Tuesday, February 10, 2015

sovereignty means not a slave... no rulers, no hidden contracts...

Adventures Into Sovereignty
Fridays 11pm EST, 10pm CST, 9pm MST, 8pm PST

Join your hosts, Rebecca Cope, Dr. Christina Winsey and special guests and experts for insightful interviews, and discussions. We delve in-depth into vital topics that affect every area of your life and freedom to choose to live as you want to live! We uncover the truths being covered up and we bring you the people and DR. CHRISTINA WINSEY information to help you, whether you’re fighting a foreclosure on your home, fighting for health care freedom of choice, or any other issue freedom under natural law.

Each and every human being needs to know the truth and history of the laws, corporations, entities and agencies that have enslaved and controlled your life, your money, your health, your options…..your mind!

Learn how YOU can take action to get your freedom back, because…Non-Action is No Longer an Option!

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