Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Philadelphia City Hall
1401 John F Kennedy Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Today is an incredible day. We are FREE from the democratic party. WE choose who we want to follow ..we don't blindly follow. Unlike the 2 steel walls with concrete blocks in between them and police barricading them funneling us into FDR, we choose where we walk and who we follow. We choose Bernie. He has infiltrated our hearts and minds and cannot and will not leave us. We have many options now -- all more appealing than staying with the democratic party who does not care about us:

(1) Bernie says he is running independently -- and "mic drop"

(2) We register 20 million voters prior to October and we WRITE HIM IN ...we CAN do this if we rally together to pull it off

(3) He runs with Jill Stein and we take this whole thing

(4) We do what he asks of us and infiltrate the democratic party with all of US ..Bernie supporters taking on positions within the party to take our party back, whilst creating our own new party and/or joining Green Party as our new party.

(5) We work hard for 4 years for a LANDSLIDE BERNIE WIN in 2020. He's more fit and able than most of us and we can do this!

This isn't over ..THIS IS JUST GETTING STARTED!!! Let's get this party started!!! Come over today 11am - 7pm where EVERYONE gets a chance to speak. We are making a video of all of us and sharing it with Bernie. We are taking pictures of all of us as a group and sharing this special memorable day with Bernie.

THANK YOU BERNIE for waking us up. We love you and we're not going anywhere!

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