Thursday, February 5, 2015

From understanding the OPPT Filings to manifesting the New Earth Project together as ONE PEOPLE... United in Love!

Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf and Sacha Stone
on The One Network

Sacha Stone and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf with Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly and D...raw and unedited. To ALL I AM, we BE knowing what to do...full implementation NOW!

In pure love and gratitude!

All ways! Always! Yes!



About the New Earth Project

The New Earth Project is a pioneering worldwide initiative now uniting humanity in a common cause: to dynamically create healthy, abundant and fulfilling lives - now.

It cultivates environments (homes, farms, communities, retreats etc..) which are physically, emotionally and spiritually invigorating; where people can feel safe, secure and unburdened; where people can live in natural homes set in natural locations built from natural materials; where our health and welfare is no longer controlled by vested interests; where education is inspired and inspiring; where organic GMO-free food is plentiful… and free; where no one needs to pay money to anyone else simply to survive; and where self-determination, freedom, and peace amongst all mankind is owned and revered as the cornerstone of civilization - not as a foolish notion.

This is not a future dream. The new earth is here, now, for those of us across the globe who choose to embrace it. We invite all freedom loving and conscious people to join us on this global democratic highway. This is where we may intelligently and with one voice draw a line in the sand against big-government, surveillance culture, drone-warfare, rigged economies and the degradation of human dignity by overreaching governments and institutions.

We have already cultivated the breakthrough technologies, created the political framework, the organizational capacity, the economics modelling, the masterplanning and the law and sovereignty underpinning to be able to deliver on this grand vision.

All we need now - is you.

Who are we?

A group of dedicated individuals committed to ushering in the new era of planetary well-being and sustainability. Until now our organisation, Humanitad, has been entirely self-funded by it’s founders and contributors - each giving our time and resources to advance a collective vision for a New Earth.

We are not a group of idealists who simply dream of a better world, rather we’ve been focusing on deliverables and systematically creating the map for achieving this: in economics, health and welfare, sustainable technologies, education & healing, sovereignty & law. We are blessed to work within a team including some of the world-leading experts in these key disciplines, with proven track records in manifesting successful projects for human and planetary betterment.

Check out the New Earth Team HERE.

What have we done so far?

Using the tools outlined in the blueprint, we have articulated an intelligent path to deliver the creation of hundreds of conscious communities and retreats over the next 5 years, thousands in the years to come.

1:      We have made agreements with land and land partners - totalling in excess of 200 square kilometers of land - to be purposed for the development of New Earth Communities and Retreats.

2:      We have designed and built prototypes of New Earth bio-architected structures and conducted experiments confirming the effectiveness of their healing properties 

3:      We have made agreements with inventors and technology providers to facilitate the delivery of revolutionary technologies to those Communities and Retreats.

4:      We are developing our own in house free-energy technologies and have negotiated the rights to other breakthrough energy technologies which are readying for production and due for release to the Project by the end of this year.

5:      We have cultivated a strong network of relationships with key political, spiritual & cultural figures in strategic locations and positions to support the roll-out of the Project.

A call to you...

We all witness the unfolding catastrophic world events which define modern ‘reality’ - economic collapse, war, poverty, disease and so-called terrorism continue to lead the world as we know it to the brink of annihilation.

The inescapable truth is that all misery which plagues our existence is permissioned and maintained by us, and by the thoughts and deeds which we continue to propagate throughout our lives. Owning up to this may be the first critical step toward sovereignty, and toward the realization that we can thus change the world for the better - in the blink of an eye. 

We are staring at the greatest opportunity for the evolutionary advancement of humanity, in our long and turbulent history; an opportunity for us to engage in manifesting a new world – in a fully conscious manner.

To do this effectively we will need to come together, to unite toward this common goal, and we must do so outside of the existing systems and constructs which limit our capacity for expression, interaction and meaningful cooperation.

Together we can and must awaken from our bad-dreaming, and direct our remarkable capacities for creativity toward the manifestation of a world of prosperity, harmony and abundance. We will re-craft society and re-define the principles which govern our existence. We will build a New Earth – and do not need to ask for permission to do so.

With your participation, the New Earth Project can take the first step in making this new dream a living reality.

Join us now in seizing this remarkable opportunity.

This week the One People Round Table welcomed Greg Paul, co-director of New Earth Projects to talk about the progress of New Earth, the online portals/tools about to be launched and what does community really mean?

LANTERNWALK EVACUATION WATCH... KEY BOOK!  (Important Survival Resource)

Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster

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