Friday, February 20, 2015

Declaration of Freedom: Joseph David Henry Ware

Declaration of Freedom

The key components of the Declaration of Freedom for establishing yourself as a micro-nation are:

Establishing jurisdiction
Establishing identity & status
Establishing nature of relationship to corporate bodies and officers
Affirming rights

Public Declaration of Sovereignty and Freedom, Expatriation, and Dissolution of all Previous National and Political Allegiance

We make the following Public Declaration of Sovereignty and Freedom, Expatriation, and Dissolution of all Previous National and Political Allegiance voluntarily, freely, and absent any outside influence, coercion, or duress, being in full control of our mental and physical faculties.

By: Joseph David Henry Ware
On the land known as: United States
Date: 20/2/2015

When one awakens to the truth that, since the moment of our birth, We have been programmed to contract to corporate institutions which by their very nature serve neither people nor planet, and thereby relegated to an existence based upon fear, time and money, there is but one course of action that reveals itself, that is, to claim a rightful place in this world which the Supreme Creator within has provided for all, as equals amongst all, bound only by the voice of one’s conscience to live the term of a life as peaceably and joyously as possible.

And thus, We, commonly known and hereafter referred to as, Sovereign Free People, given our birth name by our natural parents, hereby make known to all members of Humankind, lovers of Liberty, sons and daughters of G-d, children of Peace and the world; as well as tyrants, oppressors, usurpers, rulers, and presumed authority, the following Public Declaration.

Be it known that We, Sovereign Free People, declare our peace with all sentient life.

Be it known that We, Sovereign Free People, are fully aware, educated, informed, and knowledgeable, and accept full responsibility for our life and the actions taken in the exercise thereof.

Be it known that We, Sovereign Free People, stand before our inner Creator; thankful for all of the power and freedom We possess as a consequence of our birth; and in doing so avow to submit to no earthly authority, be it political, societal, or otherwise unnatural.

Be it known that We, Sovereign Free People, desire peace, tolerance, freedom, liberty, and accountability for ourselves and all mankind and do henceforth commit to a life of noble expression, exercised in any such manner that does not cause harm, loss or damage to another living being.

Be it known that We, Sovereign Free People, hereby set forth the following statements in Declaring our Freedom and Sovereignty, claiming our Expatriation, and Dissolving all previous National and Political Allegiance:

We are all natural-born, independent, free men and women who, at the time of our birth, entered this world under the care of our natural parents and in full possession of all the rights, faculties, freedoms, and power We would ever possess for the term of our natural life.

We aver only to a natural world, and disavow constructs, fictions, and entities created by the mind and hand of man, save for those which we elect from this day forth to empower with our free, prior and informed consent pursuant to ensuring freedom and self-determination for ourselves and the people of the world.

We have come to know that there is no power on this earth superior to the personal power endowed to us by our inner Creator. There may be the illusion of a superior force designed to compel our obedience and compliance, but such force, when exercised by unjust power, is nothing more than naked aggression, tyranny, and evil.

We admit to having hitherto submitted to the demands and will of others who exercised influence and authority over us, at times to our detriment, without our full informed consent, but rather out of intimidation, fear, and ignorance.

We have not attempted to define any of our rights, as endowed by said inner Creator, which we hereby reserve without limitation, for such rights are indescribable, boundless, and beyond the comprehension of artificial constructs.

We acknowledge that humankind may have hitherto believed that government was necessary to ensure the mutual protection of life, liberty and property, however such government has shown itself to be an anachronistic relic of a time where circumstances induced people to trade Natural Rights for privileges and benefits derived from the Civil Power. Such government is no longer capable of maintaining the illusion that it operates for the mutual protection of life, liberty, and property, having now deviated to a course of abuse, violence, theft, deceit, fraud, and coercion evident to all men and women of sound mind.

We proclaim that government is not, and cannot be, sovereign; that there is but one sovereign which bestows the right to exercise sovereignty upon those it creates; which right cannot be surrendered, waived, transferred, or assigned to any unnatural entity that may then possess sovereignty superior or equal to that which created it.

We recognise that government has organised and mobilised a force comprised of individuals who are armed, trained, and presumably empowered with "authority" to enforce laws, edicts, proclamations, rules, ordinances, and regulations in the name of "public safety", "national security", "common good", "police power", and other contrivances. We recognize that those individuals comprising this force are morally bound and obligated to adhere to the laws of nature and respect the sovereignty of others – as a member of the human family they are assumed to be reasonable and responsible for their individual actions. We therefore assume that any action taken by such individuals, against our life, liberty, or property, is purposeful, intentional, and deliberate.

We proclaim that We are not a citizen of any country, a statutory resident, a statutory person, a taxpayer, nor any other creature, fiction, subject, or definition found in statutes, codes, ordinances, or anywhere else that does not recognize a natural, free-born wo/man. This statement shall serve as our Declaration of Expatriation from the corporate governments of the world. We furthermore pledge no allegiance, lend no support, do not swear to defend, nor otherwise submit ourselves to any authority or jurisdiction of any corporate government or presumed authority, nor do We seek any benefit or exercise and privilege arising from the same, save for such circumstances where there exists an express or implied threat to the exercise of our natural rights, and then only under threat and duress.

We do not accept ownership or liability for any Social Security Number, Status Number, Taxpayer Identification Number, or other identifying number used in administering privileges and benefits by government, the same belonging to the issuing authority. Any prior personal claim over such numbers was an error, ascribed to ignorance.

Any government issued, or commercial document, bearing a name similar to that which we may use, does not reflect our name, since the name was affixed to such documents by the issuing entity and are therefore not ours, but instead the property of the issuing entity. Any such documents previously issued by government or commercial entities were issued under fraud, deceit, or coercion and their use, as a matter of necessity and in such manner as does not cause harm or loss to a living man or woman, cannot be binding upon us. We will honour whatever contractual agreements we have made by our voluntary signature to such documents, provided a substantiation for any lawful claim can withstand objections based on fraud, duress, or coercion.

We recognise that civilised society cannot exist, absent fully autonomous, independent, and sovereign individuals who may choose to become a member of society through choice made with full disclosure.

We have but one duty, and that is to live in accordance with the conscience We are blessed with. As a result of such exercise, mankind and society will incur no burden on our behalf, suffer no injury, and be none diminished. All of our actions are voluntarily, purposeful, and wholly our responsibility. We shall, according to our conscience, avail ourselves to others who find comfort, value, and knowledge in our gifts and who seek to share in the bounty which we enjoy.

We will give generously and graciously, as dictated by our will and capacity alone, and in whatever manner We deem fit for our own benefit and that of the singular creation of which we are a part.

We have made every reasonable attempt to make known our thoughts, beliefs, and actions; assert our position and identify ourselves to all as reasonable and peaceful natural persons. We have petitioned the government; We have sought the counsel of those who are deemed to be ‘learned’; We have studied and educated ourselves in the ways of morality, philosophy, law, and society; We have availed ourselves to the established system in good faith, adhering to established rules, and have sought justice. We have been met with only threats, lies, violence, deceit, silence and/or injury.

Therefore, to a candid world be known that We, Sovereign Free People, having exhausted all reasonable means at our disposal to claim and assert our natural rights to self-determination, autonomy, sovereignty, and freedom; and as a last resort, make the aforesaid statement as our Public Declaration of Sovereignty and Freedom, Expatriation, and Dissolution of all Previous National and Political Allegiance, and will, with all the power possessed by us through our inner Creator, conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the spirit and intent of this Declaration.

Signed: Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster




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