Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Unity or Separation: What Is It That We Choose? Love or Fear...

The Closed Mind & The Chasm that Divides
Divide and Conquer.

The "DIVISION & SEPARATION" meme is seriously cranked on high right now, and I'm watching movements and groups being torn apart.  Not by outsiders, but by rabid "believers" who are ready to defend their immovable belief without ever listening or considering anything else that is being put forward.

There are certain templates that are continuously used to DIVIDE the people, to break up movements and groups, and tear down systems that are not part of the "Plans" of the Controllers.  "They" have used these same templates over and over again, wielding them with repeated precision time after time... and yet, people STILL fall for it.

It is amazing to me that so many people are, or are getting, caught up in belief systems so strongly that it becomes like a Religion... just without the god stuff. Anytime a person feels the need to defend their beliefs or personal choices with manic bashing and almost virulent denunciation of anything that goes against their belief.... it's time to take a good long look at it to see if you have been sucked into a new belief system that fosters cultish, religious-type control mechanisms.

When people can't move beyond their "Belief" system- regardless of whether its based on religion, spirituality, politics, ethnicity, science, media, advocacy, activism - or any other system that mandates a single approach and a single viewpoint....When people are incapable of even LISTENING to anything outside of their perceived "Truth", then they have shut themselves off to any new information, ideas, perceptions,  facts, or theories. (god forbid someone comes along with a different theory or a new idea within the group!).  When movements and groups are torn apart with dogmatic statements of absolutisms and radical rhetoric, then the PTB have won. At that point, all hope is lost. Because if you are incapable of accepting new ideas, new comprehensions, new information, new perceptions, then you might as well just roll over and give up.

The "Truth" may be "out there", but no ONE person HERE has it.

There are NO leaders to blindly follow.


The moment you shut yourself off from investigating and researching, the moment you close your mind to anything not within your circle of belief,  and lock yourself up against anything new, you are then missing out on the pieces of the puzzle that you just might need to be able to Comprehend what the fuck is going on.

When you get to the point that you are ready to argue with anything that is outside your accepted group/beliefs/absolutes - Blindly, without even for a single moment being open to other new perspectives and input..... then you have LOST.

When you find yourself in that place where you are vehemently demanding that people accept YOUR "truth" and YOUR "Belief", and when you are willing to insult and rage against anyone who dares to offer an alternative thought or theory, then YOU are now the one perpetuating division and separation, sometimes even while preaching AGAINST division and separation.

.... It literally boggles my mind to see how many brilliant people just keep falling into this trap.

My friends, it is vitally important right now that we all work together. It is vitally important that we drop the division tactics, see the separation template for what it is, and stop following ANYTHING or ANYONE to the EXCLUSION of anything or anyone else.

Let me be very clear here:  The need to focus on UNITY does NOT mean Blindly Following or Agreeing on EVERYTHING.  Believe it or not, you do NOT have to agree on absolutely EVERYTHING in order to have UNITY.  You do NOT have to have a LEADER to have UNITY.  You do NOT need to have a 10 point plan, or a mandate of epic change laid out in a power point presentation to have UNITY.  If anything..... those things are the very basic beginnings of Division.

All we need to have UNITY, is to AGREE to STAND TOGETHER, regardless of beliefs, regardless of whatever group or movement or network we are part of, regardless of leaders, regardless of those perpetuating division & separation.

When we can STAND TOGETHER, Without expectations or demands of beliefs or strict absolutes.....

When we can STAND TOGETHER, Without trying to perpetuate our own personal perceptions over everyone....

When we can STAND TOGETHER Without followers, and without BEing a follower, without leaders, and without BEing a leader....

When we can STAND TOGETHER and Accept, without Judgement....



This is why the IN-Community Multi-Directional Overland Tour is forming NOW! There is no more time for playing this Cosmic Game called Life by rules such as "King of the Hill" or "Dog eat Dog" because WE ARE ALL ONE LIFE IN THE UNITY OF SOURCE and this truth increases exponentially as Humanity awakens en masse and walks away from the "Great Eternal Lie" that we are Separated from God and require a Savior for redemption. No ETs, No Messiah, No "New World Order," no script for Apocalypse scenario. WE ARE SO DONE with Distraction and the "Smoke and Mirrors" the PTW use to keep us in perpetual division from the LOVE WE KNOW WE ALL REALLY ARE! Let's gather together wherever we are on March 20th, 2016 (the Vernal Equinox) and begin this Tour from multiple locations all over the planet, building Community (Common Unity) within the Human Family. Share the LOVE, and BE THE CHANGE WE ARE SEEING UNFOLD IN THE WORLD before our eyes as we approach the Collective Event Horizon (critical mass) and walk away from an Old Paradigm of Fear into a New Paradigm of Love, where War is transmuted into Peace. WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR, AND WE ARE DONE WAITING! ~ JDHWB-R

Post Text Source: http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-closed-mind-chasm-that-divides.html ~ Thank you, Dani!

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