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The original (catalyst) Lantern was fashioned from driftwood found by me on Cliffside Beach, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts and carried over to the basement apartment at Evanmoor Haven on Silver Street in town. On the evening of July 13, 1972 I constructed its frame with this wood, then took four clear panes of window-glass as windbreaks and using brass chain link as a carrier brought it to my sign shop in the cellar at the corner of Oak and Federal Streets where the candlemaker's son provided me with its first candle (spermacetti) and lighted it the following day... I carried this lantern along Main Street and through other parts of the town and island during the summer season before giving it away to a born-again Christian to witness for Christ in Philadelphia.

On September 26, 1975 the catalyst Lantern was returned to me on the island by this same person and I brought it with me to Woodstock, New York in early 1976, where the windows of cosmic consciousness opened wide for me and revealed the truth that many spiritual paths lead to union with God, not only born-again Christianity. George Harrison's My Sweet Lord is just one example of this. I brought the Lantern with me to Philadelphia, staying with this Brother in Christ before taking it to Willow Grove where the Lantern was lighted as a cosmic implement in "triangle" formation with Steve and Bill, two brothers who lived there, on July 3, 1976 - the eve of the united states of America bicentennial at Independence Hall...

Then on July 11, 1979, at Stone Alley in Nantucket, the Lantern Triad was formed with two cosmic brethren, Jay and David, and said catalyst Lantern was lighted together with them on the same day that Skylab fell to Earth. A tesseract was created when David had to be substituted by his brother Jeff for a lighting atheir home on Fair Street on July 2, 1981.

Last Triadic lighting of the catalyst Lantern was at Evanmoor Haven with Patrice, who was with the candlemaker's son when it was first illuminated at my sign shop, and Jon, who was living upstairs at the house where its wooden frame was built in the basement. We lit it there in his room on March 11, 1985. Final Illumination of catalyst Lantern was with Jon in Stone Alley on October 12, 1985 before dismembering it and sealing the pieces in a wooden box at my rented room on Pine Street in his presence. The next day, on the 13th, I took this box by taxicab to Wauwinet and hiked the rest of the way on foot to the rubble that had once been Great Point Lighthouse (1818-1984) where I buried it, so it has thus passed beyond use and into memory....

Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster

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