Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Daniel & I met at the Phoenix House of Sirius Community to go attend the Bernie Sanders campaign rally at UMass Amherst yesterday. He is the best hope, in my opinion, to bring forth a "sea change" in American politics and return power to the people of this country! We are the change we want to see in the world. Feel the Bern and go vote March 1st.  ~ JDHWB-R

Bernie Sanders thanks UMass Amherst crowd
for electing Elizabeth Warren

Bernie Sanders cited Elizabeth Warren’s oft-repeated economic message and flattered her constituents for electing her during a speech at UMass Amherst on Monday night.

“What our campaign has been talking about is … that we have a rigged economy, something that your senator Elizabeth Warren has talked about,” Sanders said to cheering. “Thank you all for sending Elizabeth to the Senate.”

The issues at the heart of Sanders’s campaign—income inequality and an economy that favors the top 1 percent—are largely the same that Warren has criticized. Warren has repeatedly referred to the American economic and criminal justice system as a “rigged economy” and “stacked deck,” rhetoric heavily borrowed by Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

With a week until Massachusetts voters go to the polls, Warren still hasn’t endorsed a presidential candidate. Her coveted support could provide a boost to either campaign in Massachusetts and nationwide.

“On Tuesday March 1, we’re going to make history here in Massachusetts,” Sanders said. “This great state is going to lead us forward to a political revolution.”

And some support from Warren couldn’t hurt.

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