Thursday, July 27, 2017

Send Synchronized Energy Wave to Heather and Randy Tonight!

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf Identity hearing on Monday (Still Jailed) - July 26, 2017

1.26.17- Initial Update- More to come, as I receive it.

There was a sealed hearing

They closed up everything and locked doors, black pieces of wool on window

They asked Bill, Yousef, and Neil to leave

Attorney came out and talked to Bill and Yousef after the hearing

Apparently TN, issued an arrest warrant for HATJ, for….? to gum up works for her

She will have an identity hearing on Monday. DC Jail lock up jail until then.

This all from Neil, live down there at the courtroom

Identity hearing on Monday. [ this is necessary, because HATJ refuses to sign her name and contract with the system. ]

1.27.18  “I would like to ask the moderator of this forum to rally all our brothers and sisters tonight @ 10PM EST to release our synchronized energy wave to Heather and Randy.
Love is a Divine Currency. Let’s exchange it freely toward another another for the deliverance of humanity. And don’t leave home without it.”

 7.27.17 [Lisa S]   update I will share that Heather was been communicated with by phone.  She is DOing well (heart)

In Gratitude for ALL of the DOings here.  NOW – everyone – in this room and elsewhere – you know what you are all to do.  Follow your inner guidance only and allways – these are amazing moments and EVERYONE is participating – in the manner in which their heart/mind is guiding.  All now take full responsibility, liability and accountability for their choices.

Please remember that the current circumstances unfolding with Heather and Randy – have and are also unfolding with many many more who are and have been doing – in their own particular way – all they feel to do to completely close out the model of power over others. These circumstances may ‘seem’ to be isolated – yet they are not.

Please remember this as you set your intentions in each moment for it is with our intentions and thoughts and words and deeds that create quick and fast at this now.

Now is the ‘time’ to reconcile all that has been experienced – in gratitude – with grace and ease and gratitude and JOY!

I Love Every Being – no matter what roles/positions are being played out now.

(heart) (bow) (heart)


[9:26:14 AM] Terran/AK: Lisa called. has a UCC lawyer lined up and an interim UCC lawyer for Heather in short term, until that other lawyer can get here.   I’m going to book a visit with Heather shortly have a couple hours to get situated in a hotel.
[9:26:50 AM] Terran/AK: Lawyer for HATJ should be in contact today


[7:36:57 AM] Denice D:
[7:38:50 AM] Denice D:
[7:39:03 AM] Denice D: to receive calls from H

YouTube Video:


IMPORTANT UPDATE: July 28, 2017 ~ Federal Indictment & Charges For Using SSN & Secret Trust TDA Account - Heather & Randall

Published on July 28, 2017

The following video is an overview of the Federal Indictment & Charges against Heather Ann Tucci & Randall Keith Beane.

It is important to keep in mind everyone is innocent UNTIL proven guilty.


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