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I watched Dani Arnold McKenny and Lisa M. Harrison last night at 6:00 pm EDT on the live stream broadcast of "Transpicuous News" via CCN on RTS and am sending an immediate S.O.S. message to Paul Conant, a key member of the ITNJ Committee, who is also part of the OPAL North East Region Interface, asking that he PLEASE watch the 6/10/15 archive of this very important show, as information therein pertains to viability of the ITNJ as we move forward from the Ceremonial Seating at Westminster Hall in the UK. Tess von Maluski, whom I met online via her reply to my pin on the Opal Tour map in early 2014, has seen the "handwriting on the wall" regarding the OPPT and the ITNJ and we must be vigilant and stay on point as we follow the Energetic Trail as ONE PEOPLE ABSENT LIMITS! Her email to members of OPAL North East Region Interface that I received this morning is shared below. I AM Sovereign, and So Are You. The I AM in Me is the Same I AM in You... Namaste' - Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster

Hi Everyone,

Did anyone listen to the Transpicous News last night with D and Lisa Harrison?
The topic was about Jade Helm and revisiting oppt.  You have to listen to it.

There is a great concern regarding Sacha in association with the oppt trustees which bring great concern regarding the ITNJ and the ratification on June 15.  

You may still be able to listen to it at CCN. I just check D's website, see link, she upload the first live stream interview of Sacha Stone and Heather to review and check for signs on how this is connected, but you need to listen to yesterday's transpicous news first.

Transpicuous News, June 10th: Notice has been given

First up, I want to give out a HUGE thank you to Biggi at CCN for working  all night so that the video of last nights Transpicuous News Special Report would be available to the public this morning.

Last night on Transpicuous News, I put out a double special report.  The first part  of the show dealt with Jade Helm, and taking a close look at the various scenarios that people are attributing to what's actually going on.

The Second special report dealt with looking back into the OPPT UCC filings.   As I said yesterday in my announcement about the show last night:

about three weeks ago something happened that slammed the OPPT Filings right smack into our faces again, and I knew in that moment that I AM going to have to  bring everything forward and lay it out, in complete transparency.

Lisa Harrison joined me for this and we dug deep to bring forward the information that we have gathered over the past several months, compared it with the many conversations we've had with various players, and connected the dots that have jumped out.   We openly invited everyone watching to join us in Lisa Harrison's chat room so that people could ask questions and we did our best to answer them as best we were able.

I just want to say that all of you guys in the chat room last night proved your mettle, when you ALL immediately knew exactly where the report was going , and what dots we were going to connect.  You fuckin Rock!!!

Here is the archive video of last nights Special Report.

I want to add one more thing:  This is not a closed issue.  This is not a final comment nor does it answer many of the questions that we, and I'm sure you, have.  This is just the beginning of the investigation.  Even last night after the show, more information came to light on various aspects of what we discussed on TN.  Even this morning, even more dots were connected, with OTHER groups, and how they may all be tied into this.....

This is notice my friends.   And I ask that you take this very seriously.

To be continued..... 

love d

Last night we republished the Video of the interview between Sacha Stone and Heather for people to review.  This is the link:


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