Tuesday, January 19, 2016

One People Round Table Live Broadcast on January 19th, 2016...

I'm happy we're going to be celebrating soon -
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The elite or illuminati (or "dinosaurs") realize that their time is running out and that humanity is beginning to wake up. Some of the "slaves" have realized that the prison door is slightly ajar and are alerting the other human beings who have been held captive that now is the time for our collective cosmic prison break. The false flag shootings (Sandy Hook, Virginia, Charleston, etc.) were never about taking guns away from the public. They prefer that we have as many guns as we can carry so that we will continue to hurt each other. A.I. (artificial intelligence) has concluded that every time there is a mass shooting gun sales go up, not down. This is a fact. The previous staged shootings were satanic rituals but they were also test runs for the a.i. to see if humanity would believe the upcoming staged assassination of the Pope. Saturday is the moment they have all been waiting for. They have been collecting data on us this entire time and the picture we have given them is a rosy one for their side. The ai's conclusion is that the masses will believe anything the controllers show them on CNN, FOX, etc. regardless of evidence to the contrary. Humans will believe CNN before they will believe their own brother or sister or next door neighbor. After the fake assassination of Pope Francis in Philadelphia, they will fly his body back to the Vatican and in three days they will announce that he has risen from the "dead". They are attempting to stage the "Book of Revelations" to continue to control humanity and harvest human spiritual source energy. If this prophecy is revealed to the world, it will break the magic spell they intend to cast upon the population of the planet. They call this sick, psychopathic, satanic event they have planned for us their "party". The hope is that by revealing their plan ahead of time, we (humanity) will have thrown a major monkey wrench into their plot and, as a result, they may have to go so far as to cancel the "event" completely. "do not fear, brothers and sisters.... divine intervention is on its way. In fact, it is already here." The dinosaurs know about the so-called "X Factor" but his/her identity has been hidden from them and their time travel games have failed them. Their efforts to learn the identity of the "chosen one" have all been futile. They have not been able to discover the identity of this "rising son/daughter". Their hope was that they would be able to stop him/her BEFORE the x-factor's entrance onto the world stage. Needless to say, all their efforts have failed them and the "x-factor" has been beautifully protected and guarded - and not in a sleeping chamber - but in the open light of day. All that the dinosaurs aka "illuminati" know for sure is that they have just about run out of time. For the first time in history, they are beginning to fear that they will be defeated in their quest for the souls of humankind. This is a spiritual war and they are about to get their tails kicked big-time. Stay strong and to not give up hope. This long, difficult and painful chapter will soon be coming to an end. And when that happens, the dinosaurs will once again be extinct. (Not that they were ever really here to begin with but that's another revelation for another day! smile emoticon In closing, "Fear not!" Our earthly paradise is right around the corner. It is much closer than we think. We are to stay strong and love each other as much as possible. Love is the answer. It always was and always will be. Amen.

Recent message in light of Pope assassination not happening.....

Yes it's like a counter-spell us knowing beforehand. And their technology malfunctioned and is continuing to malfunction. The a.i. system has been hacked and nothing is going right for them. They will try to re-stage the pope assassination again at some point in the future. Flat or dome earth or firmament awareness in the growing collective consciousness along with mandela effect changes awareness is breaking their dark magic spell. The globe acted like a magic spell enchantment. And believe it or not but mirror mirror on the wall in snow white was a huge spell against us starting in childhood. The hack that altered that one movie line removed the incantation and reversed the spell. Changing it to magic mirror freed humanity in a very profound way. The hacks are removing certain spells placed by black magicians. The globe is the witch's crystal ball like in the wizard of oz. That's why it's in all the classrooms. We are shattering that image more and the entrapment spell that goes along with it more and more with each passing day. Scripture is being altered through the hack into the reality also. "In earth" in the Lord's prayer is revealing the truth that we are not on a planet but trapped within this hologram or simulation. 2016 is going to be epic and I do feel they will attempt the fake alien visitation to distract from the reality alterations ie mandela effect and the growing flat earth discussion. The mandela effect changes have taken them by surprise. They never saw those coming and they also know more are on the way and they will become increasingly more dramatic and hard to ignore by the masses. As a result they will have a more difficult time reprogramming us to take the update or patch which inserts the new reality with the changes. The changes we have seen so far were a first wave to get a group of awakened humans ready for the bigger second wave of changes that are coming. The sleeping masses are going to snap their collective pickle and will need us to calm their fears. We got a head start and that's why the changes have been subtle up to this point. We are now ready to hold the space. 2016 is going to be interesting to say the least. Fasten our seat belts. smile emoticon

Sure feel free to share the information if you think it would be helpful. We need not be so afraid anymore. And might want to look at this like an epic cosmic soap opera and just enjoy the show. The villain always gets what he or she has coming in the end. And we will have front row seats as it continues to unfold. smile emoticon

Keep up the great work you're doing. And thank you for being an anchor in the storm. smile emoticon

Read by Lisa M. Harrison on live broadcast of the One People Round Table, January 19, 2016

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