Tuesday, May 24, 2016


The truth is, Social Democracy is the government we have. Only, it's corrupt, badly corrupt. Some people think it is unrealistic, far fetched, not likely, I call this defeatism (coupled with media induced denial). I hope we can all come to see the principles in this video regarded as common sense rights, not because I want to redistribute wealth, or move away from hierarchy, but simply because every person should have the right to a better life in this prosperous, abundant human world.

Corruption in this country goes back pretty darn far. But the history of corruption from "Campaign Finance" and what we see to be bought politicians, rigged elections, and dirty legislation stems from a famous Supreme Court case known as Buckley vs Valeo in 1976. In this case the court directly loosened limits on Campaign Finance laws and indirectly undermined the building democratic election process in the United States.

This court case lead to the eventuality of another famous Supreme Court case in 2010 known as Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission (or as we call it on the facebook simply "Citizens United") which deregulated spending in political elections by allowing unions and corporations to spend an unlimited amount of money on any candidate they choose. This is also where the term "SuperPAC" comes from.

This system guarantees that those with large sums of money will have a stronger vote and a louder voice than any amount of people can have if they don't have money backing them up. We see this clearly, as Micah White points out in his book "the End of Protest", with recent large protests. One such protest was the Anti-War movement of 2003. The largest global protest in human history meant to speak out and prevent the invasion of Iraq. Up to 11million people protested in 60 different countries all over the world and still governments lead by the US went to war on obviously false allegations.

We also see evidence of this blatant disregard for the populous with protest movements like Occupy where the media and government seemed more inclined to abuse protesters expressing their constitutional right then listen to them. These people were mostly educated, middle-class Americans and the government still largely ignored their outcry for a more fair and balanced political system. The confusing rhetoric and appalling display of this probably rigged political election is yet another example of these court rulings giving money a louder voice than an American citizen.

I stand by the notion that this disgustingly corrupt political system is the biggest issue we have. This is the issue which will define my vote this coming election. As I see it, this is the issue that is preventing livable wages, a just health care system, a respectful education system, and an ethical economic system. That is to say, that I think we will never have these systems corrected until we vote, and vote in, a non-corrupt political system.

If you read this whole bit, I'm proud of you. I hope you have a good day.


(I am Daniel Bushman, and I approve this message)

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