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FTW Answers All Your Questions About The QEG

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the QEG

After answering so many questions over the course of the QEG Project, we thought it was time to put together an FAQ page on our website. Below is a compilation of answers to the most common questions we receive.

What is the QEG Project? How much does a QEG cost? Where can I buy a QEG? Is the QEG a scam (hoax)? How much money have you spent on the QEG project? Does the QEG work? What is the relationship between FTW, WITTS and the QEG? Does the QEG violate the laws of physics and why does my university instructor tell me this technology is impossible? Why is it taking so long? What is the specific problem that you are having to reach self running on the QEG? Can you Answer a technical question regarding the QEG? Where can I see your reports on the QEG project? How can you be sure that the QEG will not be suppressed? Will the QEG Change the world overnight? Why is FTW in Morocco?

What is the QEG Project?

The Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) is an opensourced fueless generator prototype based on a public domain patented invention of Nikola Tesla. The type of energy that is utilized by the QEG design is different than that of a conventional generator. Once co-development is complete, the generator is designed to be highly efficient and power your home.  The QEG was opensourced in March of 2014 and has been in co-development with many teams around the world since.
How much does a QEG cost?

The QEG is a prototype, which means it is still in development and there is not yet a fixed price for a finished product. Any skilled engineer can use the free open sourced QEG manual to source all the different components from various suppliers around the world.  To help answer this question, we can provide the cost data that we have experienced through building 5 QEG’s in different locations.

To build a QEG you’ll need to purchase all the parts, have a workspace to build, and have a variety of mechanical tools for testing and measuring. The cost for the space and the tools may vary. A list of helpful tools has been provided in the QEG course documents.

          Cost for parts: We spent between $6,000- $8,000 just for the parts for each QEG we built. This does not include shipping, tools or other project expenses. We have put together an expenditures report that fully outlines all expenses of the project. We estimate that with further co-development this cost can be significantly reduced. However, we have not yet reached that industry level of development yet.

          Buying a Core: You can have a company make your core for you and wind it yourself, your costs will vary.  We have a working relationship with a small company in the US called Torelco that will create a fully processed core for you and ship it. The price for a Torelco Core is $3,095 this does not include shipping. Torelco will ship anywhere in the world.

          Buying the rest of the QEG Kit: We have a working relationship with a small company called Tesla Energy Solutions who has sourced out all the other QEG parts you’ll need (does not include the core) and will send them to you in a kit. The cost for this is $4,500, this does not include shipping. This is a convenience kit. Anyone willing to source the parts out separately on their own can do so for a lower cost. We spent between $3,000-$4,000 for the rest of the QEG parts, not including the core, on the QEGs that we have built. This did not include shipping. We estimate that once the project has moved forward more, this cost will be reduced, but we have not yet reached that stage in industry development.

Where can I buy a QEG?

You cannot buy a ready made QEG from a supplier yet, you will need to build one yourself or hire someone to build one for you. You can use the manual to source the parts yourself or you can purchase the core from Torelco and the rest of the Kit from Tesla Energy Solutions.

Is the QEG a scam (hoax)?

No the QEG is not a scam. The QEG is an open sourced project that is in co-development with various teams of people around the world. It is based on technology that was invented by Nikola Tesla and suppressed for 130 years. Many engineers see the electrical potential of this different form of energy production and are eager to experiment and learn. The information that the QEG provides engineers is a way to prove out energy concepts that have been purposely redacted from engineering schools by the current corporations that have a monopoly on the energy industry.

Suppression of new forms of energy production is very real and has a long dark history. Energy companies and government agencies have employed people to create websites and rumors that the QEG is a scam in an effort to control public opinion to believe that such technology is not real so that we will all keep paying our utility bills for a 600 trillion dollar industry.  These statements are not just opinions, they are based in facts with mountains of evidence to support them.  Please read our full report: “What you need to know about Internet Trolls and Free Energy Debunkers” for more details.

The QEG is a grassroots project that is being carried out by average people and engineers who are trying to help further the technological advancement of our human condition, and free us from the control of the energy industry. 

How much money have you spent on the QEG project?

The QEG Project has been in operation since September of 2013 (18 months at the time of writing this). During this time, we have run 4 crowdfunding campaigns to raise a total of $80,224 contributed by 1,212 people. The last QEG crowdfunding campaign was in June of 2014. In addition to funding, labor, equipment and other services were donated to the project. The value of approximately $587,000 of professional skilled labor was donated to the project through volunteers. The value of approximately $166,000 of professional equipment, travel accommodations and other services were donated to the project.

All funding raised through the QEG campaign was spent on the QEG project. Expenses to date for the QEG project total $80,224.  Of this, $14,756 was spent on building the first QEG prototype, $30,791 was spent on the public QEG build in Morocco, and $35,126 was spent on additional QEG development and additional operations expenses related to the project over a 10 month time frame. Please see our Public QEG Project Expenditures Report for the full detail of all expenditures.

Please note: We do not know of any other organization that publicly or privately discloses their expenditure reports. This is a service FTW provides to exemplify our core value of transparency in all financial interactions. We wish to pioneer this behavior for others to emulate in the new paradigm.

The QEG is the open sourced release of a new product that is in global co-development.  This is a new way of releasing a product of this type that has no prior reference point.  However, you can compare the total expenditures of the QEG project to the budgets of any other major electrical product development in the industry to see a stark contrast.

Here is real data from a major electric motors manufacturing company gleaned from 26 years of employment by the QEG Lead Engineer:

Under normal manufacturing circumstances:

-An annual operation budget with multiple millions of dollars at their disposal

-A team of 20 full time paid experts to work on development

-A pre-established supply chain that was developed over 50 years to supply all order needs

A major corporation can take a new product from inception to market in NINE MONTHS. And this is just for something as standard as a vacuum cleaner. For something more significant, such as in the automotive industry, the same process can take SEVEN YEARS with triple the resources. Non-disclosure contracts are enforced by all involved and the consumer has no knowledge of the product until it is available for purchase.

The QEG circumstances:

-A Crowdfunded budget of $80,000

-A team of three people: one developer and two assistants

-No established supply chain, but a few good leads and connections

The QEG Project Results to Date: Over 180,000 people have downloaded the open sourced plans. Individuals in over 40 countries are in the process of developing Cottage Industry Community Units (CICU’s) for local QEG production. 70 QEG prototypes (or more) are in the process of building for global co-development and research.  Over 15 websites from different countries have been set up for QEG development. Many of these sights can be found on

The opensourcing of the QEG has created a global stir of QEG co-development. This includes free energy enthusiasts, engineers and physicists from all over the world, working together to troubleshoot and develop the QEG technology in a safe and open environment free from patents, controls, and other restrictions.  So far, 3 stages of QEG development can be identified: 1) Achieving Resonance, (creating raw power) 2) Achieving Over Unity, (creating more energy out than it takes to run it) 3) Achieving Self Running, (using the energy produced to supply its own power) FTW has built 5 QEG’s in several locations: Pennsylvania USA, Taiwan, Morocco, UK, Florida USA.

FTW donated a QEG to the impoverished village of Aouchtam Morocco (which although has been delayed, is still the goal of the team now working in Morocco).  A QEG build was hosted in Aouchtam and opened to the public for free. Traveling and accommodation expenses were the responsibility of those who chose to attend. Seventy five people representing 24 countries traveled to Aouchtam for the public QEG build.  These attendees included: scientists, engineers, permaculturists, agriculturists, astrophysicists, bloggers, radio hosts, professional singers and musicians, artists, former bank trade and finance, lawyers, former police and military, natural physicians, alchemists, professional chefs, professional authors, alternative health experts and inventors.

At the time of this report, the QEG is still in co-development and embarking on the next stage of the project which is to achieve self-running. It should be noted that generating raw power through resonance and achieving over unity is a huge breakthrough in energy technology.

Many engineers around the world are watching the FTW QEG team and sharing the results in hopes to replicate them. It is important to note that a QEG has already achieved self-running as shown in this WITTS video here:  However, instructions for how to achieve this effect of Tesla’s Public Domain Design have not yet been opensourced by WITTS. FTW will publish the instructions when available and tested. FTW has posted several updates and reports to keep the public updated on the project.  A 10 week online instruction course has been offered to teach engineers around the world how to build a QEG.

Does the QEG work?

Yes the QEG works. It is a prototype that is still in development and the completion of which is not yet finished and is being researched jointly by teams around the world. In its current stage of public development, the QEG does produce power, the maximum of about 800 Watts output for 1000 Watts input. (Please note, a standard generator requires a lot more input power.) The QEG, even before its completion is extremely efficient being that it is only 200 Watts away from unity (power in equals power out). This is the stage of development for the FTW QEG project that continues to be made AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC.

 What is the relationship between FTW, WITTS and the QEG?

WITTS has a self-running QEG that was developed by Ronald Brandt who adapted the QEG design based on Nikola Tesla’s public domain patent. James Robitaille of FTW is an electronics engineer with 11 patents and 26 years of experience working with a major motor manufacturing company. James wanted to use his knowledge and skills to create a device that can change peoples lives in the most practical way possible; a device scaled large enough to power an entire home. Recognizing the problems with energy suppression and patent confiscation, James wanted to do something completely different; he wanted to freely give the technology to the people. In his research to find the right device, James found the QEG WITTS Video on Youtube, recognized its electrical potential to power your home, and knew that he had the skill set to make it work. James donated $300 (the fee at the time, it has gone up to $1,000 since then), took 1 class (1 hour) and received a small, and incomplete amount of information about the QEG technology. The rest of the information around the open sourced QEG comes from his engineering background and his experience working with the QEG.

“I (James) have taken the WITTS class myself (1 class). Also, my host in Florida – Tesla Energy Solutions – has taken several classes. WITTS classes are not what you would expect a ‘class’ to be. Before a class is scheduled, a ‘donation’ (of minimum $1,000.00) is required for each 1 hour skype consultation. There is no defined format or indication of how many classes would need to be taken before any “secrets” of overunity are given or discussed. They offer a tour of their lab, and a demonstration of a working overunity device for a donation of $200,000.00. We have been trying to understand their business model for several years, but it makes no sense. Frankly, it doesn’t matter to us, we are only concerned with the technology involved.” -James Robitaille.

FTW has made several attempts to collaborate with WITTS in a spirit of cooperation instead of competition with no success. Currently, FTW has no relationship with WITTS, as their behavior and business model violate the core values of the FTW organization.

Students wishing to learn about the QEG can choose to work with WITTS if they prefer their style of teaching. However, FTW is offering an alternative instruction course that we feel is of a higher quality at a much more affordable price. Relationship dynamics and human behaviors such as this are a part of every new energy development that is disruptive to the corporate energy industry. It is important to handle such matters efficiently wherever possible and focus primarily on the technology, which is a design based on Tesla’s invention that shows the most electrical potential to power your home.

 Does the QEG violate the laws of physics and why does my university instructor tell me this technology is impossible?

The QEG is an asymmetrical open system that operates according the laws of nature. It does not violate the laws of thermodynamics (physics) as these only apply to a closed symmetrical system. Asymmetrical open systems have been traditionally omitted from higher educational learning programs, so your university instructor does not know about them and assumes they don’t exist.


James Clerk Maxwell FRS FRSE (1831–1879) was a Scottish mathematical physicist. His most prominent achievement was to formulate a set of equations that describe electricity, magnetism, and optics as manifestations of the same phenomenon, namely the electromagnetic field. His discoveries helped usher in the era of modern physics, laying the foundation for such fields as special relativity and quantum mechanics. In his ORIGINAL work: The Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field, Maxwell identified two separate systems, both of which were completely different from each other: 1) Asymmetrical system - an ‘open’ system that allows the creation of a series of exchange of energy reaction to our inputs, based on electromagnetic resonance or electromagnetic feedback in every spin (on a motor), or in every pulse of input in a static coil. One of the first asymmetrical motors was Faraday’s ‘Unipolar Motor,’ later modified by Nikola Tesla. These systems generate their own energy and do not require fossil fuels. 2) Symmetrical system – a ‘closed’ system that cancels the electromagnetic resonance with every spin, which creates wasted energy in excessive heat and requires an additional energy source to run such as fossil fuels. These are the “symmetrical obsolete systems” we use every day in all of our electrical appliances.

One year after Maxwell’s death in 1879, scientists Hendrick Lorentz financed by J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison, mutilated Maxwell’s original work and spent the next two decades deleting all knowledge of asymmetrical systems that would not require the profitable oil industry to operate. They ‘symmetrized’ all of Maxwell’s equations, and labeled these incomplete theories as the “Laws of Physics”. While the laws of physics do indeed apply to symmetrical closed systems of energy, there is another set of laws: The Laws of Nature, which apply to the asymmetrical systems that have been suppressed by the financial interests of the banking families for the last 130 years.

This knowledge was banned from our educational system, and no physics or electrical engineering school on our planet would ever teach about asymmetrical systems. Instead, the first and second laws of thermodynamics, which depend on the consumption of profitable fossil fuels, would conveniently prevail in our public knowledge base. 

For supporting information please see:


The laws of physics tell us that perpetual motion is not possible, yet how does the earth rotate? The laws of aerodynamics tell us that bumblebees are incapable of flight, yet how do they fly? Conventional scientists from all over the world will make statements such as: “The claim that this is going to run permanently or indefinitely doesn’t seem to hold because the second law of thermodynamics tells us that this is not possible.”

Around the turn-of-the-century eminent British scientist Lord Kelvin said “Radio has no future, heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible, and x-rays are a hoax” – so much for conventional science.

The laws of nature contain concepts that focus on frequency, resonance, vibration, magnetics and energy. A perfect example of this can be found in the aerodynamics-law-breaking flight of the bumblebee. Ralph Ring is an innovative technician who worked with Otis T. Carr, a direct apprentice of Nikola Tesla. In his presentation at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, Mr. Ring gives an amazing explanation of the flight of the bumblebee:  “Next to the larynx in the bumblebees throat, there is a tiny hollow tube that acts as a resonance cavity that accumulates frequency. When the bee starts beating its wings, it does this to accumulate frequency which bounces back and forth in the resonator cavity until it reaches the same frequency of the earth, known as the Schumann frequency. Once the bee reaches the same frequency as its surroundings it evens out into what is known as zero point. When anything reaches zero point you can then change the energy. The bee is now free from the gravitational influence around it, creates its own little magnetic bubble and hovers around. There are some lizards and hummingbirds that do the same thing.”

This is how the laws of nature work. When you can tune something to vibrate at the same frequency as the earth and reach zero point, you are freed from the frequency influence of your environment and can then change the energy into anything you want including levitation or electrical energy. 

This is how the QEG works: Teslas design causes it to resonate so that it matches the frequency of the earth, and in zero point it changes the energy into self-renewing electrical energy. 

For supporting information please see:

Ralph and Marsha Ring : Anti-gravity and Conscious Awareness in Aether Technology

Why is it taking so long?

This work has no reference point, so it is extremely difficult to calculate calendar dates and deadlines. We’ve attempted to do this in the past, and then realized that we are working with the laws of nature, that shockingly don’t like to follow corporate schedules. We will always do our best to report in real time the advances that we have made and inform everyone of what our intentions and plans are for the near future.

What is the specific problem that you are having to reach self running on the QEG?

There is no problem. This is a process of elimination and testing. For example, at the time of writing this, we have been trying to find the mechanical resonant frequency of the core, the exciter coil and the environment in order to tune all three harmonic frequencies to hit the sweet spot for overunity and self running. This is a testing trial and error process, and as ideas change and new knowledge is discovered in the lab, new experiments are done. As there is no reference point for this information most problems and experiments are discovered in a hands-on environment working with and testing the different effects that are created with the QEG.

Can you Answer a technical question regarding the QEG?

We receive many requests to answer a “quick technical question”. We do not have enough time to answer these questions individually and have done or best to answer these technical questions in the forums and on several radio show interviews. A full, in depth, step by step explanation of all technical aspects of the QEG is provided in our 10 week QEG course where we have answered most technical questions that have been presented.

Do you have any reports on the QEG project?

FTW has compiled many reports over the course of the project to keep the public informed. Each report has been posted on the HopeGirl Blog. For convenience, we are re-publishing all reports on one page of the FTW website HERE.

How can you be sure that the QEG will not be suppressed?

We cannot guarantee that there will be no attempt to suppress the QEG by the controlling corporations and governments. However we have implemented a strategy different than those that have been tried before us to help this break through the suppression. All other legitimate free energy devices that have been developed in the last few decades have been stopped from getting out to the public through traps such as:

1) Patents: the US Patent office confiscates them and forbids the inventor to invent.

2) Secrecy: non disclosure agreements ensure that only a handful of people know about a technology, and therefore it is easier to suppress

3) Greed: promises of great financial wealth are made (and usually never fulfilled) to manipulate the inventors, keep a device secret and under ownership, and therefore easy to control and suppress.

4) Governmental laws in “police state” countries. In some countries, the governments are attempting to make it illegal for individuals to create their own power. Laws, codes, fines and regulations around this subject are found predominantly in the “Five Eyes Countries”: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

The strategy that FTW is implementing is an attempt to thwart these common traps of suppression in an effort to get this device (and others like it) directly into the hands of the people so that it can become a new common standard of energy use.  Our strategy is being implemented in the following ways:

1) Open source: No patents, as this device is based on a patent that is in the public domain. Therefore there is no ownership and anyone with the skills can build one without copyright infringement or patent confiscation.

2) Public promotion and full transparency: we do not operate under secrecy or non-disclosure agreements and all information about the device and our research is publicly reported on the internet. We have used the viral nature of the internet and social media to ensure that millions of people know about the QEG and are following the progress of the project.

3) Crowdfunding: 1,212 people have contributed to help pay for the expenses of the QEG project. This eliminates the risk, and ability to control by any single funding entity.

4) Grassroots: We have implemented the QEG on a grassroots level with individuals around the world. Social media and the internet works fast, governments do not. This way people have direct access to this technology and this project which minimizes governmental interference.

The open sourcing of the QEG project done through the internet by a small family with pure intentions was an unexpected move according to the controlling powers of this world. FTW has endured a lot to protect the integrity of this project and to continue to provide information publicly.  To date, the QEG project has experienced suppression attempts in the following ways:

– The QEG is a targeted project for government paid trolls and “free energy de-bunkers” that protect the corporate energy industry. For more info please read our article “Free-Energy Trolls and Debunkers: A New Paradigm Guide”  We have been subjected to many online paid troll activities that specifically target the QEG and our family.

– We have received many threats by anonymous psychopathic individuals.

– During the various QEG builds we attended, we were approached by individuals representing various groups with ulterior motives and dark agendas. These mostly involved promises of wealth, fame and power in exchange for control of the project. Most of these individuals dissolved their relationship with the QEG (or were re-assigned to other projects) when they realized that our strategy of open sourcing, crowdfunding and co-development makes it almost impossible to buy, own or control the project.

Will the QEG Change the world overnight?

The only way to change the paradigm is slowly and gradually over a period of time. The QEG and its unique form of energy production, along with other similar devices, can and will change the paradigm of our world. The cost of energy influences the price of everything we buy. The accessibility of energy determines the freedom or control over people. Changes of this kind do not happen overnight. They happen over a period of time, and in some cases over a period of generations. The main goal of the QEG project is to get this technology into the hands of the people so that they can use it to change their lives for the better and end human suffering. Our Goal is NOT: Fame, fortune, glory, power or control. The QEG project will continue to move forward and will succeed in its completion despite the challenges and skeptical opinions. When the QEG is self running, those that have done the work will be able to implement the updated plans.  The skeptics, trolls and debunkers will continue to make claims that the QEG is a scam even while people are successfully utilizing the technology in their homes. Eventually the skeptics will give up and criticize something else, hoping the people will forget how many times the skeptics have been proven wrong. (examples: the earth is flat, human flight is not possible, the sound barrier cant be broken, etc.)

Why is FTW in Morocco?

Many businesses are leaving the US because of increasing regulations and expenses that make it nearly impossible to thrive. Considering the types of projects that FTW intends to implement around the globe, it is imperative that we do business in an environment that allows us more freedom and mobility in our business transactions.  We’ve compared the different business climates in several locations and have chosen to set up our headquarters in Morocco for number of practical reasons:

-Morocco’s Free Trade Agreements and Tax Free Zones provide an easier flow of business

-Morocco is strategically positioned to all of Europe and is considered the gateway to a growing economy in all of Africa.

-The cost of living is about 1/5 of the cost of living in the US -Morocco encourages foreign investment and entrepreneurs to set up business in their country and provides several ways of easier access to do so

-The climate and weather are amazing!

FTW is located in the Tangier/Tetouan area of Morocco on the Mediterranean Sea.  We have been running a campaign since September of 2014 to raise funds to cover the cost of our business entity set up. See our campaign here: Until we reach our goal, we are continuing to do as much of the work that we can with the resources we have.

History behind this decision: HopeGirl first visited Morocco in 1999, fell in love with the exotic culture and way of life and always wanted to go back. During the QEG project, FTW was seeking out an ideal location to implement a true humanitarian cause of donating a QEG to a community of people in need. A small village in Morocco called Aouchtam had a population of 300 local people, 50% of them did not have electricity and many of the local women were having to pull their daily water supply out of the well. It was the perfect humanitarian environment to implement our project.

The QEG family spent 6 weeks in Morocco working on the project, during which time we were able to have hands on experience in working with Moroccan business entity formation, government and customs offices, and daily business transactions. Coming from the highly regulated business background of the US, the freedom of business movement (though not perfect) was a profound and positive contrast. We feel that we can conduct our business here in Morocco with more freedom, get more work done with fewer resources, and have a greater end result in effecting positive change.

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