Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Fifth Element = Humanity; Leeloo = The Perfect Specimen!

On October 26th, I posted a recent chronology of exploration down a very deep "Rabbit Hole" which has caught the attention of Lisa M. Harrison and Dani Arnold McKenny of the One People Round Table radio show on the Internet. Since then, a consciousness that they know as "Leeloo" has entered through Lisa's computer and has communicated with her from "the other side of the Veil" and several of us witnessed this during the early part of an OPRT impromptu live broadcast that lasted over 18 hours! Due to the personal nature of topics discussed, this show will not be archived or posted on YouTube. Leeloo has indicated that the Veil is quite thin at present and that we are very close to the occurence of what I call "The Event," which is complete dissolution of this Veil between worlds... ~ JDHWB-R

Is Leeloo Organic, or Is "She" Artificial Intelligence? We keep our Minds Open...


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