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The Time has Come to Move Beyond Project XIII...

I’m Taking My Privacy Back. Introducing Project Kryptos: Encrypted Phone Calls for the Masses - HopeGirl

In the line of work that I do, I’ve been involved in many sensitive and confidential conversations.  Whether its talking about free energy technology, the coming fall of the financial system, or whistleblowers leaking important information, you can imagine the level of paranoia that exists when it comes to our level of privacy.

I know about government surveillance, cell phone spying technology, and phony cell phone towers that allow the “corporation protectors” to listen in on anyone’s phone calls. Millions of people now know about it, thanks to people like Edward Snowden and the Alternative Media Pioneers that have been reporting on these matters.

I also personally know several brave friends and colleagues who are now in jail because of phone records that were intercepted by government agencies. These are good people who were trying to fight a system that is becoming more oppressive by the day. Their phone calls were intercepted by government agencies and the records were used as “evidence” to put them in jail for years.

While this is an extreme example, I also think about other people who are in need of private phone calls. Such as women in domestic abuse situations who feel they can’t reach out for help, or inventors who need to communicate about their technology without it being confiscated or suppressed. Or alternative healers trying to heal the sick using “illegal cures” such as medicinal marijuana. Or our brothers and sisters in the military who are stationed around unstable borders and want to call home to speak to their families.

So far I’ve done my best to maintain some level of privacy. I’ve scrambled my IP address, used things like hushmail, and have resorted to speaking “in code” on skype calls. While I choose to boldly  move forward without fear, the constant issue regarding the lack of privacy has certainly made things more difficult for the work I do.

And then everything changed when I met a man named Steve Carnes.

Steve is a self-made hard working professional who has been involved in the creation of many successful businesses over the past couple of decades.  For people like Steve, phone call interception and the destruction of privacy was a very real concern.  Steve didn’t want people listening in on his business calls, and he decided to do something about it. Along with some of his colleagues, he created Kryptos, an app for your cell phone that uses military grade encryption to encrypt your phone calls,  guarantees your privacy, keeps no records, and provides unlimited international and long distance calls for $10 a month.

For thousands of people everywhere this is big news. 

Ever since the Snowden leaks regarding our privacy, people have been demanding a solution. A powerful example of this can be seen in a product called the “Cryptophone”. It’s a cell phone that encrypts phone calls and costs FIVES TIMES the price of an iphone. And the high price isn’t stopping those who are serious about their privacy. The company that produces them currently can’t make them fast enough to keep up with the demand. If $3,500 per Cryptophone is too steep a price to pay, the average person can now have private encrypted phone calls for themselves, and their family friends and colleagues for $10 a month using the Kryptos app that can be installed on your existing phone.  And if privacy isn’t enough incentive, for that same $10 a month Kryptos can also be used for unlimited international and long distance calling using a wifi, 3G or 4G connection.

An Amazing Idea to Help Us All Communicate

I met with Steve and his colleagues for lunch and have developed an ongoing business relationship with them. It is a fabulous meeting of the two different worlds of high level business executives and die-hard whistleblowing humanitarianism. I was able to learn all about Kryptos and how it was originally intended to help businesses.  I also had a chance to tell them all about the “underground world” of alternative media and the truth warriors I know on the internet.  We all saw the need and potential for Kryptos to be used by this alternative population and loved the idea. You see to me, Kryptos is more than just a tool to help with private business calls. It’s a chance for people to take back the privacy that our governments have stolen from us. This could indeed help a lot of people in need.

The Kryptos Team and I have a common goal. We want as many people as possible to use this product as a means of taking back our basic human right to privacy.  Many careful months of planning have gone into the launch of a Kryptos distribution platform that creates a win-win-win scenario for anyone that wants to get involved and enables Kryptos to quickly reach the masses.

And there’s more to this than just private phone calls. Kryptos is a digital product that anyone can sell to earn a means of passive income.  Immediately I thought about all of the bloggers, youtube video makers, internet radio show hosts, and alternative media reporters that are working so hard to get truthful uncensored information out to the public.

How Kryptos Can Help Provide Income for Struggling Alternative Media and the Truth Movement

We live in a time where six giant corporations own and control over 90% of what we read watch and listen to. Most of this information is manipulated and censored.  However, there are a growing number of alternative media blogs, news shows, and social media networks that are dedicated to reporting the truth that the main stream media won’t.

Main stream media newscasters have huge budgets at their disposal, alternative media newscasters do not. Most of them dedicate their lives to providing this information for free and depend on occasional donations to survive. Many of them are just one utility bill away from having to shut down all together. Kryptos is a digital product that members of alternative media can sell to their audiences to earn an income to support their work and keep the lights on.

From all of these ideas we’ve launched Project Kryptos. Alternative media joining together to sell Kryptos, to give people back their privacy and support the continuance of their vital work.

HopeGirl of Fix the World to Sell and Donate Kryptos To Support Humanitarian Work.

I am using and selling Kryptos to help people take back their privacy. The commissions I earn will help to support me and the work I do with humanitarian and free energy projects. Also, in alignment with our organizations core values of paying it forward and the alchemy of giving:

10% of all the commissions I earn I will donate to Kiva Loans that help people help themselves and graduate out of poverty.

Plus, because I believe so strongly in helping people take back their privacy:

I am personally going to purchase and donate 10 Kryptos codes a month to people that are in need of private phone calls. If you are in need of a code and cannot afford it, please contact me through this form:

You can purchase your Kryptos codes by clicking on this Icon:

If you would like to sell Kryptos you can do so by visiting my Kryptos distribution site and clicking “JOIN”

To help everyone get started, I’ve created a full outline of the project on my website here:

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