Sunday, December 18, 2016


This Man Built a Motor with Only Magnets and an Erector Set in 1964 that Ran for 20 Minutes!

My mother was the only witness to this significant event, that she shared with my brother years later, who told me long after we reached adulthood. I was 14 and Howard was only 10 when our Dad assembled a "ferris wheel" shaped device with two concentric rings on a an axle, using hobby magnets set in repulsion between the rings. It was very late at night in Corona del Mar, California where we lived, so my brother and I were fast asleep when Dad touched the inner wheel with his finger and it started to rotate on the axle, picking up speed as it turned to the point this model was dancing on our dining room table until Dad stopped it with his finger. He had found that "sweet spot" for generating energy but was never able to repeat this experiment. He continued to build models, one after the other and our Uncle Hop also built models. When Howard was old enough to do so, he built models of different types; using such improvements as machined parts and ball-bearings. I have seen some of these prototypes, but not one of them rotated for very long before that devil, Entropy, slowed them to a stop. Both my Dad and Uncle Hop have passed away but my brother Howard keeps building models in hope of finding that "sweet spot" to generate free energy using magnetism as his vehicle for this. Howard is not going to give up this quest until he succeeds!

James Robitaille, a self-taught electrical engineer has been working with the concept of a Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) since leaving the corporate world several years ago and has done several builds of prototypes for this device (based upon Nikola Tesla's design for an Electric Dynamo) in Pennsylvania, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and also in Morocco. His step-daughter, Naima Dawn Feagin (known in online circles as HopeGirl) is actively promoting QEG builds around the world with Cottage Industry Community Units (CICU's) created to facilitate such projects. Eventually, due to suppression by those who want to put a meter on power generating devices, HopeGirl and her family re-located to Morocco, leaving the United States, so James could continue his inventive work without interference from commercial interests in America who want to perpetuate our addiction to petroleum. The time has come to take our power back, and the day will come when all of the QEGs on the planet are self-looping in Synchronicity and generating FREE electricity for all! ~ JDHWB-R

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