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Yesterday was Income Tax Day in the United States of America!

~ Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States ~
He signed the Revenue Act of 1913 into law on October 3rd of that year.

Yesterday was "Tax Day" in the United States of America.   The origin of the income tax on individuals is generally cited as the passage of the 16th Amendment, passed by Congress on July 2, 1909, and ratified February 3, 1913. April 15th is usually the deadline for filing state and federal income tax returns by midnight, however due to it falling on a Sunday, followed by the Monday observance of Patriot's Day in Massachusetts, Tuesday April 17th at midnight was the deadline,  unless one files for an extension. I filed them yesterday, on time via the Liberty Tax Service office in Amherst. I AM good for another year before having to perform this ritual again. A history of taxation in America is presented below... ~ JDHWB-R

Revenue Act of 1913
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The Revenue Act of 1913, also known as the Tariff Act, the Underwood Tariff, the Underwood Act, the Underwood Tariff Act, or the Underwood-Simmons Act (ch. 16, 38 Stat. 114, October 3, 1913), re-imposed the federal income tax after the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment and lowered basic tariff rates from 40% to 25%, well below the Payne-Aldrich Tariff Act of 1909. It was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson on October 3, 1913 and was sponsored by Alabama Representative Oscar Underwood.


Wilson summoned a special session of the Congress in April 1913. His immediate objective was to confront the perennial tariff question, and he brought special attention to the matter by deciding to appear in person before Congress to make his appeal. He was the first president since John Adams to do so.

The joint session was a spectacular event. A huge crowd gathered, and every seat in the House chamber was taken. Newspaper coverage was intense. Wilson spoke only briefly but made it clear that tariff reform was needed and that he would not be a party to a repeat of the embarrassment of the thwarted reform of 1894. The burden was clearly on the shoulders of the Democrats, as they controlled both houses of Congress for the first time in 18 years.

Underwood guided a reform measure through the House of Representatives, but his counterpart in the Senate, Furnifold McLendel Simmons of North Carolina, reverted to form and allowed numerous increases in the tariffs to be added. Wilson, unlike many of his predecessors, took the offensive. He went to the Capitol and twisted the arms of backsliding Democrats. He also warned the public of the invasion of Washington, DC, then underway by scores of lobbyists.

Wilson was successful with generating a public reaction. Angry constituents wrote to their representatives and demanded tariff reform.

The Act passed the House 281-139 on May 8, 1913. Wilson used his patronage powers to guide it to passage by the Senate, which occurred 44-37 on September 9, 1913. Politically, the Act was considered a major triumph for the new president.

The Act established the lowest rates since the Walker Tariff of 1857. Most schedules were ad valorem basis, a percentage of the value of the item.

The duty on woolens went from 56% to 18.5%. Steel rails, raw wool, iron ore, and agricultural implements now had zero rates. The reciprocity program wanted by the Republicans was eliminated. Congress rejected proposals for a tariff board to fix rates scientifically, but it set up a study commission.

The Underwood-Simmons measure vastly increased the free list, adding woolens, iron, steel, farm machinery, and many raw materials and foodstuffs. The average rate was approximately 26%.

Income tax

The Act also provided for the reinstitution of a federal income tax to compensate for the anticipated loss of revenue from the reduction of tariff duties. The most recent effort to tax incomes, the Wilson-Gorman Tariff of 1894, had been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court because the tax on dividends, interest, and rents had been deemed to be a direct tax not apportioned by representation. That obstacle, however, was removed by ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment on February 3, 1913. The Act, which was declared to be constitutional later that year by the Supreme Court in Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad, provided:

"...subject only to such exemptions and deductions as are hereinafter allowed, the net income of a taxable person shall include gains, profits, and income derived from salaries, wages, or compensation for personal service of whatever kind and in whatever form paid, or from professions, vocations, businesses, trade, commerce, or sales, or dealings in property, whether real or personal, growing out of the ownership or use of or interest in real or personal property, also from interest, rent, dividends, securities, or the transaction of any lawful business carried on for gain or profit, or gains or profits and income derived from any source whatever...."

The incomes of couples exceeding $4,000, as well as those of single persons earning $3,000 or more, were subject to a 1% tax. Also, the measure provided a progressive taxstructure; those with high incomes were taxed at higher rates.

In only a few years, the income tax became the federal government's chief source of income and greatly exceeded tariff revenues.

Less than 1% of the population then paid federal income tax.

The Act was applicable to incomes for 1913, 1914, and 1915.

Income tax table for individuals

A normal income tax and an additional tax were levied against the net income of individuals, as shown in the following table:

Revenue Act of 1913
Normal income tax and additional tax on individuals
38 Stat. 166

Income Normal rate Additional rate Combined rate
0 1% 0 1%
$20,000 1% 1% 2%
$50,000 1% 2% 3%
$75,000 1% 3% 4%
$100,000 1% 4% 5%
$250,000 1% 5% 6%
$500,000 1% 6% 7%

There was an exemption of $3,000 for single filers and $4,000 for married couples. Therefore, the 1% bottom marginal rate applied only to the first $17,000 ($374,400 in 2010 dollars) of income for single filers or the first $16,000 ($352,300 in 2010 dollars) of income for married filers (see also below the adjustments for inflation between 1913 and 2010 in the BLS table).

The ratio of top marginal rate to bottom marginal rate in 1913 was 7:1 (7%:1%). The last time a similar ratio was applicable was in 1980, when the ratio of the top rate to the bottom rate was 6.36:1 (70%:11%). In 1981, the top rate was reduced to 50%, and in 1986, it was reduced to 28% (the bottom rate rose from 11% to 15%). The 1986 change dramatically altered the ratio, from 6.36:1 to 1.87:1 (28%:15%). Today, the ratio is 3.96:1 (39.6%:10%).

Adjusted for inflation

Here are the rates adjusted for inflation by the average Consumer Price Index:

1913 dollars Inflation 2010 dollars Exempt - 1913 Exempt - 2010
$3,000 2,200% $66,100 Single filers $3,000 Singles $9,350 or 14.1%
$4,000 2,200% $88,100* Married filers $4,000 Marrieds $18,700 or 21.2%
$20,000 2,200% $440,400
$50,000 2,200% $1,101,000
$75,000 2,200% $1,651,600
$100,000 2,200% $2,202,100
$250,000 2,200% $5,505,300
$500,000 2,200% $11,010,700

All figures are rounded.

There was an exemption of $3,000 for single filers and $4,000 for married couples. Therefore, the 1% bottom marginal rate applied only to the first $17,000 ($374,400 in 2010 dollars) of income for single filers or the first $16,000 ($352,300 in 2010 dollars) of income for married filers (see also below the adjustments for inflation between 1913 and 2010 in the BLS table).

The ratio of top marginal rate to bottom marginal rate in 1913 was 7:1 (7%:1%). The last time a similar ratio was applicable was in 1980, when the ratio of the top rate to the bottom rate was 6.36:1 (70%:11%). In 1981, the top rate was reduced to 50%, and in 1986, it was reduced to 28% (the bottom rate rose from 11% to 15%). The 1986 change dramatically altered the ratio, from 6.36:1 to 1.87:1 (28%:15%). Today, the ratio is 3.96:1 (39.6%:10%).

In 2010 dollars, the 2010 personal exemption ($3,650) and the standard deduction ($5,700) for single filers were together $9,350, only 14.1% of the 1913 exemption of $66,100 in 2010 dollars ($9,350/$66,100).

In 2010 dollars, the 2010 personal exemptions ($7,300) and the standard deduction ($11,400) for married couples filing jointly were together $18,700, only 21.2% of the 1913 exemption of $88,100 in 2010 dollars ($18,700/$88,100).


The international economic picture was soon upset by the outbreak of World War I. American products were in great demand throughout the world, making the question of protectionism moot. The next reordering of national tariff policy would not occur until after the war ended, and the Fordney-McCumber Tariff of 1922 raised the rates.

There was an impact for the Cuban tobacco industry concerning their import to the States. Theodore Garbade, President of the Union of Manufacturers of Cigars of Cuba laid this out to Cuba's President Mario G. Menocal.

However, the top marginal income tax rate of 7% in the 1913 Act was mentioned in Ronald Reagan's remarks on the South Lawn of the White House on October 22, 1986, when he said that the top rate was for "the equivalent of multimillionaires today."

The Act also created a new group of tax-exempt organizations dedicated to social welfare. The provision was a precursor to what is now Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c).

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Sirius Outreach: The 9th Annual Amherst Sustainability Festival

 ~ Overview of Sustainability Festival ~

~ Ellen Wolfe & Jim Barron at Sirius booth ~

 ~ A Solo Performance on Festival Stage ~

~ The Declaration of Interdependence ~

Amherst Sustainability Festival
10 AM - 4 PM

Join us for a day of family fun, education and entertainment. The Sustainability Festival is in its ninth year and is bigger and better than ever! There is literally something for everyone with over 100 vendors of renewable energy, energy efficiency product suppliers, advocacy groups as well as sustainable crafts and artisans!

10 AM – Under the Tree Music
11 AM – Andy Stewart
Noon – Emma June
1 PM – The Greys
2 PM – The Frost Heaves and Hales
3 PM – Piti Theatre Company


Demo Area 1

11 AM – "It's All in the (Reusable) Bag"- Jordan Lake
1 PM – Beth Fairservis Puppets
2 PM – "Pollinator Habitat Make 'n Take" - Robin Huntley
3 PM – Beth Fairservis Puppets

Demo Area 2

NOON– "Making Soy Kefir and Its Byproducts" - David Lovler
2 PM – "Dirty Secrets Composting" - Rachel Pride
Free FACE PAINTING - noon - 3 PM
PUPPET PARADE (by Beth Fairservis Puppets courtesy of Mothers Out Front) - noon and 2 PM

Pellet bags
Plastic bags—turn in your single use plastic bags at the Recycling Booth for a really cool reusable folding nylon bag!
Shoes (Rerun Shoes will give new life to your old shoes by helping people here in the US and in other parts of the world recycle old shoes.
Large Styrofoam chunks (no peanuts)
Textiles – Clean & Dry (ripped, stained clothing, stuffed animals, towels, pillows, linens & rags)
Cell Phones & Accessories (working or non-working)
Computers and Related Equipment (printers, laptops, scanners, faxes, NO TVs)


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BZ Riger ~ #HATJ: Urgent Message Out From Heather 4.13.18!


To: William Ferguson
Subject: message for francis
Date: 4/13/2018 12:50:41 PM
Purchase a Gold Pass for HEATHER TUCCI-JARRAF

TO: Francis Lloyd, Esquire
FROM Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

A suspect incident involving the officers, supervisors, Mental Health (“MH”) Department, or MH official, presiding at RDWDF, occurred today.

The purpose of this email is to keep you and all teams informed, documentation/record of events, actions, and inactions regarding human rights abuse operations, and identification of said operations and perpatrators, for further appropriate actions under applicable executive orders and universal laws

Yesterday, the toilet in our cell, RDWDF 2A/111, floooded our room. It appeared to be from an incoming pipe and not an outgoing pipe leakage. However, I did call the emergency in on the cell intercoms. Officer Stringer responded immediately, to assess and officially take action. Eventually, an unidentified official made the decision to move us to RDWDF 2D/110 (Max/disciplinary pod), until it was fixed or we were reassigned to a different open pod. My roommate and I were not moved to D-POD due to any bad behavior or disciplinary action.

When we arrived in D-POD, we were not allowed an hour out, due to the fact we had had time out in our previous POD. Nor were we able to get cleaning supplies to clean the cell prior to or after moving. I received a roll of toilet paper upon entrance.

Today, I unexpectedly received my period, approximately two weeks in advance of its usual timing. I did not have any feminine hygene products due to the move. I bled through my uniform, and I expected to bleed through the second and last uniform in my possession if I was not immediately given feminine hygene products. I first used normal course methods to gain the pod officer’s attention that was on duty. She could not hear or see me with the disciplinary inmates that were out for their hour. I used the cell intercom to notify them of the emergency of bleeding through my uniforms, requesting pads immediately to avoid bleeding through my last uniform, and the pod officer could not hear or see me so that I could get them. The officer (WARREN) on the cell intercom responded, “ok, ok”.

Approximately no more than five minutes later, Sgt. Wolf showed up at the POD officer’s desk, and then pod-officer CHOW opened the cell door and said I was called to Medical. I indicated the stained clothes piled on the floor that I had just hand washed, why I had used the cell intercom to request the pads, as described above, and that I did not request medical or a sick call. I stated there has been a misunderstanding, and that I obviously did not make a request for medical. I was told that I would have to go to medical to refuse it. I responded I would go to Medical and explain it to them, with a non-consnt/refusal if they insisted or charged me for services not requested.

It was after that, Officer Chow told me it was actually mental health I was being called for. I asked how a “bleed-through” and request for pads gets confused for a call to see a Mental Health official. (Important note, I have personally observed other inmates request said, and it took between 4-6 weeks for a purported mental health official to meet with them.) I told Officer Chow that I did not request to see Medical or a Mental Health official. Officer Chow responded, that she didn’t know what was going on, just to go to the slider.

Officer Chow informed us that RDWDF 2C/208 had similar toilet breakage after we did… those inmates did not get moved to D-POD.

Sgt. Wolf escorted me into the slider from thepod. I opened and held the slider door open for the Sgt. as she pushed packs of toilet paper, and a large box of pads into the hall. Sgt. asked Officer Warren if she was ready for me, and Offficer Warren yelled back, “Not yet”, or similar to that affect. Sgt. Wolf left me in the slider… without pads. During the approximately no more than 5 minutes in the slider, I asked Officers Warrn and Chow for pads, and was not given any at that time.

Officer Warren opened the door and I spoke with her at the central desk, in the main hall., in front of 15+ waiting inmates. I immediately explained to Officer Warren what had happened, each specific and particular detail, as summarized abve, and requested to be given pads immediately, again, due to current soiling of my last uniform. I also informed her that I did not request to see medical or a mental health official.

Officer Warren reponded she didn’t know anything, and told me to go into the room down the hall and at my left, whose door was open, and talk to mental health. I said that I would do an official refusal and explanation there, because I could not fathom how a “bleed-through” and reasonable request for pads turns into any comptent individual thinking I requested to see a Mental Health official… or worse, ordering me to see one, without my due consent

I have never requested to see medical or a mental health official.
I have never consented for a mental health official, specialist, or otherwise licensed indvidual to meet with me.

After I gave said notifications, and was walkd down the hall to the opened office door, Officer Warren told me just to go the slider. I requested clarification, whether I was to lodge an official explantion and refusal with the purported mental health official in that office first, before going to the slider. Officer Warren clarified I was to go directly to the slider.

I passed and saw the purported Mental Health offical sitting at a desk, listening. An inmate hall worker, that witnessd the conversation, handed me four pads as I entered the slider, and Officer Chow gave me two more

——-end report———


HATJ RKB: Whistleblower 001: Urgent Message from The Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility 4/13/2018

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THE AMERICAN RELAYER ~ Vol. IV, No. 4 ~ April, 2018

Third President of the United States
April 13, 1743 ~ July 4, 1826
Principal Author of the Declaration of Independence

United States Declaration of Independence
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The United States Declaration of Independence is the statement adopted by the Second Continental Congress meeting at the Pennsylvania State House (now known as Independence Hall) in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776. The Declaration announced that the thirteen American colonies then at war with the Kingdom of Great Britain would regard themselves as thirteen independent sovereign states no longer under British rule. With the Declaration, these new states took a collective first step toward forming the United States of America. The declaration was signed by representatives from New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

The Declaration was passed on July 2 with no opposing votes. A committee of five had drafted it to be ready when Congress voted on independence. John Adams, a leader in pushing for independence, had persuaded the committee to select Thomas Jefferson to compose the original draft of the document, which Congress edited to produce the final version. The Declaration was a formal explanation of why Congress had voted on July 2 to declare independence from Great Britain, more than a year after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War. Adams wrote to his wife Abigail, "The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America"— although Independence Day is actually celebrated on July 4, the date that the wording of the Declaration of Independence was approved.

After ratifying the text on July 4, Congress issued the Declaration of Independence in several forms. It was initially published as the printed Dunlap broadside that was widely distributed and read to the public. The source copy used for this printing has been lost and may have been a copy in Thomas Jefferson's hand. Jefferson's original draft is preserved at the Library of Congress, complete with changes made by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, as well as Jefferson's notes of changes made by Congress. The best-known version of the Declaration is a signed copy that is displayed at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., and which is popularly regarded as the official document. This engrossed copy was ordered by Congress on July 19 and signed primarily on August 2.

The sources and interpretation of the Declaration have been the subject of much scholarly inquiry. The Declaration justified the independence of the United States by listing colonial grievances against King George III and by asserting certain natural and legal rights, including a right of revolution. Having served its original purpose in announcing independence, references to the text of the Declaration were few in the following years. Abraham Lincoln made it the centerpiece of his policies and his rhetoric, as in the Gettysburg Address of 1863. Since then, it has become a well-known statement on human rights, particularly its second sentence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

This has been called "one of the best-known sentences in the English language, containing "the most potent and consequential words in American history". The passage came to represent a moral standard to which the United States should strive. This view was notably promoted by Lincoln, who considered the Declaration to be the foundation of his political philosophy and argued that it is a statement of principles through which the United States Constitution should be interpreted.

The US Declaration of Independence inspired many similar documents in other countries, the first being the 1789 Declaration of Flanders issued during the Brabant Revolution in the Austrian Netherlands (modern-day Belgium). It also served as the primary model for numerous declarations of independence in Europe and Latin America, as well as Africa (Liberia) and Oceania (New Zealand) during the first half of the 19th century.

Endgame... for the Powers That Were... in Knoxville, Tennessee!


~ HATJ and BZ phone Conversation ~

This the email I received from HATJ, shortly after we had completed our phone conversations

To: bz riger


Subject: RE: receiving?
Date: 3/21/2018 8:34:20 AM
i called Youssef right after i spoke with you.

while talking with him, we were all told to emergency lockdown… crystal uthe (IDN 488428) had another seizure while i was on the phone with him

6 medical staff responded and came in to attend her, along with sgt. wolf, pod officer chow (nickname), and approx. 3 other male officers… they just wheeled her to medical… hopefully, for everyone’s best interests, they will contact crystal’s neurologist and get her situated properly and immediately

overall, i am in gratitude to the change in how crystal and this matter was just handled

all ways always observing and applying consciousness

love all ….all love

p. s. : Y call u back at my first opportunity, or perhaps i will just show up on the porch and surprise you all… my options are unlimited:

This is the first email I received from HATJ about Crystal

To: bz riger
Subject: RE: receiving?
Date: 3/20/2018 4:59:28 PM

will do! <3

we are in lockdown… short on officers we are told… and further intel is that are we are short because the women officers are working the central desks for the male pods… men will unify and riot if they pull the same with the men that they do with the women

we had an hour out this afternoon , no possibility to get on the phones with lines… watched a girl with history of seizures triggered in part by stress… aware most of the time when they are coming on

crying, she notified the pod officer… pod officer grabbed the back of her shirt to hold her up, walk her to the slider (windows blacked out), and put her on the floor, and locked her in there by herself.

officer then went back to her desk… incredulous and heated, i asked her if i had just REALLY seen her do all that… spelling it out…rolling hereyes, she said, “don’t worry about it”

more details later….

summary conclusion: medical never came/responded… NO ONE CAME/RESPONDED

can u feeeeel all i felt during and after those moments?…

love all… all love


The Event - Allison Coe with Lisa M Harrison ~
Edgar Cayce, also known as "The Sleeping Prophet"
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Edgar Cayce (/ˈkeɪsiː/; March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945) was an American Christian mystic who answered questions on subjects as varied as healing, reincarnation, wars, Atlantis, and future events while claiming to be in a trance. A biographer gave him the nickname, "The Sleeping Prophet". A nonprofit organization, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, was founded to facilitate the study of Cayce's work.

Some consider him the true founder and a principal source of the most characteristic beliefs of the New Age movement.


Early life

Edgar Cayce was born on March 18, 1877, near Beverly, south of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He was one of six children of farmers Carrie Elizabeth (née' Major) and Leslie Burr Cayce. As a child he played with the 'little folk' and was alleged to have seen his deceased grandfather. He regarded them all as incorporeal because he could see through them if he looked hard enough. However, he found it very difficult to keep his mind on his lessons at school.

He was taken to church when he was 10, and from then he read the Bible, becoming engrossed, and completing a dozen readings by the time he was 12. In May 1889, while reading the Bible in his hut in the woods, he 'saw' a woman with wings who told him that his prayers were answered, and asked him what he wanted most of all. He was frightened, but he said that most of all he wanted to help others, especially sick children. He decided he would like to be a missionary.

The next night, after a complaint from the school teacher, his father ruthlessly tested him for spelling, eventually knocking him out of his chair with exasperation. At that point, Cayce 'heard' the voice of the lady who had appeared the day before. She told him that if he could sleep a little 'they' could help him. He begged for a rest and put his head on the spelling book. When his father came back into the room and woke him up, he knew all the answers. In fact, he could repeat anything in the book. His father thought he had been fooling before and knocked him out of the chair again. Eventually, Cayce used all his school books that way.

By 1892, the teacher regarded Cayce as his best student. On being questioned, Cayce told the teacher that he saw pictures of the pages in the books. His father became proud of this accomplishment and spread it around, resulting in Cayce becoming "different" from his peers.

Shortly after this, Cayce exhibited an ability to diagnose in his sleep. He was struck on the base of the spine by a ball in a school game, after which he began to act very strangely, and eventually was put to bed. He went to sleep and diagnosed the cure, which his family prepared and which cured him as he slept. His father boasted that his son was, "the greatest fellow in the world when he's asleep." However, this ability was not demonstrated again for several years.

Cayce's uncommon personality is also shown in an unusual incident in which he rode a certain mule back to the farmhouse at the end of a work day. This stunned everyone there, as the mule could not be ridden. The owner, thinking it may be time to break the animal in again, attempted to mount it but was immediately thrown off. Cayce left for his family in the city that evening.

Marriage and family

Cayce became engaged to Gertrude Evans on March 14, 1897, and they married on June 17, 1903. They had three children: Hugh Lynn Cayce (March 16, 1907 – July 4, 1982), Milton Porter Cayce (March 28, 1911 – May 17, 1911), and Edgar Evans Cayce (February 9, 1918 – February 15, 2013).

In December 1893, the Cayce family moved to Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and occupied 705 West Seventh on the southeast corner of Seventh and Young Streets. During this time, Cayce received an eighth-grade education, is said by the Association for Research and Enlightenment to have developed psychic abilities, and left the family farm to pursue various forms of employment.

Cayce's education stopped in the ninth grade because his family could not afford the costs involved. A ninth-grade education was often considered more than sufficient for working-class children. Much of the remainder of Cayce's younger years would be characterized by a search for both employment and money.

Throughout his life, Cayce was drawn to church as a member of the Disciples of Christ. He read the Bible once a year every year, taught at Sunday school, and recruited missionaries. He said he could see auras around people, spoke to angels, and heard voices of departed relatives. In his early years, he agonized over whether these psychic abilities were spiritually delivered from the highest source.

In 1900, Cayce formed a business partnership with his father to sell Woodmen of the World Insurance; however, in March he was struck by severe laryngitis that resulted in a complete loss of speech. Unable to work, he lived at home with his parents for almost a year. He then decided to take up the trade of photography, an occupation that would exert less strain on his voice. He began an apprenticeship at the photography studio of W. R. Bowles in Hopkinsville, and eventually became quite talented in his trade.

In 1901, a traveling stage hypnotist and entertainer named Hart, who referred to himself as "The Laugh Man", was performing at the Hopkinsville Opera House. Hart heard about Cayce's condition and offered to attempt a cure. Cayce accepted his offer, and the experiment was conducted in the office of Manning Brown, the local throat specialist. Cayce's voice allegedly returned while in a hypnotic trance but disappeared on awakening. Hart tried a posthypnotic suggestion that the voice would continue to function after the trance, but this proved unsuccessful.

Since Hart had appointments at other cities, he could not continue his hypnotic treatments of Cayce, but admitted he had failed because Cayce would not go into the third stage of hypnosis to take a suggestion. A New York hypnotist, Dr Quackenboss, found the same impediment but, after returning to New York, suggested that Cayce should be prompted to take over his own case while in the second stage of hypnosis. The only local hypnotist, Al Layne, offered to help Cayce restore his voice. Layne suggested that Cayce describe the nature of his condition and cure while in a hypnotic trance. Cayce described his own ailment from a first-person plural point of view: "we" instead of the singular "I". In subsequent sessions, when Cayce wanted to indicate that the connection was made to the "entity" of the person that was requesting the reading, he would generally start off with, "We have the body." According to the reading for the "entity" of Cayce, his voice loss was due to psychological paralysis, and could be corrected by increasing the blood flow to the voice box. Layne suggested that the blood flow be increased and Cayce's face supposedly became flushed with blood, and both his chest and throat turned bright red. After 20 minutes, Cayce, still in a trance, declared the treatment over. On awakening, his voice was alleged to have remained normal. Apparently, relapses occurred, but were said to have been corrected by Layne in the same way, and eventually the cure was said to be permanent.

Layne had read of similar hypnotic cures by the Marquis de Puységur, a follower of Franz Mesmer, and was keen to explore the limits of the healing knowledge involved with the trance voice.[22] He asked Cayce to describe Layne's own ailments and suggest cures, and reportedly found the results both accurate and effective. Layne regarded the ability as clairvoyance. Layne suggested that Cayce offer his trance healing to the public. Cayce was reluctant as he had no idea what he was prescribing while asleep, and whether the remedies were safe. He also told Layne he himself did not want to know anything about the patient as it was not relevant. He finally agreed, on the condition that readings would be free. He began, with Layne's help, to offer free treatments to the townspeople. Layne described Cayce's method as, "...a self-imposed hypnotic trance which induces clairvoyance." Reports of Cayce's work appeared in the newspapers, which inspired many postal inquiries. Cayce stated he could work just as effectively using a letter from the individual as with the person being present in the room. Given only the person's name and location, Cayce said he could diagnose the physical and mental conditions of what he termed "the entity," and then provide a remedy. Cayce was still reticent and worried, as "one dead patient was all he needed to become a murderer". His fiancée, Gertrude Evans, agreed with him. Few people knew what he was up to. There was a common belief at the time that subjects of hypnosis eventually went insane, or at least that their health suffered. Cayce soon became famous, and people from around the world sought his advice through correspondence.

In May 1902 he got a bookshop job in the town of Bowling Green where he boarded with some young professionals, two of whom were doctors. He lost his voice while there and Layne came to help effect the normal cure, finally visiting every week. Cayce, still worried, kept the meetings secret, and continued to refuse money for his readings. He invented a card game called Pit or Board of Trade, simulating wheat market trading, that became popular, but when he sent the idea to a game company they copyrighted it and he got no returns. He still refused to give readings for money.

He and Gertrude Evans married on June 17, 1903, and Gertrude came to Bowling Green. She still disapproved of the readings, and Cayce still agonized over the morality of them. A few days later Layne revealed the activity to the professionals at the boarding house, one of whom was a magistrate and journalist, after which state medical authorities forced Layne to close his practice. He left to acquire osteopathic qualifications in Franklin. Cayce and Gertrude accepted the resulting publicity as best they could, greatly aided by the diplomacy of the young doctors.

Cayce and a relative opened a photographic studio in Bowling Green, while the doctors formed a committee with some colleagues to investigate the phenomenon, with Cayce’s co-operation. All the experiments confirmed the accuracy of the readings. However, Cayce refused a lucrative offer to go into business. After a violent examination by doctors while in a trance, Cayce refused any more investigations, declaring that he would only do readings for those who needed help and believed in the readings.

In 1906 and 1907 fires burned down his two photographic studios, leading to bankruptcy. Between the two fires, his first son was born March 16, 1907. He became debt free by 1909, although completely broke, and ready to start again. In 1907, outstanding diagnostic successes in the family helped his confidence. He again refused an offer to go into business, this time with homeopath Wesley H. Ketchum from Hopkinsville, who was introduced by his father. He found a job at the H. P. Tresslar photography firm.

However, Ketchum was persistent, spread information in various medical circles, and in October 1910 got written up in the press. When a reporter contacted Cayce, he explained to the reporter that he somehow had the ability to easily go into the intuitive sleep when he wanted to, and this was different from how he went to sleep normally like everyone else. When asked the mechanism of the readings via the sleep method, they were told that it happened via the capabilities of the subconscious mind.

Ketchum again urged Cayce to join a business company. After soul searching the whole night, Cayce finally accepted the offer under certain conditions, including that he did not take money for the readings. Instead the company was to furnish him with a photographic studio for his livelihood, and build a separate office for the readings. The contract was modified to give 50% of the earnings to Cayce and his father. Cayce read the back readings, but they contained so many technical terms that he gained no more understanding of what he was doing. He preferred to put the readings on a more scientific basis, but only the doctors in Hopkinsville would cooperate, whereas most of the patients were not in that locality. Also, doctors from all specialties were needed as the treatments prescribed varied widely.

Edgar Cayce, and especially Gertrude, still did not give therapeutic priority to the readings and supposedly lost their second child due to this reticence. When Gertrude became fatally ill with tuberculosis, they used the readings after the doctor had given up. Miraculously, the treatment cured her. Shortly after this, in 1912, Cayce, whose everyday conscious mind was not aware during the readings, discovered that Ketchum had not been honest about them, and had also used them to gamble for finance. He argued in defense that the medical profession were not backing them. Cayce quit the company immediately and went back to the Tresslar photography firm in Selma, Alabama.

1912 to 1925: Selma, Alabama period

Historic marker in downtown Selma, Alabama, in front of the building where Cayce lived and worked from 1912 to 1923.

Cayce's work grew in volume as his fame grew. He asked for voluntary donations to support himself and his family so that he could practice full-time. To help raise money he invented Pit, a card game based on the commodities trading at the Chicago Board of Trade, and the game is still sold today. He continued to work in an apparent trance state with a hypnotist all his life. His wife and eldest son later replaced Layne in this role. A secretary, Gladys Davis, recorded his readings in shorthand.

The growing fame of Cayce along with the popularity he received from newspapers attracted several eager commercially minded men who wanted to seek a fortune by using his clairvoyant abilities. Even though Cayce was reluctant to help them, he was persuaded to give his readings, which left him dissatisfied with himself and unsuccessful. A cotton merchant offered him a hundred dollars a day for his readings about the daily outcomes in the cotton market; however, despite his poor finances, Cayce refused the merchant's offer. Some wanted to know where to hunt for treasures while others wanted to know the outcome of horse races. Several times he was persuaded to give such readings as an experiment. However, when he used his ability for such purposes, he did no better than chance alone would dictate. These experiments allegedly left him depleted of energy, distraught, and unsatisfied with himself. Finally, he decided to use his gift only to help the distressed and sick.

In 1923, Arthur Lammers, a wealthy printer and student of metaphysics, persuaded Cayce to give readings on philosophical subjects. Cayce was told by Lammers that, while in his trance state, he spoke of Lammers' past lives and of reincarnation, something Lammers believed in. Reincarnation was a popular subject of the day but not an accepted part of Christian doctrine. Because of this, Cayce questioned his stenographer about what he said in his trance state and remained unconvinced. He challenged Lammers' charge that he had validated astrology and reincarnation in the following dialogue:

Cayce: I said all that?... I couldn't have said all that in one reading.

Lammers: No. But you confirmed it. You see, I have been studying metaphysics for years, and I was able by a few questions, by the facts you gave, to check what is right and what is wrong with a whole lot of the stuff I've been reading. The important thing is that the basic system which runs through all the mystery religions, whether they come from Tibet or the pyramids of Egypt, is backed up by you. It's actually the right system.

Cayce's stenographer recorded the following:

In this we see the plan of development of those individuals set upon this plane, meaning the ability to enter again into the presence of the Creator and become a full part of that creation.
Insofar as this entity is concerned, this is the third appearance on this plane, and before this one, as the monk. We see glimpses in the life of the entity now as were shown in the monk, in this mode of living. The body is only the vehicle ever of that spirit and soul that waft through all times and ever remain the same.
Cayce was quite unconvinced that he had been referring to the doctrine of reincarnation, and the best Lammers could offer was that the reading "opens up the door" and to go on to share his beliefs and knowledge with Cayce.[38] Lammers had come to him with quite a bit of information of his own to share with Cayce and seemed intent upon convincing Cayce now that he felt the reading had confirmed his strongly-held beliefs. It should be noted, however, that 12 years earlier Cayce had briefly alluded to reincarnation. In reading 4841-1, given April 22, 1911, Cayce referred to the soul being "transmigrated." Because Cayce's readings were not systematically recorded until 1923, it is possible that he may have mentioned reincarnation in other earlier readings.

Lammers asked Cayce to come to Dayton to pursue metaphysical truth via the readings. Cayce eventually agreed and went to Dayton. Gertrude Cayce was dubious but interested. There, Cayce produced much metaphysical information, which Cayce tried to reconcile with Christianity. Lammers declared that the fifth chapter of Matthew was the constitution of Christianity and the Sermon on the Mount was its Declaration of Independence. It appeared that Cayce's subconscious mind was as much at home with the language of metaphysics as it was with the language of anatomy and medicine.

Cayce reported that his conscience bothered him severely over this conflict. His readings of reincarnations were going against his biblical teachings and at one point he wanted to cease his channeling sessions. Once again Cayce lost his voice and in a reading for himself he was informed if he was no longer going to be a channel, his mission in this life was complete. Ultimately his trance voice, the "we" of the readings, dialogued with Cayce and finally persuaded him to continue with these kinds of readings.

Lammers wanted to ask the readings the purpose of Cayce's clairvoyance, and to put up money for an organisation supporting Cayce's healing methods. Cayce decided to accept the work and asked his family to join him in Dayton as soon as they could. But by the time the Cayces had arrived there, near the end of 1923, Lammers found himself in financial difficulties and could be of no use. Cayce used his knowledge of the Bible to convince his family that it agreed with reincarnation and other metaphysical teachings.

It was at this time Cayce directed his activities to provide readings centred around health. The remedies that were channeled often involved the use of unusual electrotherapy, ultraviolet light, diet, massage, gemstones, less mental work and more relaxation in sand on the beach. His remedies were coming under the scrutiny of the American Medical Association and Cayce felt that it was time to legitimize the operations with the aid of licensed medical practitioners. In 1925 Cayce reported while in a trance, "the voice" had instructed him to move to Virginia Beach, Virginia across the street from the beach. He was informed that the sand's crystals would have curative properties to promote rapid healing.

1925 to 1945: Virginia Beach period

Cayce's mature period, in which he created the several institutions that survived him, can be considered to have started in 1925. By this time he was a professional psychic with a small number of employees and volunteers. The readings increasingly came to involve occult or esoteric themes.

Money was extremely scarce, but help came from interested persons. The idea of an association and a hospital was mooted again, but the readings insisted on Virginia Beach, not suiting most of the people. Gertrude Cayce began to conduct all the readings. Morton Blumenthal, a young man who worked in the stock exchange in New York with his trader brother, became very interested in the readings, shared Cayce's outlook, and offered to finance the vision in the right spirit. He bought them a house at Virginia Beach.

On May 6, 1927, the Association of National Investigations was incorporated in the state of Virginia. This would manage building the hospital and a scientific study of the readings. Morton was president and his brother and several others were vice presidents. Cayce was secretary and treasurer, and Gladys was assistant secretary. To protect against legal prosecution, the rules required any person requesting a reading to become a member of the Association and agree they were participating in an experiment in psychic research. Early in 1928, Dr Moseley Brown, head of the psychology dept at Washington and Lee University, became convinced of the readings and joined the Association.

On October 11, 1928, the dedication ceremonies for the hospital complex were held. It contained a lecture hall, library, vault for storage of the readings, and offices for research workers. There was also a large living room, a 12-car garage, servants quarters, and a tennis court. It contained "the largest lawn, in fact the only lawn, between the Cavalier and Cape Henry." The first patient was admitted the next day.

This facility would enable consistent checking and rechecking of the remedies, which was Cayce's goal. There were consistent remedies for many of the illnesses regardless of the patient, and Cayce hoped to produce a compendium that could be used by the medical profession. A distinguished chemist, Dr Sunker A. Bisley, DPhil (Oxon), who also used psychic knowledge to produce medicines, collaborated with Cayce to produce Atomidine, an absorbable form of iodine, which was perfected and sold.

The basic raison d'etre for all the cures was the "assimilation of needed properties through the digestive system, from food taken into the body… [All treatments, including all schools and types of treatment, were given in order to establish] the proper equilibrium of the assimilating system." Therapies as divergent as salt packs, poultices, hot compresses, color healing, magnetism, vibrator treatment, massage, osteopathic manipulation, dental therapy, colonics, enemas, antiseptics, inhalants, homeopathics, essential oils, mud baths were prescribed. Substances used included oils, salts, herbs, iodine, witch hazel, magnesia, bismuth, alcohol, castoria, lactated pepsin, turpentine, charcoal, animated ash, soda, cream of tartar, aconite, laudanum, camphor, and gold solution. These were prescribed to overcome conditions that prevented proper digestion and assimilation of needed nutrients from the prescribed diet. The aim of the readings was to produce a healthy body, removing the cause of the specific ailment. Readings would indicate if the patient's recovery was problematic.

There was a waiting list of months ahead. Blumenthal and Brown went ahead with ambitious plans for a university as a supplement to the hospital and a "parallel service for the mind and spirit". In fact, it was to dwarf the hospital and rival other universities in respectability before psychic studies would begin. It was to open on September 22, 1930. On September 16 Blumenthal called a meeting of the Association resulting in his ownership of the hospital to curb expenses. After the first semester he ceased his support of the university, and on February 26, 1931, closed down the Association. Cayce removed the files of the readings from the hospital and took them home.

The Depression years saw Cayce turn his attention to spiritual teachings. In 1931, Edgar Cayce's friends and family asked him how they could become psychic like him. Out of this seemingly simple question came an eleven-year discourse that led to the creation of "Study Groups". From his altered state, Cayce relayed to this group that the purpose of life is not to become psychic, but to become a more spiritually aware and loving person. Study Group #1 was told that they could "bring light to a waiting world" and that these lessons would still be studied a hundred years into the future. The readings were now about dreams, coincidence (synchronicity), developing intuition, karma, the akashic records, astrology, past-life relationships, soul mates and other esoteric subjects. Hundreds of books have been published about these readings.

June 6, 1931, 61 people attended a meeting to carry on the work and form a new organization called the Association for Research and Enlightenment. In July the new association was incorporated, and Cayce legally returned the house to Blumenthal and bought another place.

Hugh Lynn proposed that they develop a stock in trade rather than something grandiose, and that they build a library of research into the phenomena and hold study groups, and that Cayce would do two readings a day. The association accepted this, and Hugh Lynn also started a monthly bulletin for association members. The bulletin contained readings on general interest subjects, interesting cases, book reviews on psychic subjects, health hints from readings, and news of psychic phenomena in other fields.

Hugh Lynn narrowed the mailing list to some 300 members who were genuinely enthusiastic, and as a result the first annual congress of the assoc was held in June 1932. He procured speakers on various metaphysical and psychic subjects and included public readings by Cayce. Members left the conference eager to start study groups in their own localities. Records were kept of everything that went on in the readings including the attitudes and routines of Cayce. Everything was then checked with the subjects of the readings, most of whom were not present during the reading, and the data was published in a study entitled "100 cases of clairvoyance." However, the response from scientists in general was that none of the experiments were performed under test conditions. Hugh Lynn continued to build files of case histories, parallel studies in psychic phenomena, and research readings for the study groups.

Association activities remained simple and un-publicized. Members raised a building fund for an office, library, and vault, which they erected in 1940-1 as a single unit added on to the Cayce residence. No sign guided visitors to the centre. Association membership averaged 500 to 600. The turnover from year to year was approximately half this total. The other half remained a solid basis for the research work, an audience for case studies, pamphlets, bulletins—and the Congress bulletin, which was a yearbook and record of congress events. A mailing list of several thousand served people who remained interested in Cayce's activities.

Members were drawn from all of the Protestant churches: from the Roman, Greek, Syrian and Armenian Catholic churches; from Theosophy, Christian Science and Spiritualism; and from many Oriental religions. Cayce's philosophy was, if it makes you a better member of your church then it's good; if it takes you away from your church, it's bad. The philosophy of the readings was that truth is one, each organization is part of this one, therefore the A.R.E. was not to function as a schism or in opposition to any religious organization. The goal of the work was not something new but something ancient and universal.

Both sons entered the forces during the war. They both married, Hugh Lynn in 1941 and Edgar Evans in 1942.

In March 1943 the first edition of the only biography written during Cayce's lifetime, by Thomas Sugrue, was published. As a consequence, public demand increased. Office staff had to be increased, and the mailman could no longer carry all the mail so Gertrude got it from the post office by car. Hugh Lynn was away in the forces, and Cayce coped with the letters and increased his readings to four to six per day.

Cayce gained national prominence in 1943 after the publication of a high-profile article in the magazine Coronet titled "Miracle Man of Virginia Beach". World War II was taking its toll on American soldiers and he felt he could not refuse the families who requested help for their loved ones who were missing in action. He increased the frequency of his readings to eight per day to try to make an impression on the ever-growing pile of requests. He said this took a toll on his health as it was emotionally draining and often fatigued him. The readings themselves scolded him for attempting too much and that he should limit his workload to just two life readings a day or else these good efforts would eventually kill him.

From June 1943 to June 1944, 1,385 readings were taken. By August 1944 Cayce collapsed from strain. When he gave a reading on this situation, the instructions were to rest until he was well or dead. He and Gertrude went away to the mountains of Virginia, but in September Edgar Cayce suffered a stroke at the age of 67, in September 1944, and died on January 3, 1945. He is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Gertrude died 3 months later.

After the death of Cayce the Association continued the work of classifying and cross referring the over 14,000 files of readings that had been taken throughout Cayce's lifetime from March 31, 1901, to September 17, 1944. The results of these have been disseminated through the Associations publications with the members as the recipients of this material.

Claims for psychic abilities

Until September 1923, his readings were not systematically recorded or preserved. However, an article published in the Birmingham Post-Herald on October 10, 1922, quotes Cayce as saying that he had given 8,056 readings as of that date and it is known that he gave approximately 13,000–14,000 readings after that date. A total of 14,306 are available at the A.R.E. Cayce headquarters in Virginia Beach and on an online member-only section along with background information, correspondence, and follow-up documentation.

Other abilities that have been attributed to Cayce include astral projection, prophesying, mediumship, viewing the Akashic records or "Book of Life", and seeing auras. Cayce said he became interested in learning more about these subjects after he was informed about the content of his readings, which he reported that he never actually heard himself.


Cayce's clients included a number of famous people such as Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Edison, Irving Berlin, and George Gershwin.

Gina Cerminara published books such as Many Mansions and The World Within. Brian Weiss published a bestseller regarding clinical recollection of past lives, Many Lives, Many Masters. These books provide broad support for spiritualism and reincarnation. Many Mansions elaborates on Cayce's work and supports his stated abilities with real life examples.

In 1971 Edgar Cayce's sons Edgar Evans Cayce and Hugh Lynn Cayce published a book titled The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce's Power, claiming Cayce's readings had an approximate 85% success rate. The majority of the book investigated cases where Cayce's readings were demonstrably incorrect.

Wesley Harrington Ketchum

Ketchum was a physician who worked with Cayce in the early 1900s. Ketchum himself was born in Lisbon, Ohio on November 11, 1878, to Saunders C. Ketchum and Bertha Bennett, and was the oldest of 7 children. He graduated from the Cleveland College of Homeopathic Medicine in 1904, and took up the practice of medicine in Hopkinsville Kentucky. He practiced medicine in Hopkinsville until 1912. In 1913 he traveled across country to San returned to California in 1918, and established an office in Palo Alto California, practicing medicine there until the 1950s. He retired to Southern California around 1963, settling in San Marino, and took passage to Honolulu, Hawaii, where he opened a new practice. He returned to San Marino, just outside Pasadena. He died on November 28, 1968, in Canoga Park, California.

He wrote The Discovery of Edgar Cayce, published by the A.R.E. Press in 1964.

Controversy and criticism


Cayce advocated some controversial ideas in his trance readings. In many trance sessions, he interpreted the history of life on Earth. One of Cayce's controversial claims was that of polygenism. According to Cayce, five human races (white, black, red, brown, and yellow) had been created separately but simultaneously on different parts of the Earth. Cayce also accepted the existence of aliens and Atlantis, and claimed that "the red race developed in Atlantis and its development was rapid." Another claim by Cayce was that "soul-entities" on Earth intermingled with animals to produce "things": giants that were as much as twelve feet tall.

Historian Olav Hammer wrote that many of Cayce's readings discussed race and skin color and that the explanation for this is that Cayce was not a racist but was influenced by the occult ideas of Madame Blavatsky. Cayce declared that the Piltdown man was genuine, claiming he was an Atlantean colonizer who had travelled to Britain. However, the Piltdown man was exposed as a hoax in 1953.

Philosopher and skeptic Robert Todd Carroll, in his book The Skeptic's Dictionary, wrote, "Cayce is one of the main people responsible for some of the sillier notions about Atlantis." Carroll mentioned some of Cayce's ideas, including his belief in a giant solar crystal, activated by the sun, and used to harness energy and provide power on Atlantis, and his prediction that in 1958, the United States would rediscover a death ray that had been used on Atlantis.

In 1930s, Cayce also incorrectly predicted that North America would experience chaos: "Los Angeles, San Francisco... will be among those that will be destroyed before New York". These events were to have happened "in the period of '58 to '98".


Skeptics challenge Cayce's alleged psychic abilities. Medical health experts are critical of Cayce's unorthodox treatments, which they regard as quackery.

Science writers and skeptics have suggested that the evidence for Cayce's alleged psychic powers comes from contemporaneous newspaper articles, affidavits, anecdotes, testimonials, and books. Martin Gardner, for example, wrote that while Cayce's trances did happen, most of the information from his trances was derived from books that Cayce had been reading by authors such as Carl Jung, P. D. Ouspensky, and Helena Blavatsky. Gardner's hypothesis was that the trance readings of Cayce contain, "little bits of information gleaned from here and there in the occult literature, spiced with occasional novelties from Cayce's unconscious." The word "Blavatsky" occurs via computer search 3 times, all three in the questions asked by the client. The quote "Secret Doctrine" only occurs in questions asked by the client twice.

Many are also critical of Cayce's support for various forms of alternative medicine, which they regard as quackery. Michael Shermer writes in Why People Believe Weird Things, "Uneducated beyond the ninth grade, Cayce acquired his broad knowledge through voracious reading and from this he wove elaborate tales." Shermer wrote that, "Cayce was fantasy-prone from his youth, often talking with angels and receiving visions of his dead grandfather." Magician James Randi has said that "Cayce was fond of expressions like 'I feel that' and 'perhaps'—qualifying words used to avoid positive declarations." Examination of the readings do not show qualifying terms.

Investigator Joe Nickell has noted:

Although Cayce was never subjected to proper testing, ESP pioneer Joseph B. Rhine of Duke University — who should have been sympathetic to Cayce's claims — was unimpressed. A reading that Cayce gave for Rhine's daughter was notably inaccurate. Frequently, Cayce was even wider off the mark, as when he provided diagnoses of subjects who had died since the letters requesting the readings were sent.

Science writer Karen Stollznow has written:

The reality is that his cures were hearsay and his treatments were folk remedies that were useless at best and dangerous at worse ... Cayce wasn't able to cure his own cousin, or his own son who died as a baby. Many of Cayce's readings took place after the patient had already died.

Traditional Christians are critical of Cayce's views on issues such as reincarnation, oneness, and the Akashic records.

~ A massive Geomagnetic storm will hit Earth on March 18 Scientists Warn ~

The Dynamics of Economic and Political Localization
Based on a Foundation of One Life Philosophy
By Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D., Msc.D.

Unified Decentralism is the eventual synthesis of human co-operative evolution as reflected in localized economic and political systems founded upon the One Life principle of Metaphysics.

Applied Metaphysics is the field of study where an integration of consciousness is pursued against a backdrop of separated aspects, or many life forms, in three-dimensional parameters of limitation on a path of linear time. The purpose of studying this field is individual realization that consciousness is not actually divided into different forms of life, when viewed from the perspective of unity at the Source level.

One Life generates multi-dimensionally into a myriad of unique aspects and is thus manifesting as a multitude of visually separate life forms when immersed into three-dimensionality passing along a trajectory of linear time. This immersion into the material plane is cyclical in nature, whereas all aspects oscillate in a continuous transition in and out of manifestation as physical form.

Until each perennial manifesting aspect comes to an individual understanding of connectedness to this One Life and demonstrates this knowledge via action while in material form, said aspect is obligated to return in physical form and do so as many times as necessary for realization and application to occur.

Realization of this One Life principle underlying all manifested life forms is only possible to recognize through the process of spiritual introspection. The external world is able to provide clues to this unity but access to and direct understanding is an internal experience found via the practice of multidimensional meditation on a regular basis. Meditation is the true key to Applied Metaphysics.

The Source, otherwise known as the First Cause of the Universe or God, is not able to be found in the external world. Three dimensionality and linear time are expressions of the backdrop against which each individuated aspect of the Source plays his or her drama of self-discovery leading eventually to understanding that the answer to Life’s riddle is buried deep within the heart of all aspects. Multidimensional meditation is the direct route to the universal Source, so when an aspect journeys away from external perception to the very center of consciousness, realization flashes in a perceptual paradigm shift and all aspects are merged as a unified whole.

A true understanding of consciousness unified at the Source level, when applied on an individual basis by aspects presently immersed in physical form, fundamentally changes the way an aspect views other aspects with whom he or she comes in contact. Competition, an action of separated identities, is transformed into co-operation, an act of unified consciousness identification, when the One Life principle is applied to human interaction and exchange.

During the corporeal phase of existence, any aspect of the Source has opportunity for making a conscious choice between belief in the illusion of separation into individualized life forms or unification of all aspects in harmony as the ultimate reality. A divided mind on this critical issue guarantees perpetuation of the serial life cycle, incorporating the process of death and rebirth for said aspect to repeat the lesson. Repetition of this exercise is also the result of conscious decision to uphold the illusion by embracing separation. Disharmony and disunion are the oppositional outcomes derived through belief in the separation, especially when used for the purpose of individual gain at the expense of another incarnating aspect's advancement while embodied in form. Co-operation in all manners of exchange, not competition, is the key to building a new paradigm of mutual prosperity here on planet Earth.

Hierarchial pyramids of temporal power are fueled by individual greed and maintain their dominance over the populace via economic bondage and, if necessary, physical destruction of those who oppose their authority to the point where their power bases are thus threatened. Private corporations, in concert with political bureaucracies enforce this subservience either through clever media generated methods of persuasion, as demonstrated in the democracies of western civilization or by propaganda and coercion in authoritarian secular dictatorship states and fundamentalist theocracies which fuse government with religious dogma. Add organized crime syndicates and international terrorist cells to the mix and one can easily visualize a laberynth of of separationist obstacles to the true decentralist whose only service to higher authority is to the One Life within all life forms who is accessed internally via the art of meditation - the universal Source.

The proverbial beast who stands as dweller at the threshold when a person has embarked upon the path of deep meditation is externalized in the manifestation of these hierarchial pyramids of economic and political power. The meditator is required to recognize that the dweller is actually the shadow or egoic personality of the aspect. When the ego is ready and willing to let release adherance to the illusion of individualized existence, the dweller vanishes and the light of the source reveals the truth. There is no separation - only union. There is no longer a dichotomy between subject and object when an aspect of the Source returns to his or her point of origin, primal first cause of the universe.

In order to translate this process on an external scale, belief in the proverbial beast must be transcended. To do this, one must sever attachment to the benefits of continued servitude and no longer allow dependence upon the hierarchial power structures for sustinance. In basic economic terms, this severance is effected through mass implementation of consumer boycotts upon large scale providers of goods and services with conscious choice to procure essential provisions from decentralized sources of supply, even if the monetary cost is greater. In political terms this process is done via grassroots monitoring of elected officials and their legislative actions on all levels from town and city, through state and provencial, and ultimately to national government and international organizational bodies. Such is possible in countries embracing the rule of law, such as the United States of America and western-style parliamentary democracies. Should such monitoring reveal either corruption or or influence manipulation by national or multi-national corporate lobbyists it is the obligation of every informed constituent to notify said elected officials that such action is not in the best interest of the people whom they serve. Failure to change policy decisions upon such notification is grounds for withdrawal of electoral support in the next election and promotion of candidates who favor localized economics and political decentralization.

In the United States, decentralist wings exist in both of the predominant political parties. Within the Democratic Party there exists the Democratic Freedom Caucus and the same holds true for the Republican Party via the Republican Liberty Caucus. Minor independent political parties such as the Green Party, taking environmental issues further than proponents within the Democratic Party, and the Libertarian Party, extending individual freedoms beyond the scope found within the Republican Party, also exist. However supporters tend to detract voters from the major parties whose decentralist caucuses they mirror and thus inadvertently assist the opposing major political party to tip an election in their favor. Both the Democratic Freedom Caucus and the Republican Liberty Caucus need to formulate Decentralist Platform Committees for their respective major political party. Then invitations to the Greens by the Democrats and Libertarians by the Republicans on these respective Decentralist Platform Committees need to be extended which would add to electoral strength of said respective major parties.

Should decentralist platform bids fail to garner majority support in the Democratic or Republican Parties, the left and right factions of decentralism in the minor political parties, i.e. the Greens and the Libertarians, must seek common ground in order to effect a united political base. The next logical step would be to invite the respective decentralist caucus members from each of the major parties and thereby create a unified Decentralist Party with enough grassroots political support to upset the political dominance of both the Democrats and the Republicans. Internal change within the major parties through adoption of decentralist platforms is far preferable to attempting creation of a new political party in the United States, as most state election laws currently put third parties at in a position of significant disadvantage when candidates try to have their names placed on the November ballot.

Unified Decentralists who are fully grounded via regular application of multidimensional meditation have a golden opportunity to provide the major catalyst toward an acceleration of both economic and political decentralization by using synchronized meditation complimented with practical demonstrations on a human scale. Active spiritual and material participation in this critical process of localized transformation is vital toward eventual manifestation as a global phenomenon. Now is the time for plugging into this unlimited energy of the Source and sharing by example!

I have been a political decentralist since I was eighteen years old and a Senior in high school. Student body elections in the Spring of 1968 for the upcoming Class of 1969 were offered in a Convention format, whereas all candidates were put forth during a school assembly. I was co-chair of the "Individual Rights Organization" with my best friend as chair. We nominated a radical, non-conformist candidate for Class President, yet in the end there was a two candidate run-off by mainstream left and right wing nominees, which the conservative won due to votes for the non-conformist that tipped the balance. Parties, whether formal or informal, offering either/or candidate choices, effectively shut out Third Party contenders in any election. When Bernie Sanders was denied the Democratic Party nomination in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016, Third Party candidates were effectively shut out of the electoral process, so the maverick Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump is now 45th President of the United States of America! We the people have to deconstruct the 1787 Constitutional Republic, set up as a political oligarchy run by the merchant class, and decentralize power at the "grass-roots" level with respect for all Humanity and the Earth.

On December 25, 2012, the One People's Public Trust, led by Heather Ann Tucci'Jarraf and two other Trustees foreclosed on every corporation around the world, including those posing as "governments," reconciling the OPPT back to Prime (Source) on March 18, 2013. The next day, my 63rd birthday, I began publishing my Internal Illumination Blog known as Lantern of the Hermit... ~ J.D.H.W. Bryan-Royster


~ HATJ RKB: A Casual Conversation with Shelia Corona 
about Docs 144-151 ~

~ ~
My Dearest Heather

Hmm, been wanting to write you for months now, however as the universe has it, the TIMING was off. HAHA

Since you have as you stated in a video last year ‘its time to come into the light’ and expose not only yourself but everything EVERY THING that has been transpiring the past 20 years. You have so gently peeled back your layers to show us each human part of who you are. Not the quantum that you are but the liner human that you tend to BE in the NOW. This must not have been easy. You have family and children to protect and as the feminine you are, this must have taken a profound toll on the energy and BEING you are today.

I have patiently watched everything unfold this last year. I had a sense that timing as such changed because of the co-creative efforts of ALL of us, which kinda through you off a bit (not in a bad way) just in a way that you might say (well darn, I was not prepped for this) You have all your checks and balances in order, and even you were beyond joyed to see of much FASTER everything was unfolding because of us ALL consciously wanting freedom.

You have had so many attacks from every outlet, from us humans. From the ones who are frustrated, afraid, do not understand and are lost by what they are seeing unfold. I have to say myself, it’s daunting to read everything, and confusing. I empathize with those that are frustrated and think your just BSing everyone. I also ask them to take your time…whatever that time is for you….

I say to those that may read this, ask yourself WHY are you pointing that energy at Heather? Why are you co-creating those thoughts? It’s fairly simple. If you don’t understand all the legalese of all this (which I myself don’t as well) I look inside myself, and take a step back and I know…KNOW it’s correct, complicated, confusing, however correct.

Many people that understand banking and the current law have thrown daggers at you. Why? They think they are right, however if you keep reading and moving and going , you will see the LAW we thought was correct since civil war times, was actually corrupted by humans and non humans who are and were simply afraid.

I would also say to those reading this, lets say right now. Why would they have an ENTIRE Federal Prison on lock down….when Heather entered the establishment? Think about that? I am one not to tell people what to think or how to think but only to come to your end of the road conclusion on this.

Lastly (but not lastly) The TDDA accounts. It’s now very widely open and shown that theses accounts are real, and have been for many many many years. THUS the frustration from all of us who want to be released from the burden of paying a cell bill, utility, car payments mortgage..etc. I am WITH all of you on this, however I say this I NEVER blamed Heather or Randy when I attempted to use the accounts and got reversals. No blame here. IF those accounts where NOT real, why even listen them, why are there 1000’s of videos about it? Why even try? Why even talk about it. I’ll leave that to all of you. I will say this to those reading this. STOP blaming Heather and Randy for something YOU wanted to take action on. I always say this.. 'Take Responsibility for your own actions'!!!!!!

Finally, Heather, thank you. It’s not a big enough phrase to say what you are doing, however it’s what I can muster for you. WE ALL THANK YOU. The ones that are open, the ones that are pissed, the ones that are expanding, the ones that send hate your way. WE ALL THANK YOU!

In Luv Joey!



Evangelist Billy Graham (1918-2018) ~
By Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor

(CNN)Evangelist Billy Graham -- a confidant to presidents, a guiding light to generations of American evangelicals and a globe-trotting preacher who converted millions to Christianity -- died Wednesday at the age of 99, his spokesman confirmed to CNN.

Graham passed away at his home in Montreat, North Carolina, spokesman Jeremy Blume said.

The skinny preacher with the booming voice evangelized to nearly 215 million people over six decades and prayed with US presidents from Harry Truman to Barack Obama.

He was tall and handsome, with a disarming aw-shucks demeanor and a Southern twang to his voice. But Graham's influence, historians say, was monumental. Some called him "America's pastor," others referred to him as the "Protestant pope."

Graham is reported to have persuaded more than 3 million people to commit their lives to Christianity and his preaching was heard in 185 of the world's 195 countries, according to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

"He was probably the dominant religious leader of his era; no more than one or two popes, perhaps one or two other people, could come close to what he achieved," said William Martin, a former historian at Rice University and the author of "A Prophet with Honor: The Billy Graham Story."

President Donald Trump said in a tweet that "the GREAT Billy Graham is dead. There was nobody like him! He will be missed by Christians and all religions. A very special man."

Vice President Mike Pence said in a statement that "Karen and I were saddened to learn of the passing of one of the greatest Americans of the 20th century, Reverend Billy Graham."

"We send our deepest condolences to the Graham family. Billy Graham's ministry for the gospel of Jesus Christ and his matchless voice changed the lives of millions. We mourn his passing but I know with absolute certainty that today he heard those words, 'Well done, good and faithful servant.' Thank you Billy Graham. God bless you."

Former President Jimmy Carter said in a statement that he and his wife Rosalynn "are deeply saddened" at the news of Graham's death and that he was "pleased to count Reverend Graham" as a friend and adviser.

"Tirelessly spreading a message of fellowship and hope, he shaped the spiritual lives of tens of millions of people worldwide," Carter said in a statement. "Broad-minded, forgiving, and humble in his treatment of others, he exemplified the life of Jesus Christ by constantly reaching out for opportunities to serve. He had an enormous influence on my own spiritual life."

Former President George H.W. Bush called Graham "America's pastor" and said he was a mentor to several of his children, including former President George W. Bush.

"His faith in Christ and his totally honest evangelical spirit inspired people across the country and around the world. I think Billy touched the hearts of not only Christians, but people of all faiths, because he was such a good man," the elder Bush said in a statement.

Bush said he was "privileged" to count Graham as a "personal friend."

"He would come to Maine to visit with Barbara and me, and he was a great sport. He loved going really fast in my boat. I guess you could say we had that in common. Then we would come home and talk about life."

Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, said on Twitter that Graham was "the most important evangelist since the Apostle Paul."

"He preached Christ, not himself, not politics, not prosperity," Moore said, adding that Graham also "carried unimpeachable personal integrity."

"RIP Billy Graham, a good and faithful servant. He fought the good fight, finished the race, and kept the faith," US Rep. Ron DeSantis, who represents Florida's 6th District, said on Twitter.

Televangelist Joel Osteen told CNN that Graham was his hero, and said the best way to honor him is for Christians to continue what he started.

"Preaching good news and letting people know about Christ and the love and respect that we can show one another. I think it's to continue on in that passion. He took great steps of faith. He paved the way for young ministers like myself."

The creation of a ministry

Graham built his ministry by bringing the gospel message of tent-revival preachers into the modern media age, using any tool at his disposal -- from telegrams to telephones to satellites and the Internet -- to "win souls for Christ."

In doing so, Graham formed a bridge between the itinerant preachers like Dwight Moody and Billy Sunday who once crisscrossed the country in search of lost souls and contemporary Christian pastors like Joel Osteen, Rick Warren and T.D. Jakes.

"He saw himself as using new media to deliver a very old message," said Randall Balmer, an expert on American religious history at Dartmouth College.

That message, as Graham said during thousands of altar calls, was that salvation is offered to one and all, black and white, rich and poor, men and women, sinners and saints, so long as they believed in Jesus.

Crusades and cathedrals

Avoiding the types of public scandals that befell other prominent preachers was key to Graham's long-running success, said Martin.

In 1948, at the beginning of his rise to fame, Graham and his tight circle of traveling evangelists gathered in California and catalogued the sins that had destroyed the careers of other Christian preachers. Money, sexual temptation and hubris topped the list.

Their pledge to avoid all three came to be known as the "Modesto Manifesto" and was later adopted by other ministers looking to avoid public disgrace.

In return for his scandal-free life, Americans regularly put Graham at the top of "most-admired" people polls. In 2013, he tied for fourth among most-admired men with former President Bill Clinton. It was his record-setting 57th appearance in the top 10, according to Gallup.

"In my favorite poll, I believe it was the Ladies' Home Journal, he was chosen second only to God in achievements in religion," Martin said.

Missionary work

Graham began his missionary work in 1944 by speaking at rallies for the Youth for Christ Campus Life ministry.

Five years later, he branched out on his own, holding a tent crusade in downtown Los Angeles. Originally scheduled for three weeks, the crusade drew such large crowds that it was extended to seven; a radio disc jockey, a small-time mobster and an Olympic athlete were among those who accepted his altar call under the "Canvas Cathedral."

The next year, Graham founded the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

The crusades, which soon became the signature feature of his global ministry, frequently blended well-known hymns, preaching and patriotic displays.

"His sermons contained just the right mix of patriotism and reproof," said Molly Worthen, a religious historian at the University of North Carolina. "He urged Americans to stand strong against 'godless communism' but also criticized American hubris."

Graham told an audience in Charlotte in 1958 that, "We have an idea that we Americans are God's chosen people, that God loves us more than any other people, and that we are God's blessed. I tell you that God doesn't love us any more than he does the Russians."

Graham's crusades mobilized hundreds of volunteers not just from his own evangelical movement but also from liberal Protestant congregations and Catholic parishes.

His inclusive message -- he said that theological differences were less important than Christian comity -- angered some fundamentalists, who fulminated when he shared the stage with Catholic or liberal Protestant ministers.

The traveling messenger

Graham was seldom still, holding crusades in more than 80 countries, according to Martin, often for weeks and months at a time. He missed the birth of his first daughter, Virginia, because he was away on a preaching trip, the biographer said. At other times, he failed to recognize his own children because he had been away from home so long.

Graham led a 12-week crusade in London in 1954 and a 16-week revival in New York in 1957, which drew tens of thousands to Madison Square Garden.

At the time, Graham praised New York's religious diversity, saying, "Almost every religion you can think of in the whole world is represented." His "last crusade" in June 2005 in Queens, New York, drew a total of 230,000 people.

In addition to his traveling crusades, Graham hosted a weekly Sunday radio program called "The Hour of Decision" and wrote an advice column, "My Answer," that was distributed by Tribune Media Services. In 1956, he founded the magazine Christianity Today, a leading publication among evangelicals.

Presidents and critics

William Franklin Graham Jr. was born November 7, 1918, and raised on a dairy farm near Charlotte, North Carolina. He said he made a personal commitment to God in 1934 after hearing an evangelist preach in the Southern city.

He graduated in 1940 from the Florida Bible Institute, now Trinity College, with a bachelor's degree in theology. Graham was ordained that year by a Southern Baptist church in Florida. A few years later, he took over a Chicago radio program, "Songs in the Night."

While in Florida, Graham met relatives of V. Raymond Edman, president of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. After they told Edman how impressed they were with Graham's preaching ability, Edman arranged for him to attend Wheaton.

Graham graduated in 1943 with a bachelor's degree in anthropology.

At Wheaton, he met fellow student Ruth Bell, his future wife. She was the daughter of the Southern Presbyterian missionary and surgeon L. Nelson Bell, and Ruth had spent her childhood in China and Korea.

The couple married in 1943 and moved to Montreat, North Carolina, two years later. They had five children: Virginia Leftwich, Anne Morrow, Ruth Bell, William Franklin III and Nelson Edman.

Graham was said to have enjoyed the recognition that came with providing counsel to several U.S. presidents, and he also became a de facto chaplain to Washington's elite.

Graham urged Dwight Eisenhower to run for president in 1952 and served as an unofficial adviser to the former general after he was elected. He also became close friends with President Lyndon Johnson and preached at the former president's funeral. President George W. Bush credits Graham with helping him change from a lukewarm Christian with a fondness for beer to a serious and committed evangelical.

Critics accused Graham of becoming too involved with politics.
His association with President Richard Nixon led to embarrassment in March 2002, when tapes of private conversations between Nixon and Graham revealed the evangelist joining the president in making anti-Semitic remarks. Graham apologized.

"After Watergate, Graham understood that he had been used to support Nixon and his policies when the White House was more interested in his support than his love," said Martin, the biographer.

Some critics also charge that Graham was not active enough during the civil rights movement.

But during at least two crusades in the early 1950s in Tennessee and Mississippi, Graham literally removed the racial barrier -- taking down the ropes that separated blacks and whites -- according to Martin and Cliff Barrows, Graham's longtime music and program director for the Evangelistic Association.

"Billy himself went and took the rope down and said, 'We don't have segregated meetings, whatever their reason for segregating them. They can sit wherever they want to.' And he took a stand for his belief that every man is equal before Christ and the gospel was for everyone."

At his Madison Square Garden crusade, Graham asked the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to deliver a prayer. Although Graham preached that racial segregation was unbiblical, he was criticized by some civil rights leaders for not being more involved in the movement.

A week after the deadly bombing of a church in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963, Graham told fellow evangelicals: "We should have been leading the way to racial justice but we failed. Let's confess it, let's admit it, and let's do something about it."

Among the honors bestowed on Graham were the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian award, in 1983; the Congressional Gold Medal in 1996; and an honorary knighthood from Britain for his contribution to civic and religious life.

Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter were on hand for the dedication of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte in June 2007.

In addition, the Billy Graham Center on the campus of Wheaton College has an archive, museum and library dedicated to the study of evangelism, as well as an Institute of Evangelism and other efforts aimed at promoting evangelistic work throughout the world.

The love of his life

In 2005, Graham opened up to CNN about his wife, Ruth. "I don't think I could have ever married anybody that would have been more helpful to my work and ministry than she has been," he told Larry King.
She died in 2007 at the couple's home in Montreat.

"Ruth was my life partner, and we were called by God as a team," Graham said in her obituary. "No one else could have borne the load that she carried."

Ruth Graham was buried at the foot of a cross-shaped walkway in the Prayer Garden on the grounds of the Billy Graham Library. The couple had agreed that they would be buried side by side.

Asked what he'd like people to say about him when he died, Graham said, "I want to hear one person say something nice about me and that's the Lord, when I face him. I want him to say to me, 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant.'"

CNN's Marylynn Ryan, Tricia Escobedo, Joe Sterling, Joe Sutton, Devon Sayers and Jessica Jordan contributed to this report

The Lanternlight Ministry of Christian Metaphysics
Church of Jesus the Lamplighter
Commissioned October 4th, 2009 C.E.

Inspired by

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish,
but have everlasting life." - John 3:16

Rev. Dr. Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D., Msc.D
Organizational Clerk for this Ministry

"As Above, So Below. As Is, So Be It... And So It Is!"

Affiliated with the International Metaphysical Ministry

Terran Cognito ~ Heather update 2/19/18... 23 Hour Lockdown?

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf ~
Heather is well and of good cheer, but has been in 23 hr lockdown since late last Wednesday.  Her "elbow counsel" attorney met with her on Wednesday and exchanged some documents and filed a motion for an extension of time to reply to the court.   

The transcripts of the trial were not yet available from the court, although they did quote BZ a price of getting them privately for $5700, which is quite expensive.  Rule of thumb in the past was $400-500 per day.  Heather's attorney said she qualifies for a free copy but those don't come out as fast, (clerks work on a contract basis) and that should be forthcoming this week or next.

All of Heather's replies have to be written with jail issued "golf pencils", and its made getting documents out of jail and to the court much more cumbersome.  The penciled replies are digitally scanned first before filing, so they cannot be altered.  

The Roger D. Wilson detention facility, operated by Knox County Sheriff and is a dual use facility. It contracts to the US Marshals for Federal prisoners.  These continuous 23 hour lock downs, only allow an hour a day for phone calls and showers, and no outdoor exercise. Normally the pod she is in would get two 4 hour breaks each day.  The women within the pod are not happy with the unexplained lock downs.  The US Marshals have been extremely professional but do not run the prison.

Randall Beane has been moved to Ocilla Georgia ICE facility and that has serious complicated his interactions with his attorney. 

A request from Heather's attorney: Please do not send him mail for Heather, he is not a mailman. One person sent a letter to Heather there. I have it and will give it to her.  Send all mail directly to the Roger D Wilson Detention facility, you can get the specifics of how to do that and what kinds of mail are allowed at BZ Riger's blog at   

BZ's web site has been under continuous attack since the end of the trial, so if it goes down, come back in a hour and BZ will have it back online again.

I was going to leave after the trial and be with Heather's extended family and explain to them what happened here. I had no further instructions from Heather and really didn't know where I should be.  Heather contacted me about 4 days after entering the facility and asked me to stay through February to assist with more documents.  I expect that could extend into March, perhaps April. I have been on the road for about 7 months now but will see this through with her.

I want to thank everyone who has been so generous in supporting this effort.  A special thank you to Bruce B. for his generous contribution, when I received that I did not know I'd be staying here through February, but it was most prescient of him.  Scans, printing, certified copies of court documents are not cheap, all those cost at least 50 cents a sheet, (transcripts much more than that!) and add to court copies the charges of certification stamps.   We've gone through a mountain of HP ink jet cartridges and those don't come cheap either.  Just parking at the court is $8-10 a day (depending on the length of stay).   If you can help with the time remaining here it would be most appreciated.  I'm guess I've got 4 to 6 weeks here yet. Click on the trees on the right side of the blog for the PayPal link.

Our host had me move out of my old room and I am now the room Judy and Heather shared.     A little bigger space and my feet don't hit the foot rails of the twin bed like the old room.  Judy has gone back to her home in North Carolina. 

#UniversalCleanUp Freedom is not just an intellectual exercise…

Freedom is an inside job.

No one and nothing can make us Free or Not. Only you can do that for yourself.

It’s an inside job and that is where it must begin and flourish first. When you KNOW the Truth of who you are… A Creator Being.  and If that sounds outlandish.       It’s because you have not been listening to your heart. It is because You are allowing someone –something else to control your mind. Not You. You are not the captain of Your ship.

When you KNOW the Truth of who you are…it allows you to navigate through events, perceptions, circumstances… as they unfold. Because you have that touch Stone always with you. For wherever you go there you are.

When you look at the unfolding of events, ALL of the unfolding Events, and in the Alleged Case with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Randall Keith Beane in the Eastern District of Tennessee.

What do you “See” from an inner knowing …

What do you feel…

If you think in terms of sadness, sacrifice and saviors… You are not Noticing what is really at play.

What is really unfolding.

You are giving your power away and playing Small.

You Are Not Small…    Its Way Past Time to BE Playing SMALL!

Beings are saying …things like, along the lines of…  thank you for what you are doing, for bringing things to light, for saving humanity and more…

Are You Stepping Up?

Are You All In?

Are You BEing and DOing what you feel nudged/lead/called/prompted to… When you are nudged/lead/called/prompted to?

We ARE all in this Together. We ALL have a vital Roll to play…

You have a vital role to play…   Are You?    Will You?

SEE-  KNOW-  FEEL-   Its An Inside Job and an Active Outside Action!

Make It So… Number One…  You are One       Much Love, BZ

Phoenix by guillaume-phoenix ~
When the Verdict of Guilty on all counts in the Indictment was read in court on February 1st of 2018, the Earth had experienced a Blue Blood Moon Eclipse prior to an overnight recess in jury deliberations. Now, Heather and Randy have both been remanded into custody to await sentencing. Yet, more importantly, after the judge repeatedly struck down admission of OPPT and other relevant filings with the UCC, he allowed these to be admitted into evidence. The jury had these with them during their deliberations, but I doubt there was time for reading the content, let alone comprehending implications they have on the entire global corporate structure of so-called "governments" on the planet. Bank fraud and money laundering on the part of Randy, as guided by Heather, was what they saw in testimony brought before the court, as "stonewalling" by the prosecution, upheld over and over again by the judge, numbed the jurors as to the relevance of Heather's documents. This sets up a very strong case for the defense in an appeal of said guilty verdicts for both Heather and Randy, whereas these documents will indeed take center stage... ~ JDHWB-R

~ #UNIVERSALCLEANUP #HATJ & RKB VERDICT 2.1.18 on Alleged Case ~

Many of you may know by now, but Heather has been remanded to custody and she and Randy were found guilty on all counts. Sentencing date not until June 26th for Heather a few weeks earlier for Randy... KEEP YOUR LIGHT SHINING and feel into the bigger picture of why this is taking place. LOVE each other and DO what you FEEL to do in LOVE for ALL beings and FREEDOM for ALL BEings ~ Judy Vancil Jandora

#UniversalCleanUp : RKB Randall Keith Beane’s Closing Statement Form The Alleged Case 1.31.18 #HATJ

Randall Keith Beane’s Closing Statement - 1/31/2018

I have heard a lot of testimonies and I have seen a lot of redundant evidence from the government proving the fact that I purchased CDs from USAA and I do not dispute that fact, I even admit it to be true. I have also heard from the government that Mrs. Tucci-Jarraf and myself had devised a “scheme” to commit fraud upon various financial institutions. I, however, beg to differ with that argument. This case proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that these federal reserve accounts do indeed exist and that these accounts do belong to us but not as individuals as we were warned - the federal reserve website so proudly claims - but as “original depositories” as admitted by Mr. O’Mally The verbiage cannot be disputed and the proof is in the fact that the government has not allowed these documents to be submitted as evidence or to be referenced by name. These documents cannot be disputed by any financial institution on this planet as we have seen proven in this case by the one institution who did receive these documents and closed their case admitting they were legitimate. Many of the witnesses have testified to this jury that they have relied on word of mouth from other employees in their respective institutions that these federal reserve accounts do not exist and failed to produce documentation from the federal reserve to back those testimonies. I, however, relied on documentation to justify and verify my decision to lay claim on these accounts and that they are indeed very real. Documents that the federal reserve and the government have unrebutted. As a matter of fact they are so factually real that they are not even allowed as evidence to be disputed or disproven. Should you choose to find me guilty of any of the 7 counts of the alleged indictment you have in essence found an innocent man guilty and allowed a morally bankrupt and corrupt government in collusion with a corrupt financial institution, which has been proven through the mortgage crises, the Libor scandal, the bank bailouts, and many more instances to be true - you will allow the real “bank robbers” to get away once again with financial murder. I have been accused of being a fraud in this case when in actuality felt it was my duty as an informed American and sincere living man to expose the real “bank robbers” in a huge undeniable scheme that has been in play for over 100 years. If you recall, there were no objections to any evidence or testimony submitted by the government on behalf of the alleged defendants. The purpose in doing so was to see exactly how low the government was willing to go in a continuous scheme to hide the truth from the people and perpetuate a system of slavery. That has been the covert intention from the inception of the plan. It is time we the people stand up for what is right and demand full transparency and accountability of those who have enslaved us and by taking that stand we can begin to break down the illusion of dominance that has been in force for much too long. Your choice in allowing me my freedom will sweep across this planet in a tsunami of compassion and allow me to continue to prove that these accounts do indeed exist when the correct verbiage is used to prove it. Imagine a world where we can provide for one another as we desire to, imagine a world without poverty, or lack of any kind. Imagine a world of abundance, not for a few to control over others with but true abundance for (1 of 3) all. Regardless of any testimony heard these accounts are very real. As President John F. Kennedy said before he was murdered by this same corrupt government in his effort to expose this financial scheme, “There is a great danger in the way facts can be spun or strung together to give credibility to what is otherwise a wild-eyed conspiracy theory. It is our responsibility to look at every thing with a skeptical eye, and also be aware that many will try to twist reality to serve their own agenda or reinforce their view.” President Kennedy was speaking to us about the financial oligarchs in our country whose tyrannical rule and their weapons of mass destruction has come to an end. In a true David and Goliath story of old it’s time to defeat the giant. There is a book that was written about the federal reserve that exposes the deep corruption from its very inception titled ‘Creature from Jekyll Island.’ In this book we learn that the federal reserve was created in secrecy back in the year 1913 at a private meeting off the coast of Georgia in a place called Jekyll Island. We also learn that congress voted on the creation of the federal reserve during the Christmas holidays while most congressmen were home with their families. The federal reserve is no more a part of the federal government than is Federal Express. As is proven by the fact that the institution has never been audited, we’ve heard many claim to try but still with no success. The creation of this private banking system was done in secrecy to take over the currency system and control over the people. It was stated by one of the creators of this devious plan “that he who controls the money controls the laws” and I agree that that plan has indeed been played out to its full intent. It is time for us to wake up and see the reality of who we are and where we are. As the scripture says in Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Please take a stand with me in exposing the evil that has undermined and camouflaged itself as the authority over all. In an effort to keep me quiet about all of this over the past few years, I have been kidnapped by agents working under the guise of law on several occasions and each time they assault me and charge me with fictitious crimes and even detain me illegally. I have been warned that if I don’t shut my mouth that I will eventually disappear and no one will ever find me. This case in my view is simply a grand scheme to put me away and make me disappear. You as a jury hold the power to stop this corruption and expose it for what it really is. Lets make this case transparent to the public for all to see the real criminals exposed and dealt with accordingly. I have chosen not to call witnesses to the stand or even to submit vast amounts of evidence proving my innocence instead I have chosen to speak my truth from my heart, for all a man really has is his word. I would hope that as human beings we haven't completely lost this war that has been waged against us for far too long, and that you truly feel in your heart that the time is now for us as we the people to take a stand and make our voices heard. Because in the big picture they can shut up one, but they cannot shut up the one people when we make our voices heard together. I told you in the opening statement about the picture being portrayed in this courtroom and how that picture was at best a pixelated picture in which a lot of data is missing or incomplete and even manipulated. Please understand that without the documents (2 of 3) that proved the legitimacy of these accounts to Whitney Bank never being presented to USAA Bank and finally to the federal reserve bank that the data has most definitely been manipulated to hide the truth. It is important to see that in the scheme to further hide the truth, that the real criminals chose to stop me with whatever means necessary which included kidnapping me in my effort to get to USAA Bank headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, to resolve this matter with all the proper documentation in person and to put to rest once and for all the fraud that has robbed every single soul on this planet for over 100 years. If there is anything you can learn from this trial to help you better understand the big picture more clearly, then wipe away all the evidence and the testimony and allow the light to reveal what is truly happening here. Paper money does not have value, digital numbers can be and very often are manipulated on screens to make us believe that they have value. But when it comes down to the end and the dust has settled, the only real value there is, are you and I. This is the truth that needs to be understood. The truth that has been hidden for generations upon generations - it is time to claim our value. (3 of 3)

Facebook Text Link:

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#HATJ & RKB: #UniversalCleanUp – Jury Is in Deliberation as of 3:15 PM EST – From Alleged Court Case Happening NOW 1.23.18

#HATJ & RKB: #UniversalCleanUp – Day 7 Morning Check-In

Jury Is in Deliberation as of 3:15 PM EST

Sheila FB live update

#HATJ & RKB Lunch Recess Day 7 brief update- alleged case 1.31.18

This phone conversation was recorded at 12:32 PM EST. There was much electronic interference on all Comms…

Randy gave his closing statement

HATJ will give her closing statement after lunch…

#HATJ # UniversalCleanUp – RKB Day 6 Wrap Up- Alleged Case 1.30.18

I was able to block the interference on my end, but the TN crew (Lisa, Sheila, Katie) had much interference on there end.

So you will need to be patient when watching the video in the gaps and robotic audio spots.


#HATJ & RKB Day 7 Wrap Up of Alleged Case 1.31.18

This was recorded this evening at 6:15 pm EST. Part is a Zoom chat which after interference we continued as a conference call.

The jury is in deliberation and will return to that work tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM Est.

'Super blue blood moon' lights up the skies

(CNN)Sky gazers across the world were treated Wednesday to a rare celestial convergence dubbed a "super blue blood moon."

The cosmic event -- a combination of lunar eclipse, blood moon and super moon -- was visible in the western hemisphere for the first time in 152 years.

People in Australia, Asia and parts of Russia were treated to the lunar triple whammy during moonrise on January 31, while the show kicked off in North America from 5:51 a.m. ET.



Pair of 'Sovereign Citizens' stand trial in Knox; one sought meeting with Trump

Jamie Satterfield, USA TODAY NETWORK - Tennessee Published 5:00 a.m. ET Jan. 24, 2018 - (Updated 6:47 p.m. ET Jan. 24, 2018)

Sovereign citizens espouse a variety of anti-government beliefs
Angela Gosnell/News Sentinel

A one-time prosecutor turned prominent member of the Sovereign Citizens movement was arrested on a federal indictment handed up by a Knoxville grand jury as she sought to get into a meeting at the White House with President Donald Trump, testimony Tuesday showed.

At a trial this week in U.S. District Court in Knoxville, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is representing herself on charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Standing trial alongside her – and also representing himself – is Randall Keith Beane, 50, of Knoxville, who faces charges of wire and mail fraud as well as conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Both are affiliated with the Sovereign Citizens movement, a loose affiliation of citizens who insist the federal government is illegitimate and often use that mantra as a defense to a host of financial crimes, including tax evasion and fraud.

Demanding a White House meeting

Testimony Tuesday in Chief U.S. District Judge Tom Varlan’s courtroom showed Tucci-Jarraf was arrested in July after she showed up outside the White House and demanded U.S. Secret Service agents allow her inside for a meeting with the president.

That same day she posted a YouTube video about Beane’s related arrest in Knoxville. Both are the subject of a petition by fellow Sovereign Citizens demanding the pair be freed.

Tucci-Jarraf was a licensed lawyer in Oregon who worked for a time as a state prosecutor before she became involved with the Sovereign Citizens movement and soon became a leader in the One People’s Public Trust, a group with similar leanings that claimed it “foreclosed” on all world governments and promised followers they could collect a slice of $10 billion in gold and silver using “collection notices.”

Chief U.S. District Judge Thomas A. Varlan, shown here during a naturalization ceremony Sept. 15, 2015, is being asked to issue an arrest warrant for Alma Soto Soto, who has disappeared with her 5-year-old son during an international child custody dispute.

The One People’s Public Trust dissolved a few years ago, but Tucci-Jarraf remained a well-known “legal adviser” for Sovereign Citizens, such as Beane, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force who was working for Advantage Innovations in Knoxville.

Federal prosecutors Cynthia Davidson and Anne-Marie Svolto allege Beane was drowning in debt, having borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from the United Services Automobile Association, an online banking service exclusively catering to current and former military personnel.

Check-kiting for the modern age

They allege Beane concocted a scheme last year to use automatic delays in the banking system of transfers of money from one bank to another – essentially an online method of the old-fashion check-kiting scheme – to buy Certificate of Deposits using the Federal Reserve Bank’s routing number and a fake checking account number, quickly liquidating the CDs and stashing the money in his USAA accounts.

USAA allowed its members to make immediate withdrawals – before the transaction was approved and funded.

“We’re here today because Randall Keith Beane robbed a bank … using just his fingers (and a computer),” Svolto told jurors Tuesday.

Beane allegedly used the scheme to “buy” $30 million in CDs and managed to liquidate nearly $2 million before USAA discovered the deceit.

He used some of the money to pay off debts, bought an $86,000 vehicle and a $500,000 motor home, Svolto said.

FBI Agent Parker Still told jurors his agency learned about the fraud scheme around the same time Beane was making plans to buy the motor home – a palatial recreational vehicle with two bathrooms, marble floors and countertops and pop-out side rooms – from Buddy Gregg Motor Homes in Farragut in July.

“All of a sudden we have information Buddy Gregg was going to turn over this mobile home to him,” Still testified. “I literally jumped up from the computer … and we ran out the door. We were flying down (Interstate) 40 with our lights on.”

When agents arrived, Still said Beane was behind the wheel of the motor home, which was running, as he prepared to leave Buddy Gregg.

The agents repeatedly yelled at Beane to turn off the motor home and come out, Still said, but he refused.

“We immediately grabbed Mr. Beane,” Still said. “He (was) resisting. I told him to stop resisting.”

He didn’t, and two of his friends videoed the fracas with law enforcement that left Beane with a wound to his head, for which Still said he later refused treatment.

“I was provided a piece of paper with the name ‘Heather’ on it … (and told) that this was an attorney (for Beane) you should call,” Still testified.

Sovereign lawyer?

Still did call, and Tucci-Jarraf told him she was an attorney and made reference to a role in “military operations.” She is accused of helping Beane set up a trust to try to hide the motor home purchase.

Still said Tucci-Jarraf was arrested a few days later outside the White House after the FBI got a tip from the U.S. Secret Service that she was demanding a meeting with the president.

Neither Beane nor Tucci-Jarraf made an opening statement in Tuesday’s trial. Tucci-Jarraf asked Still during cross-examination if his agency had or would investigate the Federal Reserve Bank – another government institution Sovereign Citizens insist is illegitimate – for “using unsuspecting American citizens” in a financial scheme she did not explain.

Beane used his questioning of Still to complain about his arrest.

“Do you remember laughing at me, poking at me?” Beane asked, adding that he was in the back of a patrol car at the time.

Still conceded he laughed when Beane was finally wrested to the ground, handcuffed and placed in a patrol car.

“It was a stressful situation,” Still said. “I’m sure there was laughter.”

It’s not clear yet what specific defense to the charges Beane and Tucci-Jarraf intend to mount. In court pleadings, they’ve used traditional Sovereign Citizens tactics, including filing “declarations” challenging the federal government’s authority and legitimacy.

The trial continues Wednesday.


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