Monday, January 30, 2017

Individually and Collectively... with the Mind anchored in Heart!

American Common-Wealth De-Centralist Coalition
Common Unity Switchboard Project

Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D., Msc.D.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election as 45th President of the United States, and his continued violation of the Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, it becomes necessary to withdraw our support for a hidden financial oligarchy standing behind the political system that is currently in control of this Republic.

Nothing less than a nationwide open-ended boycott of all big-box consumer products is required of us; choosing to buy local instead of at the chain stores that advertise via the media.

Because many chain stores are multi-national, this open-ended boycott has to extend into a worldwide action. The oligarchs only understand the concept of profit and loss, so when interlocking boards of directors observe their sales falling, they will change course or face bankruptcy.

Common Unity Switchboard offers help  in transforming companies (owned by shareholders for private profit) into new collective cooperatives (owned equally by their members).

This ongoing process is to be coupled with rigorous monitoring of the elected officials at every level be they local or state or national or international. Using email programs (to check compliance of voting record with that which is best for the Common Good) and to initiate a recall election if necessary.

Co-operative Decentralism is the goal of Common Unity Switchboard, with an emphasis on local sustainability and off-grid capability. Internet Communication (augmented by amateur radio stations) is how this Switchboard operates and links local communities for networking with each other in Solidarity. Now is the time to begin dismantling the inter-corporate state...

We have a juggernaut in the White House, folks! We do need to "hit the ground running," both as individuals with Heart directing Mind and collectively in Synchronicity, so we may throw this "albatross from our proverbial backs," preserving freedoms enshrined in the 1787 Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights authored by this nation's Founders... ~ JDHWB-R

We Are the One People of Earth!

The Common Unity Switchboard interface is designed to serve many local communities from a decentralized Hub within each community and create an inter-active Watchdog component for monitoring elected representatives.

Each Switchboard Hub requires only a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with Internet access for online telecommunication (person-to-person and group conference calls) plus ear buds/headset audio with microphone if needed. Members within each local intentional community interface are connected by their Switchboard Hub through an electronic online bulletin board program with individual posts (i.e work offered or needed, inter-communal ride caravans, meet-ups, food and material exchanges, etc). Then amateur "ham" radio operators plus CB (Citizens Band) "walkie talkie" communications would augment the Internet-based network in event of "signal jamming" and/or the failure of parts or all of the global electrical grid and/or telecommunications networks ( i.e. an Earth-facing Coronal Mass Ejection). A worldwide project is designed to replicate within each localized intentional community having many decentralized locations for Motherboard Hubs which are fluid, and will include participation of every existing and forming Intentional Community, membership willing. Media plug-in for this project is the Internet, beginning with the alternative media, and then going viral via social networks and word-of-mouth, to eventually reach mainstream media outlets.

Inter-linked Switchboard hubs on the Internet, each one acting as an intentional community seed, connect for larger projects involving multiple intentional communities (i.e. for free energy projects and transportation co-operatives; work/share arrangements plus pooling of human and material resources to realize goals in common). Many hands in many locations make this project sustainable. Information resources are always available on the subject of individual Sovereignty, the full responsibility and liability of every participating human being, teaching that every decision made is to be in synchronicity with the well-being of the whole of humanity. This means total cooperative decentralization of governance at the individual level shared with everyone who affected by this process: i.e. the members within an intentional community and interfaces between two or more intentional communities achieving common goals. The Creative Commons (free sharing of ideas) backed by the proverbial “Golden Rule” of human interaction is KEY to success.

This project is designed to foster unity of the One People of Earth on a local and global scale, through transcendence of all systems of contrast (hierarchy/inequality). Anyone everywhere has the option of participation via connection to any local Switchboard Hub seated within any particular local community. There would be zero discrimination with regard to ethnic, cultural, religious/spiritual, economic, or sexual orientation of any human being; an inherent application of the Golden Rule, which is collectively recognized through mediated local consensus of the One People, who are Absent Limits.

Crowdfunding platforms, such as Indiegogo and GoFundMe, are to be augmented by local fund-raising options within each geographic area where local intentional communities are seeded through local Switchboard Hubs, using combinations of national fiat currencies, local currencies, and/or alternative value exchange media (i.e. time banking systems).

Twin Avenues of Participation: Being in Service (Giving) and Being in Commitment (Receiving)

Every human being creates a Comprehensive Life Skills Set for the Resource Pool to Initiate His or Her Participation within the Common Unity Switchboard interface of localized Switchboard Hubs in each local community.

Moving through Stages of Service (Giving) and Commitment (Receiving), every participating human being seeks to achieve  Balance within their Avenues of Participation in the Common Unity Switchboard interface.

The I AM in You is the Same I AM in Me... Namaste'

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