Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Bernie Black-Out continues as 31,000 Plus crowd packs California Stadium BEYOND Capacity:

May 10, 2016 by Phil Creek

According to the DNC Elites and the pundits in Main Stream Media, Bernie Sanders is a hopeless cause and needs to just go away. But when over 31,000 Bern-ers packed a stadium in Sacramento, CA on Monday night to hear what the 2016 contender for the democratic nomination had to say, the Main Stream Media had nothing to say... and nothing to show.

In a now all to familiar tactic, good news for Bernie equals NO news on the air. When Bernie Sanders won a very important double-digit victory in the state of Washington, MSNBC barely let it crawl across the bottom of their screen while they broadcast reruns of " Lock-Up". On CNN Bernie's Washington State victory didn't even rate that, as CNN broadcast a religious docu-drama instead.

Given the fact that CNN is owned by Time-Warner, one of the top ten corporate donors to the Clinton campaign, it isn't surprising that CNN is tepid at best in regards to anything pro-Bernie. That MSNBC's parent company, Com-Cast. ALSO has deep motives ( not having to pay ANY taxes on corporate profits "out-sourced" to over-seas banks ) to keep Bernie Sanders out of the Oval Office is also no big secret. That one of MSNBC's lead talking heads, Chris Mathews, had a wife running for congress and receiving campaign funding from some of Hillary's wealthiest donors ( none of which lived in the congressional district she was running for ) didn't help much.

Despite the media black-out of Bernie and the constant blather for the wooly-haired senator's withdrawal from the race, Bernie Sanders, and his army of troops ( including some 9 million registered voters to date ) are determined to make the DNC and the corporate media realize they will NOT be ignored and will NOT be denied.

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