Monday, June 19, 2017

Caroline brings back bee-keeping to Sirius Community in 2017...

~ Laurie is suiting up for transfer of new bees to Sirius with Caroline's help ~
Caroline takes a bee-keeping course, orders two beehive kits, then assembles them on the land before installation of bees, first into one and then into another one. This post documents populating the second hive. Inhabited frames are transferred from the box into the new hive with process explanation by Laurie from the source apiary. Smoking is done to calm them prior to moving frames, combs, and bees into a new home at Sirius Community... ~ JDHWB-R
~ Smoking the bees for moving from travel box into a new hive at Sirius~
~ Laurie holding up an inhabited frame with new bee arrivals ~

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