Friday, February 13, 2015

Kiri Campbell: Understanding the Tools & Technology...


Our Tools & Technologies consist of:

1. The Revolutionary Anti-debt Credit Technologies that govern the Credit Exchange System - This means that debt backed currencies can become a thing of the past and eventually phase out as the concepts begin to evolve and take shape.

2. Smart Card Account for tablet and mobile buying and selling with individuals, businesses etc.

3. Smarter Eftpos Card designed to be used where-ever there is eftpos. This gives you greater freedom and choice of where you can spend your credits.

4. QR Code Scanning Tablet, great for local businesses that don't have Eftpos and more cost effective system to using Eftpos,
5. Credit Exchange App, Buy or Sell with our awesome app, now your ability to take payments or send payments is not restricted to conventional methods.

6. Online Account for a convenient way to manage all your accounts. Send and receive credits, mange all your purchases or sales all from the convenience of your online account.

7. Tradexchange is the best way to advertise all your products goods or services to members as well as non-members. If you are buying then the Tradexchange is the first place to look when buying if you are wanting to sell then the Tradexchange is the most cost effective way to sell and the first place buyers will look.

8. Mobile Area Merchant (Account Manager) Each month, you receive a full statement of account activity as detailed as a typical credit card or bank statement. Credit Exchange may extend credit to members in good standing in the form of a Credit Voucher. Each account has a set limit and can only be extended by visiting your Mobile Area Merchant. They are responsible for managing your account and providing all members with up-to-date information, services, tools and technologies from the Credit Exchange System and Exchange Education Centers. It is also their duty to manage any misuse of the Credit Exchange systems under the guidance of each Distributor.

9. Credit Voucher System is one way to top up your account. This Credit Voucher is your debt-free digital currency all members can use to top up their accounts. The voucher uses the anti-debt credit technologies to provide a debt-free currency. The benefits of the Credit Voucher is that instead of borrowing credit or distributors lending credit, you can now purchase credit for a 10% fee instead of repayments and interest. Because the Credit Exchange is not a bank or a financial institution, we can offer our members an credit exchanging facility, as opposed to a lending or borrowing system, which means all our members are effectively creditors and shareholders of the Credit Exchange Systems.

10. Credit Assurance and Insurance is available from your Mobile Area Merchant. This gives you greater security if you, your property or business suffer a loss (Eg. Flooding or Earthquake damage, theft, income loss) and the list goes on.

11. Currency Exchange provides a free currency exchange service. If you are wanting to exchange your currency for Credits, you can do so by making a cash deposit with your Mobile Area Merchant. We use DPS Technologies so we can also accept Mastercard, Visa American Express and all Debit cards as well in exchange for Credits.

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