Saturday, May 30, 2015

Celebrate the birth of the ITNJ...


The foundations have been laid,
the blueprint is in place.

Our Chief Justice has been appointed and our interim staff is hard at work.  Our infrastructure is preparing to go worldwide.  The inaugural ceremonial proceedings are scheduled for June 15, 2015 to coincide with the 800-year anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. 

All we need is your help to launch the ITNJ onto the world stage! 
Spread the Word Like Wildfire!

Celebrating the Birth of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice!

The New Earth Nation has been promising for two years to bring you your own system of justice.  Here it is.

A committed team of volunteers have worked tirelessly to accomplish a miracle.  On Valentine’s Day, Feb 14, 2015, Sacha Stone signed the Proclamation that made it official. The ITNJ now stands as sentinel and protectorate for all.  We, the founders of this initiative, dare to draw a line in the sand.

We have had it with multinational corporations pretending to be government ruling over our beautiful world with violence and force.  We are now undertaking the retrieval of our freedoms, the reclamation of our lives, and the restoration of our world.  We invite you to join us.

Because of the sheer extent of the fraud resulting from corporations posing as courts and governments, few realize there are effectively no courts that serve the people.  The ITNJ fills that gap. 

The ITNJ promises to be the first court in history to have live-streaming ‘open-trials’  for the world to see.  The ITNJ will use e-governance technology to allow direct feedback from the people.  Truly, the ITNJ is here to Restore the Rule of Law. We honestly believe that THIS is the most dynamic way to end Big Brother and the commercial-globalist tyranny which is running our precious world into the ground.

To Transform Justice, Stand Still and Look the Dragon in the Eyes

In order to transform our system of justice, we have to face the truth.  Presenting cases before the Tribunal will expose the deliberate exploitation of the people for commercial gain through the prison industrial complex.  Most of our first cases will be earth-shattering.  They will prove the lengths to which court officials go to use violence and force as their only rule of law.  Those caught up in willful denial will find their beliefs utterly crashing around them.  
We live in a world of such pervasive corruption that most of us have no idea how deep it goes.  Everything we have been taught about money and banking is a lie. 

The Source Documents reveal the truth.  Following the trail through the congressional records, legislative acts, and historical documents proves the deliberate fraud perpetrated on the people in broad daylight.  Our governments have been usurped, our congress and parliaments are bought, our elections are rigged, our police have quotas for tickets and arrests, and our judges get bonuses for sending more people to prison.  These corporate agents are literally getting away with murder.

Two thousand researchers turned a laser focus on the Rod Class DC Gun Case. Judges, prosecutors, and public defenders were caught bypassing constitutional judicial mandates and ignoring the Bill of Rights, the Bible, the federal rules of criminal procedure, the local rules of court, and the Lieber code.  What form of law were they really using? 

Over some years, and with the diligent efforts of thousands of scholars, researchers and experts from all disciplines of law, our team of international volunteers have carefully analyzed the problems, from a 'whole-systems' perspective.  We determined to fully understand how the current system of law really operates.  We learned how they were breaking the rules and rigging the game.  We documented the fraud, the willful human rights violations, and the downright refusal to follow the rule of law by the owners of the for-profit corporations posing as governments, an almost invisible cabal of 'special interests'. 

We have set in motion both the 'lawful' and 'legal' way to hold the agents and the owners accountable.  The ITNJ now exists to serve as protector of all sovereign beings everywhere.

We’ve done the hard part. Now we need your help, and we need it TODAY!  

Help us set this Historic Initiative into Motion!

Spread the Word Like Wildfire!

Join our Chief Justice Dr John Walsh of Brannagh, His Grace the Bishop of Jerusalem Riah Abu el Assal, ITNJ Founder Sacha Stone and thousands of others at the Ceremonial Seating in Westminster, London. What better venue to hold the Inaugural Ceremony of the People's Tribunal than in the shadow of where Kings and Queens have been crowned for centuries! Once again we must remind the presumed ‘rulers’ that even they are subject to the Rule of Law.

We invite you to join the events of 15 June via live-stream.  Those who are in the London area will have the opportunity to attend a celebration the evening before, when we will introduce our Chief Justice and members of the ITNJ Law Commission, announce our first cases, and announce ITNJ Committee chapters forming in at least 15 more countries.   

We fully intend to hear our first cases in fall of 2015.  It has been an amazing journey.  The need is great, the hour is right, the vision impeccable.  All it will take to push us onto the world stage is you sharing this message with your list.

This is the first court in the history of the world “Of the People, by the People, and for the People.”  Let history be rewritten according to our will and our intent.  Let Freedom ring throughout our world.

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