Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Full Circle Project - Creating a Full Spectrum Response...

Max Igan: The Full Circle Project

The Full Circle Project provides an active hub for people to unite a diverse range of local cooperative initiatives from around the globe with a principle aim: to bring mankind Full Circle into their natural state of abundance.

Using positive common sense action undertaken by the people themselves, the project seeks ways to empower the individual and local communities by gathering together in ever-widening circles of focus and agreement. By examining vital issues and applying effective methods we can usher in a more cooperative and caring society based on honesty instead of deception and abundance instead of scarcity.

Max Igan - Creating a Full Spectrum Response (full show) July 09 2015

The Full Circle Project website coming soon...

The Full Circle Project website will be fully launched soon. In the meantime, please start connecting with each other!

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