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New Bedford: The City That Lit the World... could Help Light the World Again. Open Source Free Energy is the Future!

On Tuesday, June 23rd, 2014 New Bedford voters approved construction of a resort casino complex on the site of the former NStar Cannon Street electrical generation plant via a majority of "yes" votes on a single referendum ballot question... following collapse of the Cape Wind turbine assembly bid for use of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal to outfit its offshore wind  farm in Nantucket Sound. Instead of reliance upon "old paradigm" corporate projects to power homes and businesses, we should look to decentralized options, such as the Quantum Energy Generator (currently under co-development in many parts of the world). The Port of New Bedford could contribute greatly to this effort by becoming home to one or several QEG build projects, and participate in the global quest for open source free energy - for everyone on the planet! It's time to Light the World again together...

Here’s how to keep free energy technology from being suppressed

How can you be sure that the QEG will not be suppressed?

While we know there will be attempts to suppress the QEG by the controlling corporations and governments. We have implemented a strategy different than those that have been tried before us to help this break through the suppression. All other legitimate free energy devices that have been developed in the last few decades have been stopped from getting out to the public through traps such as:

1) Patents: the US Patent office confiscates them and forbids the inventor to invent.

2) Secrecy: non disclosure agreements ensure that only a handful of people know about a technology, and therefore it is easier to suppress

3) Greed: promises of great financial wealth are made (and usually never fulfilled) to manipulate the inventors, keep a device secret and under ownership, and therefore easy to control and suppress.

4) Governmental laws in “police state” countries. In some countries, the governments are attempting to make it illegal for individuals to create their own power. Laws, codes, fines and regulations around this subject are found predominantly in the “Five Eyes Countries”: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

The strategy that FTW is implementing is an attempt to thwart these common traps of suppression in an effort to get this device (and others like it) directly into the hands of the people so that it can become a new common standard of energy use.  Our strategy is being implemented in the following ways:

1) Open source: No patents, as this device is based on a patent that is in the public domain. Therefore there is no ownership and anyone with the skills can build one without copyright infringement or patent confiscation.

2) Public promotion and full transparency: we do not operate under secrecy or non-disclosure agreements and all information about the device and our research is publically reported on the internet. We have used the viral nature of the internet and social media to ensure that millions of people know about the QEG and are following the progress of the project.

3) Crowdfunding: 1,212 people have contributed to help pay for the expenses of the QEG project. This eliminates the risk, and ability to control by any single funding entity.

4) Grassroots: We have implemented the QEG on a grassroots level with individuals around the world. Social media and the internet works fast, governments do not. This way people have direct access to this technology and this project which minimizes governmental interference.

The open sourcing of the QEG project done through the internet by a small family with pure intentions was an unexpected move according to the controlling powers of this world. FTW has endured a lot to protect the integrity of this project and to continue to provide information publically.  To date, the QEG project has experienced suppression attempts in the following ways:

- The QEG is a targeted project for government paid trolls and “free energy de-bunkers” that protect the corporate energy industry. Please read our full report here. We have witnessed many online paid troll activities that specifically target the QEG and our family. -We have received many online empty threats by anonymous psychopathic individuals.

- During the various QEG builds we attended, we were approached by many individuals representing various groups with ulterior motives and dark agendas. These mostly involved promises of wealth, fame and power in exchange for control of the project. Most of these individuals dissolved their relationship with the QEG (or were re-assigned to other projects) when they realized that our strategy of open sourcing, crowdfunding and co-development makes it almost impossible to buy, own or control the project.

Source: Hope Girl and the Fix the World Team - via

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