Sunday, March 29, 2015

How We Can Do Business A Better Way For a New World. FTW New Paradigm Core Values

For 2015, FTW has been doing some heavy admin work to get our organization in top form for ushering in the new paradigm. We’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way, which has resulted in our refreshing update to our organizations core values listed on our website here:

1. Natural Law
We maintain all of our activities in adherence to Natural Law, the prime directives of which are; 1) Do not steal 2) Do not violate someone else’s person, property or free will.

2. Moral Responsibility
We hold ourselves and others accountable by holding our activities consistent to the following standards: “Is it ethical, moral, lawful, sustainable, and the right thing to do?”

3. Relationship Management
We actively and consciously manage and maintain our relationships with others by treating others with respect and fostering good consistent communication wherever possible.

4. Neutrality
We behave respectfully towards all people, all cultures, all religions and belief systems that do not violate someone else’s person, property, or free will. We maintain a neutral position in our working relationships with various groups that share a common goal while maintaining our core values.

5. Integrity
We strive to maintain integrity in our projects, our content, our relationships and our public reputation. To do so, we actively avoid engaging in, or being associated with public forums or groups that exhibit lower level behavior (gossip, profanity, excessive drug use, abusive agenda’s, etc.) We focus our attention on the creation of quality content that can help serve humanity and the protection of said work.

6. Defenders of Truth
We will take action and speak out to uphold truth and basic human rights whenever it is necessary and effective to do so in order to create positive change in people’s lives and end corruption.

7. Investment Priorities and a New Profit Flow Structure
We seek first, opportunities that bring forth the highest good for all of humanity and the Earth and wish to generate profit as an exchange for the value we provide. We oppose profit gained through the exploitation of others.

8. Financial Transparency
Projects funded through crowdfunding campaigns will have a publically posted itemized budget justifying all expenses. All efforts, and developments of crowdfunded projects will be publically reported through our blog.

9. Alchemy of Giving
We believe that in order to receive one must give back or pay it forward. We actively practice the alchemy of giving through donating a portion of all of our profits to help people in need. Giving reports will be publically reported through our blog.

10. Service to Others
We seek first to focus all of our efforts on providing value that serves others.  We serve humanity and the planet.

11. High Teachability Index
We aspire to the highest levels of willingness to learn and willingness to change by maintaining an attitude of humility and a positive desire to expand one’s awareness and  knowledge.

12. Clarity, Simplicity and Common Sense in all Communication
We communicate in all manners, to all people from a basis of simplicity and utmost clarity. The use of complex language, promotes misinterpretation, confusion, fragmented understanding, and apathy. The use of direct and simple language when communicating brings clarity and focus to what is being presented or discussed.

13. Longevity and Sustainability
We strive to prioritize the concepts of longevity and sustainability in all of our business making decisions.

14. Cooperation and not Competition
We aspire to cooperate and support others based on shared values/goals. We do not view similar businesses as competition, but rather as opportunities to cooperate and strengthen a network. We do not engage in or support aggressive competition tactics that focus on “one-upmanship” and “winning at the cost of another”.

15. Take Action and Do the Work
We recognize that in order for real change to manifest, action must be performed to make it happen. We oppose apathy and will do the work necessary to get a job done.

16. Energy/ Time Management
We maintain a focused vision on our end goal in an organized forward moving manner. To do this we actively avoid and discourage distractions, scattered energy, and other events that waste time, energy and resources.

17. Balanced Thinking
We strive to consistently strike a balance between right brain logic and analytical thought, and left brain intuition and holistic creative thought. To do this we avoid behaviors that are the result of left brain imbalance (rigid skepticism and authoritarianism) or right brain imbalance (naiveté or blind belief).

18. Substance Abuse
We perform our work with a clear mind, free from mind altering substances. We respect a person’s right to ownership over their body and what they choose to put into it, and recognize the medicinal properties of natural plants. However, to protect the integrity and importance of the projects that we hold, we choose not to engage in working relationships with individuals that exhibit signs of substance abuse that lead to harmful behavior.

19. Violation of our Core Values
In the event that a working relationship or association violates our core values we make a course correction to uphold our Values and no longer engage in the relationship.

Amidst difficulties and lack of resources, we never give up. Acting as a power of example for other organizations and individuals who are also striving to fix a troubled world.

Picture used here comes from Mark Passio’s Natural Law Presentation which is well worth a watch.

Click here to view the video:

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