Friday, May 8, 2015

QEG (Quantum Energy Generator), Waking Times, The Mind Unleashed Facebook Post Gone Wild!

Today we got a huge spike in QEG manual downloads, its because someone over at The Mind Unleashed​ Facebook Page decided to post an article about the QEG from the Waking Times, which then erupted into thousands of likes, thousands of shares, and loads of comments on ONE POST.   The article that they posted on this thread is over a year old. I wanted to make sure I commented directly about our project. I’ve also contacted the Author of the Waking Times Article to see if they are interested in interviewing us directly, as we have not yet ever spoken or met. Hopefully he gets back to me.

In this Facebook post I chose to completely ignore all the “sleepers, zombies and trolls” that decided to put in their opinions, and I see the thousands of shares and some of the places these shares were going to: engineers, scientists, physicists, aeronautics, etc.  Very exciting indeed! The word is getting out.

Here is my comment I posted in the mammoth thread, I thought it would serve well for everyone who might be coming in new at this point in time.

“Hello everyone,  This is Hope Girl and I’m the CEO of the Fix the World Organization and the Lead Project manager of the Opensourced QEG Project. This is our generator in the picture.  Also, this article by Waking Times is OVER A YEAR OLD.  I am more than happy to provide you with all the updated links here in this comment thread.

This generator is an ongoing, global grassroots humanitarian project that was crowdfunded by 1,212 people all over the world in an effort to allow engineers to co-develop and co-create their own energy source together in a PATENT FREE open source manner.   This project has been in co-development for twenty months and many new discoveries have been made along the way. Right now there are over 70 QEG’s being built in countries all over the world by independent volunteer engineers who are interested in learning about how this type of energy works.

The QEG is a type of reluctance generator, which has been under-developed for quite some time and is just now coming back into the development stages… as are many other forms of energy production that were put on the shelf for political reasons such as World War 2. Reluctance generator motors are currently being utilized in major motor applications today. Companies such as HEVT are embracing this technology to position themselves in the renewable energy sector.


We took all our research and put this into a detailed step by step instruction course, which was taught to many students all over the world and was then condensed into an eBook filled with hundreds of hours of effort to make it easier for the DIY engineer. You can read all about and purchase our book here:

Also We have created several reports from the project showing measurements, finances, business models etc. They can all be found here:

And we have a well written FAQ section found here:

As a side note to all “Debunkers”, our family and VOLUNTEER organization has been heavily attacked by PAID employees of energy companies and corporations that wish to monopolize their methods of power production and profit generation.  We have evidence leaked by Edward Snowden to prove this, and have constructed a full report to address this Here:

This is a volunteer project that is in live public development we have exciting articles coming out all this month sharing stories of teams all over the world building their own QEG’s which is a direct result of our opensourcing this technology On March 25th 2014. Be sure to follow along on our blog:

And if you have any questions or would like to contact us, please be sure to read the FAQ’s first, we are more than happy to hear from you!  You can contact us here:

Check out our Facebook page here:

Or join our Facebook discussion group here:

We look forward to hearing from you!

-Hope Moore

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