Thursday, April 9, 2015

The I AM Presence

Dear beings of love and light, 

It is undeniable that the I AM Presence is one of the most important tools when it comes to meditation, healing and transformation. It lifts your energetic frequency and allows you to experience visions and feelings beyond limits. 

Keep in mind that every time you are using the words “I AM” you are defining yourself. You basically attract what you say due to the law of attraction and the mind blowing power of the I AM (Presence). I often hear people saying I am tired, I am exhausted, I am stressed rather than I am energetic, I am productive and I am strong. This truly makes an impact on our living reality because when you say I am you naturally connect with your I AM Presence. Try to be aware of when and how you are using the words that can truly make a magical impact on your life. 

To my understanding, everything is consciousness/spirit and there is a higher consciousness, which we are all particles of. This higher consciousness, which connects everything and provides the essence for everything that is, is called creator, divine, source or god. But what has this to do with the I AM Presence?

The I AM Presence is an altered state of consciousness which lets you experience the connection to the higher consciousness personified as God the father in Christian religion. To the Hindus the I AM Presence is known as Brahma, to the Buddhists Dharmakaya., to the Muslims Allah. You unlock your connection to all that is by connecting with the divine spark in your being. 

The divine spark may also be seen as the presence of God individualized in each of us. The I AM Presence connects everything on the highest and deepest level of existence since it is something that literally everything has in common: it is. 

You can imagine the I AM Presence as a sphere of light or a personified Divine being vibrating and pulsating at the highest frequency possible. The I AM Presence, as seen in the picture, is surrounded by seven concentric spheres making up your causal or soul body. It is said that these spheres of pulsating spiritual energy contain the record of all your good work of present or past lives.

Using the I AM Presence

In order to use the I AM Presence, you must first awaken it within yourself. Despite it being coherent on all dimensions of life, you have to remind your earthly self that it has always been in you. For some people (with meditation, lightwork practice) it might be sufficient to state: “I AM my I AM Presence” and simply in your mind and feeling the vibration of the words in whole of their being. Other people might need a guided activation like this one:

After you have activated your I AM Presence, you can begin using it to the highest potential. Start with establishing mind stillness and the feeling of emptiness by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, allowing thoughts to detach and flow out of your mind with each exhale. If you have problems accomplishing this just state I AM peace. Keep in mind that only a glass that is empty can be filled. Do that for at least 2 minutes if you’re just starting to work with the I AM Presence. Afterwards, simply state “I AM” and feel the vibration the words carry in your whole being. Do not expect anything and do not intend anything. JUST BE. It is the most natural and easy exercise, yet the most difficult at the same time. Breathe in the I AM Presence and feel the spirit of God unfolding in every fiber of your being. If you still have trouble feeling the I AM Presence, then define your non-existent intentions by stating I am that I am. 

The I AM Presence is a powerful tool to increase your vibration greatly. From the state of the I AM Presence you may ask for healing, support or manifestation for the highest good of all. You can also use powerful meditations from this altered state of consciousness and amplify their effect multiple times, but it is also enough to just flow with the energy it carries. The divine knows where the energy is needed the most for you at the moment. 

Furthermore, you can add high vibrational words to positively affirm what you want to manifest in your life. I AM love. I AM truth. I AM light. I AM my higher self. I AM abundant. I AM a Lightworker. I AM fulfilling my soul purpose. I AM creative. I AM determined. I AM healthy. I AM connected. I AM all. There is literally no limit! Just add whatever feels right for you. 

Basic Meditation (30 min)

This 30 minute meditation is very basic, you can see it as an all-rounder.  I would suggest you do it at least once a day when you start working with the I AM Presence to feel how miracles are manifesting all around you. Feel free to leave out any of the following to reduce time.

I AM love
I AM light
I AM my truest self
I AM abundant
I AM grateful

Be and feel the power each affirmation holds for 5 minutes.

Enjoy manifesting miracles with this gift of the ascended masters!


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