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1 - THE MAGICIAN - Mastery through Experimentation (Alef; Mercury)
Manifestation of the Elements....

The potential has been realized through trial and error with the end result being perfection of technique. The skill is there to bring plans to manifestation and therefore demonstrate Positive application. He is in total command of his environment both spiritually and physically; the Infinity sign over his head indicating that he is aware of Karmic Balance and has attained the mastery of the Elements represented by the four suit significators upon the table: Wands - Fire; Swords - Air; Cups - Water; Pentacles - Earth. His right hand holds a mentally charged wand aloft, pointed upward toward the sky as his left hand, via pointed index finger, is aimed downward towards Earth; this representing the Hermetic principle of "As Above, So Below". The Magician is the next step beyond the Fool, as he is the student of Metaphysical Science in pursuit of a Doctorate in his field; earning his degree through study, meditation, and application. He is able to instruct through Demonstration, using the tools of his profession which are laid upon the table. He once was ignorant but through the experience of taking the Fool's "step of faith" over the edge and into the unknown he has made a decision to master the Four Elements and therefore seek to balance his personal Karma. He is making his way along the road toward eventual Spiritual Synthesis, i.e. The World, obedience to the Golden Rule being a learned trait and therefore the empowerment behind his applications. His skill in his practice of his Art is proof of this. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The Juggler, The Magus.

State of Mind: Originality, Creativity, Imagination, Self-reliance, Spontaneity, Self-confidence, Ingenuity, Flexibility, Mastery, Self-control, Deception, Sleight of hand, Willpower, Skill, Initiative, Dexterity, Craft, Guile, Capability, Trickery, Misleading, Theft

Imagery used in this analysis was drawn from the Universal Waite Tarot Deck; distributed exclusively by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Intuitive interpretation by Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D.


Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption


Issued on: December 21, 2017

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) (NEA), the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act (Public Law 114-328) (the “Act”), section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (8 U.S.C. 1182(f)) (INA), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code,

I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States, such as those committed or directed by persons listed in the Annex to this order, have reached such scope and gravity that they threaten the stability of international political and economic systems. Human rights abuse and corruption undermine the values that form an essential foundation of stable, secure, and functioning societies; have devastating impacts on individuals; weaken democratic institutions; degrade the rule of law; perpetuate violent conflicts; facilitate the activities of dangerous persons; and undermine economic markets. The United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, as well as to protect the financial system of the United States from abuse by these same persons.

I therefore determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

I hereby determine and order:

Section 1. (a) All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in:

(i) the persons listed in the Annex to this order;

(ii) any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:

(A) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have directly or indirectly engaged in, serious human rights abuse;

(B) to be a current or former government official, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official, who is responsible for or complicit in, or has directly or indirectly engaged in:

(1) corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery; or

(2) the transfer or the facilitation of the transfer of the proceeds of corruption;

(C) to be or have been a leader or official of:

(1) an entity, including any government entity, that has engaged in, or whose members have engaged in, any of the activities described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section relating to the leader’s or official’s tenure; or

(2) an entity whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order as a result of activities related to the leader’s or official’s tenure; or

(D) to have attempted to engage in any of the activities described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section; and

(iii) any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:

(A) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of:

(1) any activity described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section that is conducted by a foreign person;

(2) any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or

(3) any entity, including any government entity, that has engaged in, or whose members have engaged in, any of the activities described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section, where the activity is conducted by a foreign person;

(B) to be owned or controlled by, or to have acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or

(C) to have attempted to engage in any of the activities described in subsections (iii)(A) or (B) of this section.

(b) The prohibitions in subsection (a) of this section apply except to the extent provided by statutes, or in regulations, orders, directives, or licenses that may be issued pursuant to this order, and notwithstanding any contract entered into or any license or permit granted before the effective date of this order.

Sec. 2. The unrestricted immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of aliens determined to meet one or more of the criteria in section 1 of this order would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, and the entry of such persons into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, is hereby suspended. Such persons shall be treated as persons covered by section 1 of Proclamation 8693 of July 24, 2011 (Suspension of Entry of Aliens Subject to United Nations Security Council Travel Bans and International Emergency Economic Powers Act Sanctions).

Sec. 3. I hereby determine that the making of donations of the types of articles specified in section 203(b)(2) of IEEPA (50 U.S.C. 1702(b)(2)) by, to, or for the benefit of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order would seriously impair my ability to deal with the national emergency declared in this order, and I hereby prohibit such donations as provided by section 1 of this order.

Sec. 4. The prohibitions in section 1 include:

(a) the making of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services by, to, or for the benefit of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; and

(b) the receipt of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services from any such person.

Sec. 5. (a) Any transaction that evades or avoids, has the purpose of evading or avoiding, causes a violation of, or attempts to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this order is prohibited.

(b) Any conspiracy formed to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this order is prohibited.

Sec. 6. For the purposes of this order:

(a) the term “person” means an individual or entity;

(b) the term “entity” means a partnership, association, trust, joint venture, corporation, group, subgroup, or other organization; and

(c) the term “United States person” means any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches), or any person in the United States.

Sec. 7. For those persons whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order who might have a constitutional presence in the United States, I find that because of the ability to transfer funds or other assets instantaneously, prior notice to such persons of measures to be taken pursuant to this order would render those measures ineffectual. I therefore determine that for these measures to be effective in addressing the national emergency declared in this order, there need be no prior notice of a listing or determination made pursuant to this order.

Sec. 8. The Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, is hereby authorized to take such actions, including adopting rules and regulations, and to employ all powers granted to me by IEEPA and the Act as may be necessary to implement this order and section 1263(a) of the Act with respect to the determinations provided for therein. The Secretary of the Treasury may, consistent with applicable law, redelegate any of these functions to other officers and agencies of the United States. All agencies shall take all appropriate measures within their authority to implement this order.

Sec. 9. The Secretary of State is hereby authorized to take such actions, including adopting rules and regulations, and to employ all powers granted to me by IEEPA, the INA, and the Act as may be necessary to carry out section 2 of this order and, in consultation with the Secretary of the Treasury, the reporting requirement in section 1264(a) of the Act with respect to the reports provided for in section 1264(b)(2) of that Act. The Secretary of State may, consistent with applicable law, redelegate any of these functions to other officers and agencies of the United States consistent with applicable law.

Sec. 10. The Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General, is hereby authorized to determine that circumstances no longer warrant the blocking of the property and interests in property of a person listed in the Annex to this order, and to take necessary action to give effect to that determination.

Sec. 11. The Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, is hereby authorized to submit recurring and final reports to the Congress on the national emergency declared in this order, consistent with section 401(c) of the NEA (50 U.S.C. 1641(c)) and section 204(c) of IEEPA (50 U.S.C. 1703(c)).

Sec. 12. This order is effective at 12:01 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, December 21, 2017.

Sec. 13. This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.


December 20, 2017.

1. Mukhtar Hamid Shah; Date of Birth (DOB) August 11, 1939; alt. DOB November 8, 1939; nationality, Pakistan

2. Angel Rondon Rijo; DOB July 16, 1950; nationality, Dominican Republic

3. Dan Gertler; DOB December 23, 1973; nationality, Israel; alt. nationality, Democratic Republic of the Congo

4. Maung Maung Soe; DOB March 1964; nationality, Burma

5. Yahya Jammeh; DOB May 25, 1965; nationality, The Gambia

6. Sergey Kusiuk; DOB December 1, 1966; nationality, Ukraine; alt. nationality, Russia

7. Benjamin Bol Mel; DOB January 3, 1978; alt. DOB December 24, 1978; nationality, South Sudan; alt. nationality, Sudan

8. Julio Antonio Juárez Ramírez; DOB December 1, 1980; nationality, Guatemala

9. Goulnora Islamovna Karimova; DOB July 8, 1972; nationality, Uzbekistan

10. Slobodan Tesic; DOB December 21, 1958; nationality, Serbia

11. Artem Yuryevich Chayka; DOB September 25, 1975; nationality, Russia

12. Gao Yan; DOB April 1963; nationality, China

13. Roberto Jose Rivas Reyes; DOB July 6, 1954; nationality, Nicaragua

~ Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Light 'Em Up ~

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Coming in September, 2018... Beneath the Light of the Dog Star!

~ Community Center and Greenhouse in Shutesbury, Massachusetts ~
Sirius Community News 2017

Sirius Celebrates Its 40th Year!

As we enter our fortieth year of innovative sustainable living in community, we embrace a new era of growth and expansion. New member and interim Executive Director John Broucek has initiated a process of strategic planning for community development that includes:

Modifications of our governance and decision-making process to enhance responsiveness to new ideas and initiatives,

Expansion of our off-grid, green energy production to not only satisfy our own needs, but also supply enough excess for local power companies to provide steady income for the community,

New in-house educational modules in the areas of green energy production, sustainable agriculture (permaculture), and spiritually attuned community living.

We are also developing plans for a special 40th Anniversary Gala Celebration in September. More on that below.
~ Bruce Davidson's Memorial Service ~

Saying Goodbye to Founding Member Bruce Davidson

December 3, 2017 at Sirius Community Center

Bruce Davidson passed on November 15th surrounded by family, friends and community mates. Those of us with him during his final hours saw the humor and wisdom of him at his best. He was ready to go, excited about the next journey, and satisfied with a life that enriched and reached too many to calculate.

More than 200 gathered to send him off on December 3rd, first in the Community Center Octagon, and then in the Standing Stone Circle for a candlelit celebration of his life. Both sites were carefully constructed over time under his direction and care, and none of us could help but be aware of his presence seen and felt in every board, nail and stone.

At his request, gifts and donations earmarked for the community’s future development via the Bruce Davidson Memorial Fund can be given through the DONATE button to the right. As with all donations to Sirius, all gifts are tax deductible.

40th Anniversary Gala Celebration...

Please plan to join us to celebrate Sirius Community’s 40th anniversary in September (date to be announced). We have a vision for spectacular gathering. It will include great food, nightly entertainment, display tables with craft items and services by residents,  and of course a reunion atmosphere with some awards, acknowledgements …..and more.

~ Stone Circle Party ~
We would love to have as many past members and residents attend as possible, along with all friends and associates of Sirius community. Please help us make this a fantastic reunion by informing any and all potential attendees that you may know of.

In conjunction with the celebration we are setting the lofty goal of raising $100,000 to support planned educational projects in green energy construction, permaculture, and spiritually attuned community living.

Please consider a contribution to this effort. More details will be forthcoming as we move this fun gala project forward. We are still searching for a committee leader so that we can really make this a fantastic gathering. Let us know if you’d like to plug in or have somebody in mind.

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you in September!

Exploring Membership at Sirius Community

Is Sirius right for you? Does the prospect of living in a non-profit educational, cooperative ecovillage excite you? Do you want to help teach others how to sustainably grow food, harvest green energy, and live in more conscious attunement with nature?

We are in a new phase of expansion, and have openings. Our one-year residency program is a membership track, where participants get to know the people and overall community energy by engaging with us in the various processes and initiatives that are happening day to day. Classes are scheduled to provide participants with our history and values, including how those values translate into community infrastructure and protocols, through mediated conflict resolution practices, accessing inner guidance, and decision-making informed by consensus.

Sirius community is going through an uplifting transition at this time and it’s exciting to welcome new members to the team. To learn more about this amazing opportunity, email us or call 413-259-1251

Text Source - Sirius Community Website:

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~ The Longest Night of the Year ~

~ Threshold Lantern is Dark ~
Procession in Silence up to the Stone Circle...

Oh my God, I can't see. What's wrong? Oh, no - my lantern is out! Oh, I'm in trouble. I can't find the road. I don't know where I've been. I don't know where I'm going. There are ghosts behind me... Oh - and there's the top of the hill. Well, if I can't light the lantern I'll just keep walking. I'll just kind of grope my way. Ah, I finally found it - the City of Gold! Yes... What? The road keeps going! It goes down a precipice and I've got to climb down those rocks and I can't even see the river at the bottom, but I can hear it roaring. There isn't a bridge. What am I to do?

This is the Lantern Bearer: The perspective of carrying a lighted lantern through time and space in search of the future as defined by the past. The Fool wanders in innocence and ignorance, having no regard for consequences of his actions,. Living in the Past will propel him over the precipice he fails to see and into the abyss of chaos... oh my! Focus upon the Future through the glass of his own personal Past is a prescription for disaster. The Sage, with his experience of walking through the world, has withdrawn to the heights of a mountaintop where he meditates and shines his lantern of acquired wisdom for all true seekers. He has learned that one must live in the Present moment, as both the Past and Future are illusions of linear time and physical space. There is only Now...

Now I am going to read you a proverb of The Hermit. Cast a Fool through the fires of transformation, leaving him there until he has learned from his mistakes, and surely he shall emerge with the wisdom of a Sage. However, should the Sage looks back, seeking the future through the past, his lantern goes dark, and we just witnessed that, and he becomes the Old Blind Fool, who will have lost sight of the present moment - the Eternal Now.

So, in speaking of this, we are looking at two perspectives. This is the Lantern Bearer, and it shows carrying a lighted lantern through time and space in search of the future as defined by the past and failure to recognize that the goal is not the destination but rather the journey itself. Now, let's take a look at the Lantern Bearer again. You are walking the pathway of temporal life lost in the illusion of physical space and linear time. Upon your recognition of the possibility that spiritual life does exist, you find yourself carrying a candle lantern in your right hand which illuminates a portion of the path ahead of your feet. This is at the beginning of people's spiritual path. As long as you pursue this journey, with your eyes set upon seeking the future yet mind steeped in remembrance of the past, you will fail to understand that you are unable to reach your destination because you have forgotten what it is. What you are seeking is the present moment. It is time to enter the Now.
Now, we're going to change the perspective to being the Candle-Lantern itself, rather than the Lantern Bearer. We must understand that the ego must let go of attachment to the temporal concept of space and time, and recognize that the Source is accessed within ourselves through meditation. Now, I'm going to describe the Candle-Lantern. Imagine your physical body as that candle lantern which you thought that you had been carrying. Your eyes are the panes of the glass witnessing the external world. Your soul is the candle within the lantern. Your mind is the wick of the candle. The Universal Spirit is the flame that ignites the wick once your mind recognizes the primal Source dwelling within us all. When your lantern is lighted, the reflected images projected by the external world dissolve into this internal illumination. Physical and emotional attachments vanish into oneness. Your ego-mind no longer attempts to exercise its control over personal actions, thinking that they belong to a separate body lost in the darkness of a competitive world. Your mind steps aside to allow the Universal Spirit to reveal the truth that each created life form is a manifested aspect of the Source. We are all One Life. This is what Dr. Masters has been teaching us in the Ministerial lessons. Shine your lantern and spread the light of co-operation by sharing knowledge that the Source is accessed internally. Meditation is the key to kindling the flame on the wick of your candle. When you seek the Source, the Universal Spirit responds, and your lantern is lit.

~ Then Light Returns to the Ninth Archetype ~
~ Threshold Lantern is Lighted ~
His Lantern is Illuminated at Center Stone with Many Candles following...

9 - THE HERMIT - Introspection and Internal Illumination (Teth; Virgo)
Seeks Wisdom of the Source....

The Light shines from within the Soul; the view from the Summit which puts life into its proper perspective. This vantage point is accessed via looking to God who dwells within us; the infinite Creator being the reservoir of all the answers which the Seeker pursues. Each one of us is symbolized by the Lantern image; God's Light of inner awareness being the Candle Flame. Wisdom is the transcendental interpretation of knowledge as illuminated by the Light shining within one's Soul. All barriers of the material World are beneath the Cosmic Consciousness of the Hermit who has already traveled his Path of Quest. His search has led him to the Summit of his own perfection. Now, from this great height he can see 360 degrees without obscuration. His Lantern is held high as an inspiration to all who aspire to attain the Wisdom which he has come to realize during the process of his own Soul journey. The isolation and abstinence image sometimes given to the Hermit is one of the past; a glimpse of his travels through the physical and emotional wasteland where the misrepresentations of life as seen through the perception of the Physical Plane have been experienced and eventually transcended. This Archetype passed through a period of solitude and alienation during this walk through the proverbial "Valley of the Shadow of Death" that could have driven him Mad had it not been for the Light in his Lantern penetrating the Darkness and illuminating his Soul thus granting him hope of deliverance. The Hermit has indeed been carried through this initiatory Journey via his unwavering Faith in the Universal Source who Teaches and Guides all of us internally. The Lantern which he carries symbolizes his inner Vision provided via his "Third Eye" (Candle) which grants this Archetypal traveler a keen sense of Spiritual insight. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The Sage, The Old Wise Man, The Wandering Friar, The Lamplighter.

State of Mind: Counsel, Knowledge, Solicitude, Prudence, Discretion, Caution, Vigilance, Circumspection, Self-denial, Withdrawal, Regression, Annulment, Tendency to withhold emotion, Fear of discovery, 

Loner, Insensitive, Expressionless, Misleading, Misguiding, Illumination from within, Divine inspiration, Retirement from participation in current events


1946 HITS ARCHIVE: The Old Lamplighter
 - Sammy Kaye (Billy Williams, voc)
the original #1 version

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Rider-Waite Tarot Reading: Sirius Community (The Present)

CELTIC CROSS SPREAD - October 10,  2017
Querent (subjective): Sirius Community
Reader (objective): Joseph H. Bryan-Royster

1 - FIVE OF CUPS (The Heart of the Matter)

Five of Cups - Regret

The image shows three cups emptied of their contents in front of the robed figure, with two more behind him which he cannot see. His focus is on the "down side" rather than on the "up side" of circumstances. If he would only turn around, he might realize his situation in a different light. He would see that even though he has experienced loss or a disappointment, he finds the loss only partial and that the disappointment has a "silver lining" after all. In a reading, this type of situation could be in regard to an inheritance which is disappointing in its overall light, but a person must remember to "count one's blessings." Also, it could be regret in the case of friendship or love, i.e. a relationship without any real meaning. This is the archetypal image of the incomplete, metaphysically speaking, personal karmic imbalance has brought about only a partial precipitation, or dispensation, to the client. It indicates that, upon receipt, part of what was to be given has been withheld or perhaps spent or distributed elsewhere. Herein lies the significance of the three spent cups and the two full ones left. By restoring one's own karmic balance through corrective action, the precipitation does not have to be an incomplete one, but is able to materialize in its entirety. A reversed, or positive, interpretation of this image shows: a possible reunion, news, alliances, affinity, return of an old friend, ancestry or geneaological insight revealed, etc. All in all, the Five of Cups relays a genuine sense of disappointment, but this is a matter of perception, because the hidden plus within this archetype lies in the significance of the cups behind the figure. All he needs to do is turn around and see them for himself.

State of Mind: Partial loss, Regret, Friendship without real meaning, Marriage without real love, Diminished inheritance, Incomplete union or partnership, Ancestry or genealogical insight revealed, Imperfection, Hopeful outlook, Favorable expectations, New alliances, Return of an old friend, Possible reunion, Disappointment with a silver lining

Members base is dwindling, as residency program is not leading into Membership as an ultimate goal, policies and procedures are not being implemented by Members as guided by the Core Group, Community Center and other buildings on the land are in need of structural repair, off-grid solar and wind energy projects are stalled due to lack of funds and human resources necessary to complete them, and fundraising efforts in the greater community surrounding Sirius are hindered by a failure to grow Membership base enough to invigorate this aging Eco-village and allow it to thrive as a Beacon of Light for all to see.

2 - SIX OF CUPS (What's Crossing You)

Six of Cups - Nostalgia

Here is the archetype representative of nostalgia, i.e. memories of the past; in particular, the times of one's youth or childhood. The two children in the image are interacting over the cup of flowers that one is presenting to the other. This picture is thus symbolic of the image recall stimulated when, as an adult, one returns to the home of their childhood for a visit. The old manor house in the background on this card is the present physical image representation, and the action in the foreground is the mental construct of past action in this same place as drawn from personal memory. In a counseling session, this archetype speaks of enjoyment and happiness in the past tense, i.e. younger days, or childhood. Faded images, in the case of an adult who is now overburdened with personal problems - things that have vanished, events and experiences which are no more. Pleasures and influences in the past, that are of a positive nature, are recalled in the mind of the client in areas illuminated by interacting with other archetypes. Another interpretation of the Six of Cups shows the reverse principle, whereas this image refers to the future, a renewal, or opportunities which lie ahead of him/her in the timeline: coming events, new vistas, or something that will shortly arrive, etc. Plans that may fail also come into play, in the light of this card showing the transitory state of the happiness experience. Reference is also made to an inheritance, also drawn from the archetype's pictorial image, i.e. that which originates from a source within the place which generated childhood's happy memories. This inheritance may manifest quickly for the client.

State of Mind: Memories, Past influences, Things that have vanished, Childhood passed, Nostalgia, Faded images, The future, Opportunities ahead, Coming events, New Vistas, Plans that may fail, That which will shortly arrive, Return to childhood home, Inheritance

Two of the four Founders, Members, and residents of Sirius long for this Eco-village to return to what is remembered as the formative years: when the Community Center was built as a centerpiece for activity inspired by the Angel of Sirius, the Dog Star. Programs, such as the ROTA meals program included the surrounding Hearthstone Village and community members were the primary residents, with the Guest Department generating revenue via rental of the Octagon as a conference center, bringing outside  groups to Sirius that align with with its mission as an educational non-profit organization.

3 - SEVEN OF CUPS (The Root Cause)

Seven of Cups - Illusion

This image relates to the astral plane of existence in multiple forms; inclusive of the lower and also higher realms of evolutionary growth. From this collective energy of unlimited imagery come the seeds of imagination and fantasy. Seven cups are portrayed, each one displaying a differing visionary representation. In a state of meditation, such symbols may appear. Depictions of personality projection, spiritual preconceptions, ideas of evil and temptation, desires for wealth and property, greed for money or precious jewels or treasure, recognition and fame, basic instinct and animal cravings - all such visions are shown in the contents of the cups displayed to the observer who has brought all of these offerings of diversionary delusions forth from the depth of his/her own subconscious mind. So fantasizing, daydreams, wishful thinking, delusion, intoxication, drug addiction, whims, and the realm of imagination having an influence upon the client, are all possible definitions of this image's significance in a counseling session. When the client's mind tends to project fantasy scenarios about any given person or a situation, and entertains them through wishful thinking in the hope that they might come to pass, is the time that these archetypal energies representing the Seven of Cups come into play. Another side of this archetype's interpretation indicates desire on the part of the client, determination even if not correctly applied, willpower, and focus of project. Also: promises unfulfilled, illusionary success, a goal nearly reached yet not quite completed. The key to a positive application of this image is putting the visions into proper perspective, as application is the difference between fantasy and reality.

State of Mind: Fantasy, Imagination, Daydreams, Foolish whims, Wishful thinking, Illusory success, Unrealistic attitudes, Desire, Determination, Strong willpower, A goal nearly attained, intelligent choice, Personality projection, Spiritual preconceptions

"Not seeing the forest for the trees," tunnel vision; i.e. disrepair of Community Center viewed piecemeal (fixing some of exterior steps when entire unit on each side of building needs reconstruction with new lumber and weatherproofing).

4 - PAGE OF PENTACLES (Recent Past)

Page of Pentacles - Application

This is the archetype of study and application of new ideas to solve problems; the image of reflection and the desire for new ideas to arise for the purpose of application - as well as scholarship and the ability to dream, which allow for the creation of novel ideas. In a counseling session, this archetype indicates that the client is studying new ways to solve old problems, or will encounter an individual who can offer insight with this regard. Or, the person entering the client's life could be a messenger bringing some news which will effect the client as it pertains to his/her particular destiny. A negative interpretation of this image, when present during a session, would be for the bearer to bring bad or unsettling news to the client. Also, some unrealism on the part of the person or quality represented, i.e. being a dreamer to the point of contemplating such fantasies which run counter to the precepts of Universal Laws, in other words, inability to recognize the obvious facts in a particular matter. Dissapation of ideas, i.e. wasted thought processes, or totally illogical thinking, rebelliousness, or wastefulness in general. Liberality and luxury as they refer to life being off balance also lend themselves to an adverse interpretation. The nature of an application of the Page of Pentacles within a particular session depends upon the client's course of action, whereas a positive reflection is generated through correct observance of Universal Laws and so a negative reflection can be transformed via the client making an individual change of course, i.e. following rather than violating said Universal Laws. Deep concentration, in the proper perspective, brings forth the best in this archetype.

State of Mind: Deep concentration, Application, Scholarship, Reflection, Desire for new ideas, Do-gooder, Bearer of news, Study, Unrealistic person, Failure to recognize obvious facts, Dissipation of ideas, Illogical thinking, Rebelliousness, Wastefulness

Following a near-fracture of the Core Group, evenly divided between two families, and then external mediation, a Strategic Planning process was initiated once bylaws were amended allowing a new Core Group member from outside the community to join as a "fulcrum" to break deadlock in divisive issues. This individual started focalizing SP sessions to re-tool SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), including succession planning beyond tenure of the two remaining Founders at Sirius.

5 - KNIGHT OF PENTACLES (Possible Outcome)

Knight of Pentacles - Responsibility

Here is the archetype of responsibility and service. Note that this image reveals a rider methodically moving toward his destination, his eyes fixed upon completion of this task in hand. He is carrying the symbol of his suit, but does not look upon it. In a metaphysical counseling session, the Knight of Pentacles represents a mature and responsible person in the life of the client; one who is reliable, with the ability to conclude a task which has been started. This person is also patient and thus persistent in his efforts, as well as being laborious and organized. This would be a person who is capable of bringing great energy to practical matters; a dependable manager and a steadfast worker. A responsible and conventional person is in this archetype's positive aspect. The adverse side of this image reveals: stagnation, inertia, a lack of determination or direction, without any purpose to carry a task to its end. Narrow-mindedness, whereas limits are established by dogmatic views, can also be a trait. Idleness and inertia, plus carelessness and discouragement, could be part of the adverse effects of this image during a counseling session. Interaction with other archetypes make the determination whether or not this image may be positive for the client. A personal course correction on his/her part can bring a 180-degree turn in circumstances and thus transform a negative outcome into a positive one. The sense of duty and that of responsibility, inherent in the specific symbolism of this archetype is able to transcend the stagnation and carelessness of its negative side.

State of Mind: Mature person, Responsible person, Reliable, Methodical, Patient, Persistent, Ability to conclude a task, Laborious, Organized, Serviceable, Stagnation, Inertia, Lack of determination or direction, Limits set by dogmatic views

New Core Group member leading the re-tooling of bylaws, dynamics of residency to membership trajectory reinforced as catalyst for growing the number of residents becoming full members during timeframe of revised bylaws.

6 - JUDGEMENT (Immediate Future)

Crosses the Threshold....

Initiation of the Aspirant after fully learning from the inner Teacher that all Life is Spirit made manifest through physical Form and that perception change in each individuated Soul on Earth, through the process of Life experience, is the Divine purpose for existence. The culmination of the Transformation process. The Path from orientation toward reflected Light (the Moon) has been fully traveled and the Adept now stands in realization that True Illumination is internal. This card is the Final Decision regarding the Past, thereby a Future totally New lies ahead, so this card can be heralded as the signifier of Initiation. All of the preparatory steps have led to this outcome. The Angel and Trumpet, calling forth the Dead to rise from their graves, is an accurate representation of of the Mystic symbolism behind the concept of resurrection. As we die to our material nature and desires, We are reborn into Spirit and Divine understanding of the process and purpose of Life. The Death and Resurrection of Christ set the great example for human perception change. The analogy of the mirror image of the World as seen revealed on the surface of a quiet pond, being reversed whereas the original image is the one reflected on the pond's surface, is the True Reality (Spiritual origin). The World perceived externally through the five senses is a mere reflection representative of Spirit manifested in physical Form. The five senses aligned via the sixth sense, i.e. intuition (the Third Eye), is the transformational Key to Initiation and Spiritual Metamorphosis. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Time, The Aeon.

State of Mind: Atonement, The need to repent and forgive, Accounting for the manner in which opportunities have been used, Rejuvenation, Rebirth, Improvement, Development, Promotion, Desire for immortality, Legal judgment in one's favor, Considering the effects of present actions upon other people, Determination, Decision, Result, Outcome, Apology, Opportunity, Readjustment, Final decision concerning the past, New current for the future, Taking a definite step, Initiation

Task at hand is to teach full responsibility and accountability for each resident and member for living "in community" with each other at Sirius. Conflict resolution is refined to the be an effective "bridge builder" among residents and members living in shared houses on the land in this Eco-village.

7 - EIGHT OF CUPS (You/The Querent)

Eight of Cups - Abandonment

This archetype is a significator of personal perspective change, whereas that which once contained importance or value for the client is no longer seen in the same light or validity, and the individual has mentally or physically moved onward to find something else. This could be relevant with regard to a career change or that of a relationship. The pattern shown by this archetype's imagery could be one which is repetitive in the client's life, i.e. indicative of wandering, or always moving from one place or set of values to another after only a short time of involvement. Discontinuance of effort due to disappointment or failure to overcome obstacles may be indicated, should the Eight of Cups be presented during a counseling session. An abandonment of previous plans is a possible description. Metaphysically speaking, leaving material success to seek a higher spiritual fulfillment is another. Other interpretations may be: mildness, timidity, modesty, shyness, etc. In the transformative sense, though, there might be a bit of sadness and a sense of loss with regard to making the decision to move onward, as is indicated by the posture of the traveller as he walks away from the arrangement of cups in the foreground and also by the expression shown on the face of the moon. This could translate into a brief period of instability or anxiety until the client has anchored himself/herself in the new perspective or pursuit in life. This is indeed an archetype of change, and one must realize the central importance of change in the process of life experiences. The past is gone, the future is not yet, but the present is now.

State of Mind: Discontinuance of effort, Disappointment, Abandonment of previous plans, Shyness, Modesty, Abandoned success, Decline, Effort continued until full success is attained, Festivity, Gaiety, Mildness, Timidity, Career change after short involvement, Relationship change after short involvement

Sirius Community is undergoing fundamental change as the outflow of residents and members is leaving a sparse crew of people to operate functions in garden, maintenance, and guest department areas. Revealed as part of this energy drain is confusion presented by 501c3 non-profit as an educational organization with "spiritual focus" resulting in lack of clarity to define it as non-religious, so public funding from grants is difficult to obtain. Reliance on loans from supporters is necessary to offset lack of donations, residency fees, and group bookings by the Guest Department, etc.

8 - NINE OF CUPS (The Querent's Environment)

Nine of Cups - Satisfaction

This is a positive image showing satisfaction and contentment in one's abundance in life, whether it be physical or spiritual. The figure portrayed in the imagery is of one who has consumed his fill of personal emotional elixer and has plenty more cups of it behind him to fill him in the days ahead. The figure is like unto King Henry VIII of England in his manner of attire and, yes, this individual is in command of his own world, as the English monarch portrayed was in control of his nation's destiny. In a session, the client has contentment in his/her life, concord regarding interaction with others, victory regarding confrontational situations, success in personal and financial pursuits - note the look of wealth in the attire of the figure. Also, advantage regarding others who cross one's path. Well-being and good health are also positive aspects which can be of benefit to the client. Happiness and pleasure abound as well. Should this image interact adversely with other archetypes, mistakes and material loss may be indicated, along with imperfections and misplaced trust, false freedom, and opposition. Note this, as it is relevant to the character of Henry VIII. When he sought a divorce and the Pope refused to grant him one, he pulled his subjects away from the Roman Catholic Church and then set up the Church of England. This institutional separation persists even unto the present day. Note also, the stubbornness of character which might surface in this image's interaction it relates to other archetypes; a mental state arising from differences. There is a danger of vanity, self-praise, conceit, and over-indulgence. An alternate interpretation shows loyalty, truth, and liberty.

State of Mind: Success, Material attainment, Advantage, Well-being, Abundance, Good health, Difficulties surmounted, Mistakes, Material loss, Imperfections, Misplaced trust, False freedom, Opposition, Differences

Founder's vision as manifested through initial growth, i.e. moving from the original farmhouse as new structures are built, culmination in construction of the Community Center, and eventually the new Lakshmi greenhouse. Though two of the four Founders have left, "palace on the hill" burned to the ground and a new Phoenix House was built in its place, the visitors coming via Guest Department programs see past accomplishments as progress toward sustainability, and are less aware of the aging infrastructure in need of repair.

9 - EIGHT OF WANDS (Hopes and Fears)

Eight of Wands - Speed

Velocity directed toward a particular goal in the life course or undertakings of the client is indicated when this image is present during a counseling session. In the case of the romantic plunge into involvement with another person, i.e. the experience of "falling in love," this card is quite descriptive. The staves are in perfect alignment, though at different points in their trajectory, shown by the illustration of some being slightly ahead of others, yet traveling at such speed as to make one wonder what will happen when they land. A journey undertaken by the client is also a valid interpretation of this image. Specifics of such travel, and possible results thereof, will come from interaction with other archetypes. Haste is a feature of this image, so the client should be then advised to "look before leaping" into situations to which this archetypal image may be pointing. A messenger, with either a letter or news of particular importance to the client, could be forthcoming when this image appears is present. Motion is the driving quality behind any specific interpretation given to the Eight of Wands. If other archetypes are affecting the meaning of this image negatively, too much velocity or force could be in play regarding the particular situation in question, and in the case of a specific romantic inclination, i.e. falling in love when another contender or else an existing partner opposes such affection, jealousy is strongly indicated by the presence of this archetype.

State of Mind: Swift activity, Sudden progress, Sudden movement, Speed, Hastily made decisions, Too rapid advancement, Haste, Suddenness, Separation, Thorns of dispute, Jealousy, Harassment, Stagnation, Domestic

With a "revolving door" of residents and members coming and going, there is little continuity beyond that held by the two remaining Founders and a few dedicated individuals  who works in gardens, maintenance, and the Guest Department. Lack of clear SOPs and a systemic dysfunction in governance as led by the Core Group, results in new people who bring fresh energy into Sirius soon becoming disillusioned and then decide to leave the community.

10 - THREE OF CUPS (The Outcome)

Three of Cups - Plenty

The three maidens depicted in this archetype symbolize a great abundance, whereas the participants experience times of plenty, i.e. the physical and emotional pleasure identified with a fruitful harvest and the rewards thereof. There is a sense of celebration, whereas fulfillment is indicated. In a session, the Three of Cups shown in positive representation is a very good archetype. The client has thus come to the resolution of a problem, the conclusion of a struggle or labor - i.e. the harvest, either literal or symbolic. This could be a satisfactory result regarding efforts expended. Being "full of life" and experiencing the fertility thereof is another. A positive aspect of this image is hospitality; freely sharing the bounty of one's own personal harvest with others can be indicated. Love, kindness, merriment, the good things in life, , and sensuality are also aspects. The imbalanced side of this archetype, as revealed in an adverse interaction with other images, brings forth a tendency for excess, i.e. the overabundance of pleasures, where human sensuality could express itself in the form of an orgy. Things become superfluous. There is a loss of luster or importance, i.e. prestige. Delays can be quite apparent. and there is a definite lack of appreciation. The "horn of plenty" aspect of the Three of Cups must thus be taken in a balanced perspective, whereas providence does not spoil or obscure reality of the truth regarding the Source of all creation; God. Failure to remember this important fact brings excess and imbalanced perspective, along with the misuse of God's bounty and waste thereof.

State of Mind: Resolution of a problem, Conclusion, Solace, Healing, Satisfactory result, Fulfillment, Compromise, Mending, Excessive pleasures, Overabundance, Superfluity, Loss of prestige, Delays, Lack of appreciation

Points to successful implementation of new SOPs, revised bylaws, and Strategic Planning providing a solid foundation for community growth as Sirius prepares to celebrate its 40th Anniversary in 2018.

Tarot Interpretations by Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D., Msc.D.


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