Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Earthlands Collective in Petersham, Massachusetts...


For nearly fifty years, Earthlands has been preserved for wildlife protection, open space exploration, Earth education, and ritual and ceremony of the First Nations People. The Earthlands Program Center, home to the University of the Wild, has been a haven of healing and transformation for many species, including humans. By taking Earthlands out of private ownership and placing it into a Community Land Trust, we will ensure that Earthlands continues to be honored and that its transformational work will continue forever.

The new Earthlands Collective has joined a wave of change that is sweeping the globe. We are committed to preserving Earthlands as a place where we can remember and experience our interconnectedness to all life, renew our relationships with one another, and reimagine how humans live on this planet.

The Earthlands Collective, operating within the principles of a Council, will manage programs that foster inspiration, individual and community empowerment, and compassion for all creatures. Through land preservation and the reclamation of traditional cultures, the sacredness of Earthlands will be honored while meeting the intersecting needs of creatures from all walks of life.  Earthlands will be a safe haven and a sanctuary for each and every one of us: the Nipmuck people who have lived here for over 8,000 years, Native people who have been displaced from their homelands, African people and all those who were brought here as slaves, immigrants from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe, migrant workers, all those fleeing persecution, all of the genders, every sexual orientation, all abilities, all religions, all income levels, all of the animals, plants, insects, and every being that chooses healing, unity, and peace over division and strife.

Our goal during this 60-day campaign is to secure Earthlands into a Community Land Trust (CLT). We welcome you to join the movement of transformation happening now at Earthlands. There are many ways to get involved – become a member, book the retreat center for your event or program, or make a donation in the form of money, time, or resources.

As co-creators of a new paradigm, the beautiful, peaceful and sustainable future that we’ve all dreamt of is now possible at Earthlands.  Join us today.

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