Tuesday, November 22, 2016

IN-Community Tour... 2nd Road Trip to Maine, New Hampshire

Stops at Zero Foundation, Star Teaching Society, & Last Breath Farm

First stop, and operating base for the Road Trip was Zero Foundation at Avalon, located in Lyman, Maine where bio-digesting equipment and permaculture farming applications were discussed over the weekend starting Friday, November 18th. Attendance at a Nova Tea held by the Star Teaching Society in Brookline, New Hampshire  on Saturday proved to be a catalyst for understanding how we collectively reach critical mass for triggering The Event, otherwise known as the global Awakeniing of Humanity. Sunday brought us northward to Last Breath Farm in Norridgewock, Maine. A former festival site ripe for re-purposing as an Intentional Community, is being considered within the context of networking for local sustainability as part of creating solidarity economics in the Northeastern United States. A key component for synthesis in this project is interfacing with The Transition, a program for individual and collective entry into a New Paradigm as the One People of Earth in synchronicity. ~ JDHWB-R

~ Avalon in Lyman, Maine during a pre-Tour Road Trip in January, 2016 ~

Relevant link: Common Unity Switchboard

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