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Journey of Laura Magdalene Eisenhower...

The Grail of Venus:
Completing Magdalene's Legacy and
the Story of Goddess Sophia

I. Introduction

I have been in the process of completing the work, journey and myth of the many aspects of the Goddess Sophia – and how they relate to the legend of the Grail, the early tribes that served the path, the cauldron of creation, the love story of Christ Sophia and the restoration of the land.

The work of global transformation has its roots stemming from the beginning of time. The creative process to renew divine union between men and women and bring the essence of spirit into matter has always been the true goal of our evolution. There was only a short amount of time when all life was in balance, but due to intense conflicts, power struggles and Goddess suppression, we have forgotten the simplicity of how to restore ourselves and the World. This has produced imbalance, disconnect and the invention of destructive technologies which are creating environmental and global threats and the loss of cultural wisdom. Accessing our higher selves and true power has been very challenging because of this, so I embarked on a journey to help us return to our spiritual roots and to infuse the depths of matter with the seed of heaven.

Connecting with the deeper wisdom of the Earth, discovering the sacred alchemical union within ourselves, and anchoring the infinite spirit of love, light and bliss – is how we can find our way out of the false matrix, counteract all potential catastrophes and reestablish the original balance.

This here is a brief description of the journey I took in order to assist in this process.

Ancient Myths I Am Reliving Now

Ariadne and Dionysis, Christ Sophia, Isis Osiris, Persephone and Demeter, Hathor and Maat, Inanna-Dumazzi and Eshrikigal, Maeve, Celtic kings and Morganne, Kali, Lady Alchymia and the Grail King, Joseph of Arimathea and Magdalene, Hermes and Aphrodite, Guinevere and King Arthur, Lady of the Lake, Shekinah, the Demiurge, Lilith, Tree of Life, Diana and Orion, Rhea and sons, Mayan hero twins, and more.

Battling Embodiments of Creation Archetypes
Along my extraordinarily difficult and lengthy journey, I had to overcome a series of tests in order to completely collect my many Goddess aspects – which involved dealing with the greatest of evil forces and several significant male and female figures of Creation. I had to karmically contend with these destructive people, who were influenced by secret societies, alien entities or their own desire for power. They seemed to be trying to block or steal my creative life force and dismantle me as an individual through manipulation, abuse, abandonment and cruelty. They greatly threatened my survival daily and forced me to rise fully with incredible strength and deeper soul awareness.

Alchemy of the World Soul

The voyage through dark and light forces and the unconscious mazes of illusion lead to the merging of polarities that have a center point of harmony and equilibrium. The center point is also the Earth Body, which exists between Heaven and the underworld womb of the Earth. The navigation of me as the world soul through the labyrinth to unify dualities, ultimately allows me to center, resurrect myself on Earth and unlock the gateway to Heaven. The alchemical union within the world soul on the Earth plane can become the balance, peace and spirit of all life, if we discover this process within and around us. I have journeyed through perilous energy fields and falseness to bring divine love and light to the depths. I have been restoring the Gaia womb which is my own, and have been releasing the secrets of the maze that have kept the creative energy of the Mother Goddess in exile.

II. Magical Childhood

Spirit & Magic

There was only a short amount of time when I felt really grounded on Earth. I lived in the trees and talked to spirit. The dreams I had at night would surround me in my waking moments, and there was no separation at times between the two. Sometimes the walls would disappear and I would have visions of my path ahead. I remember saying the name Magdalene over and over again, feeling her as myself. My middle name is Madeleine actually (another version of Magdalene), which my father gave me.

Not Forgetting

I would soar into the heights, speaking with enlightened beings and existing in the infinite oneness. I realized that this was the divine essence and information that I would have to hold onto for dear life – since I knew that in the path ahead I would be immensely challenged, and have my soul tortured and taken away from my body.

Early Attacks

My vast terrain of emotions guided me to revelations of my oneness with Christ Sophia, the womb of creation and the elements of nature. I began to feel attacked, and would cry at night knowing that I was going to lose my sense of home, safety and freedom. I could feel something that had a lot of dark power yank at me. My great-grandfather President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Army general who led the Allied Forces to victory over Hitler, battled evil corrupt powers on Earth and took on some of the most challenging scenarios in history. I would always envision him and call upon him for strength and answers regarding what I intuitively felt was ahead of me.

III. Beginning of the Journey

Hand of the Crone

I remember when the Earth first opened up, and the hand of the crone guided me to the yoni of the land that is now the underworld and taken over by patriarchy. I recognized that I had to restore my lost aspects and scattered parts. The stolen treasures of humanity and the hidden wisdom of the world lay beneath, and I had to retrieve them from the dark lords.

Between Realms

I existed between two worlds. My spirit and heart were in heaven, while my mind, body and soul had to navigate the depths, in order to battle the chaos that followed me everywhere. In the depths of chaos, my higher mind, love and wisdom always saved me and deflected the danger. I purified in the light of my higher self and brought it into the depths with me. I was able to create a trail for the divine light to pour into and that is how I planted the seed. It was like I dug so deep into the darkness until it reached the other side where the light was. So the light poured in at the same time I dug my way to it. Christ was uniting with me in total isolation, even though he has always been in my heart.

IV. Christ and the Mother Goddess

Goddess Journey

The Thousand-named Goddess and her many faces I have lived and experienced at various phases along my path. Taking me many years to realize this, I was on a journey of death and resurrection in order to restore the sacred feminine to the planet. I would be feeling and embodying many different aspects of Sophia/Isis and many parallels to her timeless path in creation.

Going Solo

Rejecting many family opportunities, such as not going to the Eisenhower Women's Ball and having a spread in a mainstream magazine, I realized that I was being too manipulated and had too much darkness around me to want to be on the world stage. I knew that those kinds of opportunities would lead to destruction, and I had to devote to my higher calling of a nomadic spiritual world, which had different kinds of destructions that I could deal with behind the scenes instead.

Communion with Christ

Since a child and throughout my life (having never been religious or read the Bible), I experience daily, palpable communion with Christ – in tremendous passion and intensity. Everytime I envisioned him, I would break down and be inconsolable. His presence is there whenever I need him, and I am able to just rest against his body and feel his incredible spiritual presence, profound love and compassion. This is beyond what words can describe.


Experiencing endless tears, I was absorbing and releasing all the pain of the Mother Earth. I felt that I was crying in order to water the seed of divine union, that I planted in the depths of the underworld. The corruption and contamination that have permeated throughout the Earth are inside Sophia's cells and are released in her weepings and anguish. I felt like She and I were one.


As I matured and was processing the meaning behind all that I was experiencing, I felt tremendous guilt regarding the state of things in the world. Seeing humanity was like a child, I felt that we were all so lost and misguided. I could not understand how things got so out of sync and so disastrous. I couldn't bear to think about the suffering that Christ endured in order to awaken others. I connected so much to the Mother Goddess Sophia that I felt that I had somehow failed for not being able to steer things in the right direction. I also knew that others had forgotten me and that the patriarchal veil was keeping me suppressed. My communication with Christ reassured me that it was all for a reason, transformation was taking place, and fruition was ahead. I realized through his guidance that I had to let go in order to allow others to return to the source through free will. Realizing our path was about us both making tremendous sacrifices in order to guide this process, I did not feel so alone.

Mother Earth Wounds

I prayed and assured the Mother Earth that I would serve her, and would die, rise and heal with her. I would feel her wounds as my own in order to resolve the root causes of why they were there. As I was growing up into my teen years and beyond, I experienced constant spiritual and emotional energy work on this accelerated journey of descent and ascension. I was feeling a connection to Christ and the Goddess that wasn't taught to me or shown to me – it was just something so deeply woven into my soul, visions, memories and destiny. Everyday I felt the suppression, exile and the sadness of feeling trapped, lost and not awakened in the soul of humanity.

V. Moon Cycles and the Underworld Labyrinth


In the dark waning moon, I battled between truth and control as I tried to reclaim myself. This was my most challenging time because this is when the darkness tried to possess me the most, and when I was releasing the negative attacks. The waxing moon was my time for regenerating and returning to union and wholeness. I have come to intuitively realize that the moon is the path of inner completion, the labyrinth, the Mayan/13th moon calendar and 2012, purification, healing and release.


I experienced many dreams that emotionally prepared me for any difficulty, such as of my best friend in first grade dying of brain cancer, and several other deaths and world catastrophes. Many times in my dreams, I was saving the world at the most critical moments, and one time I had to make a choice between joining secret agent spy groups in space or completing an organic spiritual path on Earth towards the golden age. I have given many significant astral readings and wisdom to many in need. I also have been protected and surrounded by rainbow streams and celtic patterns, while flying through portals where I fought with monsterous inorganic entities to get to the light.

Attacks and Chaos in Many Forms

The most evil, deadly power was chasing me since a very young age. I faced the dragon of chaos in my aura that suffocated me and increased in intensity as I got older. It also manifested in the form of abusing, molesting and violent people, and I escaped death many times. I met evil, which involved three very powerful dark women and over a dozen men (some who acknowledged that they were communicating with aliens but were unaware that they were being manipulated), who were out to steal my creative power as Sophia. Having been strangled a couple of times, I also have had negative spells cast on me and have been left for dead in the freezing winter mountains. Everyday I had to focus on deflecting the attacks, and everytime anything started to go well, such as feeling a sense of peace in my body, the strikes would take place or some unbearable loss would occur.

Lone Warrior

No one could help me no matter how much I reached out. Advanced psychics and spiritual teachers would affirm to me that I, as the Goddess warrior, had to face these battles alone – because they were specific to me in trying to keep my whole nature hidden and buried. I still, however, managed to function in the physical world but not very well at times. I had extreme escapist tendencies and was very self-destructive and had problems with alcohol and accepting myself. I was bedridden often and felt alientated and isolated from the world.

Strange Occurrences

Small mini tornadoes would break my windows even on clear days, alerting me to impending doom and the intensity of the energy that surrounded me. I once walked through a fire, which symbolized to me the phoenix rising and even changed my palm lines – revealing on my left hand, the path of death and resurrection. Little signs would appear everytime I prayed for them, like a golden leaf that kept appearing at my feet, and a Led Zeppelin song that was played to me live by Robert Plant after I dreamt about its symbolic reference to my path. People would say strange things along the way as if they knew my path, like, "Laura, you have conquered the beast." I felt energetic premonitions of Katrina and the Tsunami and warned people of the disasters, as well as other world events. During such events, I could be found bedridden with grief. I also worked on resolving the Anthrax scare, certain impending epidemics and the bio-terrorism threats.


Sacred union is not fully integrated in most relationships - and the separation between spirit and humanity, and the Earth and heaven is why there is so much imbalance in the world. This has occurred due to the false masculine authority and the lost Goddess in exile. My soul has taken the journey into all 7 gateways of hell, to wrestle with demons and corrupt men in order to reclaim my power and return divine union to the world. I felt that I kept leaving one dimension or world and entering a new one, like going through gateways of challenge or battle, in order to conquer and move to the next level. Creating union within, finding wholeness and planting a seed of light in the underworld are what I had to do in order to rise again to the surface.

VI. Nomadic Earth Living/Where My Soul Connects

Goddess Lands
Born in England, the British Isles and Ireland are the most familiar to me and where I feel healed, grounded and safe more than anywhere else. My spirit infuses the land in many sacred spaces throughout these lands, and I have the deepest connection with Glastonbury (the land as body of the Goddess), Tintagel Castle, Avebury and the chalice wells and springs.

Extreme Wilderness

While traveling nomadically for about 13 years and living in the wilds for extensive amounts of time, I felt as though I could gain clarity about my unpredictable soul journey. By myself and with groups studying to be a wilderness leader, I have voyaged through extreme environments, such as 105-degree deserts and 20-below-zero mountains, at times with just a backpack. My soul feels truly connected with the ocean, the deep caverns and caves, where the underworld reflects the Mother womb of mystery, creation, and regeneration. My body feels most at peace in the white sands, seas and deserts of Baja California, the thick forests and mountains of the Adirondacks, the canyons and ruins in the Southwest, and the entire Pacific Coast. The spirit sky, Earth, and animals are my body and soul.

Nature Allies

During my wilderness treks, everywhere I turned, it seemed that the allies of nature and the love of the Mother were with me, answering the questions from deep within my soul. I found it easy to move from place to place, because the powers of creation and destruction forced me to keep going, very often beyond my control. My inner voice was the loudest voice I heard, and I always heard Christ reassure me that I was on the right track and almost done. My time in the wilderness allowed me to hear my intuition and spirit guides clearly and is a great source of strength for me.

VII. Mother of Twin Sons

Hero Twins

I am a mother of twin boys, who were born to me during a very dark time in my life. They are my saviors, my soul, my full manifestation, my allies, and my heart and spirit.


During my pregnancy, I was already immersed in my journey below working to create a pathway to the light. I was also still in heaven, working to lift the veil of life and death and fully allow divinity to pour into the darkness.


My boys have continually shown me a profound understanding of my path, as one of my sons once said to me, "Out of all the millions of women in the world, you are the only true Magdalene." Over the years, they have said many things out of the blue that have always taken me by surprise, and they still do.

VIII. Creating Personal and Global Transformation

Transformation Process

Absorbing into my being the planetary energies that needs to be transformed, I take it down to the depths with me to be cleansed. Releasing the tainted, damaged and corrupted parts by focusing on it so strongly until it is destroyed, is how I illuminate what should remain (through wisdom and the law of love) so that the true nature can be restored. I spread divine light everywhere I go, whenever I can, in order to leave footprints of hope for those who are lost. I work with the cycles in nature, the moon and planets, to create the alchemy of the soul and global change. I bring into our collective consciousness a sense of renewal and spiritual awakening. Restoring and purifying womb/cauldron of creation from hell into the Gaia vessel of immortality and magic, I balance Underworld, Heavens and Earth.

Universal Language/Codes

I speak the language of the core energy of creation, such as, the I Ching and Mayan calendar, numerology, tarot, stargate technology, the galactic and earth body DNA, soul-centered astrology, the Kabbalah tree of life and more. The Goddess symbols and wisdom, hieros gamos, Christ consciousness and the many aspects of Christ-Sophia are the archetypes of creation that I have weaved together to affect planetary health, the collective consciousness and the alchemy of the world soul. The process of creating and destroying through tarot card symbols, chakra energy work, metaphysics of Gaia and astrological forecasts helps me to reveal great insights for myself and others. Also, through the stairway to heaven, philosopher's stone, and tantric union, I can show people the path to enlightenment and peace. Without these methods and awareness, I would not know how to complete this process, emotionally cope or heal.

Healing Miracles

When healing myself from the excruciating underworld, I also had an enormous capacity to help others. As a standout reader who has garnered unusually large lines, I have given thousands of in-depth clairvoyant counselings. Battling evil entities, ignorance and fear, I release those who suffer from the traps of hell. I have revived myself with herbs and moon cycles, healed a homeless woman from degenerative liver disease, and turned alcohol into water. I often feel light coming out of my hand chakras, and also experience the light from the highest of aeons move through me.

IX. Finally, Breaking Free

Karmic Endings

There was an acceleration in life that brought forth the last people I had to battle and contend with. I ended lifetimes of karma with many men, and eventually I felt more and more pain lift away from me. Through great strength, I held onto my inner truth and broke free from many extraordinarily difficult situations.

Mission Partner

I met my friend Ki-Lia, who was able to listen to me, hear my story, and relate in many ways. For years and years, we helped each other through the last legs of our turbulent passages. Realizing we shared remarkable parallel discoveries, we developed the concepts for Ascending Earth 2012.

Returning to Myself

I have gone from self-destruction, denial, pain, illusion, suppression and exile to finally allowing myself to just be myself, as Sophia, regardless of what anyone else thinks. I have allowed my soul and life experience to go into the DNA matrix of creation and back again, and into the deep depths of the Mother womb underworld to purify it. The moments I have felt myself truly break free, I knew there would be some sort of global consequence, and that my emergence would dismantle the evil plots and controlling, manipulative forces.

X. How My Reality Expresses My Inner Journey

Explosion of Goddess Books/Media

As I was finding my wholeness and emerging from darkness, a wave of books synchronistically came out about the sacred feminine, Magdalene, Christ Sophia and such (eg, Da Vinci Code and Mary Magdalene: Bride in

Names and Symbols

Soul metaphors and past life references to this Goddess path all found me, and my astrology, geographies and ancestry all tie into the inhertiance of such a blueprint. The many names and books that I was discovering matched nearly everything in terms of the journey that I was undertaking, the character archetypes that I was meeting, the emotions that I was experiencing, and the visions and mission that I was holding.

Experience of the Archetypes

I would feel the essence and the various sides of the Goddess Isis-Sophia work through me my entire life, including Lady Alchymia, Ariadne, Persephone, Magdalene, Brigit, Di-ana, Maeve, etc. The dark Kali, kundalini power or Crone especially began to reveal herself more and more to me whenever I was battling, angered or enraged by injustices – She would surge intensely through my being. I recognized the energies of Hathor (Sekhmet/Baast) and the Egyptian Maat take turns throughout my day, as I worked my Libra balancing act with the other archetypes.

Secret, Dark Groups

In recent years, the false matrix I have been in suspicion of all my life began revealing itself as I uncovered the hidden plots that were out to destroy me. Meeting and facing the conspiratorial forces of alien agreements and treaties, secret societies, patriarchal control archetypes (Marduk), akashic record manipulators, master remote viewing and mind control scientists, I have had to continually see through their artificial, sinister nature and work on conquering their influence.

XI. Family Influence

Eisenhower Legacy

The battling of destructive planetary forces, the affecting of many countries and huge populations, and the whole balancing of very powerful energies all run through my blood. My great-grandfather Ike was a libra like me, and I felt him and I both shared this very strong calling and were fighting a similar war. His legacy and my own warrior spirit moves me with great purpose.

Global Leaders

Growing up with world leaders, heads of states, ambassadors and politicians in my household, I prepared for leadership through observing those around me and listening to my own inner calling. I realized that I needed to bridge the political and spiritual realms in this incarnation. My parents are courageous leaders that come from the institutions that need transformation the most – politics and the Catholic religion. They actually are radical voices for change in both these areas, and I am just bringing more ideas and missing links to the surface and to another level.

Cultural Expansion

Having a family of great cultural expansion and diversity, with members living in places such as, Australia, Brazil, and Europe, I have been able to integrate a deeper understanding of the world as I work to create a spiritual revolution. My father was born in Egypt and speaks 7 languages, and my sisters and I have share interests in travel, language, indigenous cultures, and higher knowledge.
Spiritual Freedom

My mother (Susan Eisenhower), a political analyst in DC, was not spiritual, and my father became a Catholic priest. I have never been religious and have never read the Bible. I naturally had a deep profound relationship with Christ and would telepathically communicate with him as a child whenever I was forced to sit in church. Amazing miracles used to take place, and I always felt his presence with me in a very intimate way. My father would always comment on my connection to Magdalene, had actually given me that middle name, and suggested that I use it as my confirmation name.

XII. Recognition by Psychics and Friends

Friends & Family

All who know me, including my young twin sons, family and friends, have made reference to my link to Sophia-Magdalene and understand my life mission.

Soul Family Archetypes

Ariadne and Dionysis, Merlin, Osiris and Isis, Aphrodite and Hermes, Inanna and Dumazi, Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea represent connections that have come forth in me and within my significant others. Also, creative Goddess blueprints, such as, Demeter-Persephone, Ashera-Astarte, Lilith-Diana-Sophia, and Virgin Isis-Magdalene, have revealed themselves between me and close women in my life.


Several partners and ones at festivals or gatherings, have been forewarned that I would be entering into their lives. I had one partner who was involved with hidden organizations and secret societies, and revealed that he was sent on a specific mission to find me.

One Man's Search

One man I met a few years ago has spent the past 20 years looking for Sophia-Magdalene, through the call of guidance from spiritual masters and priestesses, through extensive historical research, and even through the embodiment of Eve. He has written several testimonials about me and knew upon meeting me that I was indeed the person he had been searching for so long. He has described his encounter with Vena Sena (aka Eve) and told me about my connection to the elixir of life, the story of Eden, Sophia on Earth, and that I was called, the Mother of us all, which matched what my intuition had led me to believe. He has testified: "Vena called her Aura Sena, for that is her true Soul Name, and I know only from research the vague etymology of meaning, being the 'breath or emanation of an ancient old one,' which I took to mean the Holy Spirit."


Over a dozen reputable professional psychics have gone into deep emotional recognition of my profound embodiment as Sophia-Magdalene. They have told me that I was the Mother, High Priestess, Earth Goddess, and Queen of the Heavenly & Fairy realms. Many have seen me in Avalon and in countless other dimensional lives as The Goddess. They said that I was the center of the universe. My spirit and ethereal body covered the whole of creation and all dimensions in between. I was cosmic mind spread throughout the infinite universe. Creation emanated from my senses and emotional body. I would shapeshift through the elements and disperse light and colors. They said they had never seen anything like it and could barely put into words what they saw.

Planetary Service

I don't claim anything, except for my deep love of Christ, my devotion to the Earth and heaven reuniting, and my work to restore humanity to be in balance with nature.

For more, please see Breaking Free.

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