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Co-operative Decentralism and Solidarity Economy in the USA!

The Dynamics of Economic and Political Localization
Based on a Foundation of One Life Philosophy

By Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D.

Unified Decentralism is the eventual synthesis of human co-operative evolution as reflected in localized economic and political systems founded upon the One Life principle of Metaphysics.

Applied Metaphysics is the field of study where an integration of consciousness is pursued against a backdrop of separated aspects, or many life forms, in three-dimensional parameters of limitation on a path of linear time. The purpose of studying this field is individual realization that consciousness is not actually divided into different forms of life, when viewed from the perspective of unity at the Source level.

One Life generates multi-dimensionally into a myriad of unique aspects and is thus manifesting as a multitude of visually separate life forms when immersed into three-dimensionality passing along a trajectory of linear time. This immersion into the material plane is cyclical in nature, whereas all aspects oscillate in a continuous transition in and out of manifestation as physical form.

Until each perennial manifesting aspect comes to an individual understanding of connectedness to this One Life and demonstrates this knowledge via action while in material form, said aspect is obligated to return in physical form and do so as many times as necessary for realization and application to occur.

Realization of this One Life principle underlying all manifested life forms is only possible to recognize through the process of spiritual introspection. The external world is able to provide clues to this unity but access to and direct understanding is an internal experience found via the practice of multidimensional meditation on a regular basis. Meditation is the true key to Applied Metaphysics.

The Source, otherwise known as the First Cause of the Universe or God, is not able to be found in the external world. Three dimensionality and linear time are expressions of the backdrop against which each individuated aspect of the Source plays his or her drama of self-discovery leading eventually to understanding that the answer to Life’s riddle is buried deep within the heart of all aspects. Multidimensional meditation is the direct route to the universal Source, so when an aspect journeys away from external perception to the very center of consciousness, realization flashes in a perceptual paradigm shift and all aspects are merged as a unified whole.

A true understanding of consciousness unified at the Source level, when applied on an individual basis by aspects presently immersed in physical form, fundamentally changes the way an aspect views other aspects with whom he or she comes in contact. Competition, an action of separated identities, is transformed into co-operation, an act of unified consciousness identification, when the One Life principle is applied to human interaction and exchange.

During the corporeal phase of existence, any aspect of the Source has opportunity for making a conscious choice between belief in the illusion of separation into individualized life forms or unification of all aspects in harmony as the ultimate reality. A divided mind on this critical issue guarantees perpetuation of the serial life cycle, incorporating the process of death and rebirth for said aspect to repeat the lesson. Repetition of this exercise is also the result of conscious decision to uphold the illusion by embracing separation. Disharmony and disunion are the oppositional outcomes derived through belief in the separation, especially when used for the purpose of individual gain at the expense of another incarnating aspect's advancement while embodied in form. Co-operation in all manners of exchange, not competition, is the key to building a new paradigm of mutual prosperity here on planet Earth.

Hierarchial pyramids of temporal power are fueled by individual greed and maintain their dominance over the populace via economic bondage and, if necessary, physical destruction of those who oppose their authority to the point where their power bases are thus threatened. Private corporations, in concert with political bureaucracies enforce this subservience either through clever media generated methods of persuasion, as demonstrated in the democracies of western civilization or by propaganda and coercion in authoritarian secular dictatorship states and fundamentalist theocracies which fuse government with religious dogma. Add organized crime syndicates and international terrorist cells to the mix and one can easily visualize a laberynth of of separationist obstacles to the true decentralist whose only service to higher authority is to the One Life within all life forms who is accessed internally via the art of meditation - the universal Source.

The proverbial beast who stands as dweller at the threshold when a person has embarked upon the path of deep meditation is externalized in the manifestation of these hierarchial pyramids of economic and political power. The meditator is required to recognize that the dweller is actually the shadow or egoic personality of the aspect. When the ego is ready and willing to let release adherance to the illusion of individualized existence, the dweller vanishes and the light of the source reveals the truth. There is no separation - only union. There is no longer a dichotomy between subject and object when an aspect of the Source returns to his or her point of origin, primal first cause of the universe.

In order to translate this process on an external scale, belief in the proverbial beast must be transcended. To do this, one must sever attachment to the benefits of continued servitude and no longer allow dependence upon the hierarchial power structures for sustinance. In basic economic terms, this severance is effected through mass implementation of consumer boycotts upon large scale providers of goods and services with conscious choice to procure essential provisions from decentralized sources of supply, even if the monetary cost is greater. In political terms this process is done via grassroots monitoring of elected officials and their legislative actions on all levels from town and city, through state and provencial, and ultimately to national government and international organizational bodies. Such is possible in countries embracing the rule of law, such as the United States of America and western-style parliamentary democracies. Should such monitoring reveal either corruption or or influence manipulation by national or multi-national corporate lobbyists it is the obligation of every informed constituent to notify said elected officials that such action is not in the best interest of the people whom they serve. Failure to change policy decisions upon such notification is grounds for withdrawal of electoral support in the next election and promotion of candidates who favor localized economics and political decentralization.

In the United States, decentralist wings exist in both of the predominant political parties. Within the Democratic Party there exists the Democratic Freedom Caucus and the same holds true for the Republican Party via the Republican Liberty Caucus. Minor independent political parties such as the Green Party, taking environmental issues further than proponents within the Democratic Party, and the Libertarian Party, extending individual freedoms beyond the scope found within the Republican Party, also exist. However supporters tend to detract voters from the major parties whose decentralist caucuses they mirror and thus inadvertently assist the opposing major political party to tip an election in their favor. Both the Democratic Freedom Caucus and the Republican Liberty Caucus need to formulate need to formulate Decentralist Platform Committees for their respective major political party. Then invitations to the Greens by the Democrats and Libertarians by the Republicans on these respective Decentralist Platform Committees need to be extended which would add to electoral strength of said respective major parties.

Should decentralist platform bids fail to garner majority support in the Democratic or Republican Parties, the left and right factions of decentralism in the minor political parties, i.e. the Greens and the Libertarians, must seek common ground in order to effect a united political base. The next logical step would be to invite the respective decentralist caucus members from each of the major parties and thereby create a unified Decentralist Party with enough grassroots political support to upset the political dominance of both the Democrats and the Republicans. Internal change within the major parties through adoption of decentralist platforms is far preferable to attempting creation of a new political party in the United States, as most state election laws currently put third parties at in a position of significant disadvantage in when candidates try to have their names placed on the November ballot. Decentralist Platform Committee Forums

Unified Decentralists who are fully grounded via regular application of multidimensional meditation have a golden opportunity to provide the major catalyst toward an acceleration of both economic and political decentralization by using synchronized meditation complimented with practical demonstrations on a human scale. Active spiritual and material participation in this critical process of localized transformation is vital toward eventual manifestation as a global phenomenon. Now is the time for plugging into this unlimited energy of the Source and sharing by example!

Written in 2005, prior to the Bernie Sanders phenomenon during 2016 Democratic Party primary run leading up to "coronation" of Hillary Clinton as nominee and resulting political blow-back in the Genera Election that swept Republican nominee, Donald Trump, into office as 45th President of the United States. ~ JDHWB-R

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlp-AfiCXNU&t=10s

Politics in the United States


Presented by Joseph H. Bryan-Royster of Occupy Cape Ann at the 1st Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 2, 2012

We, the members of our local general assemblies in the Occupy Movement have gathered together here in Philadelphia - at the birthplace of our independence and liberty to collectively seek a new vision for the United States of America; one that is transparent in nature, founded in horizontal direct democracy, reached through local consensus, and then implemented by our elected representatives as authorized by the Constitution of this Republic.

We the people are sovereign individuals - acting collectively for the common good. Personhood belongs to individual people - not to corporations formed for private profit. Election of candidates for political office must be funded publicly and equally by the people and these rights have to be protected and preserved with amendments to the Constitution. However, before this is able to happen here in the USA the 99% need to wake up to reality!

The 1% has methodically constructed a Financial Pyramid of mind control over the economy. In the United States of America since the age of the “robber barons” back in the 19th century. Decentralized family farms and local shopkeepers were soon replaced by industrial factories taking the common people away from growing their own food and providing for themselves. With the refining of oil came dependence on fossil fuels and convenience of the automobile. With the harnessing of electricity came radio, television, and an addiction to entertainment. We did not see the deliberate consolidation of resources by corporations behind the scenes. We no longer have the means to provide for our needs because we allowed them to take it!

Here is a one dollar bill – A Federal Reserve Private Bank Note - with no true monetary value because it is fiat currency - printed without any backing of silver to establish its actual worth. All transactions within the market economy are based on this unit, or its foreign equivalents. We, the 99%, are forced to earn, spend, and borrow money in order to survive in this system. The Democratic and Republican parties have failed to promote economic equality in America and we the people can no longer count on them to represent us, especially since the Citizens United decision by the U. S. Supreme Court allowed unlimited private funding of candidates.

Public funding of elections, on an equal basis for all candidates running for office, is the only fair way to ensure that there is a level playing field for everyone involved. Corporations are not People! Money is not Speech! To reverse this, Constitutional amendments are required. If the two political parties are unable to serve the collective will of the people, then we need to create an alternative alliance of Independent candidates committed to uphold consensus decisions made by community assemblies. Organize this effectively like a third political party.

Establish a co-operative decentralized network of local economies to provide material needs for the people and reclaim our right to produce goods and services for ourselves at fair value. Consensus-based Intentional Communities and General Assemblies in the Occupy Movement have the opportunity to synthesize localized Solidarity Economies by sharing their resources.

We will build a parallel grass-roots system separate from the inter-corporate market system. Eventually, we will not have to support the Financial Pyramid of the 1%. We will not work for private profit of corporate shareholders, nor will we buy their goods or services. Sustainable, open-ended boycotts will be possible once the decentralized alternative is strong enough to dismantle the Financial Pyramid of the 1%, causing it to collapse of its own weight when the 99% ceases to serve the inter-corporate market system and starts to create a new economy.

Wall Street operates like a gambling casino in Las Vegas. The public trading of stocks, bonds, and derivatives are bets made against the collective future of the 99%. In 2008 the economy tanked and we took the hit. Then the investment bankers who profited were bailed out and we the taxpayers are expected to pay. The market economy is now proven to be bankrupt!

Establish an Interface between Inter-Occupy and the Fellowship for Intentional Community. Transform all local Occupations in the movement into functioning Intentional Communities. Build an alternative decentralized network of green worker-owned co-operative industries. Create local currencies and start exchanging goods and services without use of U. S. Dollars. Monitor politicians at all levels for compliance with local consensus decisions by the people. Forge a Communitarian Alliance of Independent Candidates running as a virtual Third Party. Mobilize a sustainable open-ended consumer boycott of inter-corporate goods and services. Practice principles of Solidarity Economy as Co-operative Decentralism emerges in the USA!

Occupy Wall Street! Occupy Philadelphia! Occupy the United States of America!


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