Monday, April 20, 2015

Big Brother Out Of Control: Meta Data & Dragnet Surveillance Exposed! (Archived Video)

Somebody's Watching Me...
On April 19th 2015, New Earth Nation opened the flood gates on the NSA Surveillance Scandal.  A Spotlight Symposium illuminating Meta Data & Dragnet Surveillance will be held as a live event for all to view, bringing further awareness into a reality we all must face in this technological age.
Featuring special guests Foster Gamble, Noam Chomsky, Paul Craig Roberts, Max Igan, Pippa King, Paul Seils, and Sacha Stone, this candid discussion will reveal many unanswered questions surrounding the privacy issue of the century.

The enlightening discourse will explore many relevant inquiries, such as:

“What is Metadata and Dragnet Surveillance?”

“How are so called Authorities committing treason and fraud?”

“How do we hold elected officials personally liable for their crimes?”

and many more…

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