Thursday, May 24, 2018

The United States of America: Equality for Some, but not for All

Spiritual Significance of Donald Trump - Hope for Lightworkers

Founded January 20th, 2017 as Spiritual Counterbalance to the 45th President
by Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D., Msc.D. ~ Archetypal Research Metaphysician

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Update from Heather 5/7/2018...

~ Heather walking outside the Court in Knoxville, Tennessee ~

Heather filed two documents yesterday.



Doc 176 had an error upon filing yesterday, was a duplicate of Doc 175, but elbow counsel quickly corrected that once we notified him of the error.  We don't know the cause of the error (court clerk?) but the important thing is that it was fixed promptly.

Doc 174 and Doc 173 were filed earlier.   Doc 174 is Transcript of the DC Removal Hearing which was not on the Knoxville record.  Doc 173 is the Tennessee Grand Jury Testimony of Parker Still along with the FBI 302s.

RELATED: Also see the documents the FBI withheld from the discovery CDROMs for both HATJ and RKB, BZ Riger posted an article on that here:

Heather sent me this note below this morning, I'm posting these accounts as we track the odd little things in the Knox County Jail so there's a record in public view.  The women seemed to get locked down a lot more than the men. When there's a shortage of male guards, the female guards are moved into control console positions and the male guards are moved into the male side of the prisons.  The female inmates are locked down during this for days at a time, due to "lack of staff".  The resigning female guards quit and the reasons they give to inamtes are they don't like how they are told to treat the female prisoners.  So this staff shortage is management attitude issue.   

Just because someone has a colored jumpsuit doesn't suddenly make them non-human.  There are plenty of people in there who shouldn't be in there at all.  Tennessee is an ostensibly Christian state, and the scriptures remind its believers to treat prisoners the same way they'd treat Jesus. Prisoners, widows, orphans are all to be treated with respect. A human being is known by how they treat those in unfortunate circumstances.

Heather remains in good cheer, as always, in face of continual lock downs, random searches of her cell, and missing email communications.   She knows this will be resolved, one way or another. As it flows.

To: William Ferguson 
Subject: today's funny
Date: 5/7/2018 8:16:24 PM

soooooooo....... our cell has been searched twice in a week, plus another check by corp. thornbury... a supervisor and officer osterman tossed it the night before last... and i was told officer osterman was hand picked to search my cell with the supervisor (not sure if he was a corp, lt. , sgt. , etc. ), although the inmates reported that it was the supervisor doing the cell search, while osterman stood at the door, lol

cell searches are supposed to be random

my cellmate, amber, came back to our cell at lockdown tonight reporting that she was up at the desk while the new pod officer was speaking with inmates about cell searches and how they were random... amber, asked why we were searched twice in less than two weeks if it was supposed to be random....pod officer laughed and said that was because they are trying to catch me with things i shouldn't have... she asked how amber liked having me as a cellmate, and she told her i was awesome (i think amber is still overjoyed because she kicked me bum in our most recent UNO tourney lol! )...pod officer apparently responded that i seem pretty cool

when amber recounted all to me, i told her i am aware of the "facilities" orders they have been given (and the exposures that results/resulted for them in re to dirty fbi, doj, varlan, etc. , from our sting operation... and other past instances... to their already existing corruption and fraud)... i told amber if they find anything, it's because the facility's employees will have planted it... i search my cells multiple times a day (unless we have been in lockdown), especialy when i have cellmates... no offense to my cellmates... "awareness" is the best form of prevention for everyone! 

this was same day, and right after, "women inmates' discrimination class action lawsuits discussion"

bye-bye "prison bonds"!.... and my condolences to china, the largest prison bond buyer ♥

♥ love all... all love


The Demise of the Slavery

It's been about 10 months now we've been dealing with this court case. I don't know how long it continues, it could be a while. From the pace of the Q stuff last October I predicted this could take 18 months, which wasn't well received then, but we are in 10 months of this now.   So I may not be far off.  Heather doesn't work within time, and she will tell you that, she works with events and their sequence and how to speed that up.  

It is clear that politicians are dropping out right and left.  There's no denying that many of the things predicted by Q have happened and are happening. All kinds of dots are beginning to connect for the public but confidence is not high that the corrupted courts will clean it up.  Trials, if any, will likely come through military tribunals.

This NXIVM sex slave scandal is tied into a good number of "Cabal" politicians. New York Attornery General  Eric Schneiderman has resigned.  He championed himself a defender of women yet is being revealed to be just another opportunistic abuser of women. He also canceled the NY investigation into the NXIVM sex slave cult which the Feds found good reason to pursue. NXIVM was based in Albany NY which is the capitol of New York. 

A lot of people think human trafficking is limited to sex slaves, pedophilia or cheap Honduran or Asian Indian labor. The old fashioned sort of slavery with chains and punishments does still go on in this planet, in Africa, India and many countries. Slavery did not end with the American Civil War, it just went into a financial form. Abolotionist Salmon P Chase (from which Chase Manhattan gets its name) was the one who started the USA on a debt bond system of financing via the early telegraph systems.  The sex slave stuff coming out now (most of it out of Asia with Chinese women) is a debt bondage type of immigration that can never be paid off.  Its often mafia or covert operations funding. And who in this country has wanted MORE unfettered immigration? That has not been addressed much in the media.  And what group of beings has a long history of debt bondage?  Same ones who do it through the banking systems.  The NXIVM case is far more important in its implications and to the degree it reaches into so many areas of governmental and industrial corruption.  NXIVM was a far more insidious and covert control and blackmail type operation.

Human trafficking goes deeper than sex or house servants, although that is indeed part of it.  We have ALL been in a "very elegant slave system" as human slaves to the banking systems.   A system of financial bonds, rather than iron shackles.

When you live in a centrally planned economy run by central banks who finance it all with your value, which you are denied access to, can it be described as anything else?  You were told you were worthless and must "earn" your living, salvation, and merit.   You, every one of you, are all instances in body of the Creator of ALL.  PREPAID, PREAUTHORIZED, PREDEPOSITIED. KNOW THAT, FEEL THAT.  The bankers put "IN GOD WE TRUST" on our money... the TRUST they were referencing was not confidence, it was a financial trust!  The central bankers know very well all value comes from Source!

The bankers don't want the pedogate stuff revealed, for that was but one control mechanism, as was the cocaine trade and another of other vices.  But more than that, they really don't want you to know what they did with your value.

They were given 5 years to clean up their act.  It looked like a year ago they were going to do that, but that was a ruse.   Now the Original Depositor ledgers are being closed out.  They were warned.   

Interesting times ahead for all.  But in the end all come out winners.

Many emotions will be felt, don't attach to judgement, as all this is being exposed to to let it all go.  A new world and a new way of being is coming!   

Where is slavery when money is not an issue?  Where is "marrying up" when a woman has all the resources she needs to raise her children?  Where's the state without dependents for its voting base?  Where is theft when there's no lack?  Where is status when your status comes from who you BE and what you CREATE and not bits of paper in your wallet?  Where are resource wars when replication of things is common place?  Where is hierarchy when all KNOW they are Source in body?  

Its been said "money is the root of all evil", many a preacher has tried to explain that one away.... yet can you see how many things are connected to the perceived lack of money (which is really just energy)?


Monday, May 7, 2018

9th Archetype, The Hermit, is standing on the Paradigm Bridge!

 ~ Displayed on Easel in "My" Space at Sirius ~
~Displayed on the Bedroom Wall in Boylston ~

A gift from Joseph, the artist, to his daughter, Mary
Presented on April 24th, 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018

Belly Dancers Performing at Shutesbury Athletic Club 4/20/2018

~ Antique Lithographic Print of Istanbul, Turkey ~

Back in 2013 I was on a Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona, Spain to Istanbul, Turkey and was hoping to watch belly dancers perform at the end point of this journey. I acquired this lithograph of Istanbul when it was capital of the Ottoman Empire and was known as  Constantinople, founded in ancient Roman times...

~ Belly Dancing at the Shutesbury Athletic Club ~

Friday, April 20th was Mediterranean Dinner night at the SAC with local belly dancers in a demonstration of this middle eastern art form with a participatory lesson by the dancers included. This more than made up for what I missed at culmination of my 2013 "cruise of a lifetime" from Barcelona to Istanbul... ~ JDHWB-R

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Places Everyone! Curtain Call for PTW's Game of Life Finale...

~ ~

#UNIVERSALCLEANUP In the Flow for The Finale
with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

On April 27, 2018 I had a video visitation call with HATJ.

The sound is boosted and cleared as much as possible. I was using several different programs to try and capture the video visitation, wasn’t sure it would work… the audio capture was the one that worked.

She looks great and flowing with vibrant energy.

Heather shared some insights on the last parts and possibilities in the flow for the Finale of All.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Suppose Dr. Victor Frankenstein animated a woman's body first?

~ ~

Outcome of his science experiment might have been very different!

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is a novel written by English author Mary Shelley (1797–1851) that tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who creates a grotesque but sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment. Shelley started writing the story when she was 18, and the first edition of the novel was published anonymously in London on 1 January 1818, when she was 20. Her name first appeared on the second edition, published in France in 1823.

Shelley travelled through Europe in 1814, journeying along the river Rhine in Germany with a stop in Gernsheim, which is 17 kilometres (11 mi) away from Frankenstein Castle, where, two centuries before, an alchemist was engaged in experiments. Later, she travelled in the region of Geneva (Switzerland)—where much of the story takes place—and the topic of galvanism and other similar occult ideas were themes of conversation among her companions, particularly her lover and future husband, Percy Shelley. Mary, Percy and Lord Byron decided to have a competition to see who could write the best horror story. After thinking for days, Shelley dreamt about a scientist who created life and was horrified by what he had made; her dream later evolved into the novel's story.

Frankenstein is infused with elements of the Gothic novel and the Romantic movement. At the same time, it is an early example of science fiction. Brian Aldiss has argued that it should be considered the first true science fiction story because, in contrast to previous stories with fantastical elements resembling those of later science fiction, the central character "makes a deliberate decision" and "turns to modern experiments in the laboratory" to achieve fantastic results. It has had a considerable influence in literature and popular culture and spawned a complete genre of horror stories, films and plays.

Since the novel's publication, the name "Frankenstein" has often been used to refer to the monster itself. This usage is sometimes considered erroneous, but usage commentators regard it as well-established and acceptable. In the novel, the monster is identified by words such as "creature", "monster", "demon", "wretch", "abortion", "fiend" and "it". Speaking to Victor Frankenstein, monsters says "I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel" (which ties to Lucifer in Paradise Lost, which the monster reads, and which relates to the disobedience of Prometheus in the book's subtitle).

Last October, during the Hallowe'en season, I watched the play version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, where a friend's daughter designed the costumes and viewed this show with her family and me... ~ JDHWB-R