Monday, March 27, 2017

BLACK CAT INTERFACE: Pasadena, Calif. ~ Nantucket, Mass.

Deja Vu

Inside the Matrix, deja vu is the repeat ocurrence of an event that has already taken place moments ago. It happens when the code of the Matrix is altered.

In the Matrix, Neo sees a black cat walk by followed by another that behaves exactly the same way. This tipped off the crew of the Nebucchadnezzar that the code of the Lafayette Hotel had been changed, sealing off most exits, and that agents were in pursuit causing the crew to be caught in a trap.

My mother was given a black kitten, along with a gray one, from a friend when I was 4 years old and living in Pasadena, California. She let me name it "Inky," but not long after arrival, she went outside during a rainstorm and vanished. The gray one I named "Cloudy," and lived over 17 years as our family house cat before passing away.

Twenty years later, I was given a black kitten by my business partner's secretary, and I chose to name her "Inky" as I was a successful pen & ink artist living on the island of Nantucket, in Massachusetts.  After creating a pair of originals for historical posters over the Winter, my cat was chasing June bugs in the courtyard where I lived and vanished. Soon thereafter, my art business that supported me for two years with seasonal income collapsed. I came to understand that good fortune had forsaken me and it took a divorce and 12 years for me to recover from this reversal. Therefore, art commissions that were my mainstay became a secondary form of income; supplementing employment at a resort hotel, house painting as an independent contractor, and at a newspaper as offset pressman. ~ JDHWB-R

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