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June 15th, 2015: Synchronicity or Distraction?

6/15/15: Initiation of Jade Helm Military Exercises in the Southwestern United States...


Jade Helm Is Starting A Month Early and It Is Nation Wide!

Many people have been speculating, due to chatter they are hearing, that they probably haven’t been supposed to hear, in their local communities, that Operation Jade Helm 15 is going to start 15 June, a month ahead of its previously scheduled commencement of 15 July. Many believe this is the case because not all of the citizens of these great United States of America are asleep at the wheel. Many of them have been following the military build up across the Southern U.S., and elsewhere, and have refused to eat the information the Government has been feeding them, like good little pill popping sheeple.

Recently, the online watchdog group, Operation Jade Helm And Beyond received this message from a concerned citizen:

Just released yesterday for Washington County, MD. I saw reports that Jade Helm is actually supposed to be initiated June 15th. Is this going to be a nationwide event? I live along railroad tracks and over the past year have noticed monthly trains loaded with tanks.

The message included a screen shot of this message from the state Government of Maryland, a state which was not supposed to be a part of the exercises:

So what’s the truth, people? More smoke and mirrors? The word from a Government agency that we should just accept as gospel without question? Or have operations been moved ahead, because the element of surprise is now gone?

Report anything out of the ordinary that you are seeing out there. Blackhawk flyovers, overly large military convoys, especially in strange places. Message us your intel, and we’ll get it out there anonymously.

6/15/15: Ceremonial Seating of the ITNJ at Westminster Hall in the UK, 5 pm GMT/UTC...

You Are Cordially Invited to the ITNJ Inaugural Ceremony

We are delighted to invite you to join us on this historic occasion!

We have been counting down the days until June 15 and the Inaugural Ceremonial Seating of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. The Inauguration of the ITNJ is scheduled to coincide with the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, and 800 years to the day, we will sign the ITNJ into action, breathing life into a new mandate for Truth and fairness in jurisprudence.  

We invite you to join the events of June 15 via live-stream broadcast from Westminster Hall, London.  What better venue to hold the Inaugural Ceremony of the People's Tribunal than in the shadow of where Kings and Queens have been crowned for centuries!  Once again on that historic day the People will declare that even the presumed 'rulers' must follow the Rule of Law. 

Most courts in the world are completely controlled by for-profit government corporations.  The People have no voice in what passes for systems of justice.  The systems claim we delegated them the authority, but we never did.  Kings claimed the divine right to rule, then governments claimed the right of kings.  The People never agreed to be subjects of the kings. 

We the People are now standing to reclaim sovereign birthright.  We are duty-bound to stop the violence that passes for Rule of Law.  The ITNJ gives us the mechanism to hold agents of justice systems accountable for injury caused to the People in the name of government. Injury includes stolen birthrights, stolen homes, stolen property, stolen children, and stolen lives. 

The authority for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice comes from the People

Your signature on the ITNJ Treaty serves as full public and private notice that you understand that true power resides within you.  The central difference between the ITNJ and most other courts is that filing a complaint with the ITNJ against a party that injured you authorizes the Judges, Grand Juries, and court officials to act as your agents to make you whole.  The ITNJ is not a third party intervening to serve the governments.  Instead, it is you who provide the delegated authority for the court to serve you.

A dedicated international team has worked tirelessly to set up a method where the People themselves can make their voices heard.  We are restoring the Grand Jury as a structure where the People are the primary arbiters of law (Natural Justice) in their communities.  We have set the stage to prove all manner of systemic fraud and corruption revolving around the Source Documents.  Full transparency, through the e-Governance platform, will give the people of the world a front-row seat.

We are watching our fundraising dial climb steadily towards our goal of $36,000 and with your help we have been able to lock in these events.  We are incredibly grateful for all the support we've gotten so far.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed!  We need one big final push to birth this Tribunal onto the world stage!  Please contribute whatever you can to help us cross the finish line with trumpets blaring!

The people who are lining up to support the ITNJ are a veritable Who's Who of retired supreme court justices, ambassadors, whistleblowers, and advocates for peace and human rights.  We are joined by activists working in every area of import to our lives, including health freedom, food and farming freedom, tax freedom, freedom from surveillance and SMART meters, promulgation of free energy, and ending “free trade” agreements.  Our supporters also include teachers and researchers of law & sovereignty and leaders of the Common Law Grand Jury movement. 

Government delegations from diverse nations will be in attendance for the Inauguration Event on 14th June.  This multi-lateral observance will help us to successfully launch the ITNJ onto the world stage in a way that mainstream media will be unable to ignore.  For the officiation on 15th June we have secured a room in Westminster Hall, and this event will be broadcast via live-stream to our International Chapters and the world at large.


Being Prepared is not Fear- do YOU have the power?

Original Post by Dani Arnold McKenny at Removing the Shackles on December 20, 2014

As I said in last nights Transpicuous News Report, I am not a negative person, nor a pessimist- far from it in fact.  But I am a Realist, and right now, the Realist in me says "Be Prepared".

At this moment, the world of "Finance" "Economy" and Government idiocy is collapsing all around the globe.  I do not say this lightly.  After posting TN last night, I opened my skype to 5 more news articles that point a very huge finger at just how close the collapse of the current financial system is.

I have written for years about the coming changes to the currently slavery financial system and ultimately it's collapse.  I have also been talking about the fact that the "New" financial system that "they" are putting in to replace it, is just slavery 2.0 edition.  The battle is on at the moment to see which faction will get their agenda and system in place first.  Not that it matters, as each one is just a variation of the slavery/fraud theme, which just puts a different face on who everyone thinks is in charge.  It doesn't matter, one way or the other though, because in my opinion, even their "New" financial system will very quickly been seen for what it is and crash.  The re-phoenixing of the systems is NOT going to work.   Now, as I said in Transpicuous News last night, I do believe that there are those waiting in the wings for the final curtain call, people who are ready and able to pick up the broken pieces and actually FIX the problems that we are currently facing, but before that happens, I think we will have to seen the complete collapse of this fraudulent slave system in it's entirety.

Which brings me to my point: BE PREPARED

I'm not a pessimist and I'm certainly not a fear mongerer. Those who've been reading RTS know that I don't fall for the "fear porn".  But I'm also not willing to gamble my family on the hope that this coming collapse is going to be all unicorns farting rainbows.

Let's play a game of "What if".

What if the big banks- or even just your bank in your local town- goes bankrupt and suddenly shuts it's doors?
-Do you have access to money?  Do you have access to your credit/debit card? Do you have food and supplies on hand to look after your family (and perhaps unprepared friends) for 3 days?  A week? Do you have gas in your car?

What if the big banks close and there is a bank run (which is already been seen in several countries yet covered up by the main stream media)? 

What if there is a panic run when people can't get their money, or just freak out about the whole situation?

What if a "state of emergency" is enforced and you are stuck away from home? or stuck at home?

None of these situations are impossible.  As a matter of fact, judging from what is being seen, I would say most of these situations are probable.At this very moment the "Big 5" in the US are completely bankrupt- hence the fact that they passed that lovely "bail out" clause in the US 2015 budget- "they" KNOW what is coming.  European banks are not any better off either.  As matter of fact, the European Union is on the verge of collapse all on it's own, regardless of the global economic situation.

Are you Prepared?  Do you know where everything is that you might need? Do you have a meet up point prearranged with your family and friends just in case you need to leave your home?  These are important questions.

Many of my newer readers may not know it, but I use to be a hard core prepper.  Nick and I recognized back in 2001, then further in 2009, that the current "system" was failing and that it was our responsibility to look after our family.  We had spent years watching various government agencies dropping the ball during major emergencies and realized that we needed to be completely self sufficient.  This meant gathering knowledge because knowledge is the KEY to getting through any situation.  Over the course of several years I gathered an entire hard drive full of information, books, recordings, PDFs, manuals, and lists of resources.  Then the realization hit that to print out all of this information would comprise 10s of thousands of pages.... not exactly something you can carry with you in an emergency situation.  Which left the question of: .  If you havPOWERe an energy supply, then you always have the ability to charge batteries, to charge laptops, to have light and even heat and refridgeration.  But it comes down to having a power supply that is self sufficient, renewable/self recharging, and is transportable.  This is when Nick began his journey into studying and creating an alternative energy supply.  Nick has been working on several energy designs (we won't use that bad word "free energy", lol) for many years, and has worked on several designs that would allow off the grid power anywhere (Read full article by clicking the link below this blog post).

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