Thursday, March 31, 2016


NYC to San Fransisco - n - back.
 Conversing – Converging – Connecting – Creating

Join Barbara and other creators on a cross country journey into your own realities. Once heart centered, learn to fill the space with abundance, happiness, clarity and perfect health. Whatever you desire.

*All hotel reservations, if applicable, are to be purchased directly by the traveler. Unless otherwise referenced, all food and sundry items are the responsibility of the traveler.

*Round trip includes a total of 8 days/nights. It is 3 days to SF, 3 days in SF, and 3 days return to NYC. All Amtrak routes are scenic and designed for pleasure. Join anywhere along the routes identified by time and train ID# above.

*Translation Tours are opportunities for like-minded creators to get together to discuss various topics of interest. Each tour will focus on a theme upon which workshops, chat sessions, experiences, support & consulting, virtually all possibilities will be explored and made available. All tours are designed to optimize fun, the fantastical and frequency to offer all the opportunity to leave with tools and knowings experienced first hand during his/her travels.

*Do it your way. Join us one way or round trip. Stay for as much or as little of the journey as you wish.

*All Translation Tour travelers will be free to gather at designated times,in designated train car locations for all scheduled tour events, all of which will be posted on Coincidence Cafe’s FB page, for discussions, meetings, and private one-on-one-consulting sessions with Ana Komorebi, Carmelle Migliore (Skype), and Lisa M. Harrison (Skype).


Thursday  March 31, 2016 – New York to Chicago
3:40pm – 9:45 am (Fri April 1) 19hr, 5min
49 Lake Shore Limited

Friday April 1, 2016 – Chicago to Emeryville
2:00pm – 4:10pm (Sun April 3) 52 hr, 10min
5 California Zephyr

Wednesday April 6, 2016 – Emeryville to Chicago
9:10am – 2:50pm (Fri April 8) 51hr, 40min
6 California Zephyr

Friday April 8, 2016 – Chicago to New York
9:30pm – 6:23pm (Sat April 9) 19hr, 53min
48 Lake Shore Limited

All ticket purchases to be made directly through Amtrak
* Tickets start as low as $214 1-way. (book early & save)

Consider using  CraigsList or  for accomodations in San Francisco.


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