Friday, June 19, 2015

OPAL North East Region Summer Gatherings 2015...

July 11-12, 2015 and August 1-2, 2015
Strawberry Hill Farm
40 Chick Road, Wolfeboro, NH 03894
One People Absent Limits, North East Region Interface
"We are the ones we've been waiting for... and we're done waiting!"

Farm Report 6/17/15

The strawberries are quite abundant this year, and sweet as I remembered them to be when I was a kid. The lake is about two feet shallower than at this time last year, and everything looks shallow when I swim out. The apple tree that appears to be rimmed, apparently still has an inner bark that is alive and functioning and it looks healthy. The grape vine shows signs of abundant grapes for the first time ever. The West lawn is mown, including the tipi site.

Robin Coulon, Farm Steward

Strawberry Hill Farm awaits its summer visitors!

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