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Fix the World (FTW) would like to encourage the self-starting development of Cottage Industry Community Units (CICU) for the production and distribution of Quantum Energy Generators (QEG).  This is an exciting opportunity for individuals and communities who are eager to take the initiative and provide QEG’s to people in their local areas. FTW will be available to assist CICU start ups where needed through consulting services and the launch of a global CICU start up training program. (coming soon summer of 2014).

As an example, a CICU for QEG production would need a business operator who could order raw materials to be delivered to the engineers that could work on assembling them in a local workshop or warehouse. Then, the business operator could sell the QEG’s to community members, and have them hand delivered and installed in homes or businesses by local QEG-trained electricians. This concept can be replicated in communities around the world.

FTW does not intend to be the sole manufacturer of the QEG, rather it is our top priority to put the QEG in the hands of the people and teach others how to make QEGs for themselves in their own chosen independent operational set up.

Below is a checklist of CICU startup guidelines that we would suggest based on our own experience in our own QEG production done in the USA. This list is only a starting point, and it is up to the initiator of the CICU to research what the needs would be according to the geographic, political and commercial culture of the location of the CICU.

Guidelines for Starting your own QEG CICU

1) Business Operator- Designate one or two individuals with business operations experience to manage the overall operation of QEG production and distribution.

2) Start up Funding- You’ll need initial funding to purchase materials, pay engineers, buy tools etc. Communities can pool their resources.

3) Engineers and labor- A small team of skilled engineers (one or two) who are willing to build them. Check or other sources to find a string of engineers who understand these ‘new’ laws of physics, who have dedicated their lives for just the opportunity to do something like this. You will also need to find people to perform the other tasks associated with the entire QEG production and delivery process and establish a form of value exchange for their labor.

4) Space to Build- A workshop, garage or warehouse to produce QEG’s. Some place with adequate privacy would work best.

5) Shipping Arrangements- Shipment of assembled QEG’s may be difficult and it is advised that they be hand delivered and installed locally. The parts for QEG’s will most likely be shipped in from many different sources, establishing a business shipping account may be helpful to keep your cost of production down.

6) Supply Chain for Materials- You’ll have to establish the best sources for each of the QEG components. We have provided a parts list in the manual and listed some of our sources to help. This includes a supplier to cut the core parts to spec. (laser precision cutting of steel and lamination) and a toroidal-winding machine or service that can do a custom winding job for a large core.

7) Workshop Tools- Here is a short list of some suggested tools to have for QEG production and testing.

     -Drill Press


     -Digital Multimeter

     -Strobe or contact tachometer

     -Kilovolt Probe

     -Basic Mechanics hand tools

     -Micrometer 6" caliper

8) Delivery and Installation- You’ll need a small network of electricians that can be trained to install and deliver QEGs (relatively simple process) plus a generator converter switch to hook up to the main power supply of the house.

9) Customer Base- Establish a customer list of friends, neighbors and family who will be your customers. Word of mouth will spread fast.

10) Processing Sales- A system of cashflow that allows you to process transactions for receiving payment and paying suppliers and workers. Also consider a policy of some sort according to your own community guidelines for returns or product servicing.

11) Sponsorship Programs- For those who might not be able to afford a QEG, consider creating a sponsorship program for donating QEG’s or crowdfunding QEG’s.

12) Word of Mouth Advertising- A network to communicate with your customer base. This will spread by word of mouth and by social media. 

13) Protection- According to the political culture in the area of the CICU, establish a plan of protection to prevent QEG theft or confiscation. 

14) Networking with other CICU’s- At the time of drafting this document, there are approximately 200 potential CICU’s in over 30 countries. It is important for CICU’s to communicate with each other to share knowledge and supply leads for best pricing. 

For any person or CICU that is involved in the manufacturing, sale and distribution of a QEG we would like to offer them the opportunity to give back to the Fix the World Organization. This is not a requirement by any means, but is a free will choice. We have experienced the generosity of humanity enough to trust that enough people will choose to give back to help us bring forward the next planet changing project. 

A give back agreement can be established between any person or CICU and FTW that basically states that for every QEG that is sold or produced, a good faith dollar amount will be donated to FTW. This dollar amount can be whatever the manufacturer chooses and can change as needs change. It is open and flexible.

As an example of this concept, Alaffia Fair Trade and Community Empowerment produces a soap called “Every Day Shea”. On their label it reads: 10% of all our sales is donated to fund Alaffia community projects, including: Bicycles For Education, Maternal Health Care and Reforestation. Each project has a specific description of what they are doing to help humanity.

A similar arrangement can be created for example: 10% of the sale of QEG’s is donated to FTW projects including: Innovative Healing Technologies, Environmental Clean Up, Organic Food Supply, etc.

FTW is a services organization for humanitarian projects. The launch of QEG distribution is our pilot project. We currently have over 60 humanitarian projects collected that we would like to implement in the future. For example, one of our next intended projects includes amazing discoveries in healing that could cure people of terminal ‘incurable’ illnesses.


Do you need help with your QEG plans? FTW will be offering consulting services to assist with QEG and CICU start ups. James Robitaille, the QEG inventor will be available for technical consulting and Hope Girl will be available for business operations related consulting.

​Consultation via Skype: For any questions related to the QEG that can be answered over phone or email.

Cost: $300 for up to one hour, $5 per minute over one hour. Payment due at time of booking.

On-site consulting for one week: On-site, hands-on training of engineers and business operators involved in local QEG production given by the Engineering Artist James Robitaille and HopeGirl. Learn how to assemble your QEGs to ensure that they work properly, and learn how to effectively sell them, distribute them, install them, and service them. Also, learn how to create sponsorship programs and crowdfunding campaigns to make them more affordable to members of your community.

Cost: Please contact us for a quote including travel expenses. Must be booked 3 months in advance to ensure proper lead time for materials.


​The goal of FTW is to establish a global training program for QEG CICU start up and development. This training program would be funded by initial pre-order sales of QEGs and would consist of train-the-trainer programs to establish a robust team of engineers and business operators that can assist the CICUs that will be developing around the globe.

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QEG Worldwide Weekly Update - Monday 4/28/2014

A huge thank you to Brandon Garland for putting this out, be sure to look into his IndieGoGo campaign to get a CICU going in the United States.

Here is a consolidated update of lots of stuff QEG, primarily its global march to setting humanity free. I intend to do a weekly update of sorts like this to try to consolidate as much data I come across, as I can, for whoever reads. Let me know what you think should be added here and touched in on such any future update. Also if anyone has anything to share with me to be added to this, please contact me.

Specific Parts - Issues, Concerns, Etc.

Processed Core - Torelco

Big update from Angela who is so awesomely dubbed "FTW Administrative Angel" on ordering the processed cores from Torelco. Update can be found here. Torelco is working on fixing all the issues so far experienced and is now going to be going the route of "vacuum impregnation" where the core can be insulated in a much more superior manner than was first proposed from the original plans. Winding the coils around the stator with a toroidal winder has had its challenges even for Torelco who is in the industry of providing this service. One of the challenges was having a bobbin big enough on the winder to handle the length of wire needed in wiring the coils, their solution, 3D printing! FTW is working closely with Torelco to reflect the changes as they come up to better the QEG in each step!

Also since it seems right now everyone wants a little "proof" of this, that proof should be surfacing from a HUGE range of others working on this project and this update from Angela reflects that. Over 200 orders have been placed with Torelco for the processed core, thats over 200 QEG's in the works by people all over the world.


There exists an audio file (though i have yet to find or listen to) where some awareness is brought to the bearings. It seems that with James' QEG one of the bearings wore out after about 150 hours in resonace. It is most likely a direct result of the mechanical vibration that happens during the QEG operation and it is advised that "more robust bearing will need to be selected for continuouis duty cycle." While far from any big concern here, anyone working on the project please be advised of such so this can be factored in to your work so as to avoid this nuisance.

Global Updates

Morocco - Aouchtam Village - Resonance Achieved 4-28

All eyes it seems are collectively focused on the progress on the QEG being created in Aouchtam. I saw a comment online somewhere to the tune of "it will be nice seeing a QEG powering more than lights" and I totally agree with that statement and really adds to the excitement regarding Morocco. The idea now is for the QEG to power a water pump in the village and that will be amazing to see it running by free, clean energy! Construction started on Friday 4/25 when they finally got the core from its interesting journey from New Jersey to Morocco. Progress in its construction can definitely be found in the photos that were posted on their Facebook and I am putting in a gallery here :)

“ Message to the World: “If we can get a QEG up and running in Morocco, we can do it anywhere!”
— Tomas Qubeck - New Earth Heartbeat

On Sunday night there were a bunch of new photos posted of the 3rd day of building the QEG and the during the day they achieved resonance! From following the journey online through all the details of just how everything was done to get to this point, my hats off the them! They were able to pull together this in an area where finding your parts is far from an easy task. Just shows what we are capable of on a collective basis when intentions are aligned and there is collaboration instead of competition.

A great update on really what is going on in Morocco with some details as well as a good look at what the group is DOing together to bring this into creation can be found here and another here!

Another great update by Justin at Stillness in the Storm can be found here. This update is great as it starts to look at the QEG a lot deeper than its surface free energy implications. The consciousness factor, the process of co-creation are all touched on in his post and I would highly suggest checking it out.

Combined both of those articles really make the reader aware of just what happened in getting to this point in Morocco. Love the way and the speed they are making things happen together :)


Unfortunately there has not been any information coming out of the Taiwan group working on the QEG that I have seen in the past week or so. As last I have heard, they were still working on getting the core rewound and dealing with how to solve the insulation issue. A lot was learned from this mishap especially with making the assembled cores better from the outset at Torelco. (see more info above on Torelco & the core)

South Africa - Cape Town Team

Awesome progress out of South Africa! Building 2 QEG's and the group now consists of 2 groups collaborating in this effort. Going forward with building one together so the second QEG can be built with any improvements the group decides to make. From the details of their update on 4/26 they are very much taking advantage of the Open Sourcing and making their collective tweaks to the QEGs they are building. It will be great for everyone to hear of their results when finished. It seems as if most of the parts have been sourced and in their hands though currently deciding which way is best is getting the core. Best wishes to all working on the project over there!

Canada - Montreal, Quebec & Calgary, Alberta

Building a QEG in both areas Montreal & Alberta. Currently funding on GoFundMe (click here for link) Website linked here and website states build to commence summer of 2014.

United States

My efforts here of course! IndieGoGo campaign is live. Relaunching of sorts in the next day to really spark an "awareness" campaign to really gather huge support for this and free energy in general. New Perks & expanded purpose, will announce when changes are live in the next 24 hours :) Once enough money is there, the parts bought and the fun begun!

There are a couple other groups also interested in building their own QEG and starting up a CICU but I am not posting every link that is out there at this time on this post. What is posted here is what is in my awareness about the groups working on the Project and is 100% based on the data available online. With 200+ orders for the core already, there are many others working on this just not "connected" via the net. It is awesome to see all these groups start up and at least have an initial web presence to help in spreading the awareness and support for this truly groundbreaking and revolutionary project.

Dependent on how this is received and if you want a consolidated weekly update, I will keep at this. I also would be interested in maybe doing a short weekly radio show around the QEG or being a guest on anyone's current show for an update, news, type of show. Just the initial idea with this initial post, I seek your feedback to help make this post/site the best I can for you and for all and kinda "spitballing" the idea there!

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Aouchtam Update: WE HAVE QEG RESONANCE!!!!!!!!

Good morning from Aouchtam Morocco!!!!

As you may of noticed, I have been notably absent from the realms of the grand computer world for the past month,lol.  Once we got through the lack of Internet and Communications issues (although they are still ongoing - a work in progress so to speak), it was then QEG build time and it was all hands on deck!   I've spent the past 10 days working with Red in the kitchen of the club house to keep over 70 people fed.  It's been a daunting, yet amazingly fun time!

Justin posted an excellent update about Day One of the QEG build HERE

Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 1 - The Parts Arrive

With the arrival of the remaining QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) components we are now able to begin assembly. There were several delays and set backs to the original schedule and our perspective of allowance empowered us with the ability to adapt. The shaft we ordered did not arrive as ordered and a second needed to be flown in. The Core arrived in Casablanca earlier this week but was delayed due to Customs Regulations. Now that all the part have been brought together we can begin to build the QEG. Hope Girl, the main spokes person for the Fix the World Organization (FTW), often makes the comparison that the QEG is being ‘birthed’ into existence; she will present herself completely only when the conditions are right. Despite timetables, scheduling and carefully laid plans we must always be open to receiving what IS so that we may plot a course for success.

Clearing up Confusion with the QEG

Now that I have had a chance to review the QEG in more detail I feel I am ready to clear up some of the confusion which naturally is created within these emerging New Paradigm realities. There are many who have seen the issues in Taiwan and question the entire concept with a limited awareness of the Data available. Arm chair assessments without awareness of the limited data set they are produced from will usually lead to dismissing concepts out of hand; the wisest of kings know what they do not know.

Firstly, the QEG is not at a product distribution level of development. What actually occurred in March of this year was that a ‘proof of concept’ for Over Unity with the QEG design was achieved; there was a measurable and repeatable observation of greater energy output as a result of ‘turning the thing on.’ In addition, the designers developed a system for drawing power and self running the motor so that it produces the Over Unity.

Continue Reading HERE

Day Two of the build, with an excellent update on the community in Aouchtam can be read HERE

Late last night- at approximately 12:22- the QEG was turned on in front of the entire community and I'm pretty sure the cheering was heard on Mars when the QEG achieved resonance!!!!   Brian has posted a brief video of the second resonance test on his facebook page which you can watch at this link:

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the Champagne from the fridge and Jamie, Hope and Lisa popped the corks (with no one loosing an eye, although Hope did almost "pop" one of the amazing "cameramen" with her out of control cork, lol!) and the bottles were handed around and we all shared a swig to celebrate the excitement of the day.

Today will be a day of fine tuning and replacing a few parts (most notably a fan belt needs to be replaced with a better quality one), and many more testings will go on.
During this entire build time every step, every process, every piece of the QEG has been filmed and documented and Jamie has spent a lot of time recording video footage of instructions and explanations.   Hope and Val have also led several discussions on the history of the QEG- from the very first inception to this point in time- the open sourcing of the plans, and their adventures in getting the QEG out to the public. All of this has been filmed and there are several amazing people working on editing it all together into a full movie. 

Along with waiting for Sherrie to arrive from the US to deliver the "Shaft"  that we couldn't get here, and the waiting to get the core out of customs (which was a grand adventure all on it's own!), we've had some incredible people show up here in Aouchtam to help with the build and testing process of the QEG.   We have engineers from at least 5 different countries, builders, specialists etc... plus two lovely gentlemen arrived from the UK a few days ago with a professional video camera AND very high tech equipment for measuring all aspects of the QEG output and "over unity"!!!    Basically, Every single thing that has been needed, every single person that had a part to play.... have all shown up here at exactly the right moment!!!  Manifestation at it's best.

When all the data has been gathered and tested and measured, and all the information is compiled, and all the instructional videos and recordings etc edited and put together, then everything will be released publicly all at once.  Until then, we will be posting updates on all that is happening here, and we will keep you all informed ..... as best we can with limited internet, lol!!!!

I will leave you with some pictures with a few notes:

A few final adjustments by Jamie

The Moment of Anticipation just before turning on the QEG for the first time!

More excellent and awesome photos can be found HERE and HERE

My final note for the day:  You cannot imagine the vibration of excitement that has been thrumming through the community- building and building higher and higher.  Home is where the Heart is they say, and this is my favorite home ever!


Friday, April 25, 2014

Balance & Equilibrium: The "Feminine" & "Masculine" Division of ONE

Balance and Equilibrium.


1. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.
2. something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.
3. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.
4. a state of bodily equilibrium: He lost his balance and fell down the stairs.
5. an instrument for determining weight, typically by the equilibrium of a bar with a fulcrum at the center, from each end of which is suspended a scale or pan, one holding an object of known weight, and the other holding the object to be weighed. 

equilibrium  (ˌiːkwɪˈlɪbrɪəm)

— n  , pl -riums , -ria
1. a stable condition in which forces cancel one another
2. a state or feeling of mental balance; composure
3. the thermodynamic equilibrium any unchanging condition or state of a body, system, etc, resulting from the balance or cancelling out of the influences or processes to which it is subjected
4. physics  a state of rest or uniform motion in which there is no resultant force on a body
5. chem  the condition existing when a chemical reaction and its reverse reaction take place at equal rates
6.physics  the condition of a system that has its total energy distributed among its component parts in the statistically most probable manner
7. physiol  a state of bodily balance, maintained primarily by special receptors in the inner ear
8. the economic condition in which there is neither excess demand nor excess supply in a market

[C17: from Latin aequilībrium,  from aequi- equi-  + lībra  pound, balance] 

We are currently in the time of Balancing and Re-Balancing.  Our selves, our consciousness, and everything that lies within these- which includes ALL things seen and unseen, micro and macrocosm and cosmic.  We ARE All of these, and the expansion and balance, the equilibrium of the universe, resides within US and IS US.

The key words are BALANCE and EQUILIBRIUM.  (see definitions above)

When we are working on regaining our equilibrium and re-balancing our inner world it is important to remember that balance is Not about the opposite side of the pendulum, or moving into the other extreme.  It is about BALANCE- finding the middle.

THIS is the Balance:

NOT This:

For eons we have been living in a slave system of control and domination.  This era of Control and Dominance was an extreme swing to one side of the perceived scale.

Modern psychology and anthropology have labeled this the "Patriarchal" and "Masculine" system.  We have seen a huge influx of messages and a movement over the past 50 years to push away from this so called "Patriarchal" extreme and to move "forward" to the so called "feminine" or "Matriarchal" side of the pendulum swing.  

I have been watching this developing push for a long time now, and I must admit that even before I "woke up", I could not understand it.  When I studied pagan spirituality I had many "teachers" and guides that were heavily into the "divine feminine" movement, and though they explained their reasoning and beliefs and thoughts to me over and over.... I could not grasp this concept that placing the "feminine" over the "masculine" was any better than the "masculine" over the "feminine".  When I voiced my opinion so many people looked at me like I was uttering sacrilege that I made the decision to just keep my opinion to myself.  And There it stayed for decades.

It has only been in this past year of deeply searching within that I have been able to understand WHY the "Divine Feminine" doesn't resonate with me. (and no, it's not because of the word "divine", lol!)

In coming to understand this journey of discovery, the experiment/experience of separation/duality, I realized that the final resting place of the pendulum of the perceived "masculine" and "feminine" experience wasn't at either end of the pendulum, but right in the centre.  In Equilibrium and Balance.  

Whether society and history want to admit it or not, we've already experienced the other end of the spectrum and had our time of perceived "matriarchy", or "divine feminine".  And now the other end of that spectrum of perceived experience is now over as well.  

This is what I mean by Balance and Equilibrium.  The balance point is exactly in the centre.  

Is it rational to swing the pendulum of experience all the way to the farthest point from where you started when that farthest point on the other side is equally distant from the exact centre of balance?

What is the expression?  Two wrongs do not make a right?

We are looking for and creating balance in all things, ourselves and our universe: the micro and macro of all that IS.  When we swing to one side, we create an unbalance which is equally.... unbalancing.

My final thought on this topic is one that has been strongly played out in front of me for the past few weeks and has firmly cemented the foundations of my opinion on the roles of separation and duality.  If you are creating unbalance and creating a society that is divided by separation, through religion, politics, perceived "borders", etc.....  the ultimate separation and division is to divide men from women and vice versa.  Just as "They" have created their "New" financial system, and their perceived "new" prosperity programs and their "new" paradigm of change.... they are also pushing the pendulum to the opposite side of the swing.   

Same girl, different party dress.  

Why use the terms "masculine" and "feminine" at all?   Why are we encouraging and encouraged to use words that place division between men and women?  Why are we using the words "feminine" to denote something good, better, positive, higher evolution/consciousness, and using "masculine" to denote bad, worse, negative, lower evolution/consciousness?   Is not relegating "masculine" to the negative (ie: the "patriarchal") equal to the subjugation of women that so many women have fought against for the past hundred years?  I am not saying that this is what is being done right now, but when the pendulum swings fully to the other side, then I guarantee that this is exactly what will happen.  Sex needs to be removed from this conversation in my opinion. 

If we continue to define certain actions- seen as positive or negative- by sexual gender terms, then we are perpetuating a system of division and duality.  This is not about BEing "Masculine" or "Feminine", it is about Balance, and the equilibrium of equal and equality that has nothing to do with whether you have a vagina or a penis. 

Taking sex out of the equation and removing the gender stereotypical words from our vocabulary might be the biggest step forward to a new consciousness that is not bound by separation, duality, or division.

I AM.... ONE.

ONE is not Feminine OR masculine.  ONE is BOTH.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

As Is, So Be It...

by Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D.

Synchronicity is defined as the concept of meaningful coincidences. Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, the famed Swiss psychoanalyst, first introduced it in the early twentieth century, while performing research studies on human behavior

The now legendary scarab beetle case is described by Jung in The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche. He wrote: "A young woman I was treating had, at a critical moment, a dream in which she was given a golden scarab. While she was telling me his dream I sat with my back to the closed window. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me, like a gentle tapping. I turned round and saw a flying insect knocking against the window-pane from outside. I opened the window and caught the creature in the air as it flew in. It was the nearest analogy to the golden scarab that one finds in our latitudes, a scarabaeid beetle, the common rose-chafer (Cetoaia urata) which contrary to its usual habits had evidently felt an urge to get into a dark room at this particular moment. I must admit that nothing like it ever happened to me before or since, and that the dream of the patient has remained unique in my experience."

Since the time of Jung's experience, James Redfield's book "The Celestine Prophesy" carried this principle into his theme of consciousness integration on a global scale with interfacing synchronicities drawing the protagonists in his novel toward discovery of ancient ruins and nine spiritual insights. Parallels, or analogues, are events that have transpired which display significant correspondences, rendering them counterparts of one another within the context of a greater meaning. Key relationships between dates in time, as they pertain to specific events, reveal the undeniable existence of synchronistic parallels, which have been scientifically documented as proof of this fact. These parallels may occur on a personal or on an impersonal level.
Personal parallels are significant only to those whose firsthand experience reveals their manifestation. Dates of births, marriages, and deaths within families that align with one another are examples of this type of synchronicity. I experienced this particular form of synchronistic parallel when the unsolved murder of my aunt, Mary Lou Bryan, on December 20, 1991 aligned with the unexpected passing away of my mother, Mary Royster, due to respiratory failure six years later on December 20, 1997. Mary Lou was the widow of my natural father's brother, and my mother had been widowed by my step-father.
My birthdate is March 19, 1950 and it is marked by a synchronistic parallel. I was given the name Joseph David Bryan at birth. Sixty-nine years earlier, my paternal great-grandfather, Joseph David Bryan, died on March 19, 1881.

Then, there is the parallel of my maternal grandfather, Howard Isham, who passed away on May 1, 1965 - which was the same date my brother-in-law, Ralph Tetrault, was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest. It was not until Susan and I were married on May 1, 1986 that the parallel between my grandfather and brother-in-law was revealed.

Even my daughter, Mary Jesse Bryan, was born into a synchronistic parallel - when her entry into this life on February 10, 1987 coincided with the fifth anniversary of her maternal grandmother's passing. Mary Jessie Tetrault had died on February 10, 1982.

My case is not unique. Just yesterday, Dr. Skot Jonz presented a birthdates parallel between his friend Jsan, who shared similar interest in master number synchronicity, born March 22, 1959, and himself, born March 22, 1960.

A modest example of such a parallel manifesting on an impersonal level involves the specific date of June 28, 1991 and how an event that transpired on that day related directly to the one which later occurred on June 28, 1992. The first date was marked by a moderate earthquake that shook Sierra Madre, California; its epicenter being located seven miles below the earth's surface. Exactly one year later, a temblor rocked Landers, California; followed shortly thereafter by a quake in Big Bear, California. They have been dubbed the "twin Quakes" because they were triggered on different fault lines and therefore the latter was not an aftershock of the former. The synchronicity in dates and type of event determine this to fit classification as a spontaneously generated parallel.

A more specific case involves the relationship between April 19, 1775 and April 19, 1993. The initial date was signified by the eruption of catalyctic battles at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge in Massachusetts, heralding the American Revolution and eventual birth of the United States as an independent nation. The latter one was the culmination of a 51-day standoff at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas between David Koresh's followers and FBI agents, whereas orders were given by the attorney general to storm the building and a subsequent fire engulfed the structure killing over 80 people inside. The synchronistic connection between these two events relates to the issue of keeping and bearing arms. British troops were searching for colonial munitions stores and sought the arrest of John Hancock and Sam Adams. The Minutemen resisted and hostilities ignited. ATF agents raided the Branch Davidian property in search of illegal weapons and held arrest warrants for Koresh and other key members of the cult, who responded with gunfire thus botching the raid and initiating the FBI siege. The paralleling dates were manipulated in this case, and not spontaneous, because an executive decision was made by Janet Reno to take the Waco compound by force on April 19th, though she may not have been cognizant of this being the Lexington and Concord anniversary date. Then, the Oklahoma City federal building bombing took place two years later on the same date, April 19, 1995 - a simply horrible event.

(pointing to mounted parchment print on easel at right of podium) I have over here a copy of the United States Declaration of Independence - Dr Helen Wallace and Dr. Mitzi Pyles both made reference to it in their talks.

The most unusual example of a synchronistic parallel involves July 4, 1776 - ratification date for the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, and also July 4, 1826 - the day two key signatories of this landmark document died of natural causes in separate locations. John Adams, delegate from Massachusetts, and Thomas Jefferson, delegate from Virginia as well as author of the Declaration. Both of these men strived diligently for colonial independence from the British crown, and each served as President of the United States during its formative early years; Adams as a member of the Federalist party and Jefferson as a Democratic-Republican. In spite of being on opposite sides of the political spectrum of the times, the contributions of each during their respective administrations helped to mold this young country into the great representative democracy that it is today. Adams oversaw the nation's capital in transition from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.; the present seat of government. Jefferson negotiated the Louisiana purchase with France and began westward expansion from the original boundaries created at the end of the Revolutionary War; prelude to the territorial thrust which would eventually stretch across the continent reaching the Pacific Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii. Though Adams and Jefferson each held very different visions for the United States of America and were thus estranged for many years, they re-established their friendship in later years. Then, by some unexplained co-incidence, on the 50th anniversary of their country's independence, the two statesmen quietly passed away; Adams at his home in Braintree, Massachusetts and Jefferson at Monticello in Virginia.

Parallels manifest in other forms than date alignments; they can also be revealed in relationships of names and similarities in events. The Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy assassinations are associated in this way. Following their untimely deaths, both presidents were succeeded by vice-presidents with the same last name: Andrew Johnson and Lyndon B. Johnson, respectively. Each president employed a secretary with the same last name as the other president. A Kennedy was on staff in the Lincoln administration and a Lincoln was likewise in the JFK White House. Both assassins were killed before they could stand trial for their crimes. John Wilkes Booth died in a barn fire while being apprehended by the authorities and Lee Harvey Oswald was shot at close range by Jack Ruby while in custody and in front of live TV cameras. Synchronicity shown in this interface is quite remarkable. The United States of America survived four years of pain and suffering during the Civil War and under the able leadership of Abraham Lincoln averted a permanent political division into two separate countries; one representative of freedom and the other slavery. A century later, the determination of Kennedy in the face of potential thermonuclear war with the Soviet Union held firm during the Cuban Missile Crisis, as Kruschev subsequently removed the offensive weapons from such close proximity to the Florida coastline.

Scientific application of synchronistic parallels in the field of Metaphysics is possible through documentation of specific linkages and derivation of significant meanings from relationships created by them. Several personal examples plus four examples of this phenomenon on an impersonal level have been presented to indicate possible forms such parallels might exhibit. Students and professionals are encouraged to watch for any alignments of dates, names, events, places, or other striking correlation which is indicative of a synchronistic parallel, whether it is of a personal or impersonal nature. Seek clues in their structure and determine, if possible, the underlying significance of such analogues. Metaphysicians thus may increase their knowledge of the true interconnectedness of all events, threaded with universal life energy emanating from the Source who dwells within us all. As above, so below... As is, so be it... And so it is!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

As Above... So Below...

The most known line in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus is commonly abbreviated to "As above, so below." This reflects the concept of macrocosm and microcosm, the idea that the structure and workings of the universe are mirrored in a variety of smaller systems, including the human form. Understanding of one helps you with understanding the other. This principle is particularly important in alchemy. Alchemists were not looking to get rich quick by transmuting lead into gold. Thy were attempting to find a process that transmuted a crude common things into a perfect, rare thing. It's a metaphor for elevating the soul, for becoming closer to God.


True, without falsehood, certain and most true, that which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, for the performance of the miracles of the One Thing. And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation. The Sun is its father, the Moon its mother, and the Wind carries it in its belly, its nurse is the Earth. This is the father of all perfection, or consummation of the whole world. Its power is integrating, if it be turned into earth.

Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee. This is the strong force of all forces, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing. So the world was created. Hence were all wonderful adaptations, of which this is the manner. Therefore am I called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. What I have to tell is completed, concerning the Operation of the Sun.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


15 April 2014 0746 UTC/0346 EDT ~ Two Lanterns Lighted
Emergent ~ Sun, Earth, Moon
Bryan-Royster House Attic Portal, 286 Carroll Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts
To say this is one of the most tense times in recent history would be an astrological understatement. Occuring only a week before the Grand Cross alignment of ‘power planets’ Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars, as well as a conjunction by Mercury to Uranus, this extraordinary full moon accompanies a great sense of uneasiness in both personal and world affairs and augurs nothing less than an ominous warning to bring an end to certain ways or face upsets. Olga Morales (Agent 33) has written more on the mundane aspects of this grand Cross here:/the-eclipsed-cardinal-cross/
This ‘blood moon’ will produce a dark red Total Eclipse, visible through North America and western South America. The event also marks the beginning of a lunar eclipse tetrad, a series of four total lunar eclipses occurring at six-month intervals:

April 15, 2014 (25° LIBRA)   As Above...
October 8, 2014 (15° ARIES)   So Below...
April 4, 2015 (14° LIBRA)   As Is...
September 28, 2015 (5° ARIES)   So Be It...
These tetrads don’t occur regularly and not very often at that. There has only been three tetrads in the last 500 years, and on each occurrence major events have happened in world history, particularly to Jewish people…
The first Tetrad since the Middle Ages, in 1493, saw the expulsion of Jews by the Catholic Spanish Inquisition, which rocked western Europe.
The second coincided with the establishment of the State of Israel – after thousands of years of struggle – in 1949.
Strangely, the last one occurred in 1967 – far earlier than expected – precisely at the time of the Six-Day Arab–Israeli War.
Since the next tetrad of blood moons will coincide on Jewish holidays (Passover & the Feast of the Tabernacles) we will be watching affairs in Israel with great interest during these times.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Voyager in a Land That Doesn’t Exist

God said: 

You live life, and you don’t grasp that you imagine it, although, sometimes life does seem like a dream to you. You are in the maelstrom of life on Earth, and you spin, and you spin, and you spin a tale. How it will turn out, nobody knows. And yet, you do know. The inevitable result of life is that you are moored with Me, and, in your imagination, you return to Me Whom you never left! This is the surprise ending, yet it is not really a surprise. Whether you believe it or not, you have never been anywhere. Only in your fertile imagination have you. You started whole, and you wind up whole.

We can say that life on Earth is temporary. It is not really temporary in that it is beyond temporary because time does not exist for life to be temporary in. Infinity is, and you have never been elsewhere or otherwise. Yes, the world surrounds you, and, yet, you also surround the world. The world is encased within you. The world churns you, and you churn the world, this excellent world created for the enjoyment of all.

Enjoyment is real. Love is real. All the fear and travesty are not real, not real at all. You can pinch yourself, and still all the worry and stress are not real, not real at all. All those things parade before you as real, and, yet, it is just a parade of your thoughts walking in front of you. You have ventured from Heaven in your thoughts, yet you are nowhere else but in Heaven. Your life is a story you write. You collect it. You change it. You add and subtract. There is life as you see it, and that’s all it is – as you see it.

All the newspapers report nothing real. You want to know what is happening. Nothing is happening. Despite the headlines, nothing is happening. Your portrait is painted and your photograph taken. It is a self-portrait. You pose yourself.

How can you possibly be on a spinning Earth, you wonder, and keep your balance? Oh, yes, you are part of a balancing act, and so you perceive left and right and tripping and falling down and all the rest of it. You imagine beautiful colors and acts of bravado and all the senses. It is a common act, act in that that everyone agrees with the concept and dances to the tune they hear. You cover your body with clothes. You play dress-up. Yet neither the body nor the costumes you put on it are real, and yet industries are made around costumes and bodies and jewelry and health.

Everyone checks his watch and follows time like a faithful dog follows his master. Everyone runs through his days with a sun overhead and seeming Earth under his feet. He grows fruit and vegetables in the soil and eats. He doesn’t know what he is doing or what it is for.
Ah, it is for the moment, beloveds. On Earth, you have to do something, and, yet, it is pure Being that you really are. You ARE. Beingness is the Truth of you. Stillness is the Truth of you. The true you speaks in Silence, and Vastness, which is far more than an enlarging circle. Vastness is where you are and where you find yourself.

Life really has nothing to do with Earth, even as Earth is your backdrop. Life has to do with you, whatever you make of it or don’t make of it. You are a voyager in a land that doesn’t exist. What else can you find but yourself? Your Self.

Heavenletter #4875 Published on: March 31,2014

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