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Post by: JOSEPH DAVID HENRY WARE BRYAN-ROYSTER (Part 2 - Follow the Energetic Trail wherever it leads...?)

I AM is Sovereign. The I AM in You is the same I AM in Me... Namaste'

The image shown above is of my Avatar, JOSEPH DAVID BRYAN, born March 19, 1950 in Pasadena, California USA and is registered for trade via issuance of birth certificate for same.

Name legally changed via court order in Santa Ana, California to HENRY WARE ROYSTER (1968), then was changed back to JOSEPH DAVID BRYAN in New York, New York (1977), before being combined into the hybrid name of JOSEPH DAVID HENRY WARE BRYAN-ROYSTER in Nantucket, Massachusetts (1983).

I AM, from any particular reference point in density (Eternal Essence INbody) is refracted into multiple aspects as Avatars representative of "other" beings participating in a play of contrast some call the Game of Life for the sole purpose of experiencing Separation.

In The Refraction Experiment (through my Avatar) I postulated that two polarities exist in third density "reality" and these are Unity and Separation. Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf said the same thing and elaborated on this by saying  if you are not speaking Unity of everything then you are speaking Separation. Either we are all One or we are all separated... Herein lies the difference between reality and illusion. When we incarnate and choose Avatars for each individual life experience we are given opportunities to understand this difference.

I AM (Source) is a multidimensional Being: the sum total of every possibility/probability in the Multiverse and is omnidirectional in scope, refracting through density, as spectral light does through a prism, into "mirrors" of I AM represented by different Avatars. Herein lies the mystery of "I AM another Yourself" in the greeting: Namaste'.

The "Event" is communicating internally (Heart) and externally (Mind) with all Avatars in one's field of refraction (mirrors of oneself) whereas face-to-face relay eventually increases exponentially reaching "critical mass" that triggers complete transformation of the hologram (World) perceived by I AM as an aspect clothed as an Avatar. Time and Space are illusory in the holographic projection through any given Avatar in the Game of Life. This projection is generated by viewing through a two eyes (Duality). Here is the key to what Jesus of Nazareth meant when he said: "If thine eye be single." Witness everything with your Third Eye.

Through my Avatar in this life, I encountered Source (Heart) first via a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in southern California (1967), then experienced Source via meditation as multidirectional and encompassing all spiritual paths in Woodstock, New York (1976), and "the energetic trail" has been twisting and turning along an ever-winding road, bringing me to a basic understanding of the Cosmic Dream (as shared with my mentor, Jay Grey) and to a formal post-graduate level of education in Applied Metaphysics (as taught by Dr Paul Leon Masters), through horizontal democracy expressed in the Occupy movement, and then to the landmark Uniform Commercial Code filings by the former One People's Public Trust, led by the financial/legal investigations initiated by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.

From this spark along the energetic trail an internet talk show, The Collective Imagination and another show, OPPT-IN (later changed to The One People) along with the OPPT-IN website (changed to I-UV) generated energy toward formation of the OPAL (One People Absent Limits) Tour which traveled from Tehachapi, California to Lake Norman, North Carolina with plans to continue over the winter of 2013-14 in Australia and then resume in the northeastern United States in the Spring... but Heather diverted it to northern Morocco for starting an intentional community project among the indigenous Berber population in the village of Aouchtam (where Internet service is sparse at best). There was no Australian leg of the OPAL Tour and it never returned to the USA during the Spring of 2014!

Meanwhile, during the late 2013 cross-country OPAL Tour, a map was posted on the Tour's website where interested participants could place their "pin" for connecting with it. I put my information on the map and Tess von Maluski gathered several of us together for a meet-up in Auburn, Massachusetts at the Bentley Pub where the OPAL North East Region Interface was formed on January 26, 2014 with a set intention to connect with the OPAL Tour when it resumed in the New York/New England area of the USA which it never did, because the path of said tour changed with a pattern interruption by Heather (i.e. "come to Morocco"). Plans were formed for holding an OPAL Gathering at Strawberry Hill Farm in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire where we of the Northeast Region Interface would intersect with the Tour in July or August. The wind was knocked out of our sails, so to speak, when momentum on the project was diffused by a split on venue choice (some of us wanted the Gathering held in Lancaster, NH at Roger's Campground where the annual Porcupine Freedom Festival is held by the Free State Project) so, by the time we reached consensus on sticking with Wolfeboro as the site PR efforts were wasted on Porcfest and OPAL Gathering 2014 ended up having only 15 participants for the 3-day event at Strawberry Hill Farm. Was it the "energetic trail" shifting or was it a pattern interruption? There are but two paths upon which we may choose to travel: Unity or Separation.

The implosion of One People Community Aouchtam, explained in Mel Ve's interview of Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly, Dani Arnold-McKenny, and Mel B. on the One Network, and the split between public and private "faces" of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf revealed in this interview, shows why OPC Aouchtam collapsed and only the indigenous Berber tribes-people are left...

At the height of its brief growth period as an international magnet for global change, the One People Community drew people from at least 24 countries, including inventors who came for the Quantum Energy Generator build project with HopeGirl of Fix the World and James Robitaille (her step-father, who is the engineering artist of the QEG based on Tesla's design of an electric dynamo). Once resonance and over-unity were demonstrated, self-running of the device proved to be elusive and was never reached in Aouchtam (for expressed purpose of powering a water pump for the village). James and the design team went to the UK, then the USA (rural Pennsylvania before moving their efforts to Tesla Energy Solutions, LLC in Orlando, FL) to continue development of the QEG. When the focus of OPC Aouchtam went back to formation of a sustainable intentional community in the village after the free energy quest moved elsewhere, people dispersed in different directions. Some went back home to their country of origin, others went elsewhere in northern Morocco. HopeGirl returned to Restinga along the Mediterranean coast, after her trip to the UK and a brief stay on the family farm in PA before it was lost to creditors, and established Fix the World House (home for her project generating organization to help improve living conditions on the planet for everyone).

Further exploration of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and her "agenda" is shared by Lisa (now back home in Sydney, Australia), Dani, and Brian (in Restinga, Morocco) in the re-launch of The One People show on The One Network and clearly displays in stark contrast the "divide and conquer" tactics inherent in Heather's Jesuit-inspired upbringing, especially when the OPPT filings at the UCC spared the Vatican from inclusion in global foreclosures. The Cabal, Freemasons infiltrated by the Bavarian Illuminati led by Mayer (Bauer) Rothschild) created the fractional reserve banking system responsible for periodic boom and bust cycles in the global economy and the German state of Bavaria is mainly Roman Catholic. Heather was in the inner circles of bank, trade, and finance and became a lawyer before she dismantled the corporate system through a series of filings with the UCC that overlooked the Holy See!

During the course of learning about the OPPT, the Trustees reconciled it to prime just as someone was about to access their $5,000,000,000 in value through the Trust... Heather said "You are the Value" and the amount indicated on the paperwork was only a portion of infinite value... Kiri Campbell went to jail in New Zealand for attempting to access a portion of her value... Many people all over the planet sent Courtesy Notices, developed in Australia, some being successful in having debts cancelled... Heather said just BE and DO... it is all done! Is this the "energetic trail" or we all just chasing our tails on an endless treadmill of false hope?

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf KNOWS the same principle of Applied Metaphysics that Dr. Paul Leon Masters taught me at the University of Metaphysics: There is only ONE LIFE in the Universe. This One Being is multi-dimensional and everyone is Source from their point of view (via chosen Avatar) and is mirrored as "others" for participation in the Game of Life until this play comes to an end at The Event. Are you ready to Thread the Needle?

Carmelle Miglore, a participant in the OPAL North East Region Interface, said to me at the Bentley Pub in Auburn, Massachusetts during a meet-up leading to OPAL Gathering 2014 at Strawberry Hill Farm in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire: YOU ARE THE EVENT!

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  1. Well written! I believe there were actually 17 participants at the August Gathering, not counting the neighbors who visited the tipi on Saturday night, who nearly doubled the number of visitors.