of time, and they will always and eventually collide. There is no other possible outcome. From Brandon Smith, Here:



Namaste', Joseph

The QEG Family Speaks on the QEG in 2015. Episode 6 The Peoples Free Energy Show

We are happy and proud to bring you Episode 6 of The People’s FREE ENERGY Show featuring the QEG Family. Filmed in their living room (with the Moroccan QEG in the background), Hope, James and Val discuss their journey: why they opensourced the QEG plans, their triumphs and letdowns, and where the QEG is now.

The People’s FREE ENERGY Show is hosted by HopeGirl, and showcases innovative and inspiring free energy enthusiasts, inventors and architects. Airs every other Wednesday on the Fix the World TV channel at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST. We hope you will tune into “The QEG Family Speaks on the QEG, 2015” as we send good energy your way!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SHOW FOR FREE THIS WEEK ON FTW TV (Paid Fix The World TV Subscription required after February 5, 2015):


ARCHIVES of The Peoples Free Energy Show ((Fix The World TV Paid Subscription required)

The Peoples Free Energy Show Episode 1:
Tivon Rivers – “Space Visuals” Engineer and Clean Energy Researcher.

For our debut show Hope Girl interviews special guest Tivon Rivers, an Electronics Engineer and former Navy technician with 16 years of experience.  Tivon shares his hands on experience in the field of free energy development, his amazing tesla pancake coils available for energy experiments, and his time spent at the UK QEG build. Tivon is here in Morocco to assist with moving the Morocco QEG to its new location and gives us updates on the latest developments in the QEG world.

The Peoples Free Energy Show Episode 2:
Free Energy Politics the People Need to Know

This is an expose into the secrets and the underbelly of the free energy world with tips on how we can use the new paradigm business model to overcome the nonsense that’s holding humanity back. This interview with HopeGirl, Kami B and Indie Irie cover a wide variety of important topics including; the QEG, types of personalities and behaviors inside the free energy circles,  Hype-attack-and-discredit; Business patterns that occur in free energy circles, the 5 reasons why humanity has not had free energy, The 4 rules the de-bunkers follow to keep you from knowing the truth, positive people in the free energy circles, and how the “Big Boys” are already introducing free energy concepts into well known businesses.

The Peoples Free Energy Show Episode 3: James Robitaille Still Standing. Breakthroughs on QEG Project.

In this interview, James Robitaille, the Senior Engineer of the QEG project, comes out into the public for the first time in many months with some exciting news on his very recent progress. We are finally getting some of the results we’ve been looking for!

There are at least 60 QEG’s being built around the world. All of the engineers working on them will want to see this video for James technical explanations of his most recent findings.  For the rest of the non-engineers, HopeGirl breaks it down to help everyone understand the fullness of the breakthrough that has been discovered.

The Peoples Free Energy Show Episode 4: Nick Mckenny and Crystal Battery Technology

In this weeks show we speak with Nick Mckenny, a free energy enthusiast, who was involved with the Morocco QEG build. Nick joins us today to talk about his Crystal Battery Technology and his vision of creating a solutions hub with other engineers here in Morocco.

The Peoples Free Energy Show Episode 5: Practical Free Energy with “Allegedly Dave”

On this weeks show we have “Allegedly Dave” Free Energy Enthusiast and builder who shares his experiences working with the QEG in both Morocco and the UK and gives us a fabulous presentation on Practical Free Energy. Talked about in the show: Earth Batteries, Antennae’s, radiant energy, Bedini motors, and why some MIT graduates can’t figure out how to light a lightbulb with a battery and a wire.

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Nick McKenny's Early Research on CRYSTAL BATTERIES...

Crystal Batteries Part 1 - January 15, 2014

Good day all! A good friend sent me an absolute treasure the other day. After doing a bunch of reading, to refresh all of the principles involved, I present to you the Crystal Battery. This is a great little home project, to create a battery that gives close to 1.5 volts. All of the things involved are things that are REALLY easy to get.

This site is proving to be an enlightening place to spend a little time. Some of the items in the 9 minute video are a little unclear. Such as the size of the copper cap used, or the diameter of the magnesium rod. There are links on the site that further explain some of the components. The anode rod ( Magnesium rod) is obtained from a hot water heater and it has a 1"/ 2.5 cm diameter. The standard length is about 32" (inches) or around 80 cm. The copper caps are around 2 1/2" diameter. ( I guessed a little on this because 2" diameter is not a very common size). I did a little digging and all of the salts involved are dirt cheap. Hardly anything required in the way of tools besides a measuring cup, a coffee grinder, a hot plate, a drill and a hacksaw. The following is a brief explanation on the process.

"Galvanic corrosion is an electrochemical process in which one metal corrodes preferentially to another when both metals are in electrical contact and immersed in an electrolyte. This same galvanic reaction is exploited in primary batteries to generate an electrical voltage.

Dissimilar metals and alloys have different electrode potentials, and when two or more come into contact in an electrolyte, one metal acts as anode and the other as cathode. The electropotential difference between the dissimilar metals is the driving force for an accelerated attack on the anode member of the galvanic couple. The anode metal dissolves into the electrolyte, and deposit collects on the cathodic metal." -- Wikipedia

Basically the salts in contact with the magnesium and copper, create a voltage. The end result, as stated in the video, is a battery that is capable of producing a constant voltage of 1.4 volts. Capable of maintaining that voltage, without recharging, for YEARS!! Keep in mind that over time the magnesium will corrode, so it can not claim to be a permanent energy source. Although powering a light for a few years off of one battery is still a huge step in the right direction. Even more so when you consider the batteries you won't be throwing into a landfill.  Overall cost to make around 20 batteries is approximately $100, just sourcing the parts and materials from ebay.

Crystal Batteries Part 2 - January 31, 2014

Good day all. In my last post I spoke about crystal batteries. The link to the lazerhacker page that featured the information has a couple of different construction methods. There is also some back up info such as a galvanic chart and alternate names for the chemicals involved. What is not really covered is how to apply them. That is the subject for today. The following link shows a sort of lifehack on how to get a 1.5 volt, AA battery to power a 240 volt light bulb for hours. In the comment section below the video, it is mentioned that the best results occurred with a 20 watt bulb, or lower. So, 240 volts at 20 watts gives an amperage of about 80 milliamps. Here is the link;

This circuit would require a bit of further modification to work with the crystal battery, since the AA battery and the crystal batteries are different sizes. One of the simplest ways to overcome this would be to use a couple of short lengths of wire to connect the crystal battery to the terminals for the AA on the circuit board. The other part that was mentioned was that instead of shorting the two connections on the circuit board with a clip, you could wire in a simple switch at that point. That being said, all of the components are present in an old lamp. The circuit and battery could be fitted inside of a lamp and voila, you have a lamp that doesn't need to be plugged in!

Another real option is to build enough of the cells to give a similar output to a car battery. You would need cells connected in series and in parallel to get the voltage and the amperage. Then use a power inverter to do things like power a light or a small heater. Hell, you could build one that was rated to power an electrical hot water tank! You could potentially even have a small unit in each room of your house that has a couple of sockets and a lamp built in! Further, I am exploring this application in a few ways. Such as using a larger copper container and a larger piece of magnesium (or multiple pieces in the same container), in order to determine some parameters for maximizing outputs.

As I have said, I am becoming interested in applying energy supplementation in small ways. In many of the larger devices I have been looking at, adapting an average home to employ some of these systems would require quite a bit more cost and effort than first thought would suggest. New wiring, power storage and installation of any given device would need to be tailored to suit every individual home. There is WAY more to freeing yourself from the power company than the 'plug and play' advertising campaign is suggesting.

The complete build process for crystal power cells.

Needed Items:

Solid magnesium rod.  Aluminum can also be used but will give a lower voltage.
Copper pipe cap.

Equal Parts of the following:

Potassium chloride - commonly known as salt substitute.
Hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate - commonly known as alum.
Sodium tetraborate - commonly known as 20 mule team Borax. 
Magnesium sulfate - commonly known as epsom salt.

Reliance 9001829005 32-Inch Magnesium Water Heater Anode Rod
Price: $27.49 

Nick McKenna's CRYSTAL BATTERY Tutorial:

The Universal Community Switchboard Project Practical Applications Resource Page
Dani and Nick McKenny explain the next step in development of the Crystal Battery and the Bedini Motor for reconditioning these batteries on


A lead acid battery has a series of small lead plates, that are connected inside the battery in just such a way as to give a specific voltage and amperage. For car batteries, they are created to give a high amperage output for a short period of time. A deep cycle battery is designed to give a more even/ regulated output, over a period of time. The main physical difference is the thickness of the lead plates inside of the battery.Simply put, a deep cycle battery has thicker plates than a car battery.

The four component salts are as follows:

Potassium Chloride ( potash)

Magnesium Sulfate ( Epsom salt)

Aluminum Sulfate (Alum)

Borax (soap)

I ground them into a fine powder and then combined them equally in water until I had almost a pourable paste.Using a power sander, I created a small vibrating table and poured the mix into the CLEAN battery.

NOTE: It is very important to make sure that ALL of the acid is out of the battery. It has to be COMPLETELY clean. Baking soda and water is the best way to neutralize the acid. Do it a bit at a time. Go slow. It is better this way. The better a job you do at every step creates a better end product.
Here is what I have found and had corroborated by others that have helped me with this. When different metals touch each other corrosion happens and a voltage is created, This is referred to as a galvanic reaction. It is similar to the corrosion process but has some distinct differences. The salts all have component metals, for the most part.

The salts, when combined, are creating a voltage, plus the oxidization of the surface of the lead plates is creating an output power. The lead plates are acting like capacitors, in a sense. This, I believe is why the car batteries are degrading over time. The reduced surface area for oxidation combined with the loss of pure lead volume creates the degradation. The loss of volume being the main factor.

The Bedini Motor is the recommended work around. This device is very simple to create. It is proven to recondition batteries. It works with all battery types. Lithium Ion, Lead Acid and Nickel Cadmium. The device uses high voltage/ high frequency to revert the process inside the battery.

For long term usage in a home application, deep cycle batteries are the way to go. Car batteries will work, though. Now I am trying to refine and streamline the entire process, in order to maximize the potential. One of my up and coming projects is to create my own battery. 3D print a case and combine alternating copper/ magnesium plates.


ps:  A little side note: we’ve tested this battery in temperatures as cold as -22C, and it works just fine!!!

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THE QEG IN 2015...

HopeGirl Public Statement. Why We Did What We Did

Please share this important statement on the QEG. It has been almost a year since we’ve opensourced the plans for this free energy device in co-development. We felt it was important to explain some of the deeper motivations behind this project that has effected so many people around the world.  Included is a video and transcript.


This is HopeGirl Speaking.

I am the Lead Project Manager of the Opensourcing of the QEG.

Today I’m here to tell you why we did what we did.

The Free Energy movement is a man's world, but its implications effect everyone. Which is why it is important for a woman’s voice to join this conversation.

To use some words of a woman who has inspired me, Kimberly Gamble, There are human implications to scientific research. No one can deny that there is an unspeakable amount of human suffering on this planet. So much of the pain humanity faces has to do with the lack of access to energy. Can you afford to survive, can you stay warm, can you get well when you are sick, can you get food and water, all of this has to do with your ability to access energy.

If new energy technology is set free world wide. The change would be profound, it would affect everybody, it would be applicable everywhere. These technologies are absolutely the most import thing that can happen. Because they would end suffering, save lives and end modern day slavery.

Energy is who we are, what we need, what we fight over and what is used to control people.

There are many breakthrough solutions whose concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories around the world, and yet they still have not seen the light of day.  How is this possible?

Free energy is real and has been kept from the general public for over 100 years.

The energy is extracted from the fabric of the space around us. That means it cannot be metered and that is a direct threat to the single largest industry in the world.

For this reason, the layers of suppression against free energy technology run deep.

The first layer of suppression includes some of the most extreme cases. Inventors undermined by administrations, their devices taken in government raids, their lives and their families lives threated, and even some attacked, beaten and killed.

The patterns of suppression can be seen in the stories of brave inventors

Like, Tesla, Keely, Sweet, Farnsworth….
Or Inomata, Tewari, Trombly, Searle
And Depalma, Langenburg,Pantone and Dollard

The second layer of suppression are psychological tactics,  actively employed on a mass scale to influence the public perception. These tactics infiltrate the human mind and encourage the lowest levels of human behavior. Effectively turning us into a weak willed society of people that police themselves and unwittingly uphold the oppressive structures of corporate domination and control.

Governments and Energy companies employ agencies like the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group to carry out online covert operations. These operations inject all sorts of false material on the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets.  They use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes they consider desirable.  Thanks to documentation leaked by Edward Snowden we now have the evidence to prove this.

They write blogs to discredit inventions. They write harassing emails. They write defamatory public comments on Youtube Videos. They create profiles to stalk their prey on facebook and twitter. And they dominate threads in forums.  The intended outcomes: to obliterate the motivation and spirit of the inventor, and to inseminate doubt, suspicion, apathy and disbelief regarding free energy to the general public.

Then there is the final layer of our suppression, perhaps it our deepest human flaw: GREED.

For decades both free energy inventors and investors have had their minds painted with illusions of self serving grandeur. They  have been convinced that anyone inventing free energy would be wealthy beyond belief and would instantly earn themselves a place in history. Instead they spend lifetimes aggressively competing in a never ending show of one-upmanship, cutting down their fellow colleagues and discrediting others inventions out of envy. The promise of fortune, glory and fame becomes a dangled carrot in motion that is perpetually out of reach.

In this ARENA of GREED there is no room for compassion. No attitude of service and bestowal for humankind. And no consideration for the millions of people who’s suffering could end if the brightest among us could put aside their egos and work together.

There are countless free energy devices sitting on shelves collecting dust, their inventors were forced to stop and you will never see them.

There are hundreds of proven free energy theories, they were gag ordered by non disclosure agreements and you will never learn about them.

There are thousands of patents for working free energy devices, they have been confiscated by the United States Patents office and  you will never know about them.

The Powers that Shouldn’t be are a formidable opponent to free energy. We do not agree with them, but we do respect them as an enemy because they are strategic, organized, patient and unified.

If we continued to fight over ownership fame and glory, we’ll never win.

If we continue with secrecy, hidden truths, missing information, and lies, we’ll never win.

We strongly believed that two things had to happen:

We felt we had to give away free energy technology without patents or ownership.
And we felt we had to open it up to codevelopment and allow others to contribute and communicate without secrecy and non-disclosure agreements.

This may be the only way free energy is going to get out because there are so many other interests that want to keep it quiet.

To the best of our knowledge, it would appear that we were the first ones to do something like this in such a way. To be honest, we are quite surprised that something like this hadn’t been done before.

Although the implications of this can be profound, and the work hasn’t been easy, the idea was relatively simple.

Focus on a free energy device that can have the greatest impact to improve the lives of the average person. A device scaled large enough with enough technological potential to power an entire home. Develop it to the best of our ability, and give away the plans for free on the internet, allowing anyone with the means and ability to help to complete it. This way it is available to all, minds more brilliant than ours can contribute, and all of humanity will benefit from the outcome.

A dear friend in this field once told me “The technology is here and its ready for us, its just waiting for human consciousness to be ready for it.”

The opensourcing of the QEG seemed to bring the underlying potential in many of us to an action point and the true levels of some human consciousness were made transparent.

The plans have been available to all for free since March 25th of 2014. So what has humanity done with them so far? 180,000 people or more have downloaded the plans. That we know of, there are at least 70 QEG’s being built in countries all over the world. Many of them have just recently reached the same level of development that we were able to get to.  Many have contributed ideas for improvement and added value to the technology, many more have learned this “forbidden knowledge” for the first time in their careers.

There were also human elements inspired by the opensourcing of the QEG. New relationships were formed across borders, teams were built, global networks and communities emerged. Engineers came out of their secret labs, started talking to each other and sharing their knowledge. Inventors started opensourcing their ideas.

In this past year, our family has built 5 QEG’s in different locations with different groups of people. With each one we learned more about this technology, were able to develop it further, and reported all of our findings openly. While the opposing energy companies have huge budgets at their disposal, we did not. Representing a mere fraction of what the corporations spend, we have spent $75,000 on this project, all of which was crowdfunded and accounted for in our public expenditures report. We have no major investors and we are not backed by corporations or governments.

Many have taken action, while others have not. For those of us who have acted on this project, we have all experienced great passion and great pain, praise and ridicule, acceptance and abandonment, abundance and loss. Collectively we’ve learn a great deal more and get closer to humanities breakthrough with each passing day.

Free energy technology coming out would completely change the current global power structure more than anything else ever has. And it would happen in a generation.

This is an age of moral crisis.  Chris Hedges once said, We  live in a society where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and the banks destroy the economy. Foster Gamble added that those who control energy, destroy our true possibilities to accessing the energy that is abundantly available to us.

Brandon Smith describes that there are two universes at work around humanity right now. There is the cold, hard reality that underlies everything. And on the surface is a veil of deceit and compromise. The more we compromise vital truths in order to enjoy the comfort of illusions, the more mind-shattering it will be when those illusions fall away. Our twisted moral code has reached its climax, it has run its course. We need now not to return to morality, but to discover it.

Free energy is like free air. It’s there but you still have to work to get it. You have to breath. You have to do something to make it work for you.

Our mission as an opposing force to energy slavery is to first come to terms with our own illusions in this field, and to erase them.

To stop waiting for someone else to do it for us and take positive action now.

This means preparation and organization at the grass roots level.

It means making ones family, community and neighborhood as self-reliant and secure as possible.

The Greed and Suppression has to stop. The excuses have to stop.

The distractions and intellectualized silver bullets have to stop.

Hard work and risk done by those who will no longer allow themselves to do nothing are all that we might have left. If we do this, and we do it now, then victory is possible.

I encourage the women to step into this arena of free energy. To help to balance it with compassion, nurturing, openness, and gentleness , all of which are the feminine properties of this new form of energy we are trying to discover.  I encourage the men to embrace their female counterparts in this venture, to learn from their subtle wisdom and merge the powers of masculine and feminine energy together to tap into a new energy field that has always been there to provide for us and our children.

And for those brave enough to stand with us. We are going to do this, and we are going to do it together.

Now, I wish I could tell you that this project is finished and ready to run the power in your homes.

But I can’t do that.

I wish I could tell you when this project will be finished. But I can’t promise that either.

What I can tell you is this:

Up till now we have accomplished extraordinary things. And I believe that even in the face of an uncertain future, as long as we stay together we have a chance to continue to do so.

Now we all have work to do,

So thank you. And I’ll see you on the other side.