Wednesday, April 15, 2015


How to Create Collective Individual Sovereignty

1) Collectively form within the alternative Natural Law community a decentralized network of local "switchboard hubs" for sharing information and monitoring legislative acts at every level of governance revealing the difference between those that promote unity and those which separate humanity for the purpose of external control. Grass-roots referendums for reform of existing laws and recall petitions directed at corrupt politicians who legislate for the purpose of dividing and conquering us need to be introduced for transformation of our systems of external governance into localized co-operatives of sovereign human beings.

2) Link existing intentional communities based upon principles of Natural Law into a viable alternative solidarity economic network utilizing "gifting" premise for pooling and sharing human and natural resources understanding that contribution of time and service to one is convertible for exchange with another extending time and service under the "Golden Rule" principle. Choosing to deposit such value into local currencies at a flat 1-1 exchange rate to reserve work/share credits for later use in the same or another intentional community is an option that is always open.

3) Promote consensus decision-making in the formation of new intentional communities through flash mobs and street theatre in existing geographic cities and towns as a vehicle that triggers awakening of the masses and collective non-participation in inter-corporate debt slavery systems of employment and fiat currency exchange. Start vehicle caravans to gather interested people together for sharing this idea in other cities and towns, bringing alternative energy devices into use for teaching us all how to survive "off the grid."

Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster, Eternal Essence INbody

Joseph at the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, 2012

Walking the Knife Edge- Max Igan (Full)

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