Thursday, August 27, 2015



When fractures occur, as the recent ITNJ break-up between Rebecca Cope and Sacha Stone, everyone is caught by surprise. It is easy to look for a scapegoat.  Lest that idea percolate too deep, let me be quick to point out that it was not Caleb Skinner who precipitated events.  It was his method of running the Tribunal put forth as a done deal that started the snowball rolling. His ideas never received a single vetting from the working committee that put the ITNJ together.

It was shocking, disturbing, and challenging. The American Team spent over a year in discussions, writing articles for NEO and the Sovereign Voice, working on The Source Documents through the Natural Justice Academy, participating on Radio Shows, and generally promoting a particular type of Tribunal.

Suddenly, all our input went out the window. “Delegated Authority” to the Judge, and the ITNJ Bar Association, replaced all our careful work.

Of course we protested.  Of course we pointed it out and demanded that the proper time be spent on settling the disagreements and getting our foundation secure before proceeding.  I expressed my feelings quite bluntly in one meeting, as I should have.

It is a fact that Caleb Skinner is a Trustee with OPPT.  He participated in the UCC Filings.  How that all plays into the model that he promoted is anybody’s guess.  We had every right to put that model under deep scrutiny, use our powers of discernment, and question everything before we made fatal errors with the ITNJ.

We did not have that opportunity.

Sacha Stone chose to attack the American Team and act as if we were responsible for the world problems, and the ITNJ problems. We dared to dream that we could hold the Agents acting as Corporate Enforcers accountable to the Rule of Law.  Did we rock too many boats?

It was Sacha who made the power grab.  His subsequent actions have down-played our work and our co-creative efforts to constitute the ITNJ.  The sheer venom of his attacks against us have been shocking, and revealing.

We can only guess at the true agenda in play that we were not aware of.

So often, we find this to be true.  Our Courts are not at all as portrayed.  Our educational efforts have focused on HOW the current court system operates.  It is difficult for most of us to accept that the Judges and Lawyers and County Administrators would put people in prison just to make money for themselves and their cronies.

How dare they treat us as War Criminals, as “Enemies of the State!”  But they do.  Everything is a business model.  Court Bonds are traded, and WE are the commodities. Every person who goes before a Judge is used to create the funds that go in the Judge’s retirement accounts.  When someone goes to jail, the opportunities to make money explode in exact proportion to the number of people who have been put in jail.  America has more people in prison THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, far more than China, with five times the population.

Of course we want to change that upside-down model.  We do NOT accomplish that job by putting the Judges and BAR back in charge.  How could we possibly support such a model?  We could not, so we made the only choice we could make.

Our work continues.  Judge Anna has put much time and effort into explaining HOW the system operates, and what we can all do about it.  If we can’t do it one way, we find another.

Look for a Series of Webinars coming soon, with Judge Anna and others, as we continue the work that is required of all of us during these challenging times.  Our Team is working together with more focus and more determination than ever.  Come join us!

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