Monday, March 2, 2015


New Earth offers what is arguably the most well-researched, defined and deliverable full spectrum socio-economic, socio-political and environmentally restorative blueprint ever
presented. It is the culmination of almost fifteen years of endeavor by its founders. It is an evolutionary platform in which humanity may engage in globally showcasing a collective vision for a sustainable world.

The New Earth blueprint is a 100% deliverable model which invites conscious, ethical, self-determining men, women and children to co-operate and interact, to establish environments that foster human and planetary well-being, as well as sustainable prosperity. This model provides a new foundation for conscious living by re-examining the principles that govern our existence and perceptions.

The blueprint is founded on the knowledge that the entire universe is a singular living organism whose infinite fractal components employ the same organizing principle.

The platonic solids are the organizing principles which provide stability to all of creation, and correspond directly to the five known elements.

The various aspects of human activity and focus naturally orient toward a specific element or elements. Each level of this fractal blueprint proceeds from these same insights, creating a consciousness-oriented template covering each of the fundamental components essential to empowering a conscious humanity to reclaim its sovereign birthright.

beyond this generic blueprint, specific blueprints include:

New Earth Communities: Pioneering social experiments serving as nationwide exemplars for sustainable and conscious community.

New Earth Institutes: International centers of excellence and innovation in consciousness, healing, wellness and advance sciences.

New Earth Retreats: Where students, visitors and visionary patrons experience the world‘s most advanced educational, technological, rejuvenating and healing facilities in naturally flourishing biospheres.

New Earth Festivals: Unified global events for presenting a sustainable, new earth vision through the joyful celebration and exposition of art, music, theatre, dance, food, new sciences, healing and wisdom.

Underpinning the practical implementation of these blueprints are New Earth Nation and the New Earth Exchange.

Both the generic and specific blueprints are ‘opensource’, meaning anyone may employ them to develop their own communities or retreats. Subject to the basic guidelines as provided by the New Earth Trust, support, resources and protective benefits are available to all within the planetary network of New Earth. Additionally, the international New Earth community itself may, by consensus, develop and perfect the blueprint as it cooperates and interacts to advance the human condition.

Summary of the New Earth Blueprint: Click link below for complete .pdf  online document.

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