Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What Came Up for Me, When My Lantern went Dark at Equinox

~ Universal Waite Tarot ~
15 - THE DEVIL - Interference due to Separation (Samew; Capricorn)
Encounters Obstruction....
The Appearance of bondage to the concept of being Separated from God; the illusion of self individually detached from the creative Source and in turn separated from other selves. This mirage is the root cause of Egotism which generates competition and strife among human beings. The visual representation of this card is the antithesis of The Lovers, with the sixth card in particular shown to be representative of the human condition before the Fall that caused expulsion from Paradise. The tails of the Man and Woman are lesser indicators of the respective Trees, i.e. Life and the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and their bondage to the pedestal upon which the Baphometic figure sits shows the results of partaking in the Forbidden Fruit. The Separation into materiality is the means of taking the Divine Spirit through a multi-faceted projection into individuated Souls whereas each Ray is obligated to re-discover its creative Origin in the Source of all Being. Herein lies the symbolism of the personal Ego, an illusion in Truth but the specific obstacle all Incarnated Beings must overcome in order to reach liberation from the Karmic Wheel, i.e. the Cycle of rebirth. All of the strife, greed, prejudice, hate, selfishness, lust, and Evil intentions of all kinds imaginable are the result of personal Egotism; individual manifestations of unbelief in the unity of all Consciousness within the Mind of the Source who dwells within all of us. Each incarnated Being has the Key to open the Door of Realization regarding this Truth, yet the Understanding that material existence (solidity) is an illusion must be recognized first. The obscuration of this Reality is the role of the proverbial Threshold Dweller represented on this card. Transcendence of Limitations is the act which sets us free. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Mephistopheles, Satan, Baphomet.
State of Mind: Subordination, Ravage, Bondage, Malevolence, Subservience, Downfall, Lack of success, Weird experience, Bad outside influence or advice, Black magic, Unexpected failure, Inability to realize one's goals, Violence, Shock, Fatality, Self-punishment, Temptation to evil, Self-destruction, Dependency upon another person, Blind impulse, Obsession, Endurance

Intuitive interpretation by Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D.

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